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Monday, March 14, 2005

Well THAT was a shock... looks like after all these years iVillage has stopped their member webpages section entirely! I am graphics-less! Yeep! O-o So I changed my template just enough to have a background color and take out my broken images... sigh... now I need to find a new graphics hosting home on the web.... ; ;

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Well THIS has gone neglected for FAR too long! O-o We moved! We're alive! I got sick! :-P I got better!! I got sick AGAIN! :-P All in all my health is doing MUCH better here than our old town. I'm also getting out of the house more, and getting a lot more excerise in general just walking around and unpacking and DOING things. Running around with a 3 year old is a workout! ^-^

Juan officially started his Training as an actual employee where he's been working as a Temp through a Temp agency all this time, and that came with a pay raise and someday we will actually get BENEFITS which are sorely needed! That's exciting! But I'm worried about his wearing out his body, especially his knee, as it's hard labor. >-< None of his manager/assistant manager applications have panned out anywhere which has been pretty discouraging. But with the pay raise at least it looks like we'll finally be scraping by on his actual income and not having to dip into savings to cover bills and groceries anymore. ^-^ Which is good since the savings are pretty much used up! O-o

I used my Birthday money from my grandmother to buy Sims 2 University, Yay!!! But it won't really work on my computer.... noooooooooooooooo..... >-< It takes a long time to load up lots etc... I was expecting that. I wasn't expecting it to freeze up for FIVE to Seven real life actual by the clock minutes in the middle of gameplay as the sims clock stays on the same minute and the sims don't move at all and the sims radio music in the background is the ONLY thing running at normal speed.... O-o. Sarah got it too and for her it is slow loading time but I haven't seen it freeze up like it does with mine. Juan says we'll try to figure out what's wrong and what we might need to do to the computer to make it work... someday. ^-^

Yesterday Juan and I met Branch and Marcus in the park and Branch was swimming in the river! Juan and I brought our basketball but the hoop there was crowded and busy, no chance for us, so I ended up taking off my sandals and rolling up my pants to dangle my feet in the river. And then Branch said he had three towels... and I ended up in the river FULLY CLOTHED! Wet jeans are HEAVY to try to swim in! O-o I had a great time though! Some younger teen boys were running around draped with clumps of the river weeds so I commented on it being sea monster season. ^-^ Juan didn't get any pictures of them though. ; ;

Last night I was really sore from all the hauling myself out of the river, climbing up onto the cement steps most of the time, and ONE time I even climbed out on the OTHER side of the river using the same Ladder I had SUCH a time with last time I came up to visit and we all went swimming in that river. Last time I thought I would DIE trying to clamber out... this time it was a HUGE surprise at how much easier it was! It was great to realize how much Stronger I've gotten since then and I didn't really notice till just then! ^-^ My muscles still ache today though. :-P

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