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by Blogger

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Oh yeah... I meant to post... I somehow managed to delete half my graphics/files off my website when I refreshed the window after deleting what I MEANT to delete... so my blog here was barren of graphics for a while! Yeep! O-o I need to remember what folders I had so I can figure what ELSE is missing WHICH graphics, and upload them all again. >-< But it was time to let go of some stuff I wasn't currently using... this just makes me scramble to put back what I AM using... Next time hopefully I won't get down to just 37k space AVAILABLE before I realize it's time to "clean house" in my webspace!


Just curious (like a manx)...
Outland has his blog set up to "syndicate" but you dont have yours set up that way. Is there any reason why? The only reason I noticed was that Firefox PR1 version gives me the option to subscribe with a "live bookmark" to his (and other blogs) but not to yours...

Ever curious,
Aaah I never turned that on because I wasn't sure what it really meant! :-P I might go tweak my blog settings now if that's what it means. ^-^
Cool :D It still didnt give me an option to set it as a live bookmark, but I figured out how to make it one! :P

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