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by Blogger

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

...Note to self: Attempting to pour worchestershire sauce while having NO DEPTH PERECPTION can be hazardous to... well... just about EVERYTHING within close proximity!!! O-o

I'm wearing an eyepatch. Why am I wearing an eyepatch, you might ask? Well... we went to the park yesterday to shoot baskets, I made 40 baskets from the 8 foot area and 40 from the 10 foot area so I was REALLY happy about that... but there was a lot of fine powdery dust on the court and some of that got in my eye and SCRATCHED my EYEBALL!! @-o We drove me home where I could take out my contact and rinse it off, I didn't realize at first my eye was actually injured, I thought it was just dust in my contact. I put my clean contact back in my rinsed out eye and PAIN again! I took out my contact and went to work with Juan that way... one contact in and one contact out... my right eye is the one injured and it RAN and RAN and STREAMED tears for the WHOLE HOUR we were there! Juan's co-workers were all worried about me and wanted us to run to the eye doctor right away, or to the emergency room when we told them the eye doctor's was closed for the day already. After that I was so miserable I WANTED to go to my PARENTS house and was willng to try just about ANYTHING they might suggest inflicting on me to help with my eye! O-o We got there, my eye still running, and my mother got out and eye soak powder and we mixed it with the amount of water and boiled that on the stove and then cooled it in the freezer to make it cool down faster to soak my eye sooner. I did that about a dozen times off and on through our visit. Juan watched sports with my dad while I tried to see the new website project my mom is trying to figure out. I coudn't really see well enough to do much to help her though. After that we cut the visit short as I was in too much pain even though the soak seemed to help. I got a HUGE headache and stomachache and sinuses killing me from the constant tearing up. My mother loaned me her eyepatch from the time she scratcher HER eye, so I'm wearing that now. And that's most of the story. :-P

As it's been forever since I posted... I got to go visit my Faerie Godson, Marcus, and his parents, Skylles and Branch. ^-^ I stayed the week with them and had a great time! We all got deathly sick by the last day when Juan came to pick me up though, we were all pathetic laying on the floor groaning and moaning in pain while the 2 year old had the run of the house and wanted us all to play pirates with him! Skylles taught me to machine quile using her new sewing machine and we also got some materials and I made my own design for a wall hanging quilt, I'm not sure when I'll get to work on that but I thought it would be really pretty! I also got to play a little of the current Zelda game on the gamecube, Marcus calls it "the man game" because of the main character being a little guy running around. The music for it seems to settle him down and put him to sleep so he wants his mommy to play it every day for naptime. ^-^ I got to go to Dave and Busters for the first time and blew most of my credit tokens on skee-ball. :-P I tried a zombie shooting game when Branch handed over his gun for me to finish his game with his brother, and I tried a jetski type water racing game with his brother, and tried the shooting gallery where the manikin of the mobster shot BACK at me with a watergun and got me wet! haha! I didn't understand the shooting gallery was NOT timed so I could have taken time to aim... I only got 40% accuracy, haha! I got to see the arcade version of the game Branch has the floorpad for at home where it's a dancing game and you have to step where the screen tells you to at the right time. I think I may need to put the home version of that on my Christmas Wish List! A computer game that gives me EXERCISE... maybe I can hint to my parents I want that for Christmas... ~-^

Then after that week of visiting the next Sunday we got to go to Houston to visit Craig! I brought my savings with me and got a Gamecube! My first console game system! Whooohooo!!! And I also got Animal Crossing, which was what Skylles rented for the week LAST year when I came down for Marcus's FIRST birthday! :-P We watched a movie and had food from the taqueria across the street for dinner, and then we went there for breakfast when we were all up for the day. I had a HUGE burrito that I ate half of... then saved the other half and had that for dinner later! We went to Fry's and ooogled and oggled at the wonders therein. Then we went on the quest for the gamecube... we went to several stores looking for the used and refurbished ones and everyone was sold out or didn't have any in stock! :-( But finally the place across the street from his apartment had one! Yay!! We all laughed that we should have come there first! And I told the clerk that it was my first console game and he welcomed me into the wonderful world of gaming! Yay!! ^-^ I thought that was very sweet of him. ^-^ I liked that store best out of the ones we visited... it smelled like a comic book store! :-P AND I found three pennies on the floor, one for each of us, it HAD to be lucky! ~-^

I had a rough pain week after the Houston visit, I stayed home Tuesday instead of getting to get out of the house with Juan, and he DID have the day off! :-( We didn't do much this past Sunday either, but we got to go visit at his parent's house in the evening and that was good. I got to hang out with Luna-Chan mostly and wreak havok with puns... I joined the forum where she hangs out and she forwarned them of my punniness... :-P

Monday we went to the pool hall with Moonwolf and Celleigh and Kisty. I was SOOOO happy to get to play pool again! It's been WAAAY too long! I want to do it on a more regular basis whenever we can afford to. It was the special where it's $3 per person to play as many hours as you want! Celleigh was in big demonic weasel biting pains, like the ones I get, and it just got worse and worse and they had to leave early. We didn't stay much later ourselves though, Juan and I had our legs getting tired and we were getting hungry so we went to eat at Denny's with Kisty and got to sit down and chat which was good. And I got my buffalo chicken strips with extra celery which seems to have become my "usual" there. We were the ONLY people in the whole place so there was no smoke and the service was actually good! :-P

And that brings us up to date mostly... with me playing pirates WITHOUT Marcus for now... :-P

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