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Thursday, September 25, 2003

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Well I've had a BUSY day and I didn't even make it onto sims online yet! :-P I got caught up at worldsims and cynosure and I'm happy and excited that Luna-Chan will be joining the MAAAAAAAAAAADNESSSSS there soon! ^-^ Ember the attack kitty keeps putting her favorite rubber band/toy in her water dish... But my big adventure was tracking down something called which I heard about on sims online the other day, and it looks like an online community for exploring and playing and hanging out, like chat with interactive 3d avatars... and it's CUSTOMIZABLE!!! That's the hook for me right there! O-o Also, the example video had great music and had a little link under it to the band's website, The Cutters. I had to check it out. It had music downloads so I grabbed all their songs and now I need to look for their album somehow, like see if stores can order it since it most likely won't be in stock! :-P The one that caught my attention in the site promo was "li li" but the one that's my favorite I think is "sushi." ^-^

Juan got home from work early and I attacked him with the newly found music to listen to and the webpage to read while I showered. I decided it's time to start my weekend off of my diet NOW so I actually spend my savings money on us going to dinner at Quiznos where we tried the Philly Cheesesteak subs and they came with free drinks and were oooooeeey-gooooeeeyyy cheesy bliss. Bread worth going of the diet for. ^-^ Then we went next door to Maggie Moo's and the guy behind the counter convinced me to try the cake batter flavored ice cream, which was good, but it tasted a LOT like the diet bars I've been eating. I said it was good but it tasted like my diet bars and I'd been on a diet for 89 days and wanted something completely NON diet tasting!! ^-^ O-o He freaked out! He had already been sort of playing with me like when he kept pulling the sample spoon back every time I reached for it... I must have "I'm an easy-going playful person, go ahead and tease me!" written in invisible ink on my forehead. I said I wanted a double scoop cone with one scoop fudge and one scoop cinnamoo and I was excited and waving my hands on top of each other to make the scoops... I really shouldn't have been out in public at that moment.... He kept muttering about the 89 days as he gave me EXTRA on EACH scoop of ice cream so I ended up with about one and a HALF scoops of EACH flavor precariously stuffed into the cone! ^-^ He teased and said he went on a diet BETWEEN meals sometimes... but 89 days!!! O-o And then when we were paying for the cone and Juan remembered the little stamp card where they stamp it for each purchase, the guy went ahead and added a couple of extra stamps to it to fill it up!! Wow!!! My diet really paid off! hahahahahaaa......

We went to Juan's parents house tonight after dinner and after dropping off at home for a little for me to finish the ice cream and Juan to make phone calls. Juan's mother had a BIG STACK of SPANISH BOOKS for me to learn from!! It seems most of it is grade school lessons and she found them free at the schools! O-o So I'm hoping to delve into those after this weekend if not sooner. I will be a little preoccupied with NON DIET FOOD, ideas/plans for my faerie godson's birthday, and packing for the trip this weekend. We're supposed to leave tomorrow night at 9pm right when Juan gets home from work. ^-^ Which means I'd better SLEEP tonight! O-o

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Tuesday, September 23, 2003

You are Kurama

With a heart larger than the world, you spread love and compassion wherever you go- and those closest to you mean... everything. Spiritual, you spend your time in metaphysical pursuits- envisioning a heaven on earth, where all humanity could live in perfect peace. Granted- you know human nature well, and have had first hand experience with the darkness- but you believe all things can be overcome with love: A motto you exercise in your day-to-day existence, where outer and inner beauty blend into the aesthetic soul you possess.

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Thursday, September 18, 2003

I got to be the minister at a sims DOUBLE WEDDING yesterday! It was great! I was coming to the wedding as a guest of one of the grooms and then I got there and he asked me to PERFORM the wedding for them! O-o It was fun! I had them vow to stay together "through redness and in green" referring to the needs/motives in the game, haha! I accidentally told them to kiss the brides before they'd done the exchange of rings, so I had them exchange rings and then kiss the brides again. ^-^

Today Juan had to work from 10 to 2 and then he came home only to have to go back to the other store from 4:45-6:30... but then while he was home they called again and changed it to come in at 7pm so I came in with him and got to hang out while he ran the store, and I got to sit outside as the sky darkened and talk with his co-worker Harry, who is a really sweet little old man who led a WILD life in his younger days! ^-^ When Juan's boss for that store got back he gave Juan $20 for coming in to run the store so we got to go out to dinner! Yay! ^-^

Now we're back home and I seem to be crashing! O-o Which is sad because I told friends in the sims online game I'd be back later tonight. Maybe I'll take a nap and wake up. :-P

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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Up again in the middle of the night when I should be sleeping. This time I don't think it was caffiene. I think I'll try to get to sleep soon now, I got caught up on one of my forum homes... I thought about logging in on sims online but then I realized I might just keep going, and going... untill I passed out on the keyboard and Juan got up to find me drooling on it! eeeewwwww! :-P

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Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Well, we saved up money we were going to use to get the webcam and headset my parents wanted me to get so I can join their videoconferencing project with them... BUT I was torn between doing that and finally getting the extra memory for the digital camera to have that in time for the holidays. Now the tires on the car have solved that dilemma for me, we got 4 new tires for the car today instead! Juan said one of the tires was bulging out like a boiled egg that's cracked while boiling and blobs out of the shell... eewwwww... we have been VERY lucky not to have had a flat while they were like that! Now I'm happy we will hopefully be able to take trips out of town to visit friends soon. ^-^

We went to get low carb candy last night since I'm changing my diet tactics to no energy bars for meals, but some of the chocolates for desserts, and no more ice cream for a while. We saw some really cute Halloween stuff I wanted to get, and Juan bought me the fairy wings I saw and just HAD to have... it will be so much easier than re-glueing the wings I made already, and they are smaller and more managable! :-P They are purple and blue and green wings so I think I'll wear my green velvet top with them but I really REALLY need new pants as none of mine really fit anymore. Maybe we can go pants/jeans shopping one of these weeks when we're not doing everything else imaginable. We got the new toilet seat and matching handles to put on the bathroom cabinet so they'll match now, but we haven't managed to intsall either of them yet. Our new welcome mat is out front though and I really love it.

I'm on a kick again to really try to get the house more sorted out and the way I really like it to enjoy living in it and not feeling like a store-room. I got the bathroom and kitchen sink cabinets cleaned out and organized better a couple of days ago and I think I might be up to sorting out some of the textbooks I won't ever get around to reading but I grabbed them with my packrat instincts when they were giving them away free at the college library when THEY were cleaning out old books.

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Monday, September 15, 2003

Sooo... I was going to watch anime while I can't sleep... but it looks like Juan never changed over the settings from when he set things up for what's on the computer screen to play on the tv... and after trying several files I FINALLY figured out that's what's happening, since I get sound but no picture... aaaaahhhhhhhhh! It finally dawned on me! At least now I know it's not what I'm trying to play... it's easily fixed... except he never showed me what to open and where to look and what to do to change back and forth between things playing on the tv and the monitor! ... and I don't want to wake him up to find out... sigh. :-P

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Note to self: Drinking approximately 80 ounces of caf-FIEND filled diet soda mere hours before attempting to go to bed and SLEEP is not a good plan. Especially as I've been on this diet and limiting my caffiene intake to nearly null for the past couple of months.... It may have been a bad plan to watch parts of Fear and Lothing in Las Vegas before attempting to sleep as well.... But it was fun. Should I be worried that every time I watch that movie it reminds me of my mother suffering from her extreme allergies?

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Saturday, September 06, 2003

Found an interesting test in a friend's blog and took it:

Your Brain Usage Profile

Auditory : 41%
Visual : 58%
Left : 64%
Right : 35%

FaeLuna, you are somewhat left-hemisphere dominant and show a preference for visual learning, although not extreme in either characteristic. You probably tend to do most things in moderation, but not always.

Your left-hemisphere dominance implies that your learning style is organized and structured, detail oriented and logical. Your visual preference, though, has you seeking stimulation and multiple data. Such an outlook can overwhelm structure and logic and create an almost continuous state of uncertainty and agitation. You may well suffer a feeling of continually trying to "catch up" with yourself.

Your tendency to be organized and logical and attend to details is reasonably well-established which should afford you success regardless of your chosen field of endeavor. You can "size up" situations and take in information rapidly. However, you must then subject that data to being classified and organized which causes you to "lose touch" with the immediacy of the problem.

Your logical and methodical nature hamper you in this regard though in the long run it may work to your advantage since you "learn from experience" and can go through the process more rapidly on subsequent occasions.

You remain predominantly functional in your orientation and practical. Abstraction and theory are secondary to application. In keeping with this, you focus on details until they manifest themselves in a unique pattern and only then work with the "larger whole."

With regards to your career choices, you have a mentality that would be good as a scientist, coach, athlete, design consultant, or an engineering technician. You can "see where you want to go" and even be able to "tell yourself," but find that you are "fighting yourself" at the darndest times.

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I lost 50 pounds!!!! I lost 50 pounds!!!! I've been going around sing-songing that to myself all last night and a little today. ^-^ I'm very excited to be losing "new" weight again, as I've re-lost what I'd lost before the whole ordeal of having the tumor removed and having to re-set my emtabolism and re-gaining weight while I was sick and doing that. I was so excited I was going to try to get into my current "target" jeans to see if they fit better now than they did 2 pounds ago when I squeezed into them... but now that I've cleaned out the closet and gotten my clothes in order my target jeans are packed in the box for winter clothes so I can't get at them right now! :-P But at least I think I know where they are. We just have to clean up and re-stack the boxes in the storage room. We need to do that anyway, it's too hard to get things into and out of there and I need to add a box of towels that is sitting in the bedroom closet right now. At least it's the ONLY thing on the closet floor that's not supposed to be there!

I actually picked up around the house last night and started the load of dishes in the dishwasher (with Juan's help!!) so this morning I didn't have so much to do to get the house picked up. I cleared out stuff that was around the front door and then I cleaned out my purse and found an earring I'd been missing, and a bracelet my friend gave me for my birthday that I hadn't been able to find. ^-^ Yay!

I've been playing Sims Online and I've discovered that when I go to a house where everyone is busy working on their sim's skills going up and no one is talking, I can run off from the keyboard for a few minutes to clean something, or I've been re-reading Darkover books that I've been wanting to get around to re-reading, so I'm happy my sims obsession can allow for multi-tasking now. ^-^

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Friday, September 05, 2003

Yesterday Juan came home from work early and he showed me the check her forgot to include as income in our last month's budget, so we suddenly have some money we can use for stuff we're saving up for, and we decided dinner out would be a good thing so we went to the buffet and had steak. ^-^ It was good to sit and talk and re-connect while we ate. It seems that we don't do that enough at home with all the distractions. That's part of why I'd like a dining table again, so I can set it up nice with our meal together and face each other while eating and NOT be sitting on the floor at the coffee table. :-P

Last night I gave Juan his again overdue haircut! This time is wasn't AS long overdue, so I think it came out better this time as it took less time to get it managable and looking good. ^-^ Then he went and shaved to go with the new haircut, yay! Most of the time he somehow managed not to get around to shaving and he ends up with a kind of scraggly full beard with his goatee growing wild in the middle! O-o We watched a movie that I had wanted to watch when it came out in the theater, and it turned out to be VERY different from the impressions we got from it in the previews. Juan said no wonder the movie bombed in the theaters, the mis-represented it in the previews! From the previews it looked like a silly comedy fun romp, but it turned out to be a movie about growing up and dealing with pain and confusion and coming to terms with life, and it was a pretty GOOD movie about that... but it made me CRY and CRY at the end and I had been geared up for HAPPY movie... so after that we hunted around for something lighter to watch... I think not having my medicine for the last couple of days has had an effect on me emotionally so it hit a rough patch last night.

I'm having fun realizing my "routines" for keeping up with the house are kind of kicking in. I made my bed as I got up this morning, that's the one that I've been best at keeping up with because I lay in the middle and spread out the covers with my arms and legs like I'm making a snow angel and that's fun. ^-^ And I've gotten to where I go to the bathroom and sweep the floor while I'm sitting there and then scoop out the kitty litter box after and then clean the toilet after that, so I'm noticing now that I'm not getting the terrible gas station looking AAAAH! there anymore. It used to sneak up on me because, as a GIRL... I don't look UNDER the seat so often! :-P And the latest big change has been I've started checking my email first thing on the computer and sometimes I clear up the living room and straighten things up even BEFORE I get to my Flylady emails with the reminders to pick up and clean. That makes me feel like I'm getting somewhere, like I'm starting to maintain a home I can USE and LIVE in instead of being crammed in here with all my stuff like I'm living IN storage. Now that I've cleaned off the top of the pantry I'm eyeing it as a possible place to put an occasional vase of flowers or a plant without the kitties destroying it.

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Thursday, September 04, 2003

FINALLY getting back to my blog again!! I made it to my 6 month checkup on Aug 26th ok, we were running about 15 minutes late but as the lines were long when we got to the reception room I don't think they noticed. I got to see DOLPHINS when we were on the Ferry on the way over to the island! Yay! My first wild dolphins sighting! And I tried to take pictures and clicked away as I squeaked, but most of them snapped one second too late, I only got ONE pic you can really tell it's a dolphin, the others are little black fin tips sticking out of the water. :-P

They checked my breast and did an ultrasound again instead of a mammogram so I was happy about that. They said the scar tissue where the lump was removed is healing nicely and there are no signs of any more tumor trying to grow there, so that's good. The other new lump I found they said they believe could be a normal swelling of a gland in there as part of my monthly cycle, so to keep checking it through this month to see if it goes down or disappears. If it doesn't THEN I go in to get checked again. They couldn't find the new lump in the ultrasound showing any change in tissue so I'm hoping it's all fine.

After getting my happy good news checkup we got to go to the Rainforest Cafe for lunch, which was actually breakfast as well since we hadn't eaten anything yet. We'd planned that since the last time we were there and had saved up for it and good thing too because it was really expensive but since we planned for 6 months and it was an adventure I thought it was worth it! We even got the waiter to take our picture and they let us take pictures all around the restaraunt. We got two pennies pressed with pictures and a flying toy bird for souvineers, and Juan let me say where I wanted to stop and take pictures so I felt very "touristy." ^-^ When we got home we put the flying bird up and watched the kitties FREAK!! hahahaha it was great!

We had more adventures with our RAM throughout the week, took the computer in and they said they fixed it, they sent us home with the THIRD RAM chip replacement and it STILL didn't work. :-( Craig came down for the weekend and he figured out the problem, they are set for two different speeds so they can't work together. And then on top of that Juan found out the motherboard isn't even supposed to be TRYING to run the one at the higher speed. :-P So we're still only on 512 RAM for now and trying to see if they can get us a MATCHING stick or refund our money so we can hunt one down ourselves.

I got my Sims Online game installed and working and it wouldn't let me log in for a couple of days for no apparant reason, but after I sent a report in and they sent me instructions back that I couldn't get to work... it started working again on it's own so I'm happy to be logging in and playing again! James came in this weekend too and I got to show everyone the Sims Online a little. Luna-Chan spent the night Saturday and Sunday and we had a GREAT time! Juan and I went to visit James and John and Kari at John and Kari's place for a while and Luna-Chan stayed at our place to dye her hair so she's a gorgeous redhead now! ^-^ I think it was Sunday night that Luna-Chan got us taking tequila shots, my first time for that! It was fun but she kept saying I was putting TOO MUCH SALT on my hand/wrist! And of course like everything else I drink I was taking "too long" to drink the shots too... I can't GULP drinks, I want to TASTE them! :-P

My pain week(s) are finally over now so I'm REALLY happy about that as they've been bad this past month. I've had some time to kind of recoup my emotional and physical resources I had burned out earlier this month. I got to talk with Celleigh on the phone yesterday for her Birthday and that was good. ^-^ She and Moonwolf found a couple that does counselling so I think that's REALLY good since they'll be able to get both male and female perspective that way, it might be more balanced and reassuring to know the counselors can really identify with you BOTH.

I did some cleaning today and found out that most of the stuff on top of the pantry was junk, I'm not sure why it's been stuffed up there for so long but I know *I* was the one who put it there! The kitties helped inspect the box of stuff I sorted through so I had to keep shoving them OUT of the box when they started to climb IN for a better sniff at what I was sorting through. I found the star trek communicator pin and 3 pips that I'd worn with my next generation shirt at the Comicon, so that was a treasure I hadn't seen for a while! The Shirt might still fit someday, I helped my mother make it for my brother when he was shorter and then when he outgrew it I inherited it. ^-^ For a couple of years I wore it to class in the fall/winter since it was WARM and I had fun with people looking at me funny wearing it just like any other warm sweater. :-P

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