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by Blogger

Friday, October 01, 2004

I just seem to be having a bit of a rough week even though my pain is much better. >-< I got my new contacts, and they STILL do not fit on my eyeball correctly, and I'm STILL seeing horrible blurrs where the corrective part of the lens is not covering my pupil. Now the new ones have a sort of ring of useless clear non corrective plastic around the actual corrective lens area... and the blurring from that is even worse than the first attempt. Why can't they just take the measurments from my OLD contacts I'm wearing?!?! They fit over my eye to cover the pupil!!! Anyway, I've been pretty distressed about that. >-< Also Ember seems to be sick. I woke up to step in both kitty vomit in the hallway outside the bedroom door, and then a stray "present" in the bathroom where it had missed the litterbox. This made me more annoyed that my glasses don't fit on my face so I can't wear them to see these little surprises all over the hallway and bathroom carpet in the mornings. Poor Ember threw up hairballs and then more thin watery vomit in about 9 other locations, including the dining table where I found her when I fed the cats when I woke up about 2pm. I knew something was REALLY wrong when she wouldn't come to the food dish to eat!! O-o So when Juan got off work early and we went to pick up cat food I picked up some of the wet packet cat food so she can get rehydrated some. We went to Wal-Mart to pick up a couple of household things... like carpet cleaner... and then had dinner at The Restaraunt (Juan's mother's restaraunt) and got to visit with LunaCorn and Yusuke and Angel there... and then we helped them close up and went back to Juan's mother's house to watch Man On Fire with them. We had adventures getting all the settings right on the DVD and VCR and TV... turns out the way it was set up was fine, it was just a loose connection in the back of the DVD player! O-o

We gave Yusuke a ride home and now we're home and have fed the cats... we let Ember stay alone in the bedroom while we were out, and fed her the soft food in there... and my plan is to give her a little time after eating before we let her out for the other cats to harrass... sigh....

I'm really worn out and not sure why I'm so exhausted all the time lately. >-< Tonight at the restaraunt I couldn't remember the word for "taco" and was trying to explain what I wanted to eat... "those things with the meat in them, with the foldy.... tortilla...." O-o

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