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Thursday, July 31, 2003

Last night and the night before that we've been CAMPING... in our living room!! O-o Our air conditioner stopped blowing the fan so the coolant just slowly seeps out of the vents... so you can stay cool RIGHT under the vent... but the rest of the room gets stuffy. We moved the top mattress, baffles, and bedding into the living room and slept on the floor with our heads right under the vent. Juan called the landlord and he sent out a repairman today... he had news I'm not sure Juan will be happy with because it means probably dragging out our mattress AGAIN since we put it away today with the repairman coming. He says they most likely have to replace the whole thing... AND before they can do that they'll probably have to MOVE the water heater that's blocking access to the a/c-furnace area!! Sooo... we'll have to move EVERYTHING out of the storage room, and sleep in the living room till they get this all done. And the landlord is supposed to get back to us about WHEN all this will be happening.... so we don't know how long we'll be camping in the living room! ak! O-o But... it'll be an adventure! ^-^

Yesterday I had an amazing experience, Juan called me to tell me there was a rainbow out in the sky, so I grabbed the camera and went out to look... and the rainbow was arching down out of the sky to LAND in our yard!!! @-@ Wow!! I'd never gotten to SEE where the rainbow ended before! I took pictures! ^-^ I asked Juan when he got home if we should break out the shovels and start digging where it ended. ~-^ Then a little later after it had rained some more we had a DOUBLE rainbow!! @-@ So I ran out and took pictures of it too! ^-^ That's THREE rainbows in one day that visited us!

Juan had his brother help him move my car over into my parents' garage while they're gone fo Florida for 10 days, visiting my grandma and my brother and his wife living there. My poor car needs a bath! I didn't realize HOW dirty it was getting parked under the trees in the side parking lot area of the apartments where I can't look out the window or door to see it all the time.

Juan got off work a little early yesterday so when he got back from driving the car over I zapped the eggplant stoganoff in the microwave and we figured out the recipe for no bake cheesecake we made with diet sweetner so it worked for my diet. We had an adventure trying to beat the cream cheese to make it smooth... we don't have an electric eggbeater so we did it one bit at a time in the blender and it was an ordeal! Unfortunately, after I'd cleaned up everything afterwards I couldn't get the blades part of the blender unscrewed from the pitcher... so I asked Juan to help and he did... but then the pitcher fell on the floor and cracked terribly so we're kind of out of a blender for now. :-( I'm hoping we can get a replacement pitcher but I don't know if they sell those. At any rate... it looks like I'll be saving up for an electric eggbeater now!! We watched a movie after dinner and the cheesecake was all set and ready by almost the end of the movie so I had most of my carbs for the day as fresh bing cherries with the cheesecake. ^-^

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Monday, July 28, 2003

I didn't get to bed till 9am this morning but I got my 8 hours sleep in, mostly, though it wasn't very restful. I think I kept hearing noises that kept me from deep sleep, the day-time sounds, and Juan said Luna-Chan called but couldn't wake me up. I woke up to go to the bathroom and she was here to pick up her cell phone charger she forgot and left the other day! O-o I hate having the fan to the a/c broken, I don't do well with the hot stuffy air and then a slow seeping current of ice cold chill running through that at a snail's pace.

I woke up and read more in the Chronicles of Narnia. ^-^ I've been wanting to but things kept coming up to keep me busy. The next thing on my things to do when I'm not too busy list is play sims some more! ...If I'm not too busy... :-P I've been saving up for Sims Online and hope to get that sometime next month maybe. ^-^ But I also want to get popsicle molds so I can freeze my own popsicles, and more RAM for the computer, and a series of books I've been wanting since I visited Skylles last year and she let me read the first book in a series that her sister gave her... and DISCWORLD books! ...there's a reason we don't go in the bookstore very often... I want most of the sci-fi and fantasy section. ...and we don't have the money OR the room in our apartment!! O-o

I cleaned the house and ran the dishwasher, washed the pans that can't be washed in the machine, and then made chili for dinner and emptied the dishwasher. I've ended up washing the cutting board and stuff I used as I went so now I have a clean kitchen and clean dishes and the pot of chili simmering. ^-^ I don't know how long this streak of ambition with the keeping caught up with the house will last, but I'm kind of enjoying it while it's here!

Moonwolf just called to say he won't be over tonight for his visit with Juan so I guess they'll work out doing something together tomorrow. We'll have to get the laundry done tomorrow since we didn't get to do it Sunday. I'm glad we've got the grocery shopping out of the way. I hope Juan can give me my weekly money since he couldn't Saturday or Sunday. Maybe we can go to the store looking for a popsicle mold kit. ^-^ I'm hoping my plan for creamsicles will work by mixing cream with the sugar free fruit flavored drinks...

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Friday night we knew James would be in town because he was coming in to go to our Godson's birthday party, so I took a nap in the evening to be sure I'd have energy when Juan got home and James got here... but I woke up and heard Celleigh's voice talking with Juan instead! She'd dropped in with a little puppy that Kisty rescued when he was thrown over the fence into her yard and abandoned! O-o Unfortunately he had fleas and a few of them got me and we had to vacuum right after he left instead of heading straight to the store to shop for Jakey's present. We were heading out when a flea bit me on my foot as I was getting ready to go and I don't want to suffer through fleas on top of everything else. It wouldn't be so bad if the bites didn't swell and hurt so much, I seem to react to the flea bites like some people react to ant bites, and they hurt and itch for DAYS... sigh. :-P Celleigh had already washed the poor puppy TWICE though and you can't keep washing them, it will dry out their skin and make them itchy from THAT! I got some REALLY adorable pictures of him but I'm thinking of messing with a couple of them in photoshop to tweak out the fleas on his face. He has a VERY cute face!! ^-^

After Celleigh's visit we went to wal-mart and spent a few HOURS in the toy section. They had the go-bots transformers for little kids that was wanted to get him, a police car from us, as his daddy's getting ready to go into the police force, and a fire car from James as James is in the volunteer fire department! ^-^ I was wiped out by the time we finished shopping, and I was SO glad we could stop at Jack in the Box on the way home. I didn't eat till we got home as I had to deconstruct my cheeseburger to take it all out of the bun. I saved the buns to feed to the turtles or birds at the park next time we go, which I hope is soon. We started watching a movie and Luna-Chan called a little past 1am letting us know the EVIL post office was keeping her overtime so she didn't get off work at 1 like she was scheduled! O-o They let her go at 3am so it was about 3:30 when she got back and we were almost finished with the movie. Then Juan said his "I love you, get out." saying and James went home and the rest of us went to bed.

Saturday I ended up doing a little cleaning and a TON of cooking! I made my first try at meatloaf a la low carb AND my experimental beef stroganoff using eggplant instead of egg noodles, so I was both cooking on the stovetop and in the oven. The meatloaf wasn't done when I thought it was at first, we checked it and still too pink and mushy in the middle so we left it in till Juan got off work early at 6. Then I put all the food away and we went to the pool party! whoo-hoo... except... it looked forboding for a while... it started raining with thunder and lightning on the way there!! :-( And when we got there there was still lightning and they had just had lightning arc near the house and knock out their cable internet connection! O-o But we got to hug Jakey and give him his present and see all his other new toys all over the floor as he played with them. It was great! James' sister Camille and her husband Tim were there with their new baby Andrew! He's 4 months old and we hadn't gotten to see him yet! And it's always fun to see Tim because he and Juan look very similar, similar height and build, both have dark hair... and the exact same goatee... so they decided they were clones or each other's evil twins when they first met! ^-^ And everyone played fetch with the cat there, Elvis, the only cat we know that plays fetch! He'll bring you one of his toy mice for you to throw, and then he won't run to get it if you try to fake him out, he only runs when you really throw it... and sometimes he'll leap in the air to catch it and bring it down! Then he picks it up and brings it back for you to throw it again. ^-^ Bryce and Anne were really nice to grill hamburgers when they found out I couldn't eat the pizza they had, they had thought about doing hamburgers and had it ready but weren't sure they would do them after all.

Before eating though we all played in the pool for a few hours, I couldn't believe Juan got into the pool BEFORE me!! O-o He's NOT a playing in water kind of person usually! But since his friends were in the pool. in he went! And he actually had FUN too! Luna-Chan and I got ready for the pool and then got in at the same time. They had some scuba goggles I borrowed so I could try using them to keep water out of my eyes... and not be so worried about losing a contact. I got to put my head underwater and it worked, so I ended up doing stuff like picking up the rings they had on the bottom off the pool, and standing on my hands, and doing flips in the water... which is the only way I can do gymnastics like that! And they had a floating basketball hoop and lots of little balls in the pool too so I got to play at trying to shoot baskets. ^-^ The one bad thing was Juan accidentally nailed me on the head with a wiffle ball when he was throwing it! oww! :-P I wish we had gotten some pictures of the pool and playing around out there but once I got dressed to eat I didn't go back outside.

When we got home I was tired so I got ready for bed earlier than anyone else, and then Juan came to bed too... but then I had a pain explosion and that was a lot more excitement than anyone needed. :-( It was one where I felt queasy from the pain and thought I might throw up while I was in the bathroom crying. But it passed pretty quickly and after taking the alka-seltzer for my tummy I didn't have to take the pain pills for it after all, so I was happy about that. ^-^ I think Luna-Chan thought I was scared because I was shaking, but I think it was like an adrenaline rush from the pain or something. I'm not scared of pain... I'm only scared when it lasts a LONG time and I get that panic feeling that it will NOT end this time... that's when I get scared, but this wasn't one of those, it was short. ^-^ If I have to go through this, I'll take the short ones like this that aren't so much pain!!

Today (Sunday) we were trying to coordinate doing something with Craig since he was in town for the day, but he wasn't in when we called and after a couple of hours we had to go on and go visit my parents. We didn't managed to get the laundry done, but instead we had a BIG surprise when, after visiting at my parents for a little while, my mother REALLY wanted to come over to OUR house to try out her new dvd that she couldn't get to play on her computer! She wanted to see if it played in our regular dvd player or in our dvd drive on our computer. So they followed us home and my dad came in the apartment for the first time in TWO YEARS because last time he was here was before my grandma died in 2001. He said he wasn't bothered by the smoke residue that had given him the bad reaction before! Yay! Also, it's been a couple of months since the next door neighbors moved out so their smoke hasn't been seeping through the shared wall between apartments now, so no NEW smoke has really been here on a regular basis. This will be a BIG adjustment if this means they can come visit us over here! O-o Juan had to call Luna-Chan to warn her they were coming with us and to ask her to HIDE the alcohol and soft drinks and anything else with sugar or other things they don't approve of anyone eating!! @-@ She even panicked and hid her sunflower seeds, which, of all things that were out, would have been the least trouble to have left out since they DO approve of them! ...well... just not the processed salted ones... but they didn't have to see the label closely... they COULD have been unsalted... right....

After thie visit I made the menu and budget for the week and we went grocery shopping. Luna-Chan stayed here and was gone by the time we got back. Juan and I zapped the frozen stroganoff for dinner and we were wiped out... I went to bed really early and Juan said he'd be there in a while. I ended up doing that thing where I had a nice nap and woke up and can't sleep now. It's partly because it's too hot in the bedroom right now because the FAN in the air conditioner is broken and not blowing air at ALL... it just seeps the cold air out of the vents so it's VERY cold just under them, but the rest of the room is all hot and stuffy. The computer is kind of under the vent out here in the living room so it's cooler here.

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Thursday, July 24, 2003

Today I got up early, about 8:30ish because I couldn't sleep with Juan's snoring, and I'd already nudged him to let him know he was snoring but this was one of those REALLY bad ones that kept going even when he rolled over. And this is WITH the little nose strip thing he wears to STOP snoring! When this happens I know he's EXHAUSTED so since I couldn't sleep through it I got up to let him finish sleeping. I'm glad I came back into the room for something at about 9:15 because I noticed he hadn't set the alarm clock! O-o So I nudged him awake and asked what time he had to get up.. 9 he says! ak! O-o I was tempted to go back to bed... like I planned when I got up to wait out the snoring... but I made the bed as soon as Juan got out of it and I've been having one of my good cleaning days now! I had leftover chicken mole (wow that looks funny without the little slash over the e, I wish I knew how to do that typing!) and put my dirty dishes away right away.. which led to cleaning the pots and pans from cooking last night... necessitated putting away the dishes from the dish drainer first... and then I wiped down the counters... which led to cleaning the stove top and the burner covers... which led to the INSANITY of FINALLY cleaning out the dreaded MICROWAVE O DOOM! ^-^ And then I wandered into the bedroom which is where I MEANT to work again today since I cleared out and cleaned out stuff yesterday and was feeling good about getting my bedroom back from the STORAGE room it accidentally turned into when we moved two rooms of STUFF into just ONE room moving here. I actually opened the blinds and curtains and found there is a WIDE crack in the window letting air in and out! I'll have to report that to the landlord! When we moved in that was just a hairline crack and now there is a GAP about an 8th of an inch wide! I turned on the poor fuzzy radio and managed to tune in a station and I started in the closet. ^-^ I ended up bagging up an entire bag of clothes to give to Goodwill... I have trouble with wanting to hang onto stuff... so this is a great step for me. Then after the closet I cleaned out THE DREADED WARDROBE O CHAOS! I cleared out everything on the shelves that wasn't my stuffed animals and things on display, since we never put doors on it and it's like the headboard for the bed now. I even managed to get up to the stuff on the TOP shelf and got everything sorted to throw away or give away or put away so now all that's there is the floral arrangement from our wedding that I made myself, and that's made me feel unbelieveably better about the whole bedroom. I ended up with a basket and half a box of STUFF to give away and the trash can stuffed FULL again after Juan emptied it out just last night from YESTERDAY's cleaning.

I've had fun looking through stuff finding things I didn't realise were there. I found the dress I was looking for a few months ago because it's something I want to wear to celebrate my weight loss when I get down to the right size for it again. ^-^ Yesterday cleaning out my dresser I found all my pretty lingere! ~-^ It was hiding under some keepsakes that made me think the whole drawer was keepsakes! :-P I've actually had fun going through my stuff and asking if it makes me happy, if I really USE it... if I'd pay money for it again in the condition it's in now... that last one is helping a lot! I have some stuff that I've been holding onto because of WHO gave it to me... but I feel bad instead of happy when I see it because I never use it or don't really like the thing itself. I have to learn that throwing out a THING someone I love gave me doesn't mean I don't value and love that PERSON anymore! I don't have to love their STUFF to love the PERSON. ^-^ I found some nice stuff that I'd been wondering about too, I found candles and the ceramic unicorn that were missing since the move here, so now I have them UP and decorating the house so I can enjoy them! I just hope the glow in the dark alien head candles don't scare me where I put them in the bedroom... I tucked them up on the shelves where I hope they will be out of sight from the bed.... :-P I also found stuff I remember packing up and moving here with us but now that I'm doing better about letting stuff go there's a part of me that can laugh and say I can't believe I PACKED and MOVED this! I threw out a ceramic napkin holder that had broken into FIVE pieces and I'd wrapped EACH piece in a plastic bag for cushion and carefully packed that up! I found a broken glass with a huge chunk out of it that I'd packed like that too! I tossed all that out and that was about half the box of STUFF that had been sitting there for over a year... and the Unicorn was most of the OTHER half of that box. ^-^

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I WALKED last night! ^-^ We went to visit John and Kari and I got to see Destinie and hold the baby Donavan, and while we were there Kari asked if I would go for a walk with her so I did... and BOY was it a lot longer than I thought it would be! We kind of passed the street she intended to turn on so we ended up walking way past that to a dead end that forced us to turn... and then that ended and forced us to turn... but luckily it turned us back onto the street that intersected the street she MEANT to turn on so we ended up back at the apartments again! ^-^ It's a little over 24 hours later now and I'm really FEELING it in my legs... but it's not too bad so that makes me really happy to realize I'm not quite in as bad shape as I thought I was.

I thought I would go to sleep a little after Juan did last night but I ended up staying up and cleaning the house a little, I ran the dishwasher after checking to be sure Juan was deep asleep. I watched some anime and caught up on email correspondence and it was nice to sort of have a quiet little mini-day all to myself. I thought I might play sims Superstar but I ended up getting caught up in other things so didn't get to it. With all my onine projects I need to plan time offline to play games. That's sad. :-P

Today I slept till evening and got about 7 hours sleep. I started in on one little project at a time in the bedroom cleaning and clearing out and organizing in the bedroom. I got my entire dresser cleaned out and organized one drawer at a time, and got the "junk" shelf in one bookcase cleared out, and finally got into the huge avalanche of mess that the shelves on top of the long dresser has been for the longest time. I also got some of the rogue Christmas decorations out of the bedroom and into the storage room. ^-^ All this makes me a lot happier. And I got to dust. ^-^

Sunday we bought a new graphics card for the computer but we haven't gotten it installed yet. I'm excited about that too! It's got a tv out/in feature that means I can play my old Due South tapes I recorded off tv back in the late 90s and get them into a digital format that will last longer so I can watch them again without worrying so much about wearing the tapes out. ^-^ We've been saving up for this for a while and then we got the wonderful surprise of our Electric company refinding our deposit money we paid them FIVE years ago!! O-o So now we're getting this a lot sooner than we thought we ever could! Yay! And the change we just rolled from "the movie jar" money makes a big dent in what we need to save to get the RAM we want to add to the computer. My big thing I'm personally saving up my OWN money for is for the Sims Online game, and I'm anxious to get it fairly soon since Celleigh went and got it already and she wants me to join her neighborhood there. ^-^ I'll have to wait a few more weeks saving up my $10 a week for it, or I'll hopefully be able to get it sooner if I get paid back the $25 I took out of my savings to loan a friend last month.

Saturday night the police showed up to break up a fight the downstairs neighbors were having. They were fighting and making OUR whole apartment shake and there was a knife involved AGAIN. :-( Also they threw their grill out on the lawn and smashed it so it was all in pieces and there was lighter fluid and it looked like someone had started trying to BURN some of the other one's belongings. After the police left we had to ask the lady to move her car which was blocking us in. She came out and started to move her car back a LITTLE bit because she was trying to BLOCK in her boyfriend's car so he couldn't get out... but he got in his car and looped around the tree and into the neighboring property's lawn and he took off trying to get away and SHE took off and tried to BLOCK or RAM him at the corner of our apartments where there's only room for one car to get past the dumpster to get out! O-o Then when we got to the corner we could see them still tearing off WAAAY faster than the speed limit, and I thought they'd end up in a ditch! :-( I was upset they left their apartment unlocked when they took off like that. Especially since it was just a few days before when the neighboring complex got ROBBED! At 9am the next morning they were still both gone and I took pictures of the tire tracks and strewn about grill. When Juan woke up I had him call the landlord but he wasn't there so he just left a message on the machine that we needed to make a complaint about the neighbors. But he didn't mention the Police, the knife fight, the grill, the blocking people in, the car chase, or that the apartment was unlocked and unattended overnight. :-( I guess we'll have to write a letter about it and leave it with the rent now.

Sunday we got to visit with my brother and my sister in law at her parents house before they went back to Florida. My parents were there too so it was kind of like a mini-family reunion. I got a few good pictures of everyone and we got to visit and eat and tour her parents' new house so it was a good day. I felt bad we only saw them for a couple of hours the night of the day they arrived, and then didn't hear from them at ALL Saturday. I guess they didn't bother since I slept through them knocking on the door Friday, but I worked really hard staying up Saturday since I thought they would call or come by again or SOMETHING and I didn't want to miss them again. :-( Craig got to come with us so he got to meet my brother and I was glad of that.

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Thursday, July 17, 2003

Wow.... The Police just came and banged on our door just before 9am, just now! I had to run and get shorts and wake up Juan! I thought the knocking style might have been Celleigh but I did the peek out with the chain still latched thing and there was an Officer standing there! O-o It turns out our neighbors in the next apartment complex over, just RIGHT across a small lawn, got robbed!! :-( Only FIFTEEN minutes ago! And I was awake and HERE at the computer and I didn't hear anything! :-( I hope everyone is ok over there. We don't know them at all but they ARE our neighbors! I'm guessing asking if I hard any noise means they did something over there that would have caused noise. I hope it wasn't violence towards a person. :-( I'm pretty sure I would have heard anything like gunshots though!!! O-o I know what that sounds like from our OLD neighborhood....

And here I was searching the web for marinade recipies after checking my flylady emails earlier, which prompted my usual cleaning spree. This time I meant to wipe down the counter and sink in the bathroom with my new cleaning spray... so I had to declutter it first... and I ended up cleaning out and organizing one of the drawers because I tried to put something away off the counter into it and it wouldn't fit... ^-^ You see how this goes... Then I cleaned off the cleared off counter, and then wiped the sink, and washed the dust off all the stuff that goes BACK on the counters... And the mirror was RIGHT there so I got it too.... Then I migrated over by the kitty litter box and toilet area armed with my new cleaning spray and I swept the litter off the floor there and sprayed the built up muck of litter dust on the floor and toilet base and I started wiping and scrubbing THAT up with paper towels too... and it WORKED!! ^-^ Then I thought I'd stop there... but I liked the results too much and the floor on the other side of the toilet didn't match now... soooo... I took a look and decided it was silly to have a clean floor and a horribly dusty/dirty toilet brush holder so I tucked the brush under the toilet lid to hold it, and sprayed down and wiped up the toilet brush holder! I think that's the first time I've CLEANED a toilet brush holder! O-o What's come over me?! :-P Then I got the floor on that side of the toilet by the tub... it was MUCH harder to reach around stuff and not hit my head as I worked around at weird angles down there. But now with the floor cleaned around the nice new bathroom cabinet that's over the toilet I feel like I really DO have a new bathroom! ^-^ I stopped myself before I went further to clean under the litter box or under the towel shelves and things on the opposite side of the bathroom.

Other than my cleaning insanity the big news is my brother and his wife are in town for the next few days and they dropped in last night for a visit a little before Juan got home from work! He got home and we all had a nice visit and played with our cats. ^-^ SatyQ fell asleep on the couch and that marked the end of the visit and time for them to get to her parents house to SLEEP! He looks so different now from the last time I saw them, he's got a straggly beard!! He says it wasn't deliberate... he just keeps forgetting to shave! :-P He's really looking like the starving artist type now with his hair just a little on the shaggy haircut time side and the straggly beard and the glasses. ~-^ I got to take a picture of him, but when Juan tried to take a picture of them both Moongoddess hid!

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Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Adventures!! Yay!! I've been having adventures and I'm about to have more! ^-^

My brother got back to me on our comic book project and he says his publisher is reworking their schedule so it's now not due till mid August. Whew! Other adventures include finding new ANIME to obsess over, and brainstorms on reviving my Anime Petlovers Guild at neopets... I've been downloading programs to use making anime movie videos. ^-^

Now Luna-Chan is here as a surprise and we WERE headed out to eat and go play frisbee golf in the park... but now we're adding in a trip to the store with Luna-Chan because she's getting Sailor Moon DVDs!! Yay!!!! ^-^ So we're off!

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Saturday, July 12, 2003

I slept till late yesterday and woke up to find a message from my brother on the answering machine saying to check my email... it turns out he got the deadline for the comic book project he's got me working on with him, the deadline wasn't the 15th... it was TODAY! So we worked like mad and as it also turned out the story was supposed to be FIFTEEN pages and I only wrote SEVEN because the example he sent was FIVE... so he had already started dragging out the story in the beginning and then I re-wrote the rest of it to add in parts I'd left out because I thought I had to make it short! O-o

Craig is in town so he came over and we got to visit and we had chicken wings for dinner. I like any good excuse for hot wings now that Juan has me joining him in his addiction.... Hey, it's a good way for me to want to eat that much celery to go with it, and it's a treat I can have on my diet! ^-^

Celleigh keeps talking about Sims Online, I can't tell yet if she's bought it or if she's going somewhere else to get to play it a little or watch or try it or what. She left a message about it on the answering machine the other day saying things to the effect that if I had trouble disappearing into my sims world where it seemed more real to me than the real world then I should STAY AWAY from this game! O-o I've been saying something to that effect since before it came out now... except it's not that I think the sims world seems more "real" to me than the real world... it's that I know myself and I know all the projects and things I'm devoting my time and attention to now... and I know that if I don't get them in order to go on without me for 3 months or so I'll just disappear from them all and everyone will wonder WHAT happened to me! ...of course that disappearing thing would extend to friends not being able to contact me in the "real" world too. I know already that I would put the same concentration and obsession into it as I do with other projects, whether it's a webpage, or my studies when I was in college... I know I get things started and throw myself ENTIRELY into what I'm working on. Maybe it comes from reading like I did growing up. I would pick up a book and "live" in that book till I finished it. I hardly ate or slept while I read and ran to the bathroom to get right back to the book. When I went to sleep and hadn't finished a book I would go on and dream the story from the point I'd read to in the book.

Anyway... I know I would love Sims Online but I know I would have to drop pretty much every other project and online involvement, and most real life ones, to go into it like I know I would. So I'm putting it off till I've had more time to feel I've fulfilled other committments and can take a break, and I've played Sims Superstar and the new Sim City game a lot more first. I guess my big plan is to pay attention to what I know I'll abandon for a while. ^-^

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Friday, July 11, 2003

Well I couldn't sleep so I got up at about 3 am and decided to work on writing the story for my brother to use on his current comic book project that's due the 15th. I wish he had given me a time I should have the written part finished and sent to him in time for him to draw and ink it! But it looks like he's working pretty fast these days so I hope it's in time. I ended up liking the story enough I want to SEE it finished now! ^-^ Too bad it's a bit too risque to ever show our parents... sigh... wish I'd known that when they asked about it. Now I guess I'll have to tell them it fell through or something. Maybe I'll tell them we missed the deadline and I'll try to make a parental safe version of the story to show them. Ah, the lengths we go to... sigh.

Now I'll be up for a while so I'm going back to my marathon of watching Rurouni Kenshin again. I want to play sims... maybe later. ^-^ I did join that Procrastination Society, after all....

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Thursday, July 10, 2003

My arm is doing better today, it's been really bad the past couple of days as I twisted or strained or sprained it and made the muscles VERY sore as well. I can finally pick up my water bottle NORMALLY to drink out of it! That was driving me nuts! Juan has been wonderful and helping me work on it with the massager and with my herb pack heated up to try to loosen the muscles up and bring down the PAIN. I'm happy today because, though I woke up late, I woke up to find that I've now lost TWELVE pounds so far on my diet! Yay! Now I've only got six more pounds to re-lose to get back to where I was at my lowest weight this year. This is encouraging after everything weight-loss wise slowed down to a crawl after having the lump removed from my breast. Taking the month vacation from the diet seems to have WORKED! ^-^

I got a message from Celleigh on the answering maching warning me about getting into playing Sims Online... yep.. I kind of guess that if I got it I would disappear off the face of the "real life" earth.... I kept her message so I can have Juan hear her warning too! ^-^

When I got here to the computer I found STUFF on the computer desk I haven't seen for ages... some pens, hair clips, measuring tape... and 4 pictures of me and Juan and WolF from waaay back in one of those photo booth machines! ^-^ I'd forgotten all about that! And my sunglasses I haven't seen in SOOOO long! Then I remembered Juan said last night as he was tucking me in bed with my CRASH, he was going to finally clean out my car and get all my stuff that was left in it OUT of it and get started working on putting the ad in the paper to sell it! Yay! It's actually HAPPENING now! ^-^ We took my car off the insurance last year when we decided to sell it, and now it's finally happening, which makes me happy! I was so sad a couple of weeks ago when we found the back driver's side window broken in. :-( We couldn't tell for sure if it had been an accident or vandalism. So now we'll probably get less for it when we sell it, but just getting it taken care of is what's pressing right now for me. I do want to take pictures of it before letting it go though, especially of the faerie sticker in the back window. It WAS my very first car to own!

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Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Celleigh, AKA Phoenix Ravenflame, got me into a new fun site to play at... so now I'm distracted by things such as the Sacred Silver Sheltie Temple and being an upstanding member of the Procrastinators Club... I'll add a link to My Space there, it's based on... Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy! Yay! Good thing I've got my towel....

I'm in the process of reviving my Anime Petlovers Guild at Neopets, since it's been neglected for a while as I pursued other things... like my Sims addiction... but now that I'm so much into Anime I just HAD to do it! I need someplace to babble with other people about anime! So anyone reading this who has a neopets account is welcome to join! ^-^ Actually, if you think you'd have fun hanging out with me and other zany anime fans there you could go ahead and make a neopets account too! ~-^ I'll be busy re-working the semi-abandoned website this next week or so, it should be fun now that I have more html experience....

The 4th of July was anti-climactic for me as I slept most of the day and then woke up with my sinuses playing games with me again, so I had to call and cancel the visit with my parents. I didn't manage to get ahold of Celleigh in time to find out what her plans were either. Luna-Chan picked me up and we got to hang out and then go to her parents, where Juan was planning to go straight there when he got out of work. The nephews didn't come by though and Juan's father didn't barbeque like he had planned... so all we did was hang out and then when the fireworks of the city started we went out in the driveway to watch what we could see over the treetops. That was it....

Sunday was the day all the festivities with BOTH our families got moved to! So we picked up Craig as he was in town, and went to Juan's parents for the barbeque (spelling?! it all looks wrong when I change it! ah!). Then we dropped Craig off and went to my parents for a rather late visit there, and I actually got on the family weekly chat because my mother set it up so we were logged in on two different computers in their computer room, so I had contact with my extended family for the first time in months! My brother was there so that was fun! He actually asked me to be the writer for a comic book project he's working on that's due the 15th of this month! O-o So I might be published!! Our first collaboration since that time long long ago as young teens when we tried to do the I write he draws comic book idea I had.... This should be interesting! I sent out the two treatments/ideas I had by email today and I hope he gets back to me on how to convert that to the format he needs to work from. He was supposed to send me an example but hasn't yet, so I hope he does that soon!

Yesterday I slept most of the day again but when I got up I found I'd left my yahoo messenger on while I was asleep and I had messages! O-o Ooops! Luna-Chan had dropped by while I was still not all awake so I'd let her in and set her up with the computer and stuff and then crashed again. Hard.... So she told one person that I was asleep and had been nice enough to change my status to Sleeping so everyone didn't think I was on! ^-^ I got to chat with Kisty and KP when I found the messages from them, and then Kisty phoned so we could talk on the phone and catch up with each other so for a while I was chatting with KP and talking with Kisty and having fun keeping up with both! ^-^ I'm hoping to get to do SOMETHING with Kisty next week as I haven't gotten to plan anything together in so long.

Last night Moonwolf and Celleigh came over to visit. I didn't know that their idea was to split off so Moonwolf could hang out with Juan separately, so we were sort of all hanging out in the living room together thinking this was the plan, but Celleigh explained that what they really wanted was time out socially but AWAY from each other. It was one of those "ooooh, so THAT'S what's going on!?!" moments for me. I'm not sure what Celleigh originally intended to do herself last night because when we were talking earlier I thought she was only talking about Moonwolf getting together with Juan, as we both thought I would still be sleeping. Sometimes it seems to me I sleep ALL the time, but it's just my sleep time is inconsistent so hard to plan around, and I seem to manage to sleep at all the WRONG times to get to hang out or visit people or go DO things.... sigh.... I'm glad I was awake when they got here this time. ^-^

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