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Saturday, April 23, 2005

I didn't realize that I hadn't taken all the urls to my old graphice out of my template, thought I had... but apparantly iVillage moved my old website to Tripod even though by the time I had discovered iVillage shut down the webpage service the auto move to tripod looked like it didn't work when I tried it. This means I have my old ivillage website somewhere on tripod but don't know where/how to log onto it. O-o And since tripod doesn't allow offsite images to show that doesn't help me much for my blog.

Yesterday Juan and I went to lunch with Monkeyboy and Candy and then after a little shopping with them at wally-world to get Monkeyboy some new shirts and to kill a little time, we went to see Kung Fu Hustle. Two little white haired old ladies were the only other people who walked in to seat early with us and they laughed and said they knew they seemed to be in the wrong theater but this was the only movie rated 4 stars so they decided to give it a try. ^-^ It was a great movie. ^-^ After that we visited some and then they went off to face traffic and Juan and I schemed dinner menus for the grocery shopping for the week and we went to Skylles' and Branch's apartment to do laundry and cook dinner there and Kyp was there so I stayed with Skylles and Kyp and we got to hang out and visit while Juan and Branch went grocery shopping, and then I made tortilla soup for dinner when they got back, and Skylles made a really yummy salad with bleu cheese crumbles in it. ^-^ Juan and Branch made a beer run when we finished off the beer they'd brought with the groceries the first trip, and Kyp picked up Matt from work and brought him back for dinner and they brought the Gamecube Monopoly game for everyone to play in party mode together. Juan and I just watched since it was already past his bedtime, and then we came home to bed. ^-^ A very good and VERY busy day!

The one thing I'm sad about today is that yesterday I asked if my computer was put together enough to work to play FF today... and Juan said yes. The power supply is pulled out so he could look at it but it's still connected with the wires. I should have had him turn on he computer and check it and show me it works... because now I've tried turning it on and it DOES NOT WORK. ; ;

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