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by Blogger

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Well it's been a while, I've been sick, ugh. >-< I still am, actually, coughing up gunk and sounding like a dying giraffe.... It's been a rough week, Skylles' grandfather died and I feel bad I haven't been with her much, the viewing was Wednesday but I was already sick then. I haven't heard how things went, whether they got to scatter the ashes as they'd wanted to or not.

I've been mostly compulsively playing Sims 2, I made recolors of bedding, drapes, walls, floors, a dresser, chairs, a headboard that didn't show up so I'll have to pick a different one to modify, and a small fancy table I wanted to use as a sort of vanity. I made a new little neighborhood so it would load faster and only made two families of one sim each, Test and Sampler for the last names. Then I went and made them marry to see what the kid would look like and I got sucked into gameplay and distracted from my recolors.... I got each of the parents to the top of their careers and got the golf putting and chocolate factory career rewards so now they play golf for fun and the guy spends all day his day off making chocolates like mad. ^-^ The wife gets picked up and dropped off from work in a helicopter! The husband was getting picked up in a limo, he's a Chef and looks like he's the Iron Chef type in his dragon embroidered work clothes! Then he shared pick up for work time with the teenage son so he rides the junky starter car with him, awwww.

Juan asked me if I'm ever going to play Final Fantasy again! O-o He's worried about me being so dazed and unfocused I think, and he misses me when I get all into my games but I think he's noticed that when I stop playing so much in the games like neopets and final fantasy where I SOCIALIZE with other players, it's usually because I'm not feeling up to it, not focused enough, or feeling bummed out. That's usually when I drop out of my online social life too. >-< I know that's been scattered lately but at least I have tried to be around in my online life a little more. I'll probably log into yahoo and then cynosure to check up on friends and touch bases next. I keep meaning to resize and upload pics to show my friends of the move and everything! I think I've felt bad I wasn't getting around to that, so I should just get over that and realize I'll probably do it much later, if at all, and I should just show up and visit without that hanging over me.

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