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by Blogger

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Yay! I got to play Final Fantasy most of the day yesterday! ^-^ I told myself I wasn't answering the phone or door, I wasn't going to get sidetracked with other projects or emails or online web stuff... I got up, cleaned the house some, fed the kitties, and logged in! I played all day and when Juan got home from work he was so sweet and supportive, HE made spaghetti dinner (well, pasta actually, since we used ziti instead of spaghetti), and I made my way from level 15 thief to level 19 before I logged out for bed. ^-^ I got to run around with Branch and Skylles and their friend Mikomido getting some quest stuff done, and that was a blast! My friend Airflare was in the game and we talked some, though we didn't get to run around together and "see" each other in the game. I met a lot of cool new people I hope to see again next time I get to run around leveling up. ^-^

Today Juan made buckwheat pancakes for breakfast, and hauled out ALL the various syrups from the fridge... so I had pancakes with atkins maple syrup AND diet butterscotch ice cream topping.... yum! We plan to visit WolF today, we haven't gotten to see him in WAY too long, we ran into him at the bank before we were headed to visit Skylles and Branch, and he was about to leave for a convention. He had an attack of some kind at the convention, elevated heart rate and other problems, so now he's ill and dealing with a lot of dr bills and not allowed to drive as he may have another attack. >-< I hope we have a good visit, we have a ton of catching up to do and I feel bad we haven't seen him as much as I'd like this year. We're going to pick him up from work to be his ride home, and then have dinner with his family. He had moved out of the house on his own but now he's back staying with his parents while he's ill. I hope that's going well....

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