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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Well today was lots of adventures... the smoke was bad yesterday and this morning from the neighbors smoke coming through the wall into our apartments, and the magnetic mattress from my parents has been giving me backaches and we think the magnets may have been part of what's aggrivated my chronic pains. Juan's parents found a used queen sized mattress for us this past Sunday, so today we had the adventures of trading out mattresses and taking back the magnetic one to my parents! We borrowed Ernesto's truck, picked up the mattress from Juan's parents house, got gas for the truck, picked up the HUGE cardboard box for the magnetic mattress from my parents, and then took the new mattress and box home to our apartment. On the way, we got stuck behind school busses, then behind the big trucks with mechanical claw arms for picking up debris and fallen trees for the garbage trucks... also dealing with the hazardous swerving of the teenagers in the truck in front of us... and THEN when we were right in front of a Short Bus (labeled bus number 1 no less!) the cardboard FLEW out into the other side of the street blocking the bus and Juan had to stop and retrieve it!! We got the new mattress up and then had the fun of getting the magnetic mattress back INTO it's box. We got that down and I had to help carry it out to the truck, it was too heavy and awkward for Juan alone. At some point trying to get the new mattress into the bedroom Juan knocked the BIG BOARD off the wall and nearly knocked his Dali print down too, but I caught them both! O-o

We got the magnetic mattress back to my parents house and as we were leaving Andi drove up and stopped and got out of her vehicle with her son Robert and visited with all of us standing around in my parents driveway. I was VERY surprised she stopped to talk to us, as the last contact I had with her she had given me an ultimatum to choose between her and another friend and I refused to do that and didn't want to be around her for a while after that. She sent me a nasty email when I quit her yahoo group after that. So this was really unexpected. She was in my parents neighborhood visiting friends on the next stree over. Robert is 3 now and last I saw him he was 2. He's gotten bigger but doesn't seem to have developed much more than last I saw him as far as walking/coordination and speaking/interacting, but he was a little shy with my parents there and he hadn't met them, and probably didn't really remember me or Juan from last year. I was surprised again when she said she was pregnant, and then surprised AGAIN when she said something about Ken coming back home to them. I hope if they've decided to stick together and work things out that they actually DO WORK on their relationship instead of just sticking together and continuing to be dysfunctional and unhealthy together.

We borrowed my parents air filter/ionizer again since the one we borrowed from Moonwolf and Celleigh helps a lot but wasn't getting enough of the smoke when it got really bad again. I have a sore throat from that and hope we can find and save up for an air filter like or similar to my parents. I'm afraid it might take a while to save up for that though unless I use my own savings for it, and then I would feel like I did as a kid when I saved money for stuff I wanted and then my parents took it for emergencies, while my brother spent his money instead of saving, so he had his STUFF and they couldn't take away his money. I know it's irrational and silly to feel like that but it's one of those things that pops up and I have to work on. I shouldn't resent being able to get what I NEED when it means sacrificing what I WANT.

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Saturday, April 10, 2004

I seem to be having publishing problems here so I'll see if it publishes if I write a new post. :-P

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I've been having adventures lately... sort of. I've been trying a new variation of my diet and doing pretty well with it at first, but now I seem to have hit another plateau, but that's partly because I feel things keep coming up to throw me off. Last night I had a full meal of just regular food Juan brought home from a party his boss was having, and then I got sick and threw up... took a shower and threw up in the shower... (ick!!) and threw up after the shower. :-( I took alka-seltzer and then about an hour or so later I threw up some more. :-( I think I'm torn between sticking with the diet, that works, and having a break from it. I feel really bad when Juan brings up situations like that where there's food and I WANT a break... but I feel I SHOULD stick to my diet, because I WANT to keep losing weight and not stagger with stops and starts like this so much. It's an emotional roller coaster for me, feeling accomplishment when I'm losing the weight and despair when I gain a little back and stop losing for a while.

This morning I woke up with Celleigh knocking at my door and we had a nice visit. She realized she was having a window of opportunity to be social so she dropped by. My glasses broke yesterday so I got up, fumbled around to find pants, and went to open the door, all legally blind! I showed her my broken glasses and it became apparant HOW blind I WAS because I thought I was holding the two pieces together with the bridge of the nose in the middle to show her, but I actually had it all turned around so I was holding the middle of one side up to the outer side of the other!! O-o I had to find my pain pills since I had severe pain last night and I think my body is working up to having another ovarian cyst rupture. :-( I just want it to get it over with so I can start healing and stop all the aching and waves of pain waiting for it. Exploding organs.. whee....

I couldn't find my HAT to show her, but I found the braclet Juan's grandmother gave me and she confirmed it was amber beads. ^-^ I'd thought it might be but I wasn't sure since it's so lightweight and the parts that look like metal are either a really cheap light metal or plastic painted to look metal, so I wasn't sure if the stones were real or not. We talked some about the Harvest Moon games we've been playing and I told her how I'm saving up for the gameboy that has the backlit screen and she told me how that one has rechargable batteries so it's better that way too and I didn't know that so now I'm even more excited about saving up for it. She couldn't remember how much the gameboy Harvest Moon game costs though.

I finally got most of my project of writing down most of the books books we own, I left out most of the textbooks as I'm mainly trying to keep track of which books we have of the series by various authors we're trying to complete. I only have about four shelves left in the bedroom to go through and write down. I think after I get the gameboy and harvest moon game for it I might start making my plans to look for the books we're missing that leave gaps in the series we currently have. There are a few books I've put off reading for over 10 years now because I'm missing the book that comes between them and the other books I have! O-o I've been catching up on some of the other books I hadn't gotten around to reading in forever. I finally read Dolphins of Pern and a trilogy by Piers Anthony I had in hardback. I also read Belgarath the Sorcerer and now have to go looking to see if there are other books past that to make a new series.

Since I've been on my new version of my diet the groceries have been cheaper so we saved the money from saving on groceries and went clothes shopping for the first time this year. Yay! I now have a few nice t-shirts and the suede looking "newsboy" style cap I've been wanting for a while. I tried it on a couple of months ago so I was really happy the store still had it. ^-^ I was surprized that the clothes I wore to go out shopping in were looser and fit better than they ever have. I guess my shape is changing even when my weight has plateaued out. So that made me happier. ^-^

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