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Sunday, September 26, 2004

I've spent most of the day in pain, but having fun catching up at WorldSims and peeking in at Cynosure in the morning. ^-^ I read This review of Sims 2 with Juan and laughed and laughed.... He's been mostly watching football all day... I think we really needed this whole day of nothing urgent to just hang out and recover from life.

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Oh yeah... I meant to post... I somehow managed to delete half my graphics/files off my website when I refreshed the window after deleting what I MEANT to delete... so my blog here was barren of graphics for a while! Yeep! O-o I need to remember what folders I had so I can figure what ELSE is missing WHICH graphics, and upload them all again. >-< But it was time to let go of some stuff I wasn't currently using... this just makes me scramble to put back what I AM using... Next time hopefully I won't get down to just 37k space AVAILABLE before I realize it's time to "clean house" in my webspace!

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Well that was fun! ^-^ Friday was the Cynosure Annual Dinner and for the first time, I got to go! It was held at Juan's mother's restaraunt, so LunaCorn was there working, but she got to visit with us a little and take pictures with us. Nighthawk picked me up so I could get to come, as Juan was at work, and then after the dinner about half of everyone came back to our apartment to visit, so Juan got to see them when he got home from work. ^-^ I'm REALLY glad I got to make it to the dinner, I've had so much pain latly. >-< It's not so much that it's THAT painful most of the time, it's the constancy, that it keeps going and going and going... that's wearing me out. Mostly it's terrible in the mornings, and at night after I lie down... so I find myself wanting to stay up later than I'm able, trying to grab my moments without pain, trying to delay it coming again by not lying down.

Anyway, back to brighter things! ^-^ Yesterday I made my first attempt at making a skin option for hyperboards, as that's where Cynosure is, and though I don't know how they'll get the banner graphics to show up with it if they ever use it for default, it's working ok at the sort of experimental test forum WillyStoner set up. ^-^ I can't wait to log in today and see what everyone thinks of it....

I played Sims 2 yesterday as I wasn't feeling coherent enough to play Final Fantasy... but I had fun anyway. I managed to get my sim family through the wife's pregnancy, and then she had TWINS! O-o A boy and a girl, so I named the girl EmmaLeigh after the mother, Emma, and the boy Micah, after the father, Michael. It's a bit much to be juggling twins for my first time playing through this part of the game! O-o I've got some great family album pictures though, the mother passed out in the bed, the babies passed out in the cribs, dirty diapers and discarded bottles all over the floor, the toilet clogged, the shower broken with water shooting out of the pipes, and puddled collecting all over the bathroom floor as they sleep. Aaah, what domestic bliss babies bring! ~-^ What's odd is the game gave me a pop up announcement that the mother would get 3 more days off to take care of the infants... but then it announced her carpool was arriving in an hour! O-o Uh oh! I had her call in sick to work to get the day off on the third day the babies were infants... it was the father who somehow mysteriously had the first two days of infancy off of work so HE stayed home to take care of them at first. I felt so bad... I didn't give the babies a bath in the sink the first 2 days because I didn't realize it was an option! O-o Poor babies! I hope this doesn't make them messy slobs or anything... I know what happens to the kids influences their wants and fears and personalities as teens and adults, so I guess I'll see what happens. Both parents are known to splatter food all over while eating though, so they're not exactly neat freaks and I can blame it all on heredity... yeah.... ^-^

Not sure what we're going to be doing today, as we were supposed to go out of town but I'm in too much pain. >-< Grrrr.... I'd like to BITE my pain... grrrr..... >-<

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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Yay! I got to play Final Fantasy most of the day yesterday! ^-^ I told myself I wasn't answering the phone or door, I wasn't going to get sidetracked with other projects or emails or online web stuff... I got up, cleaned the house some, fed the kitties, and logged in! I played all day and when Juan got home from work he was so sweet and supportive, HE made spaghetti dinner (well, pasta actually, since we used ziti instead of spaghetti), and I made my way from level 15 thief to level 19 before I logged out for bed. ^-^ I got to run around with Branch and Skylles and their friend Mikomido getting some quest stuff done, and that was a blast! My friend Airflare was in the game and we talked some, though we didn't get to run around together and "see" each other in the game. I met a lot of cool new people I hope to see again next time I get to run around leveling up. ^-^

Today Juan made buckwheat pancakes for breakfast, and hauled out ALL the various syrups from the fridge... so I had pancakes with atkins maple syrup AND diet butterscotch ice cream topping.... yum! We plan to visit WolF today, we haven't gotten to see him in WAY too long, we ran into him at the bank before we were headed to visit Skylles and Branch, and he was about to leave for a convention. He had an attack of some kind at the convention, elevated heart rate and other problems, so now he's ill and dealing with a lot of dr bills and not allowed to drive as he may have another attack. >-< I hope we have a good visit, we have a ton of catching up to do and I feel bad we haven't seen him as much as I'd like this year. We're going to pick him up from work to be his ride home, and then have dinner with his family. He had moved out of the house on his own but now he's back staying with his parents while he's ill. I hope that's going well....

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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Well I haven't gotten to play Final Fantasy as much as I'd hoped to this past week! O-o Tuesday we thought my pre-order for Sims 2 would be in at Best Buy since that's what they'd told us and Manager Josh messaged me that it was out and people were getting it already! So we got there and it turns out Best Buy has a policy of getting the game in at the stores, and then HOLDING it for TWO DAYS before stocking it on the shelves... and that included my pre-order DVD-rom version of the game! Aaaaarrrgh! >-<

Wednesday I had a lot of troubles with my eyes recovering from the eye dr and between that and my sinuses I got sick and crashed and slept all afternoon, fighting off pain and nausea, but I managed to keep the medicines down and sleep, and I woke up when Juan got home from work to find me wiped out. Kari came over late, past 10pm, after we'd eaten dinner, and I was still in my jammies so I had to get dressed, and she showed me all her candle catalogs for this thing she's snared me into, where I'm supposedly the one "hosting" a party at her house for mostly her friends and a few of mine to come to and buy the candles through her. I find it funny she keeps saying I should show the catalogs to my mother even though I keep explaining with my mother's allergies she can't be around scented candles, and couldn't come to the party.... I don't see how my mother would possibly spend money she doesn't have on something she has no practical use for. This is the woman who asked for sewing machine oil for her one and only birthday present one year.... This is the woman who was the reason I smuggled my own soap into and our of the shower in a sealed tight ziploc baggie... and had to air out the bathroom so it had no scent to trigger her allergies. She's not going to buy any candles or candle holders..... She freaked out one year when my brother and I wanted to buy a 3 pack of men's t-shirts that cost TWO DOLLARS!! I don't think there's so much as a single paper clip in these catalogs that costs as little as two dollars. I don't think my mother would by ANY stretch of my imagination, be a person I could picture buying something out of these catalogs!

Thursday Celleigh and Moonwolf came by to box up her laptop for shipping to be repaired again, and we got to visit a little before Juan got home from work early to take me to Best Buy to finally get my Sims 2 game. They updated me on how their elderly friend was doing, last I'd heard she'd had some troubles where her lawn mower was in for repairs for a week and she felt that the company was keeping it for months. Now her kids have taken her out of her home and are placing her somewhere for care, as her car blew a gasket and she was found wandering on the freeway so she's not really safe to live on her own anymore. >-< Her kids were originally saying they would find a place that she could take her cat with her, but suddenly they told Celleigh and Moonwolf that THEY should find a shelter or something to take the cat to. It turns out though, that this cat was adopted from the Humane Society and they won't take it back as papers were signed at the adoption stating that if she were ever unable to take care of the cat, another person would be responsible for it and that person is Moonwolf's mother. So I'm hoping all THAT gets taken care of....

We went to Best Buy and picked up my Sims 2 game and then we went to Juan's mother's restaraunt to have Juan explain how the new margarita machine worked, and ended up staying for about 3 hours helping them set up the new machine and running a test batch of tequila flavored wine based margaritas, but even past closing time it still hadn't started to freeze up yet! O-o We ended up having a cup of coffee and some choco-flan cake while we were there. ^-^ I was wiped out when we got home but I installed my game that night and played through the tutorials but didn't get any further than that before I crashed for bed.

Friday I was just getting settled in and started playing Sims 2 when there was knocking at the door so I peeked to see Celleigh and Moonwolf out there and rushed to get dressed as I'd been in jammies. Celleigh was crying and it turns out the kitty they took to the humane society wasn't friendly and social enough for them to adopt out because it attacked the lady who took it out of the cage to examine, so they had to call animal control and have him put to sleep. >-< That made her ever MORE upset about the elderly friend's cat we're worried about, as that cat isn't a kitten like the one that got put to sleep was, and that cat isn't very social or friendly either. So it seems if it were taken into a shelter or something it would most likely face the same fate as the kitten. >-<

After we all got calmed down some I showed Celleigh a little of the Sims 2 game and exited the Pleasant family I'd been trying to learn the gameplay with, so Celleigh could make a sim and get to play as she's been wanting the game as much as I have but doesn't think her laptop can run it. When it gets back from repairs this time hopefully we can check it's statistics to see if it's possible. So she made Phoenix Ravenflame and we moved her sim into a place intending to use the money cheat to make her rich and move her right back out and into something bigger... but we couldn't get the cheat to work that I thought I remembered! O-o We also had a bit of excitement where we tried to move the sim out and seemed to have LOST her when we exited the lot without saving.... but after we'd made a SECOND Phoenix Ravenflame we realized the first version still existed living in the empty lot.... we didn't realize we had to move her out of the lot to get her back in the family bin ready to move into another place. Ooops... ^-^ We laughed as Celleigh got to play her poor sim though a few adventures with failed parties and losing her job, and then after they left I tried making a single sim to play with, based on one of my sims I was playing in Superstar. I had my sim make friends with Phoenix but it was funny when she first showed up at my sim's house my sim greeted her and she burst into tears, just like in real life hahahaaaa. ^-^ I got a couple of hours of Sims 2 time in before crashing for bed.

Saturday I'd made plans for Celleigh to come over to play Sims again and she called just as I had eaten breakfast and gotten all ready for the day, so she and Moonwolf came over again around 2pm and we had a Sims 2 day. Moonwolf was falling asleep on the couch while checking his email so we sent him into the other room to take a nap and he SLEPT pretty much the whole time till almost 9pm when Celleigh woke him up and tried to get him awake and aware as Juan was getting home from work and I was fixing the frozen curry and rice for dinner. It was funny I made a pot of coffee and ended up drinking it all myself, as the aroma didn't wake up Moonwolf like I thought it might.... now here's the funny part... I couldn't figure out HOW I could be SO tired after drinking two sodas with caffiene AND and entire 10 cup POT of coffee... turns out I didn't realize I was using the decaf... hahahahahahahaaaaa... ^-^

Today we had migas for breakfast after Juan got back from doing laundry without me since I was wiped out sleeping still. I stayed up a little late working on a community lot and a guy based on the original sims bachelor my sim married in that game so I had to make him for Sims 2 and see how that plays out. We watched the Sci-fi original movie Darklight and LOVED laughing at it and enjoying that together. ^-^ We kind of got a late start on the day but we went to Sears and paid the computer bill and while we were there we found a subtle print hawaiian shirt on sale for $6 and we had worked out the bills to plan getting some clothes we needed so we got that for Juan to have an 8th shirt! ^-^ We still need to get him jeans as he's down to 3 pair of jeans, but we should be able to afford that in the next couple of weeks when he has a "good paycheck" week again the way the bills fall due. We went to Wal-Mart and found 2 pair of jeans for me, which is great since my one pair of current jeans turns out to have been FOUR SIZES too big for me now, and is developing a worn hole in the thigh. I LOVE my new jeans!! ^-^ And I love that I'm fitting into a smaller size now!! I knew my old jeans were too big, and my dress pants that are smaller thatn the jeans were getting loose too, but I didn't know I'd actually FIT well into the next smaller size yet. So all this has been thrilling for me. ^-^

We did the grocery shopping for the week and came in exactly at budget, then took the groceries home and I loaded my memory stick with pictures to show my parents and we went to pick up pluots at HEB and then to visit with my parents. I changed into my new jeans before leaving the house again so I was excited and showed them to my parents and was still happy about my change in pant size even with my dad pestering me about my weight and trying at first to see if he could claim my entire weight loss on his latest health product he's having me try. Um... no. I only lost about one pant size (or half size depending on how you count the sizes) while taking his precious goji juice, so I don't attribute my weight loss to that, though it has seemed to help with my chronic pains and fatigue. We showed them the pictures I brought, mostly from our latest visit to the Austin area, and then the tailgate party and Craig's kittens in Houston. I brought in the pluots to stick in the fridge while we visited, and I gave one of them to my parents to try later and they examined and sniffed it before we left.

Then we went to visit Juan's parents and LunaCorn, and when we got there Yusuke was there with her but her family also had visitors, so, since I was having some problems with low blood sugar and desperately needed to eat, Juan and I took LunaCorn and Yusuke with us to Waffle House and we got to eat together and hang out and visit. Juan and I had dinner but Yusuke and LunaCorn just had desert and Yusuke and Juan had coffees too. Out waitress was funny and talkative and had fun teasing us all, and she sneaked Yusuke and LunaCorn TWO pieces of pie when they'd only ordered one to split. ^-^ She only put one on the ticket, I think she was enjoying being around happy people at the end of a loooooonnnnng shift.

We got back to Juan's parents house and their visitors had left and I showed LunaCorn and Yusuke the pictures I had on the memory stick, and then joined Juan in the living room with his parents to watch the end of Once Upon a Time in Mexico together. By the time it ended my poor nose was freezing cold and I've been kind of out of it since we got up and got ready to go. Juan pointed out I didn't get to play Sims at all today so I might get to play a little before crashing to bed. Hopefully I'll get to play Final Fantasy and visit with my friends there some tomorrow as it's been TOO LONG since I've gotten to do that now! The last two times I tried to log into the game I spent HOURS downloading the updates and didn't get to actually play ANY! O-o >-<

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Monday, September 13, 2004

Well this weekend has worn me out! Thursday was my eye exam, then that night my friend Kisty called and needed a place to stay till her landlady could pick her up, because her electricity is out thanks to the manager who was supposed to pay all the bills with the rent money! O-o So Thursday night, Friday, and all day Saturday Kisty and I got to visit and hang out and I showed her the FF XI game, and the new chest of drawers was delivered Friday (which the kitties think is a kitty entertainment center, built just for them to hide under and wrestle! ^-^), and Saturday when her landlady was supposed to pick her up at noon she didn't make it so when Juan got home from work early, to find LunaCorn and Yusuke dropped in for a visit too (yay! ^-^), we packed for our trip to visit Craig and dropped Kisty off at another friend's house for her landlady to pick up Sunday. Whew! O-o I never managed to wash my hair during all this, I didn't want to be in the shower when the landlady showed up to pick up Kisty. >-< The road trip to Houston to visit Craig seemed MUCH shorter than I'd remembered it, which was good, since I felt ill and Juan had to wash the windshield when I got nausea and headaches and eye strain from coping with my old contacts and trying to focus through/past all the bug gunk. I didn't realize something like that could happen! O-o

I got to meet Craig's TWO new kitties, and they are KITTENS! >^.^< Wndnesday is all black with a few tiny white hairs, and LONG tufts of fur coming out of her ears! Adorable!! ^-^ And Pugsley (spelling?) is a real sweetie! He's the younger one, by maybe a month or so, and has a nasty infection or something wrong with his paw that's the last thing taking a while to heal after all his other wounds cleared up from the medicines he got from the vet. He limps so he doesn't use that paw at all, being careful of it, and it's an open oozing sore, but he runs and plays and cuddles with Wednesday and even let me hold him in my lap and he purred like mad when I pet him. He's GOT to be in pain, but he can have fun and be happy! I think he's one brave little kitty!!

Craig made spinach dip and chicken wings that were ready when we got there, and we hung out and ate and watched some Futurama and Keen Eddie. ^-^ Juan realized I was crashing and tucked me in to sleep while he stayed up a while to visit some more before bed. Sunday we got up and around and got ready to go to the tailgate party and I REMEMBERED to apply sunscreen!! Yay!!! ^-^ +30 spf to armor, haha!! ~-^ We walked from Craig's new apartment to the stadium parking lot, and the party bus with the big screen tv was really neat, with stickers and beer labels all over the inside ceiling. We met a lot of new people and made some new friends and had a blast!!!!!!!!! Every time the Texans made a touchdown the driver would rev the engine on the bus and it was LOUD! But I found out later it was even LOUDER from the outside! O-o One of the guys in charge was grilling, and I got to have grilled shrimp, tamales, ribs, nuts, salsa verde, sausage, and lots and lots of diet soda. I shared tastes of a couple of Juan's beers to compare them, and had 2 and 1/2 frozen margaritas from the machine that Juan had to adjust to get it working again. Who'd have thought his work experience would come in handy on his day off? haha! ^-^

I had adventures using the little toilet on the bus, climbing onto the ROOF of the bus, and meeting strange fans in bull heads or horned helmets that let me have my picture taken with them. ^-^ Some poor guy named FRANK! (when he told me his name that's how he said it, VERY loudly, so all caps and an exclamation are necessary, haha!), kept coming up and talking to me trying to convince me to climb on the roof of the bus WITH him, and he kept hitting on me... and I showed him my ring and explained I was married but he didn't care! He was pathetic and desperate and incoherently eager... I saw him talking to another girl later and that's when I took my chance to climb on the bus while he was distracted. ^-^ One of the times he came up to pester me Juan and I were talking with our new friend Jose, and Jose kept trying to tell the guy to back off and that I was Juan's esposa (wife) in Spanish. He followed us out of the parking lot when we were leaving, and insisted on giving me a high five in parting.

I had a great time and took a few pictures, but by the time we'd walked back to the apartment I wasn't feeling so good, I was dehydrated from not having any water, just soda and alcohol, and the greasy meat in my tummy disagreed with me. So I was a little sick and then took a nap and woke up with HORRIBLE sinuses but otherwise feeling better, so I made more of the frozen chicken wings and we ate dinner and visited some more. Craig was trying to show us stuff on his computer but it acted up so he had to give up on it in frustration before he lost his temper with it... he'd fix one thing and another would go wrong. I think computers like to show off like that.... It's a conspiracy.... ~-^ I had a great time seeing what he DID get to show me about Sims 2 and stuff before it stopped working though! ^-^

I was kind of sick on the road trip home too, and exhausted but happy when we made it home. Juan accidentally left his address book at Craig's apartment, as we discovered from a phone message when we got home. The kitties had jumped up on top of the pantry while we were gone and knocked over two glasses and some flowers and the watering can but nothing was broken, though the fake flowers were worse for wear. Our chest of drawers looks like they didn't tear it up or anything so I'm happy about that. ^-^ We need to get the old chest cleared out and moved, then move the bookshelf boxes to that corner, and move the new chest to that corner on my side of the bed. I'm not so sure we'll get that all done tonight and tomorrow!

Today I had my eye dr appointment with the specialist to get my contacts to FIT and cover my pupil properly so my vision is consistently corrected and I don't get these peripheral blurs and smears of light everywhere. He talked to us about surgery for my eyes where they would implant a permanant corrective lens, but it's more expensive than LASIK which my vision is too severe for. I want to look into this more and figure out if we can save up for it, but it's kind of scary to risk total blindness if it goes wrong with complications. They said I could do it one eye at a time though so somehow I'm less scared risking total loss of vision in one eye, though that would be awful. They put dye in my eyes again for the exam and I cried yellow stuff all over my cheeks so I looked pretty funny afterwards. Juan took me to Taco Bell afterwards as he had some time before going back to work at the other store. I tried the new spicy chicken soft taco and was surprised it tasted more like real Mexican food than I thought fast food could.

The Final Fantasy XI is having an update today so the service is down, and I'm glad I'm not missing a lot there while I've been recovering and dealing with the eye dr and chest and feeling icky. I finally found the notebook where I wrote down the Sears number to call for a box so I took care of that and it should be here in two to three days they said, so I'm hoping I'll feel good when it comes and get to visit with Celleigh and Moonwolf when they pack the computer for shipping.

Tomorrow Juan and I are supposed to meet my parents at the courthouse or somewhere to get the blue car signed over into our names for ownership! Yay! I've just been a little stressed about all that, trying to get all the paperwork and stuff together for that and all the messages my dad leaves on the answering machine. I need to visit with them a little too, maybe it will go well if I distract them with pictures of Marcus and Craig's kittens.... My dad has been patting me down to feel how fat I am when I hug him hello and goodbye at each visit and that's starting to get to me emotionally. I know he wants me to be healthy and happy but it's turning a happy hug into an invasive embarrasing examination and I'm not happy about that. >-< Hopefully tomorrow will go well. We need to do laundry and then the car stuff with my parents, and then the furniture project rearranging the bedroom. I'm not sure if we'll do anything fun or just sit around recovering after all that.

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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Just got back from the eye dr., he says the blurriness is because the prescription needs to be stronger, but the light streaks and light "smears" in my peripheral vision is because the contacts aren't fitting on my eye properly and they're sliding all around so my pupil isn't covered by the contact. O-o I have mutant shaped eyeballs! He had to dilate my pupils again but it was less traumatic than last time, he just dabbed a little paper tab in my eyes instead of the drops, and I didn't need the cheap paper sunglasses this time. When Juan came to pick me up it turns out he locked his keys in the car so his co-worker let him borrow his SUV to get me to the eye exam! O-o Now the car is still locked and we're trying to get ahold of my parents to see if they have extra keys, which I HOPE they do!!

When we got home I found out the WATER has been turned off! O-o They have to turn it off for the entire complex when they work on any one apartment, so I'm stuck without water for a while. Juan found the guys working on things as he was leaving for work again so he called me from work to tell me they said they hoped to be finished in a couple of hours. I hate it that this just happens randomly with no notice, I wish the landlord would call to contact the tennants and give a little time to draw some water and be prepared. I hope it never gets turned off while I'm in the middle of a shower or anything like that!! O-o

I hope this posts as I never got the publishing at blogger to work yesterday....

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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Hmmm I'm having publishing problems with blogger at the moment.... I'll see if this one goes through!! O-o

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Yay! We uninstalled and reinstalled the whole FF XI and PlayOnline software and NOW it WORKS to let me log in! I can't log in to the FF game itself though because it's down for maintenance. I'll feel much better when the game is back up and I can log into the game as well as just the PlayOnline account. ^-^

Today I went with Juan to do the laundry, and we had to go to Kroger's for detergent because he couldn't find what he'd done with the box we HAD. We stopped in at Bed Bath and Beyond to take a look at the suede ottomans they'd had on sale before, as we really need SOMETHING to replace our coffee table, but not so bulky. The ottomans weren't on sale anymore though, and I saw others there that had storage, so now I'm looking for something like that: seating, surface, and storage all in one, but nice looking and sturdy as well. It may be a while before we find that.

We stopped by Starbucks and I got the light caramel frappacino that's my new favorite there, and he got the coffee of the day, to sustain us through the laundromat. He was smart and grabbed the current books we've been reading too. ^-^ After we got the laundry all done and home, we headed out to look for a high chest of drawers to replace the dresser I want to give to Yusuke. We found one at the first place we went that I liked but was about $400-something on sale and the sale ended today. >-< Then we went by the Restaraunt but LunaCorn wasn't there, and we found out Juan's parents are still out of town when we thought they were back from their last trip to Mexico! O-o We ate lunch/dinner and visited with Ernesto and one of the waiters there. Then we headed to another furniture shop but it was closed, then to another where we found the chest of drawers I want. ^-^ I had $200 saved up and it's around $500 so we took the saleslady's card and came home and figured out the bills for the month and figured out with my savings as the downpayment we can managed the 90 days same as cash arrangement to pay it off and get it! Yay!!!!! ^-^ I was going to try to pay it all myself with my own funds but Juan says we can afford to juggle it in with the bills, so I'll get my chest of drawers AND still have some money of my own in the next 3 months! Haha! ^-^

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Monday, September 06, 2004

Juan got home from work and brought Chinese take out for dinner, lo mein and beef broccoli, and since he got a little container of plain white rice they gave him three fortune cookies. It's become tradition now that the third fortune cookie contains Ember's fortune, and what's funny is when it's especially apt. Like the first one said "you are the center of your own little world." Haha! ^-^ Anyway, this time Ember's fortune said "Things are not always what they seem," Juan's said "You'll accomplish more if you start now," and mine said "Time heals all wounds. Keep your chin up." So I got encouragement from a fortune cookie.

Branch called and Juan talked to him to tell him what's going on. I'm a little too "squeaky" to tone my voice to normal speaking levels for long. :-P Branch said he would contact one of the people in charge in the game and see if they can help figure out what to do from this point.

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Big Trauma... I can't get my Play Online ID to work, I'm devastated. >-<

I emailed Skylles and Branch to let them know what's going on... Skylles emailed back that Branch might be able to fix it... but I haven't heard back since asking how. I really hope it CAN be fixed!!

I read a beauty article in Espanol I found through the MSN links in my hotmail. A fun report about rocks and massage I was glad I could understand it all even with words I didn't know popping up everywhere.

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I'm back home!! What a trip! Actually the whole visit was a great adventure but I don't have time to chronicle it all. Juan got in at about 2:30am while I was up reading and Skylles and Branch were playing FF XI. We passed out after a little visiting and laughing at things happening in the FF game, and got to sleep till about noon when Marcus came in again to wake us up. He'd been in earlier playing with his books but I somehow managed to sleep through that, I was so tired! O-o Juan and I went to lunch with Skylles at the little taquiria nearby for breakfast/lunch, and Marcus stayed home with Branch as we asked him 3 or 4 times if he wanted to come with us but he wanted to stay home and play. It was nice to get a little grown up time together with Skylles. ^-^

I konked out and took a nap in the afternoon, and Juan joined me for a little while but I napped much longer, he seems to power nap in just half an hour. ^-^ Then we got all our stuff packed into the car and we met Skylles and Branch and Marcus at the Fiesta one of the local church's was hosting, which I'd gone to with just Branch and Marcus Friday evening. Marcus went on the spider man bouncy castle and giant slide again, but was anxious to get to the commando obstacle course and do that again. He only did it once this time though, the first night he went through about SIX times! He got off early the last time through, before he got to the GIANT wall to scale. He wanted to go on the little train pulled by a tractor, and Branch had been dubious about that last time because a year ago Marcus tried to go on it and cried and HATED it and was traumatized. This time he got in and honked his horn attached to his seat, and did just fine. ^-^ We all waved and cheered him!

Juan did a basketball throw game and actually won something, he picked a hackey sack for his prize. Marcus picked BLUE to put his ticket on for a spin the wheel game, and he WON and got to pick one of the LARGE stuffed animals, and he picked out a big bunny. ^-^ The rest of the contestants got a piece of candy as consolation prize but Marcus wanted candy too so they were nice and let him have one! ^-^ At the game where you whacked a mallet to launch a frog into a table full of cups, the guy and boys running it were funny and threw the frogs into the cups so Marcus could win. ^-^ He got a back scratcher for that and THAT was the one prize he hung onto and wanted to carry! I was so sad my pictures of him putting it down his back didn't come out!!! >-<

We had sodas and Skylles and I had carnitas tacos but Juan didn't feel like eating, he was still full from lunch! Marcus got to give the soda booth his tickets and order his Sprite all by himself and he did a great job! I didn't get to see it but Branch came back and told us how amazingly well he did! ^-^

Marcus let me and Juan hug him goodbye and we all walked out to the cars and said our goodbyes there. I got a double hug from Branch and Marcus at the same time as Branch was holding Marcus. ^-^

We made it into Houston and stopped there for dinner at the taquiria arrandas and I had a shrimp y queso quisedia and one taco al pastor... I saved room to have flan for dessert! ^-^ Stopping like that to sit and eat and talk for about an hour somehow made the trip home seem much shorter. We got home about 1:30am and stayed up maybe an hour or so getting settled down. Juan fed the cats and checked sports center and some stuff on the computer, I just sat with him and talked and cuddled. ^-^

Today I woke up before noon, which is doing great for me! I made my bed and washed my face, put in contacts, cleaned the sink and counter and swept the floor in the bathroom. Trying to get back into my routines. ^-^ I was good and unpacked my bag, put away clean clothes, dirty ones in hamper, put my bathroom stuff back where it goes etc. I even cleaned out my purse to lighten it of the napkins and stuff that had built up in it. I made myself a sandwich for lunch as I started to try the lentil soup and think it's gone sour. Ugh. >-< I found a few icky things in the fridge and threw them out, need to go through there thoroughly and clean out anything else like that lurking in the back where we don't notice it.... I'm trying to get everything taken care of around the house before I install FF XI on my computer and vanish from this plane of existence, haha! ^-^ I got the pictures from my trip copied off the memory card in the camera manually as it had that problem where it couldn't upload them and the last 15 or so pictures didn't turn out to work at all. >-< I saved the last pic that had the problem starting halfway through loading it, and I'm glad I was able to save that as it's a picture of Juan and Marcus together smiling. ^-^ I was sad the picture of me and Skylles together didn't turn out, I really wanted a nice pic of us together with her wearing the great top she had on.

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Friday, September 03, 2004

...I've been sucked into the Final Fantasy Vortex and I can't get out! O-o I played for Twenty-Two hours after already being up running around doing things for 12 hours before that.... O-o I went to bed around 11:30 to Midnight last night, and got a pretty good rest till Marcus woke me up at 10am. Then I played with him: read books, cleaned the cereal off the floor together, played outside and picked flowers for mommy, I put up the clean dishes while talking with him and then loaded the dirty ones and he helped run the dishwasher... we put his cars away in their box and threw them all out ...again and again... I played the lion while he played the jaguar and we ran all over the house doing that, and having them hide from each other... we piled ALL the dirty clothes in a BIG pile in the living room and stomped and jumped there, then we SCOOTED them down the hall with our feet and shoved them through the kitty door into the laundry room. We played a lot of soccer in the kitchen once we'd cleaned the cereal off the floor too. Skylles woke up and we made mini corn dogs and herb and butter peas and corn for lunch. Marcus cleaned his books off the side table by the couch so we could eat together there, as I'd been reading books to him while the food cooled down. ^-^ It's almost 3pm and he's watching cartoons now, hopefully he'll settle down and nap so I'll get some ADULTS talking time with Skylles and play the FF game some more. It's been a LONG morning ALL about Marcus! I hope he's had fun wearing me out, haha! We only had a few little sqalls when I wouldn't pick him up and hold him while trying to cook, or while holding other things in my hands. I let him sit on my lap while we ate though, and sort of juggled my plate when he bounced around. He's got SOOOO much energy!! O-o

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