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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

6am and I made level 5 thief!! Whooohooo! Big Red Comes in Diet!! Time for sleep!! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Yay I tried playing the new game I got Tuesday last night, and I CAN play it, and I LIKE it! ^-^ It's called Dark Stone, and one of the cute things I discovered was in the starting out town your hero/character can drop a gold coin for the musicians in the town square, and they play a song about the game, haha! I was hoping to find other towns with this too but when I was looking through the instruction booklet it only listed the credits for the one song. I played the game for quite a few hours last night but came to bed after tucking Juan in and staying up till about 2:30am. I've gotten my character up to almost level 20 and she's aged 4 years. O-o I'm not used to my characters aging in a fighting game! :-P I think I completed the first part of the first dungeon... sort of... I got the sun cross (accidentally! I didn't MEAN to steal it, just look at it! O-o) and the priests turned into skeletons and attacked me! I got all confused with the buttons and didn't managed to heal myself in time and died. >-< But thankfully I pressed EVERY button till it gave me the option to start over in town, and I managed to do that before the countdown was over, but just BARELY. :-P I somehow had the sun cross and amulet I got in the dungeon but my other equipment I'd been wearing was gone so I had to gear up again. I should have saved more often while in the dungeon....

Last night Juan made an experimental meal he'd been wanting to try, he cut up the zummo sausages and sauteed them with onions and crawfish, and made a sauce with pureed tomatoes and spices in a separate pan since he felt he wasn't sure if it would turn out good together. We served it over the super thin spaghetti we had frozen in the freezer from when I'd tried making lo mein with it but overcooked it while on the phone with my parents. We also had the end of the leftover garlic bread with it and it soaked up the sauce wonderfully, being hard and tough to eat otherwise. I told Juan he did a great job and we should make that again! ^-^

Today is exciting, I was doing my "morning" routine on the computer when there came a knock at the door and it was the BOX back with Celleigh's computer, yay!! So I called her RIGHT away, as the delivery guy drove off, and she's hoping Moonwolf can drop her off so we can inspect it and make sure it's really fixed. ^-^ I haven't eaten breakfast/lunch yet and I'm not sure if I'll eat leftovers from last night, or finish off the KFC with the mashed potatoes and green beans. I'm not sure if I should be saving one or the other for dinner tonight, but I might make the curry chicken finally, haha!

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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Catching up on the past week....

Tuesday we went to the eye Dr. and I got my eyes examined so I could get a prescription for new glasses before we move. I met the new guy who has taken over my old dr's practice, and that was a little awkward because by the time he came in the room I was sitting in the chair BLIND! :-P The lady who took me in to take out my contacts and get set up was nice, but REALLY didn't seem to get HOW bad my eyesight was... she even held out some papers to me as if I could see there was writing on it, and asked if my name was spelled right and how to pronounce it... I could barely distingush her THUMB from the PAPER, haha! Then she had me trying to follow the tip of a WHITE pen but the wall behind her was white as well... hmmm invisible pen for me... pretty hard to follow, haha! So we had to go in the other room for that part of the pre-exam tests. Then back to the machine they had me looking into, at first I was just expecting a light, and the air puff... but it had kind of a light green on top and dark green on bottom to the light... she started messing with the machine and it did some jumping around and I realized it was supposed to be an IMAGE of something... I asked, "Am I supposed to be seeing something in here?" and she said it was a field of grass with some hills and stuff, she was checking my focus... I never saw it anywhere NEAR clearly, but I did make out that the darker green got some texture I guess was the grass. :-P I was surprised again when she had a hand held device for doing the puff of air in the eye thing, and that went pretty well.

The Dr put up the eye chart on the wall and left me in the room with Juan and I asked if he'd put the letters on the chart yet... it looked the same to me as the overhead light, a roughly squarish blob of light.... When I looked hard it started looking like about 8 lines of text with rows of white between the black. I was dismayed to find out I wasn't seeing lines of letters... I was seeing the ONE BIG LETTER E!!! @-@ Good thing I'm getting those new glasses, I've been walking around the house where I can't always tell where or what is a CAT! O-o Except that the carpet and couch don't purr and have SLIGHTLY less fur on them. By a small margin. Very small.

We did the eye chart thing and finally got one of the medium lines on it clear enough I could guess correctly at the letters based on their shapes, but I couldn't see the edges well. We got that as clear as it will apparantly get for me now and checked up close to be sure I could still read, and then he had to dilate my eyes, though he'd hoped he could get away without having to do that. He got the drops in easily, which was great since in the past I've had a TERRIBLE time with getting eyedrops IN my eyes, as opposed to ON my eyes and face. :-P Then he had me look "Where you know my ear to be." as he put it, since I couldn't see his ear! ^-^ He used some kind of red light with concentric circles and I had to stare into the center for what seemed like quite a while, and then look in all directions. From that he got what amounts to a topological graph of my eye, and when he let me put my contacts in later I got to see it on the computer. Neat! ^-^

After all was said and done, turns out my eyesight is worse, I'm down to negative 15.25 in one eye and negative 15.50 in the other, I forget which is which. But it's bad. >-< I used to be just on the cusp of being too bad for LASIK surgery and now I'm way past that. I guess I'll have to wait till they get better with the implanted permanant contacts or something new comes out in about 10 years or so.... Anyway, since my eyes were dilated they gave me cheap paper and plastic film sunglasses to protect me a little from the sun and light, everything was smeary and blurred with light in the office already! O-o I had to get new contacts so we put in the order for that, and got my prescription to see if we could get glasses made at a discount anywhere.

We went to the eyeglasses place where Juan got his last glasses at a cheap price... and they took one look at my prescription and said, "Honey, we can't even TOUCH this!" It was way beyond their range, they went up to doing negative 8 glasses at the worst. :-P They referred us to another place that could do the high density lenses I needed and we ran there really fast before they closed. We got there and there were 2 other customers so we just stood there... the one guy working there chatted with them and joked and ignored us completely, not even a nod. >-< After everyone else left THEN he let us come to him and ask if they could fill my prescription. He showed me how thick a negative 5 lens was and went on about how thick my glasses would be. I showed him the prescription again where it said high density and he said that would be thinner. We looked at frames and picked out one, and sat down for him to call in and see about the price. He never did say how much the frames I picked were. >-< He said they had metal and plastic and one was cheaper but he wouldn't say which. ??? He got us an estimate of $170 and I said not to place the order yet and we left. I'm SO glad we didn't put the order through because today at Wal-Mart we placed the order when it was only $18 for the frames I picked, and around 90-something total after the lenses, frames, and rounding the edges of the lenses down so they won't bother my face, being so thick. ^-^

After we dealt with my eyes last Tuesday, I got home and called Celleigh to come bring her computer to ship it off in the Box that came for it, so she and Moonwolf came over and we got it packed up and the forms filled out and Moonwolf called to make sure of what some number code it wanted was and it turned out we didn't need that. I REALLY still couldn't see too well with those dark glasses so Celleigh had to put one finger on each side of where I had to sign the shipping form. :-P After it was all filled out and packed up and taped shut, we made the appointment for pick up the next day after 2pm since I figured I'd be awake by then. They went home and we were planning to visit Kisty in the hospital but she called us and it turned out she'd just gotten home from the hospital! Just when I was wanting Juan to call to find out if we were allowed to bring in outside FOOD, haha! So we picked her up and went to Sonic. ^-^ Then we went back to our place to hang out and visit and we dropped her off home when Juan was getting tired.

Wednesday I was awake and ready and everything when the guy came to pick up the Box, so that went well. ^-^ Thursday I think was when Juan got off work early, but I'm hazy on that. This is what happens when I don't blog for a week, eep! O-o I do remember I've spent a ton of time on Neopets restocking my shop and playing action games I've never tried. I love their miniature golf, too bad I don't make tons of points on it though. :-P I've become a slave to the Pyramids! ^-^ I've been playing that game to my limit every day. I've also been playing the wheel of fortune trying to catch the Sneezles so my pet can get Meuka (a snot critter!) as a battledome challenger, and finally tonight I GOT it! What was funny was all the times I won neopoints while I was TRYING to get sick!

Sunday we had a big day, Juan and I planned a barbeque with Kisty, Juan picked her up and she brought her HUGE pack of 10 pounds of hamburger meat for us to make burgers with. I woke up in big pain so I didn't get to go with him to pick her up, but by the time they got back here I was able to get up and put my eyes in. ^-^ She found my Pharoh game and brought it back to me AND she gave me her keyboard so now I have a keyboard that's NOT broken! Yay! A working spacebar is SUCH a relief! ^-^ It's also got neat controls for playing, pausing etc. when playing music in a music program. I tried it in windows media player and she says it works in winamp too. ^-^ Kisty and I shaped burgers from the meat Juan mixed in our biggest bowl. I know he put diced onion and steak seasoning but I'm not sure if he used eggs to bind it or not. Kisty had a new outfit with a spectacular drapey top so we tied back the sleeves with a twist tie on one side, and a clothespin on the other. ^-^ Oh yeah! She also gave me a t-shirt she got while in Hawaii, so I now have an ADULT size shirt from Hawaii and not just the few clothes I've kept as momentos from my childhood there. Cool! ^-^ Juan carried our pit downstairs under the shade of the tree in the parking area, but not too close, and also carried down 2 chairs, one to sit in and read his Wizard magazine and one to use as a table for the food and tongs and stuff. He made zummo sausages and chicken legs as well as the hamburgers and it was ALL good! We also got the lays guacamole flavor potato chips to try them. Kisty and I sauteed onions and poblano peppers in one skillet, and mushrooms in another, and we had both american and provolone cheeses. Yummy!! Kisty and I played Gauntlet Legends on her PS2 she brought over while we were cooking and mostly waiting on Juan to finish with the grilling outside, and that was great but as my controller only had the directional buttons and no joystick control my poor thumb was DYING and I kept trying to make it better by holding it against the cold soda can. ^-^ We ate and watched movies and played the game some more, and watched more movies, and finished with watching all the little mini movies in her Final Fantasy 10 game, and a little gameplay so I could see her summon her favorite. Earlier while Juan was grilling she got to show me the other ps2 game she brought, I forgot the name (like I KNEW I would!) but it was Japanese and had funny translation problems or quirks, and it was pretty neat but I had trouble with the automatic perspective so I'm not sure how well I'd do playing it.

Yesterday I mostly recovered and did stuff on the computer. My pain hasn't been terrible but it's THERE again. Ugh.

Today I had a REALLY rough start to the day, Juan already ate sausages for breakfast and picked up two potato burritos from Taco Bell for me to eat. I had two sodas and took pain pills and tried to get going but I seemed to be crashing. Juan thought I should take a nap while he did the grocery shopping without me. I asked what time the eye place in Wal-Mart closed and wanted him to try to take me with him after he came back with the groceries. Then I got stubborn and caught a second wind... sort of. I took a couple of doses of the goji juice stuff my parents want me to take, and now that Juan picked up my MEDICINE from my parents house last night I've got that so I took more water with that in it too, and we set out. Juan was going to pick up another soda for me but instead he surprised me and took me to Starbucks! ^-^ They had something new, a "lite" frappacino and since it came in Caramel, I had that! They were out of all their cups except "tall" which is the smallest one. :-P It was GOOD and I think I'll want it again someday! ^-^ I did mostly ok at Wal-Mart, we got my glasses ordered and ran into Monkeyboy's sister! ^-^ Then we did the grocery shopping and Juan said I started fading. >-< I was having some pain and little dizzy spells by the time we were checking out, and he got me a soda and that, and resting a little at home once we got stuff put away, helped. Once more into the breach, after Juan called around for me, we went to the GameStop and I bought a playstation 1 controller WITH the toggle/joystick!! And I picked up a game I hope I can play, it was $4 and looks like an rpg but I can't tell if it's Final Fantasy style or like Gauntlet. I hope to find out tonight as I seem to be staying up late with the pain. Then we went to Best Buy and I bought the pre-order box for Sims 2! Actually it was kind of confusing and anti-climactic for me because JUAN bought it while I was in the bathroom! O-o Then we had to wait in line at the customer service for quite a while to ask and make sure they were reserving/ordering the DVD version as the box was labeled for either, but I'd been told that the DVD versions were ONLY available pre-order and they wouldn't be shipped to the stores except for the customers that ordered them. We were assured when we brought the box in to the store they would have a DVD and CD version for me to pick from. I'm not sure how that works, but I hope it DOES!! O-o

Then we went to visit my parents and I got to show them the 128 M memory gizmo I got a week or so ago. I'd loaded it up with pictures from when Juan and I went to the Conservatory gardens and so I got to show them all the pictures of flowers and me and Juan feeding the HUGE koi and goldfish. ^-^ Then we visited a little and managed to leave before 8pm and we stopped by KFC as we'd planned and picked up dinner on the way home. We ate dinner and only missed the first half hour or so of the finale of the Joe Shmoe 2 show, and we had fun watching that. ^-^ I think part of why we liked the show was the people were so NICE to each other and you don't see that much in the other reality television shows.

Now I've gotten to watch the Sims 2 cd that came in my pre-order box, and what's funny is the highlight of it all for me was I FINALLY got to see what ManagerJosh from WorldSims LOOKS like! Haha! There is a thread that's been going for over a year with over 600 posts in it speculating what he looks like, and now I know, he does NOT look like Papa Smurf!! ^-^

I'm about to try out my new playstation game with my new controller. ^-^ The game is called Dark Stone and I haven't looked up anything on it so I have no idea what to expect. I hope I do better controlling movement than I did with the Reboot game I bought a few months ago and had to take back. :-P But I'm happy they have a policy to give store credit or cash for games you return within 7 days when you don't like them. ^-^

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Monday, August 02, 2004

I've been playing a lot more on Neopets lately, not sure why. What's funny is a lot of it is that when the site is down and can't give out neopoints, I've been trying out a ton of the games that I haven't played yet, or haven't tried since getting a cable internet connection instead of dial-up. I had the unfortunate experience of trying one of the new games while the site was up, a little miniature golf game, that reminded me of playing pool because of all the bank shots necessary to navigate the courses... and when it came time to send in my "big score" after getting a couple of par AND a couple of BIRDIES... the site went down WHILE trying to send in my score! Yeeep! O-o Can't win, haha! :-P

Last night Juan and I stayed up waaaaay too late, but we had fun. ^-^ We moved the couch close to my computer chair so he could lay on the couch and be near me as he needed to sleep but he missed me. Then the cats had fun with this new tactical situation, being able to play BEHIND the couch to pounce out and surprise each other! Ember was chasing her tail behind the couch, and one of the couch pillows was behind the couch too, so her view was blocked as Skywise came crawling on his belly behind the pillow to POUNCE her as she paused in her tail chasing for a bit of grooming! O-o She was SO off guard! Hahahahahaaaaaaaa! She chased him, then seemed paranoid as she started to groom again but kept looking around for him to be sneaking around somewhere... she couldn't finishe her grooming!! Heeheeheeheee.... So they stalked each other for a while, each on opposite sides of the couch and trying to guess which side the other might appear from around it. ^-^ Cutter was on the dining table getting cuddles and watching with us, we had the perfect vantage point to see everything!

This morning was actually past noon.... I had pain and Juan took our belated Christmas gifts to his Godson and family. I'd asked him to take the camera too and take pictures for me but he forgot. He says the kids loved the presents though so I was happy about that. We haven't been to visit them since sometime last year before the holidays, I think it was last Summer because I remember we swam in the pool at night, with all the lights on outside. It seems we only saw them a few times each year once they settled into married life and never really wanted to leave their house or socialize much.

After Juan got back I was up and had to take pain pills again, but I really wanted to get out and leave the house, so we called LunaCorn and Yusuke and they met us for breakfast/lunch at Quiznos, and it was YUMMY! ^-^ LunaCorn and I both had the new carved turkey sandwich with the barbeque chipotle sauce, and we tried the Doritos low carb chips and though they did have that "dusty" soy taste of other low carb chips I've tried, I could tell from the FLAVOR that they were Doritos, so that was interesting. Then we all went to Wal-Mart and they visited with us while we did the grocery shopping. I was dismayed to find they were cleaned out of the hand soap we usually get, so I asked Yusuke which soap he was using at his place, as it seemed ok for not leaving residue that would hurt my eyes or smear on my contacts, which is what I have to watch out for with hand soaps. So I got the Apple scented SoftSoap and it seems ok so far. I just catch myself washing my hands going "hey, what's that smell?" Haha! ^-^ I got new shampoo and conditioner to try too, as I have one wash left of each before I run out. I still haven't settled on one I really love to replace the one I usually got before they discontinued it... grrrr! Nothing else yet has made my hair as SOFT!

After shopping we all came to our apartment and we tried to call Kisty to see if she wanted to come to the movies and see The Village with us, but she didn't pick up so we missed a chance to get together there, but LunaCorn and Yusuke rode with us and it was a great movie and then when we got back it was late and she had to take him home and go home herself, so we didn't get much of a chance to talk about the movie afterward.

*SPOILER!!!* I thought it was funny that in the previews for the movie I never thought to think about what time period it might be set in, but once the movie started I kept noticing things about the clothes and furniture and I was confused about whether it was supposed to be a "period piece" or not! :-P Then when they were talking so carefully vaguely about the bad things that happend in town, they said someone went out at a quarter after nine and never came back, was found in the dirty river... and again when they talked about someone being attacked in an alley... I got to thinking a little even as I was mostly just watching... I'd rather enjoy watching a story unfold than worry about what's happening, but it stuck me HARD that it seemed odd for a village person to be so exact about the time, and it startled me they said alley as I realized I'd been thinking maybe the "towns" were about as primitive as the village, but you don't exactly think of, say, Frontier towns, as having alleys, per se. So towns would have been more developed and maybe even industrial era, unlike the village. So anyway, I kept seeing these things jumping out at me, like the herringbone weave on some guy's jacket as it was RIGHT in the camera, going, "hey, what gives?" :-P I was realizing that the contact with towns was recent enough to get cloth and clothes and buttons and stuff that was obviously not made at home in the village, and I was confused about whether anyone ever went into town to trade, through another route that didn't involve the woods. I got all swept up in the movie and only had little nags about the furniture and stuff, till we got to the first scene where it shows the black box with the lock, and my brain started screaming at me that there had to be cds and tapes and dvds and papers and records of SOMETHING she was hiding from her past, I wondered if she was a criminal maybe. That was when I realized I was now assuming it had to be contemporary times, so by the ending scenes of the movie I wasn't surprised by the era. I WAS surprised the creature was Noah in the end though! I was CONVINCED that there MIGHT be SOMETHING in those woods that triggered the stories in the first place! O-o

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