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by Blogger

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Well that was fun! ^-^ Friday was the Cynosure Annual Dinner and for the first time, I got to go! It was held at Juan's mother's restaraunt, so LunaCorn was there working, but she got to visit with us a little and take pictures with us. Nighthawk picked me up so I could get to come, as Juan was at work, and then after the dinner about half of everyone came back to our apartment to visit, so Juan got to see them when he got home from work. ^-^ I'm REALLY glad I got to make it to the dinner, I've had so much pain latly. >-< It's not so much that it's THAT painful most of the time, it's the constancy, that it keeps going and going and going... that's wearing me out. Mostly it's terrible in the mornings, and at night after I lie down... so I find myself wanting to stay up later than I'm able, trying to grab my moments without pain, trying to delay it coming again by not lying down.

Anyway, back to brighter things! ^-^ Yesterday I made my first attempt at making a skin option for hyperboards, as that's where Cynosure is, and though I don't know how they'll get the banner graphics to show up with it if they ever use it for default, it's working ok at the sort of experimental test forum WillyStoner set up. ^-^ I can't wait to log in today and see what everyone thinks of it....

I played Sims 2 yesterday as I wasn't feeling coherent enough to play Final Fantasy... but I had fun anyway. I managed to get my sim family through the wife's pregnancy, and then she had TWINS! O-o A boy and a girl, so I named the girl EmmaLeigh after the mother, Emma, and the boy Micah, after the father, Michael. It's a bit much to be juggling twins for my first time playing through this part of the game! O-o I've got some great family album pictures though, the mother passed out in the bed, the babies passed out in the cribs, dirty diapers and discarded bottles all over the floor, the toilet clogged, the shower broken with water shooting out of the pipes, and puddled collecting all over the bathroom floor as they sleep. Aaah, what domestic bliss babies bring! ~-^ What's odd is the game gave me a pop up announcement that the mother would get 3 more days off to take care of the infants... but then it announced her carpool was arriving in an hour! O-o Uh oh! I had her call in sick to work to get the day off on the third day the babies were infants... it was the father who somehow mysteriously had the first two days of infancy off of work so HE stayed home to take care of them at first. I felt so bad... I didn't give the babies a bath in the sink the first 2 days because I didn't realize it was an option! O-o Poor babies! I hope this doesn't make them messy slobs or anything... I know what happens to the kids influences their wants and fears and personalities as teens and adults, so I guess I'll see what happens. Both parents are known to splatter food all over while eating though, so they're not exactly neat freaks and I can blame it all on heredity... yeah.... ^-^

Not sure what we're going to be doing today, as we were supposed to go out of town but I'm in too much pain. >-< Grrrr.... I'd like to BITE my pain... grrrr..... >-<

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