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Monday, August 25, 2003

Sigh... we were told it would take about 15 minutes theoretically to install the RAM and video card... *blush!* ummmm.... well... it started out well enough, I shut down my trillions of downloading programs, shut down the computer, and started making dinner while Juan started taking apart the computer... Juan saw there are TWO slots for more RAM so we got ALL excited... and he put the RAM in one of those 2 slots, and it fit, and the little white clamp/clips at the ends snapped back down and everything... and then.... we turned on the computer, it did the start up stuff, got to the screen where you log in as one of the users... and the screen scrambled. :-( The mouse wouldn't move so we hit the power off switch... and it didn't want to turn off! @-@ Then I tried the reboot button (or reset, something like that?) and that didn't work either, it tried to restart and gave me the text screens like it usually does at the beginning only it was ALL messed up with nonsense text spaced out all over the top of the normal white text, and in different colors. I tried again and it restarted again and added more nonsense text and MORE colors. Not good. We had to turn off the computer by unplugging it. :-( We took out the RAM and put it back in again, still did the same thing. We took out the RAM and started again and I was VERY relieved it worked just fine again! (Part of me was freaking that we just somehow wiped out everything on the computer.... not a rational moment....) I took pictures of the computer screen freaking out. :-P

So then we decided to deal with the graphics card first.. we got to the part where we were supposed to look through the My Computer properties and we couldn't find what it told us to find AT ALL. :-( Juan figured out that was because the graphics card is built into the motherboard and we don't know how to disable that. So we couldn't install the drivers first like it said, but Juan thought maybe he could install the graphics card first and figure how to make the system recognise it and use it instead of the built in one instead LATER... but he got to the adapter for the monitor and it won't FIT on the computer because of a little metal divider thing that seems to have no point in being where it is... now Juan's talking about tracking down someone with TIN SHEARS to cut off that metal part of the computer so the thing can plug in without being blocked so it can't fit! O-o And here I thought the hard part was over when we had the 20 minutes of debate in Radio Shack about which one of the cables was THE cable Craig showed us... so far it looks like I was right... we hope... ~-^ We haven't gotten to the part where Juan's checked to see if that cable is right though.

I keep getting the sneaking suspision this is not at ALL going the way it should normally go... :-P If only stuff worked when it was plugged in, and little metal parts weren't blocking access to plugs, and the instructions had options for what to do when the graphics card you're replacing is part of the motherboard. Last night we tried AGAIN to put the RAM in by switching places so the new RAM card went where the old one was, and the old one we moved over, and we did that at the same time so they would be installed at the same time... THIS time our computer started TALKING to us!! You know how some cars have a nice female voice telling you your door is ajar over and over again? This one was telling us we may have a problem with our memory! O-o I took a little video of it talking to us so we could remember what it said when we take the RAM back and see if we can get one that WORKS!! :-P

Our other big adventure last night was with the grocery shopping.... we had an adventure in the checkout line when our cashier accidentally pressed the button for non profit organizations, and then when she entered the code for the yellow squash that turned out to BE the code number for a non profit organization! Some Episcopal Church!! O-o And everything kept saying it was tax free because it went on their tax code!! Ak!! The cashier wasn't very good because she knew she hit the wrong button but she rang up EVERYTHING anyway and then at the very end AFTER Juan wrote the check for it the recipt printed out saying our tax was exempted under the account for that church!! NOT acceptable!!! O-o So she called the manager for help and they came and had to staple the recipts together and show her how to hold it to go down the list one at a time and punch in the codes for EVERY item over again... and at the end of that our total was different, of course, so Juan wanted to pay cash for the difference since that was the LAST check in the checkbook... and she messed up AGAIN and entered his cash first and then tried to enter the check a second time but the cash drawer wouldn't open since she didn't do it in the right order and the manager had to be called in to rescue AGAIN. Luna-Chan wasn't doing well with patience by that time....I think she was getting a headache.... it took about 3 times as long for the cashier to enter all those codes for everything compared to the time it took to scan the items, so we were in the process of checking out for close to half an hour between all the mistakes and corrections and waiting for the manager to come. :-( The manager had to run an envelope through the check machine trying to trick it into opening the drawer but the cashier messed up so that didn't work like it should have.... sigh. :-P Finally they got something to work by doing it again and they got Juan his change and we got our FINAL recipt we got to keep. I told the cashier I hoped her night got better and she said she didn't think it would since it had all been like this so far. O-o I'm not sure she'll last long if it's like that with her ALL the time!!! @-@ Luna-Chan waited in the car at Krogers and Juan let me spend the change on getting her a sticker in the sticker machine. It was fun. ^-^ I hadn't gotten to do that before! ^-^ I got to purchase a sticker of glee!! ~-^ :-P And she liked it. ^-^ Yay!

Let's see... the other BIG thing that's happened lately is I CUT and DYED my HAIR!!! @-@ I haven't had it this short since I was 12! My hand was shaking when I cut it, first cut about 4 inches off the tips... second cut another 4 inches! I just couldn't chop off all 8 inches at once! :-P Luna-Chan and I went to wal-mart and picked out my first permanant dye, we basically picked one that went well with my tips of my hair that have had more sun, and now my tips and roots are the same color. ^-^ What was funny was we thought it would be a little different from my starting color of my tips so we saved my cut hair from before I dyed it and then compared after I was finished with my hair dry and it was the same color! hahahahahaaa... looks like I could have just dyed my roots. :-P So my hair is now ALL the color it used to be when I was out in the sun more. ^-^

Tomorrow will be the next big adventure... we're going to Galveston to have my 6 month check up after having my tumor taken out. I hope it all goes well but I think I may have found another lump. :-( So I'm a little worried but not as worried as I was the first time around, I feel like if they have to remove another tumor I'll be ok, I've been through it before already now and it wasn't too bad at all. ^-^ I'm a little tired of having things affect my health and slow me down though, so I'm hoping it's NOT going to be necessary to have surgery again and slow my metabolism and make me fatigued for another 3-4 months! I'm anxious to get MY life back and get to spend time DOING things that I want to do. Like getting out of the house with Juan when he has a day off instead of lying in bed feeling guilty and sad I'm not getting to spend time with him.

I got the Sims Online game FINALLY and hope to install it today... maybe... if it works ok without the added RAM installed yet. :-P I hope this doesn't mean the end of my OTHER online activities! ~-^ I wouldn't want to drop off the face of the net! :-P I have this feeling I might for a while though, at first... because that's how I get with a new thing....

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Monday, August 18, 2003

I'm wiped out. I'm trying to take a time out from everyone else's lives so I can live my own life for a while, but my pain has come on hard and is getting in the way. :-( We didn't make it to Juan's brother's birthday party Saturday or go anywhere to do anything Sunday. We were hoping I would feel better and we could still make it out to the beach cabin Sunday where they would still be from the birthday party Saturday night. Last night was really rough, it felt like another rupture and the pain stabbing in my leg came back. It's such a consistent pain in the exact same place I'm starting to think it's something to do with nerves there.

I'm eating more solid foods again after last night, so that's good. We're out of pain pills and that's bad. :-( Juan did some grocery shopping just for last night and today and we're hoping I'll be well enough to go shopping with him soon. We watched Teen Titans last night and it was cute. I want to look up who does the songs for them and see if it's Shonen Knife, it reminds me of them....

Today I hope to clean the house some and I'm watching Rose of Versailles. I only have through episode 16 and just found out last night it's a 40 episode series. I'm thinking about possibly trying to translate and subtitle it in Spanish for a project to learn more Spanish and learn how to subtitle something. :-P

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Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Update, we got our AIR back! Yay! That was last Wednesday or Thursday I think, things have been so scattered for me I don't remember exactly when that was anymore. For a while Moonwolf borrowed my car that we're trying to sell so they wouldn't have to juggle their van back and forth, but his dad hates that kind of car so he wasn't happy with the idea of Moonwolf potentially buying it if nothing better turned up fast enough. After chaos and trauma with our steps attacking Celleigh TWICE, Juan unhappy with dogs over here at all, but especially with FLEAS, us treating the carpet, furniture, (and hopefully tonight the cats) for fleas, lots of distress because of another (ex?) friend of ours accusing Celleigh of making up stories about him saying things like "Consider the source, she's crazy." :-( It's been a LOOOOONG WEEK! :-( And I hope all the fleas left die really soon because I'm still getting new flea bites on my arms and legs as I sleep overnight. :-( We dragged out everything from the overflowing Hall closet when Celleigh needed needle nose pliers and I KNEW we had some... except it looks like the plumbers took them away with them when the moved the water heater, because the last place I SAW them was on top of the water heater! O-o I want to get a tool chest soon to put all the tools in so we'll know exactly where to look next time something like this comes up. Maybe we won't lose our HAMMER for a YEAR again! :-P

Sunday was our Nephews' birthday party, the middle one turned 6 and the baby turned 2 within a few weeks of each other so they combined the celebration to one BIG party and they rented tables, chairs, a tent pavillion thing, a bouncy castle, and a ball cage with a slide on it! They had TWO pinatas, one Hulk and one Spider Man, and two decorated cakes, one Hulk and one Spider Man. Luna-Chan made an incredible "choco-flan" cake that was half chocolate cake and half flan and I WISH I could have had a piece!! aaah!!! :-P ...maybe I'll take a couple weeks off my diet in January for my birthday and beg shamelessly for her to make me one for my birthday cake. ^-^

Monday was when tons of stuff happened when Celleigh and Kisty showed up with the puppy Sirius Fenris (spelling anyone?) and we had the trauma of me explaining that it wasn't just that no more animals were allowed to come stay with us, it was no more visiting animals coming inside either. So someone had to stay outside and watch the puppy through the whole time they were there, and all this was happening while I was trying to make dinner for it to be ready when Juan got home from work. I'd have to run inside to stir the food and then outside so Kisty wasn't out there abandoned with the puppy, and then run back in to tend to the food. The puppy didn't like me running back in all the time. He fell asleep on my foot once which made my foot fall asleep under him! ^-^ I cuddled him and picked off about a dozen slow dazed dying fleas off him and I had fun throwing them over the edge of the porch. I think those were the very last of his fleas now that he's been treated for them and I'm SO glad he's not scratching and whining about them anymore! Plus, without the fleas, he's so much more cuddly to me... I guess I'm warming up to cuddling dogs more than I've ever felt like it before. It's kind of funny but in a lot of ways I'm STILL warming up to cuddling with my own cats and we've had Ember, the oldest, for over four years now. :-P

Anyway, sometime while I was tending the food or talking with Kisty and playing with the puppy, Moonwolf and Celleigh had a long talk and decided to try to reconcile and work out their marriage together instead of continuing with the divorce. They are looking for somewhere to get counseling together so that's good, and I hope they find a good place for that and it's soon. They noticed that they were finally talking about finances and working together on that for the divorce, so it's hopeful they'll be able to keep talking about the finances and working on them together instead of no one really knowing what's going on there, which I think was a lot of their stress even though there was a lot of emotional stuff stressing them too. I know how stressed Juan and I were when we were first living together working out the finances, it was a nightmare the first couple of years with frustrations and late fees and me never knowing if we REALLY had money to go out to dinner or buy stuff or not, and starting not to trust Juan to notice if we really COULD do things like that without hurting on the bills later. We had to adjust from him being a bachelor with not many bills, to being part of a couple and communicating with me about the bills, and it didn't help that half the time I was out of it from all my illness and depression so working on it together on a regular basis wasn't happening. He was used to thinking about money and bills on a week to week basis, and I was used to thinking about it on a monthly basis. We ended up marking EVERYTHING down on the calendar with when it was DUE, when to MAIL it off in time to get there, how much over the minimum payments to pay, how much each bill really was, pretty much everything we could think of that was relavant for each bill went ON the calendar... and then it took over a year to get used to that working that way and running fairly smoothly without cut off notices or late fees anymore. We still get mixed up and mess up sometimes and get a fee or notice but it's not CHRONIC anymore. And lately since I've been well more of the time we've been talking about the week's bills and finances every week and planning the budget and menus and grocery shopping TOGETHER which I love. ^-^ Anyway, I really hope they can work out something that works for them for the finances and stuff and I'm glad Juan and I have something that mostly works for us. All this they've been going through keeps bringing up stuff Juan and I have gone through or brings up insecurities or emotional stuff we have NOW and we're talking about it so that's been good, I think.

Today the exterminator is supposed to come and I cleaned the kitchen- cleaned the stove and wiped down the wall that's been spattered from cooking, and cleaned most of the floor with the all purpose cleanser and paper towels since the matted kitty fur wasn't coming up with the mop. :-P I managed to slam my finger in the refridgerator door when I was trying to put back a part of the seal around the door that was falling out, so I think I may have a huge bruise under my nail now. :-( I discovered we're on our last roll of paper towels too. :-P

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Tuesday, August 05, 2003

We've been continuing our adventure with no a/c plus the adventure of Moonwolf staying with us. Today the Plumbers came to move the water heater over out of the way so it's not breaking the safety codes and isn't blocking access to the central air unit. We put Sydney in the bathroom, and our 3 cats were already in the bedroom, and Moonwolf helped me move the stuff that was still in the closet/room OUT into the rest of the house. Then the plumbers turned off the water, moved the water heater over a couple of feet, and reconnected everything so they could turn the water back on. The pipes were still thrumming and singing after they left though, we ran the water but the noise kept up till I flushed the toilet and then the standing water in the bathtub went down and the singing pipes stopped. Thank goodness!

I got to talk and visit on the phone with Kisty today, we're going to have to plan SOMETHING soon once the ac is fixed! I went out on the front porch to talk on the phone away from the repair noise, and to be in fresh AIR blowing cooler outside! The train came by and didn't co-operate with our plan for less noise. :-P I noticed my plants are coming along nicely with the daily watering I've been remembering. The two little aloe plants that have sprouted up from the roots of the big one are starting to put out a third leaf. ^-^

The Plumbers told us that the ac repairman called to say the replacement ac that was shipped arrived BROKEN so they are shipping another new one to replace THAT one by overnight delevery and we're all hoping that it will get here in time for the repairman to come by at 8am tomorrow morning to install it, which he said might take about 3 to 5 hours. I'm glad it's going to be back to "normal" with the ac at least soon! If we had to go on another week or so I'd want to get a second box fan so we'd have one for the bedroom and living room at the same time. The other fans Juan borrowed from his brother DO circulate the hot air inside the room, but they can't get close enough to the window to pull in any fresh air from outside where it's cooler. At times like this I wish we had higher ceilings like a house so the hot air rising didn't stay so low. :-P There's a reason they made those old plantation houses with high ceilings!!

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Friday, August 01, 2003

OK... after the repairman and landlord were here yesterday the repairman was saying they needed to completely REPLACE the heating/cooling unit, it's about 30 years old! O-o But since someone moved the water heater so it's now installed BLOCKING access to the furnace-a/c that means they'll have to MOVE the water heater to a better location in the storage room, I guess on the other side of it or in the corner or however it is in most of the OTHER storage rooms in this aparment building. Yesterday when I was asking the landlord to call and get back to us when he decided what to do about it, the a/c was still COOLING air at least, so the cooled air was seeping out the vents. It was still managing that last night when we went to bed, in the bedroom, with out little electric heater turned on to FAN only trying to circulate the air. Today... there's no more cool air. At all. :-( It's barely cooler inside than outside so I don't want to open the windows yet though while there's ANY appreciable difference in the air temperature. sigh.... The thermostat says it's 85 degrees in here. :-( I just wish we had a large room FAN to move the air around more, but it's MUCH better here in the living room where there's the ceiling fan. ^-^ Unfortunately, the heat is triggering my pain to make it worse. :-( I feel like a stupid hot house flower that wilts at the drop of a hat. aaarrrgghh!!!

Last night was an adventure when we tackled the storage closet to bedroom closet transfer of all our STUFF, because the a/c guy said that to replace the a/c OR to repair it they would have to move the water heater to get access to the a/c itself, and THAT meant moving ALL our STUFF out! So... I moved the little rolling shelves I had in the closet out to by my bed, and was able to put the suitcase with my crafts in it back in there next to it, and my clothes baskets on top of it, and since I'd cleaned out the closet already that took care of most of the right side of it right there! ^-^ Then we pulled out the stuff crammed back into the left side, I decided it was time to let go of the old computer I had meant to keep and use to disassemble to learn how the computer hardware goes together. I hadn't done it yet and it was taking up room so OUT it went. ^-^ Then we moved the plastic storage bins over by the other side of the bed where Juan had cleared his clothes out and he put them in baskets on top of the bins. We pulled our hanging clothes out of the closet and Juan and I went through his clothes and sorted out TWO bags of clothes to go to Goodwill, some pants to throw away, and a pile of winter clothes he would melt in right now. I sorted through the hangers to get rid of most of the metal ones and the plastic ones from the store that give me trouble getting them on and off the rod anyway and tend to break. We moved ALL the boxes out of the storage closet and into our emptied out bedroom closet, so now just the bike, rowing machine, ladder, and stuff up on the shelves in the storage closet are what's left to move out when the landlord decided what to do. Our room is pretty cramped with Juan's side of the bed by the wall filled up with the bins, his clothes, the hamper, and emptry boxes, and my side with the extra shelves and clothes baskets, but we got out hang up clothes back in the closet hanging up with SO much less of them, and there's still room to walk in front of the closet at the foot of the bed, and up my side of the bed to get into bed. I can't believe we got all that done last night in an hour and a half.... @-@

I had Juan put boxes that still needed to be sorted out on one side of the closet so I can hopefully get to them and sort through them one at a time while we've got stuff all out here like this easier to get to. I need to sort through a couple of boxes of winter clothes and some boxes of papers that we just dumped ANYTHING paper in when we were moving, because we didn't have time to sort through it to get rid of all the junk mail and stuff like that. We already sorted through about 4 boxes of stuff with junk mail and trash mixed up with our stuff to keep! Hopefully after this a/c ordeal we'll have a nicer storage closet and bedroom closet though! ^-^

We were so tired of moving stuff and we'd hemmed in the bed so well we really didn't feel like moving the mattress out to the living room to sleep again, so we made it through the night with the little heater fan blowing, even though it didn't really reach us with the breeze it DID move the air around so it wasn't so stuffy. We kept the door open and had adventures with the cats all night long, walking on us, talking to us, fighting with each other, climbing around on/in stuff... till about 7am Cutter got up in the window and made a lot of noise and Juan had "fun" trying to get him OUT of the windowsill from behind the blinds with all that STUFF in the way blocking Juan from reaching him well. After that all the kitties got thrown out and we closed the door for a little peace and quiet. It wasn't so hot at that time... I think the a/c was still cooling then....

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