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Monday, May 31, 2004

You are a book. You are kind of lonely, but you
have some friends very much like you.

What Random Object Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

So begins my foray into the quizilla newest quizzes.... uh oh! :-P

Well looks like the site is having trouble so I can't search for the kind of quizzes I like to take, and it also looks like a ton of the new quizzes have deteriorated into love stories instead of actual quizzes! O-o

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You are a Mentalist. Your magic depends on strength
of will. You could be a memory-reading
Mind-Mage, a lethally telekentic Force-Wizard,
or a helpful Transmage for your abilities are a
result of sheer stubborn will and intensely
keen intellect. Your mind has been honed by
learning and practice into the perfect tool for
examining and dissecting reality and altering
it to suit your needs. You are intelligent and
scholarly with a tendency to distance yourself
from others.

Which Magical Order Are You In?
brought to you by Quizilla

I visited a friends blog and that means I saw their quiz results and had to take it too... ~-^

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Well it's Memorial Day, and again I'm thinking of how I'd like to go to Iowa and visit the family graves there. My grandmother is now buried there and I haven't gotten to visit her grave yet, as I didn't make it to the funeral. Her younger brother was killed in World War 2, and we have other veterans in the family buried there too. I don't know how we'd ever get to make the trip up there though with time and finances like they are. :-( I find myself remembering things about the few childhood visits to Iowa I had with my family. Once when I was 5 and my great grandmother Susan died, and then once as a teenager when we made a horrendus family expedition to visit the farm (the new car died in a spectacular cloud of steam as we pulled into a gas station coasting without power! O-o). I remember the old house in town they had to sell, it had a field of poppies near it growing wild, and snowball bushes around the cellar door. I wish I could go leave snowball flowers from their home on my grandmother and her brother's graves.

On less melancholy notes now... my latest news is I CUT my HAIR! O-o I cut about 8 inches off the length and now it's no longer down to my waist, it's up around my shoulderblades! That's the most DRASTIC change in my hair length since I was 12 and it was cut just above my shoulders. Also, I finally saved up for the graphics tablet and stylus I've been wanting to get. ^-^ So far it's exciting but hard to get the hang of the stylus. I think I may need to reset the options so the pad directly corresponds with the screen since when I pick up the stylus and put it down a little ways away on the graphics pad, it may jump to a different areas of the screen! Eeeep! O-o I figure if I just keep practicing I'll get the hang of it eventually.

Juan is supposed to get off work early today, but not as early as he'd hoped. He was saying he'd be home around 2-3pm but now he's called from work and can't get off till about 4 or 5. :-( His father's grilling so we'll be there for the family celebration. I'm hoping they have sausages I can eat for my current diet, but yesterday I calculated how much brisket I could have and had that for two of my meals. I was surprised when this morning I'd lost a little weight again, since I figured with all the carbonated drinks I had yesterday I'd be bloated. :-P It makes me kind of hope I AM... haha!

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Saturday, May 29, 2004

Today I finally started reading my FlyLady emails again, I'd done the packrat thing and let them build up and take over my inbox, "saving" them for "later" :-P So I deleted everything but the last two weeks worth and I'm having fun reading what's left. I'm surprised the apartment didn't get too far out of control while I was in my little downswing and didn't feel like reading my cleaning emails. I feel better now, and I cleaned out my purse and it's MUCH lighter! I found some hair clips I thought were lost, and greatly reduced the amount of makeup I was lugging around just in case I ended up somewhere I wanted to get all "fixed up" at the spur of the moment. My older lipsticks had borrowed to the bottom and I didn't even know they were in there anymore! O-o I threw out tons of recipts and I even let go of old fortune cookie fortunes and only kept 2 that really mean something to me. What's funny is this purse cleaning thing is one of the things regularly mentioned in the FlyLady emails but I didn't get to a message about it yet... I was just clearing my purse off the table and started into it when I put the camera back on the computer desk. :-P Now... if I could just figure how to set myself up to spontaneously clear, sweep, and scrub the kitchen floor..... ^-^

I got caught up at WorldSims yesterday and was THRILLED to find someone had tracked down the solution to the problem of the Sims Body Shop set automatically and ONLY to Save to your My Documents folder! I'd tried copying and deleting the old one off the C drive where I have no room... but it wouldn't let me... now I've learned how to change the Properties tab and re-set the path to the F drive... YAY!!! That solves the problem with filling up the C drive and having to copy and move the older pictures from the digital camera too! ^-^ So I'm now a happy HAPPY camper and can get back to messing around with Body Shop without overloading the computer. Right now I'm spending most of my time playing Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town and re-reading Xanth novels though. I seem to cycle through my interests and only a few of them get attended to at a time.... And now that I'm listening to MUSIC on a regular basis again, I'm BOUNCING again too! I bounced for 40 minutes on the little trampoline yesterday and showered afterwards and it felt really GOOD. ^-^ I've really missed that, and since moving out of my parents house I hadn't had the privacy, time, or more recently the health to do that again. So this is a huge step (or bounce!) in the right direction for me to be healthy and happy again I think. ^-^

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Friday, May 28, 2004

Well LuneyCorn finally infected me with the need to download the newest Yahoo messenger version and now I LOVE it! ^-^ What got me wasn't the graphical bells and whistles, though I do love the little expressive avatar... it was the feature that lets you customize who sees you as online or offline... so now I don't have to log in as invisible to everyone when I'm hiding from my parents cornering me into lectures!! Yay!!! ^-^ Hopefully this will mean I'll be visible online to my friends more often and BE using Yahoo Messenger more often as well. Since it has the built in music feature now I think I'll have it on a lot more... I've started bouncing on the trampoline a little while taking breaks in my gaming and I'm really happy about that.

Speaking of gaming, we took back the Gameboy cartridge adapter thing that was supposed to plug into the gamecube and let me play games on the tv... it ATE my Harvest Moon game and I had no saved data when I put it back in my gameboy! It gave me nothing but error messages in the plug in... so we took it back to the store yesterday and got a refund and I got the official Nentendo component that lets you play on the tv and that's working wonderfully.... I... er... stayed up till 8am this morning playing and listening to the yahoo launch music and bouncing on the trampoline for breaks. @-@ The cats are confused by the trampoline... poor Skywise saw I was bouncing near him, as he was on top of the computer chair, and the poor cat tried to balance to stand up and paw at me to get me to pet him. ^-^

Yesterday we ended up all evening at Juan's parents house visiting with LunaCorn and his family. I had a zummo sausage for one of my diet meals, yay! I cheated a little having carbonated and caffinated drinks, but I figure it's not too bad. Juan surprised us and got a 6 pack of diet vanilla pepsi. ^-^

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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

EeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEE!!! ^-^ I now have the Game Boy Advance SP in Cobalt Blue AND the universal cable so I can link two Gameboys OR link the Gameboy to the Gamecube...gasp... AND the plug in that lets me play the Gameboy games on the tv through the Gamecube AAAAAnd Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town!! Whoooohooooo! My months of saving up and denying myself my spending money is all paid off in one glorious moment of electronics maaaaadnessssss!! ^-^ Now I'm not sure if I'll actually let the thing fully charge before trying my new game... it says it can be played while charging, the charging time just takes longer then. :-P

When we set out today we called LunaCorn and left a message on her cell phone but we thought she might not have any time left on her minutes so we drove by the restaraunt and then by the house and we found her and got to take her with us on our shopping adventures. ^-^ She laughed at me and teased me when I made a face just like a little kid when the guy at the game store said it was the LAST copy of the Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town game!! O-o I'm imagining my face must have been similar to the faces I've seen my 2 year old godson make!! ^-^ We did our shopping and I bought Juan two pairs of jeans and we got my mother's birthday present (Smallville 2nd season!), card, and wrapping paper too. I picked up candles and a new candle lighter at the dollar store and we found a DVD of old remastered television shows that were Science Fiction so I got that for my dad on an impulse and we dropped by to give it to him and make plans for my mother to pick me up tomorrow so I can come over for her Birthday, as Juan doesn't get out of work till 9pm. Wish me luck with bringing my own diet food with me and eating it there... I have to figure out which foods will be the least likely to trigger lectures on health!! O-o Bacon and hot dogs are RIGHT out!! :-P As is anything sweetened artificially.... sigh. Maybe I can sweeten the whole tub of sour cream before I take it over... heh heh heh.....

When we got home we found that the kitties had been BAAAAAAAAAAAD cats!!! My fern was on the floor in the dining room, along with a knocked off flower and a ball from the dish on the table. In the living room they'd knocked off a cushion from the bench AND climbed up on the top of the desk hutch/shelf and knocked over my little container of earrings!! O-o Only one pair of earrings was all the way down on the desk... and it was one matching pair... seems the cats picked out which earrings they want me to wear next?!?! I found one of my rings on the floor too. And then... we saw the kitchen. O-o EMBER had to be the one who knocked the trash can all the way over and DRAGGED OUT the trash all over the floor!! Before we left I'd fed them "lunch" aka "snack" and I'd given them wet food from a pouch as a treat... well.... Miss Ember Kitty decided to go through the trash and find the pouch to get one last bit of goodness licked or torn or otherwise gnawed out of the empty package!! O-o I KNOW it was HER!!! I'm pretty sure it was Skywise who was up on the pantry tearing up my ferns and flowers again, as we've caught him there multiple times now but never seen the other cats there. That leaves me to wonder... did Skywise also jump up to play with my earrings, or was that Cutter? I'll never know if Cutter joined in the mischief or if he was the ONE GOOD kitty today!! :-P

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Monday, May 24, 2004

Today was all fun and games trying to uninstall something that installed itself when Juan did a search for the Shrek 2 soundtrack... all we went to was the official Shrek 2 site and then the official site of the band that did one of the songs. And suddenly... pop ups galore! :-( And our pop up blockers couldn't block them! O-o And it messed up the google search so the first page of "results" was FAKE!!! @-@ Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! It even turned text in articles and webpages into green underlined links connected with some stupid search engine. :-( Soo... much later... I've uninstalled stuff, deleted stuff, and downloaded and installed various programs to help remove this junk and run them MULTIPLE times to get it all. I THINK I've got things back to normal, but wow this was a nightmare!! I got the most help from doing the google searches and going to help forum threads where people were talking about having the same problems and other members of the forums were giving advice and instructions and LINKS to programs to fix things.

Yesterday we went to the Greenhouse/Conservatory at one of the parks here and we had a great time taking TONS of pictures of all the plants and statues and the koi stream and waterfall and the goldfish pond with waterlillies. Unfortunately our camera messed up and seemed to jam towards the end, so we couldn't show my parents the pictures when we went to visit them after our adventure. There was a fish food dispenser machine where we bought fish food for the goldfish and koi for 25 cents. ^-^ While we were at my parents house my grandmother from Florida called and I got to talk with her on one phone while my mother was on the other. That was kind of neat, it's been years since I've heard her voice, most of our contact has been on the family chat online.

After drinking two cups of magnetized filtered water, one oxygenated and the other not... we ran to the game store before they closed. I found out that Legend of Dragoon is a game that according to the employees there works with a turn based system like Final Fantasy so I might like playing that. The other two games I picked out to ask about didn't work that way so I'll try to find out more about them to guess if I could play them or not. I put back the other game though when I found Gauntlet Dark Legacy for Gamecube used!! Whoohoo!! I'd only been able to find it for X-Box and I've established that my poor tender fingers fare worse on the X-Box controllers so I was THRILLED to find it for Gamecube, which is what we've been playing with Craig's copy we borrowed. ^-^ Now we can give him HIS game back!! I'd also brought my saved up money to get the Gameboy Advance SP but they only had it in silver and I'd wanted blue. Awwww :-P So I'll try shopping for that milestone in my life tomorrow. ~-^

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Saturday, May 22, 2004

I just finished watching the Anime series Gunslinger Girl and I'm bawling my eyes out. This means it's very good. ^-^

I just finished giving the toilet a good scrubing too, getting around to things I've been meaning to but haven't done while I haven't been feeling so good. Every time I clean the toilet I am reminded how picky I'll want to be if I ever get the chance to buy and have installed my OWN toilet... I don't know why they put curves in inconvenient places to trap disgusting build up and are nearly impossible to reach around/into to scrub out! :-P

For our anniversary on the 19th Juan got off work early so we got to go out to eat and we had a Sushi dinner for me and NOT Sushi for Juan. ^-^ Juan surprised me with pink heart shaped cubic zirconia earrings... I think this is after my many tirades against diamonds, as I like more rainbows in the prisms like cubic zirconia and australian (or is it austrian?) crystals seem to have when I compare them.

Today the kitties have been rough on me. Ember got sick so I scrubbed down half the kitchen floor (the other half needs it too, if I can build up to that!). Then I heard a sound and looked up from watching anime and SKYWISE was UP on top of the PANTRY!! @-@ The one area we thought the kitties couldn't GET to!!! O-o I had to coax him down to step onto my shoulder and let me lift him off. Then... not even an hour later... I hear something suspicious in the bedroom... I go in and sure enough, it's SKYWISE again! He climbed up on top of the sterio on the bookshelves and knocked down the alien glow in the dark candle I got Juan for his birthday the year I threw him an "Alien Luau", and he was dragging down my flowers too! Aaaaaah! I have no idea WHY he's suddenly so interested in climbing up HIGH and exploring places that have been there all this time and been left alone!

Over this past week I finished reading the Belgariad series by David Eddings. I was so happy to get the last book of the Mallorean and finish that again too. Now I just need the latest book, the one from the point of view of Polgara. ^-^ I've been going through my books and looking for ones I haven't read yet or haven't read in a long time. Yesterday I read a book called Dolphin Boy, and it was... quaint... ^-^ It was published in 1967 and made me think of the story of Tarzan, raised by apes... as it was very much like that except it was Dolphins. He even turned out to be minor nobility in the end.... I finished it and was kind of sad to realize the last 4 pages or so are missing from the book, as it was the original printing and was one of the old books I bought from the comic book store when I went on my rampage there a few years ago, buying up old books I remembered reading as a kid from the Library or my dad's collection, and a few others that looked interesting from reading the backs.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Wow, this is a day for changes! I logged in to blogger and the whole thing is really DIFFERENT! O-O Anyway, my big excitement lately....

This Monday I changed my diet plan again so I'm having a few "treats" right now. Yesterday we went to see Van Helsing in the theater with Kisty and LunaCorn, and it was GREAT! Then I tried a new kind of pasta for dinner, a lemon herb linguini, and I made it with the new Ragu low carb sauce. I pan cooked chicken breasts with my own concoction of herbs and then browned it and sauteed onions in olive oil before adding the Ragu sauce, then served it over the pasta I'd tossed with olive oil and garlic powder. It was SOOO good I forgot I'd planned to add shredded cheese to melt on top! hah! And I am a cheese ADDICT!! ^-^

We went by a game store and I finally found Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral town, looks like I need to save up another $30 or so to get it. Hopefully that won't take TOO long. :-P I still haven't gotten a gba either.... I HAVE been happy to be nearly 60 pounds lighter finally, but I'm aware I'll gain a little back on my change of diet now.

I found out today that the Sims 2 Body shop was FINALLY released!! Whoooo-hoooo! So I downloaded it a few hours ago and completed my first custom sim, I re-did her hair and eye color/texture files in Photoshop and here she is!!

Also, Branch called from his work where they're filming a movie, and he got an autograph and has had fun walking around watching them work on the set! ^-^ I want to go visit them again soon, maybe end of this month or early next, and see my faerie godson again!! I told Branch I was saving up for Crystal Chronicles, but he says we can borrow it from them. I also told them I'm stuck in Wind Waker they already let me borrow, but we couldn't figure out if I was describing something he remembered playing through or not. :-P There MUST be an easy way to beat the silly scorpion, it's on the first island you have the wand at!!! Arrgh! :-P

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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Sunday we went to see LunaCorn perform in a choral and acapella concert at a church... but we had adventures getting to the RIGHT church at the RIGHT time!! O-o We were told 10 am and showed up at one church then, while my parents showed up at ANOTHER church at that time, and they wandered over to the church we were at, which was the CORRECT church, but Juan called LunaCorn from the church phone, waking her up, and it turned out the performance was at SIX pm!! We went home and Juan napped, I tried to stay up, and then I ate breakfast and CRASHED hard! Juan went to our friends house to watch the basketball game without me, but Craig went with him and then the three of us went to see LunaCorn sing when they came back to pick me up and run frantically by Craig's brother's house for him to pick up a nicer shirt and change in the car. Whew, we made it before the first song was finished!!! And my parents and Juan's mother made it too. ^-^

I got quite a surprise when we saw Ken there with a woman I didn't recognize, and he got up and left the chapel when he saw us, leaving his friend? date? sitting alone. He came up to us after the concert and was friendly and smiling and talked with us, and that surprised me too. I have no idea what's going on with him and Andi and the new baby they're expecting, but I don't want to get in the middle of it!! I have a bad feeling they are going to stay together to be miserable because they will both continue to act dysfunctionally instead of working things out between them and/or working on their own bad habits and reactions and problems individually. :(

Yesterday was a whirlwind of activity too, we set out with my purse packed with my macadamia nut rations and bottled water, since we knew we wouldn't come home at the times I needed to eat for my diet. First, we went grocery shopping, but on the way there we had an adventure at the gas station where they were OUT of gas at the pumps! O-o So we got sodas and left to seek the next cheapest gas in town later. Juan and I made an unusually inexpensive grocery list this week so we were able to set aside some spending money and also get toothpaste and conditioner that weren't on the list. We looked at the plants at wal-mart for the kind I wanted to get my mother for mother's day, since we had set aside some money for mother's day gifts too. But they were all bad and wilted and torn up and NOT the colors I wanted! We wrote down the name of the plant though, since I knew it by sight and not by name. Then we finished up the grocery shopping at Krogers and brought everything home before heading out again.

This time we FINALLY went by Lynn's comics and we had a nice surprise there, Jeffrey was there!! Playing Magic with his future son-in-law. ^-^ We visited and Stephanie came in from her dentist assistant job and we visited some more. She showed me her engagement ring!!! ^-^ After it was time to close the shop we finally picked out the books out of our box we could afford with the money from the change jar we've been saving up for several months, and we headed back to our own town to go to the bookstore. Juan was really nice and let me get the rest of the Strangers in Paradise that we had in our box, and add the ones that came out after that TO our box, as Jeffrey and Stephanie can find them. Apparantly there was a run on the book and it was selling out when they thought the title was coming to an end. But now he's working on another story. ^-^

On the way to the bookstore I suddenly realized we were passing Best Buy and since we'd decided to spend our spending money on CD spindles, I asked Juan if we could go there first, and we did. We got our spindles, and I'm trying to figure out a coherent way to save backups of all my STUFF so I can find what I'm looking for later, and also I want to save all the installation files of the downloaded programs I'm using so I don't have to go back to every time we wipe the computer and reinstall everything!! While we were there I also looked to see if they had Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town for the GBA because I wanted to price it, as I'm saving for a GBA SP, but they didn't have it!! :( One of the employees was nice and she looked it up on their computer and it looks like they don't have it AT ALL! :( So I'll want to stop by the game shop sometime to see if THEY have it!!

At the bookstore I'd saved up to get the books I'm missing from my David Eddings collection I've been currently re-reading. But I was 3-4 dollars short! Ak! Juan let me use some of the grocery money we'd saved and so I got the entire Belgariad collected into two volumes, since it was cheaper that way compared to the individual books, and they are nice large books and I LOVE being able to sit and read MORE story without changing books! Takes up less room in my bookshelves too, and space is becoming a factor there!!! ~-^ I also got the last book in the Mallorean and just in time, since I'm on the last 10 pages or so of book 4 and almost ran out of story!! O-o

After the bookstore we were really tired but we figured out this would be our ONLY chance to do our mother's day gift shopping, so we went by Michaels to see if they had anything nice for a charm bracelet for Juan's mother, but they didn't. So we went to Target and got lucky and found a really nice bracelet, but it's not a charm bracelet, but Juan says his mother will love it anyway. There was only one there like it so Juan said maybe next time they'd have another and *I* would get lucky, but his mom gets lucky this time. Awwww! ^-^ Then we went to Lowes and after browsing all he plants OUTSIDE (and me sniffing all the Jasmine trellises REPEATEDLY!) we went inside and found the plant I was looking for! The right color and EVERYTHING!! Yay!!! So we FINALLY headed home, and I got to see the Evening Star as we were leaving and point it out to Juan... several times... as I REALLY needed to get home and EAT something... I'd forgotten to eat at 8pm.... I carefully clutched the plant all the way home, and when I was trying to get out of the car with it I somehow ended up with my feet out the door and on the ground... but I'd slid sideways and was lying back on the seats with the plant on top of me! Juan laughed and said the plant PINNED me!! Imagine that!! O-o I did much better with the plant once Juan helped me out of the car seat. ^-^ Now it's spending the week with us hiding up on the file cabinet where the kitties can't get it, and it's a good thing we put the rubber tree plant and aloe back outside that morning so there was ROOM there!

Juan baked chicken for himself, and zummo sausages for me, so we'd have them already cooked for the rest of the week, and that's what we had for supper, respectively. I was REALLY happy to discover I can have zummo sausage on my current diet, since I guestimated it would be ok when we couldn't find the nutritional info on the Sunday and I ate one anyway, and I turned out to be RIGHT! Yay!! ^-^ I didn't cheat on my diet then after all! haha!

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