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by Blogger

Monday, January 24, 2005

Well here I an actually trying to keep up with this a little. ^-^

Yesterday Juan had the day off and we got a late start to the day and then went over to Skylles and Branch's place to see if they wanted to come with and and guide a little as we explored the town some more mainly to get an idea of where all the places to EAT and pick up food late are. We wanted to find some taquerias! ^-^ Skylles went to the movies with her sister and Branch and Marcus took me and Juan out driving around and finding all the food places. Poor Marcus was tired and threw fits and didn't want to let us leave the apartment, then didn't want us to go down the stairs... he finally passed out in the car once we got going. We stopped at a coffee shop and Juan and I ran in and got coffee while Branch stayed out by the car so we didn't wake Marcus for that. Then we went to a little Mexican market that has a taquiria (spelling?!) in it but that part was shut down so we got Marcus chocolate milk and headed elswhere in our quest for very very cheap food or a place that took checks. ^-^ I only had six dollars cash and Juan spent his five dollars on the coffee! O-o We went by a buffet Branch thought took checks but they had a sign that they didn't. We ended up at Cici's pizza starving, and they took checks, so we ate there.

When we got back to their apartment we were getting out of the car and Skylles and her sister drove up back from seeing Lemony Snicket! Perfect timing! ^-^ Her sister left and Juan and Branch went back to our apartment to bring us back soda and to play a little NBA street Juan borrowed since HIS copy is at MY parents house due to a series of unfortunate events! heehee!! ^-^ Skylles cooked a nice roast of marinated pork loin and tortalini that was done first so she served that first. Juan was still stuffed but I tried some. When the pork was done it was VERY tender! Skylles and I got to do a lot of sims playing while Marcus played Windwaker all by himself and got remarkably far with no supervision! O-o Juan and Branch came back and after hanging out a while Juan had to go home to sleep but I stayed and Skylles and I played sims 2 till about 6am and she drove me home in the freezing cold....

One sad thing that happened was my laptop died... we were finally installing sims 2 on it and then it gave an error message that some .dll file was missing but then Juan clicked something and it continued installing. Next thing I know the computer is giving a message about losing all the data on the hard drive... then they start it again and it won't recognize the hard drive existed... operating system not found... not good!! O-o I'm glad it didn't have any stuff on it I couldn't replace, but that was sad to lose all the data and programs I HAD installed on it so far! >-< We'll have to deal with Sears again and the warrantee is good through March... so looks like we're calling them with our new address and everything sometime today and getting that infamous computer shipping box shipped HERE! O-o Last time they said if things went terribly wrong again they would just replace the whole entire thing, so I hope they DO! I need to see if I can find the files and notes of who we talked to last time that promised that.... I think it's in the top drawer of the file cabinet....

So today we deal with that, and do grocery shopping, and maybe get a clear plastic shower liner to cope with the fact that you can't change or control the water pressure in the shower at ALL and it sprays right THROUGH the curtain! It worked fine at the old place where we didn't have it trying to shoot water physically THROUGH your skin like needles! O-o I'd love to get a new shower head with a filter and so it's adjustable with the pressure but that'll have to wait till Juan's employment gets all worked out to cover the bills completely. He's still looking for a second part time AND a better job that could be full time. Right now he's sticking it out for the weeks he's assigned a warehouse job through the temp agency he's got working with him.

I'm still not all caught up with my online life like I'd like to be. Maybe tomorrow while Juan's working again I'll "reserve" time for me to visit all my preferred internet hang outs and visit with friends I've been missing. Maybe I'll even get a new layout and graphics worked out for my blog here... I finally remembered to bring home the sims 2 game so I got the update/patch from the sims 2 site installed, yay! Now I can rest easy that a visiting sim can't pick up my baby and kidnap it! O-o I was really freaked out when I heard that was a problem happening in the game! Yeek!! I'll probably work obsessively on recoloring objects/furniture for the game too so I can have my sims in decor I like. ^-^ I might set Final Fantasy on the back burner or stay up all night playing again.... I have a lot of catching up to do in that game, with all the missions and rank stuff I just didn't really know much about. I'm finally getting to expand the number of items I can store in my mog house and want to do the quest to get more stuff I can carry around with me too! Those are my priority, haha! ^-^

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