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by Blogger

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Just finished the fifth Harry Potter book today, read most of it all night last night... I just now finally deleted my Neopets AnimePetlovers Guild that I founded in 2001... somehow hard to let it go even though it's been inactive for so long... and sad to see it with the graphics I worked so hard on now blocked since they apparantly don't allow ivillage hosted images to work on Neopets.... >-<

Yesterday we voted, and ate at Quiznos but they got the contents/condiments for my sandwich wrong so that was a disappointment... then to wal-mart to pick up my new replacement glasses with the corrected prescription and this time they fitted them to my face so they don't fall off every time I look down. Then to Target, where I think we hadn't been since I shopped for Juan's birthday in June, and wow... it was different.... I finally got much needed underwear this year and a pair of earrings I love, which reminds me I need to pay back into the grocery budget for them. We got home to find our phone had died completely, I knew it was getting bad with the answering machine all muffled and difficult to interpret but the phone itself insisted it was permanantly "in use" and wouldn't let us make or recieve calls. We went to Juan's work and called our house from there to make sure, and it was giving a busy signal. We called my parents and Juan's mother at the restaraunt to let everyone know what was happening, but he couldn't get through at the restaraunt, so we went there in person and ended up having dinner there and getting to visit with Angel and Juan's mother. I learned that several of the words I've been using for things like "hair" and "ears," words that Juan taught me for them... are actually only proper to use on ANIMALS and the words are different when refering to HUMANS! Yeeep! O-o So I have a lot of UNLEARNING to do! @-@ We walked over the rental movies his mother had and turned them in at the new Blockbusters that's just next to the restaraunt, and then we went to Best Buy for a new telephone/answering machine. I kind of had a bit of a over-reaction to a notice posted in the phone aisle... "On our states Motorola (the model number was here in parenthesis but I don't remember that part like I do the rest...) come with two handset. It only come with one handset." Between the horrible mutilation of the English language there, and the telephone set nearby with a button labeled "answerer" I kind of freaked out. I actually babbled complaints to the poor clerks who came to try to help us... but no one seemed concerned about correcting or taking down the horrible sign.... >-< We ended up finding another phone for the same price that did NOT have a button labeled "answerer" so I calmed down. Poor Juan had to endure rants about raising our children to use a telephone with a button that said "answerer" on it....

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