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by Blogger

Friday, December 03, 2004

I've been sick, busy, bleagh, or otherwise away from most of my online life other than a mindless zoning neopets addiction when I managed to drag myself out of bed. >-<

Finally checked email today to find nearly 2,000 spam messages and one of the few actual emails from friends triggered this quiz as that's what they sent me. ^-^

Ember is dying of Kidney Failure and Feline Diabetes. >-< She's lost two pounds and is mostly fluff, she only LOOKS a bit thinner but when you REALLY look to notice she's got two inches of fur fluffed out.... it's sad. >-< We're feeding her special food from the vet but she's not eating much. He gave us feeding syringes to feed her with by force and I'm afraid it's come to that. She was at the vet for several days when we took her there, they kept her to run tests for feline lukemia and feline aids, and then they had to keep her for shots of anitbiotics and injections to rehydrate her, but they had to sedate her to draw blood because she fought them and wouldn't let them. She was grooming herself again for a while but that's getting worse again. >-<

The night before thanksgiving our downstairs neighbors had a huge fight at 1am and someone called the police. Then at three am we woke up to them screaming and throwing each other into walls again, so WE called the police. Someone showed up to knock on the neighbor's door and tried to calm them down and there was a woman yelling, "get him off me, get him OFF me" so we thought the police were there to break it up... but it turned out to be friends of theirs or something instead because the police knocked on OUR door and we had to send them down to the right apartment. Apparantly they couldn't tell which apartment the yelling was coming from. >-<

Our other downstairs neighbor died and the truck from the morgue, and police, and his mourning family were out in the rain one night, sometime right before thanksgiving too, it was sad. >-<

I've been pretty sick off and on, at least the smoke seems to have stopped coming through the walls for a while and I stopped taking the new medicine that was interfering with my depression medicine and messing me up. I have a stye in my left eye now though, it swelled up today and I don't know why, it seems irritated by my contact. >-< We're supposed to go out of town this weekend, I didn't make it out of the house last weekend, and I missed several friends' birthday parties and didn't get to get together with friends as planned during this week. I'm just not doing too well. I hope things get better soon and I feel better. ^-^

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