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by Blogger

Saturday, December 27, 2003

Well I still haven't messed with my blog to get it to show more than one post per month... but I thought I'd add to it anyway!

The Holi-Daze have been... a daze... I got to go visit Skylles, Branch, and Marcus for a week up in the Austin area and made it back home from that JUST in time to crash for a day before my brother and his wife surprized us all by showing up unannounced from Florida. I've had a terrible sinus infection that's finally just now clearing up. I surprised Juan with an X-Box for Christmas, and he got me a whole bunch of stuff I love! He got me Makin Magic and I've been struggling trying to get it installed and working, I get an error where it refuses to recognize the cd even though it's the correct one, and I uninstalled and reinstalled the whole game up through Unleashed and had it working, then it pulled the "wrong cd" trick when I installed Superstar again and I'm stuck at that point for now... sigh. Had the wonderful surprise of Richard coming in from out of town, we got to see him last night, and he gave us a ride to dinner in his new volvo, which was fun to see and ride around in. Got to see James and John and Kari and the baby Donovan the night before that! I'm still surprised by one of the things Juan got me, I finally have a wedding ring again! He got me a plain gold band to replace my wedding ring we had to have cut off my finger earlier this year! He teased I'm not his mistress anymore! I sometimes felt weird about us being out together with him wearing a ring and me not, I joked that I felt like people would misinterpret that....

I got a Flash XML book from Skylles for Christmas so I'll be trying to learn all of that for one of this year's new year's resolutions. I also want to make sure we get the cats all their shots this year, and get the apartment de-cluttered some more. I'm thinking I'll be happier with more LIVING room if I get the boxes of stuff in the storage room sorted out and junk thrown out, and then box up some of the stuff I know I want to keep but we really don't have ROOM to have it out and use it. I think I want to sort out stuff in the kitchen like this too, I'm realizing we have some small appliances and stuff we NEVER use.... Maybe it's time to purge the tupperware cupboard too.... ~-^ And of course on my list of things to do I'll want to finally get my old Due South episodes I recorded off tv copied off the VHS tapes an onto cds for storage. Then I can watch them over and over and not worry so much about the tapes breaking, and it'll take up less room in the entertainment center... and maybe we can actually put games and stuff where they are right now instead of having games and movies stuffed into the bookshelves.

We still have presents we haven't gotten out to people yet, but I'm hoping it'll be ok for them to get to them late... it's not like we can do much about that now except actually get in contact and deliver them instead of guilting about it and never getting it done!

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