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Monday, November 24, 2003

Let's see if my blog works now... uh oh I'm seeing little lines instead of letters when I type! oh wait... it got better... weird... makes me wonder if the problems I've been having with only ONE post showing up in my blog might not be just ME doing something weird I don't understand! Well, I thought about just adding on edits to the one post that shows, but I figured that would get tiresome fast.

I had a pretty good time with my parents for my father's 70th birthday party Saturday, he loved the book of comic art by Alex Ross I got him, and my mother got him the two Lord of the Rings movies that are out on dvd right now. I talked and read some from his new book to Daddy while my mother made the whole wheat and millet honey sweetened carob cake. This meant closing all the doors between us and the kitchen while she ran the grinder to make the flour... I'm glad I don't have to deal with that sound often! Daddy had me take pictures of them standing with the golden dewdrop bushes and had me pose with him too, and then had us stand with the pine tree we saved together when the tree removal people were taking out the two big oak trees that were right next to it. I was glad Juan got out of work early and was able to make it to dinner, which was my first meal of the day! I got to make a verson of spinach dip in the wok and my mother cooked chicken breast slices in an oil free electric skillet. So for dinner everyone had exactly 1/2 cup of spinach and cheese and mushroom dip and two chicken breast slices, which is about 2/3 of a half breast..... So after we left my parents and went to pick up Kisty for a visit I was STARVING still! :-P We gave her her Christmas present early and we went to eat at Denny's and got abandoned by our waitress... so the lady who seemed to be the head waitress or shift manager took over our table. After that we went back to our place and watched The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes and laughed... and laughed... and even did the karioke sing along after the movie.... Then we took Kisty home and came home and CRASHED.

Sunday I woke up after Juan had done the laundry already, and we did Christmas shopping all day long after that, ending up at wal-mart last and adding our grocery shopping for the week at the end of THAT. My ankles were killing me. :-( They still hurt some but not as bad as a few weeks ago when they swelled up terribly and stayed aching and swollen even with the pain pills as frequently as the bottle allowed. I'm happy we have FINISHED all our Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving this year though! ^-^ Juan even let me get a treat at the bookstore for myself, we got a book of Catmas Songs.... >^.^< Then at Bed Bath and Beyond he got himself Jelly Belly jellybeans, he has a weakness for them! And he surprised me at Target and bought me the cd that has the song currently stuck in my head most of the time, so I popped it in and played it right when we got home, and I lit my new hazelnut scented tea light candles and Juan made manwiches with turkey meat for supper. It was nice. ^-^ Which reminds me... at one of the stores we found this stuffed doll toy, Mr. Wonderful, and he said all these things that made us LAUGH... but I teased Juan that about half the things the doll said I had actually had Juan say to me and MEAN it! So that makes him my real life Mr. Wonderful! haha! ^-^ But we even out because I'll do things for him like that too, like encourage him to watch his sports games or ask if he wants a footrub or get him a beer right when he gets home. ^-^

We went to bed fairly early for us last night and I woke up about 5am and couldn't sleep anymore, though I felt like I still needed it. So I got up and watched fansubbed anime with the sound turned way down and got caught up on a couple of series I've been following. Then right about when I was crashing again it was almost time for Juan to get up and I realized we hadn't gone through the trauma of giving Ember her PILLS last night! So I was stubborn and stayed up and Juan got up and brought Ember to the bedroom and he wrapped her in the towel and I pried her mouth open and launched pills down her throat and then Juan fed all the cats in the kitchen and I crashed hard. :-P

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Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Well I went and changed my template and graphics again. As usual I had to keep tweaking it and it's not all showing up, though the test on MY computer did fine... so... oh well. :-P I'm happy with the change though and had fun making the tagboard match. ^-^ Also, my full archives list is showing up again! Yay! ... and boy, is it LONG! O-O I knew I'd been at this blog for over a year but it looks so much longer when it's on the sidebar like that. Now here's hoping the links work, I want to backup my blog before another year goes by! ^-^

Edit- I'm now having a TON of trouble with it refusing to show anything other than the single LAST post of each MONTH on both the current blog main page here, and on the archives. Very frustrating. :-( I hope I can find some way to troubleshoot this soon before I go insane....

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Let's see... had a good visit with my godson again, but had a flat tire on the way UP there that started us on an adventure walking about 3-5 miles up the freeway access road in the dark (holding hands, with me singing...) till we were rescued by a Texas Parks and Wildlife Officer (who for some reason was confused by a comment Juan made and he thought we had been married for TWENTY YEARS!!) and then he called a towtruck company that was the only one that sold tires too and we were rescued and towed and the tire was replaced all by a one armed man!! Then for the ride BACK Craig came up with Juan and we had fun getting everyone to meet each other and visit, but when we set out ANOTHER tire started doing that SAME THING the first one that blew out did on the way up... so we pulled off in Austin and spent the night with Monkeyboy.. we had to call him away from a LAN party but I guess it was wrapping up. :-P We got up early and waited in line at the tire shop for half an hour before it opened and we got ALL FOUR BRAND NEW NEVER BEFORE USED tires, since the new tires Juan got before were actually USED tires... we learned THAT lesson! Since I got a gamecube, but then it wouldn't play anything BUT Animal crossing, we had adventures going back to Craig's town to REPLACE the gamecube, got to play friend's copy of Makin Magic, still saving for my own copy, got Animal Crossing on Gamecube, borrowed the current Zelda game and others from friends, finally this week got another memory card so can play the borrowed games! Also, today we finally moved the drafting table OUT of our house and over to my mother's art area in the breezeway so we're all happy now! Except I'm now fighting off a sore throat and fuzzy white tongue. :-(

We actually got some of our Christmas shopping done! I'm really happy about that, and we've gone ahead and started decorating the house for Christmas too, I like this since I get to enjoy changing how the house looks and enjoy my decorations longer, plus not worry about being sick and in pain when it's really TIME to put them up or do the shopping all last minute. I'm doing better with letting go of things that are making me feel ganged up on by too much STUFF to clean up and clean around... I let go of some BOOKS for the first time in my LIFE! O-o They went to Celleigh and she's going to have a library someday so that makes it MUCH easier to let go of my books! :-P I've had them for years now and never gotten around to reading them... so it's time to admit that and let them go and be enjoyed by someone! Plus... now I have more room on the bookshelves for the books I really LOVE to have, the author's I'm collecting and cherishing! haha! It's all a plot to have MORE books! ... but don't tell Juan! ~-^

This Saturday is my father's Seventieth Birthday! For some reason that's harder for me to believe than it is for me to believe I'm 30.... I hope I get well enough to hold up through his birthday celebration. Since my brother moved to Florida it's been pretty much just ME for the family gatherings because of Juan having to work till 9pm.

One of the other very exciting things is Ember has a urinary tract infection again and started peeing in corners of the carpet all over the house AGAIN... so I checked and saw blood in her pee and we rushed her to the vet first thing Monday morning 8am when they opened. Celleigh and Moonwolf were over visiting with me (playing Animal Crossing, Yay!) when Juan called to ask if they could drive me to pick up the signed check from him and then pick Ember up, so Moonwolf gave me a ride and I got to learn how to work a PILL LAUNCHER!!!! O-o O-@ Now every morning and night we get to wrestle the attack kitty into a towel, pin her down, pry open her mouth, shove the loaded launcher down her throat and try to convince her she WANTS to be a pill poppin' kitty!! We have to do this TWICE each time for her full dose! Wish us luck!

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