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by Blogger

Monday, January 31, 2005

I'm still sick, ugh. >-< I feel bad that I haven't gotten to play Final Fantasy in over a week, and I haven't set foot outside the house since last Monday night.... I got up last night in the middle of the night since I couldn't sleep and I ended up catching up on my Flylady emails and unpacking five of the boxes here in the computer room and putting up another couple that are meant to stay packed for now, my poetry and writings box, and a box of board games. That leaves one box of books and one box of living room decorations, and then a couple of boxes in front of the filing cabinet that have who knows what in them. I'm glad to have my computer desk stuff mostly unpacked and put away though. ^-^ The cats, of course, tried to help me... and climbed all around in the closet inspecting as I went, also jumped in boxes while I was unpacking them!! I has to toss Cutter out of a box I was working on THREE TIMES! As I worked I noticed that the old smoke stench of the old apartment is still in some of our stuff, I need to get the lysol disinfectant and see if I can work on that, it might be part of what's making my cold linger. O-o

I hope Juan can help me get the little bookshelves that got water damaged set up in the bedroom where I want them so I can unpack this last box of textbooks into that. Then we really REALLY need to find our hammer and nails so we can put up my spice rack and pictures and things like that, it's driving me nuts having them down! If we can't find them we need to borrow hammer and nails! We also need to borrow Skylles' vacum cleaner as ours is still back with his parents, or maybe even still in the trunk of LunaCorn's car! O-o And we really REALLY need to get the mail holder up on the wall and start using it, I don't like mail being in various new places where the cats can scatter and lose it. I guess we've hit that point after a move where all the basics have been set up for a while, but now the details need to be worked out or they never will be. Like where to put the cd player, it's on the living room floor right now and that's NOT where I want it to be... I'm not sure whether we want it in the computer room/library or the bedroom though.

I seem to still be at a block in my various graphics projects, can't seem to get started in on the furniture recolors I was planning for sims 2, or the layout for my blog here, or my neopets user lookup.... sigh.... I've been having weird/disturbing dreams lately too and not getting restful sleep though it seems like I've been sleeping a ton when insomnia finally lets me. >-<

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