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Saturday, May 31, 2003

Well Celleigh came over RIGHT when I was blogging, and I had MORE adventures today! But first, I'm still catching up on the week up to this point....

Thursday I woke up earlier than I would have because Celleigh was here at the door having a computer emergency, and we spent most of the day dealing with computer stuff. She had bought the paid version of an AI program and the url and code for her purchase would only be good for 24 hours and her dial up connection kept breaking off before the download was complete, so we used my cable connection here to download it on my computer, and she brought a cd-r for me to burn it for her to get it safely onto HER laptop. Then we were also dealing with the fact that her new sims expansion wouldn't install, because she'd moved the game folder from one hard drive to the other and the registry still had information preventing installation of the expansion, but also preventing UNinstallation of the whole game. We posted at World Sims for help and then we went out to lunch at the Chinese Buffet she knew about that I'd never been to. It was pretty good and a nice place and they had little jade charms for sale at the counter and she bought one for each of us. ^-^ She put hers on her keychain and I put mine up on my computer desk. Sure enough, just a few minutes ago tonight one of the cats was trying to play with it. I just KNEW that would happen!

We went to her house to pick up her sims cds to try reinstalling the whole game starting with the original sims cd instead of Deluxe. I got to see the kittens and help walk the dogs while we were there. When we got back to my place we had a message back from the manager of World Sims telling us about the Sims Eraser program that deletes the sims information from the registry when it won't let you cleanly uninstall or reinstall the games, so that was EXACTLY what we needed!! ^-^ We used it and deleted any actual files from our attempts to reinstall and then the installation worked! Yay! It was really weird for a while when we were trying to install before and it pulled this trick TWICE where we put the Deluxe cd in to install... and it didn't have the usual installation screens but suddenly popped up a message in less than 5 seconds saying it WAS installed, and it didn't even say WHERE or ask for the registration key codes!! O-o It was lying!! So it was wonderful when it all finally worked.

Before we went to lunch but after we installed her new AI program was when she realized she'd accidentally deleted all her backed up sims files and downloads AND she'd emptied the recycle bin and LOST it ALL! :-( So after we got all the sims games installed again she went searching around on the web trying to remember which sites she'd found stuff at and she re-downloaded everything she could find using my computer, and then I saved it to a bunch of floppy disks for her. Unfortunately this meant I had to erase all the sims stuff I'd had for her on those disks for ANOTHER sims project, and it took longer to DELETE everything on each disk than it did to save stuff TO the disk! I hurried like mad as she had to leave to get Moonwolf the van for work on time, and we ended up writing down the last few things I couldn't save to disk on time, but having to re-download about a half dozen things is much better than having to re-download ALL of them.

When she left she teased and said she was going to be anti-social now and we wouldn't see her again for about a week. Unfortunately she showed up today with a problem bigger than sims and computer stuff because Moonwolf was lashing out at her over communication problems, and she was having a really bad reaction to that. They were both probably overheated and stressed from that already as they only have the window a/c unit. :-( My parents called while Celleigh was telling me what happened and they had my Seratonin medication that shipped to them so I asked if my mother could bring it over soon and she decided to bring it over right then. My dad tried to keep me on the phone pretty much the whole time my mother was driving over here... so Celleigh saw that things were dragging on in the phone call and she signaled me to see if I wanted help and I nodded so she went to the door and started knocking loudly so I could tell my dad someone was at the door and I could escape and get off the phone with him! After that I was glad when she called the house to talk with Moonwolf to see if she was going to come back home with the van for him to go to work or not. For a while before that I thought I was going to be the one to call him and let him know he might have to find a ride to work because she was so upset it didn't look like she was going to come home! (That was while I was eating my fish soup for breakfast and she was telling me what was happening.) So they were talking on the phone and she got mad and gave me the phone so he could talk to someone he wasn't mad at. I ended up asking if he wanted to go someplace neutral territory and cool to talk it out, and I was trying to find out if he wanted me to be there too or not, and Celleigh said she wanted me there, so we made plans for me to get dressed for the day and we would head over right away to pick him up. (I was blogging in my sleepwear before checking the answering machine and eating breakfast.)
We got there and we headed out to the mall because Moonwolf wanted to eat at Arby's in the food court there. Celleigh and I found a little baby/toddler's Nike shoe under a car in the parking lot, and we decided to rescue it from being run over and keep it at my house as a cuddle/chew toy for Emmett when he visits. Then at the food court I found a ten dollar bill lying on the ground! Whooo-hoooo!! ^-^ But about 5-10 minutes later a guy came up asking everyone in the area if they had picked up some money on the ground, ten dollars, so I knew it was his and I gave it back to him. Awwwww... no ten dollars for me... But it was still neat to find it! ^-^ The lady behind me in line looked at me weird when I gave the guy his money, and Celleigh said it was probably because it surprised her that I was honest. Then as we were walking around I found a penny... and later a dime. Maybe I'll find ten dollars in pennies and dimes now! ~-^

We got to talk a little about the communication problems and stuff like the frustration of feeling there was no help with the housework because they each didn't really get to SEE that the other was doing any housework. Then we all walked around browsing some shops and then we went on the quest for a faerie charm Celleigh had seen at one of the jewelry kiosks but she didn't know which one she'd seen it at. It sounded neat, a faerie with feathered wings instead of the more typically butterfly or dragonfly ones. We didn't find it though. Then we headed back to their place for Moonwolf to get ready for work and we dropped him off at work and came back to my place, and we got here and Juan pulled in right as we were getting out of the van. ^-^ We ran into Jerry outside and he heard us talking about Celleigh getting her belly button pierced and he told us to go to a different place from the place she called on the cell phone from the van to get the pricing, so we went inside and she called them and it was the same price, so with all the recommendations she decided to go there instead. Juan and I had pizza for supper but Celleigh wasn't so sure she should eat something before getting pierced because she was excited and knew she wanted to do it, but she was nervous too. So I went with her after I ate, and Juan stayed home, and I got to see her get pierced, which was VERY exciting- watching the HUGE hollow needle pointing through from the INSIDE of her skin just before it broke through was REALLY strange to see! Then the piercing man threaded the hoop onto the back of the needle and just pulled it through, and put the little ball into the gap in the loop to close it.

Afterwards in the parking lot I found another penny. ^-^

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Friday, May 30, 2003

This past week has been "the weekend that would not end!" I've been pushing myself to be more active but today it looks like I can FINALLY crash before going to my mother's birthday party tomorrow night. ^-^

Saturday was the charity party fund raiser at the center where Juan works, also the birthday party of the lady who owns the clothing store. Last time there was a party like this was the time Juan came home without his shirt or the car... so THIS time I got to go with him! ^-^ Craig called and his car broke on him again, which was really bad since he was only in town visiting and he's moved to another city where he WORKS now... so he needed a ride back to be able to get to work and not be fired! We checked back with him to let him know we would give him the ride home Sunday, and asked if he wanted to come to the party with us and he did! Yay! ^-^ Moonwolf and Celleigh were at Celleigh's sister's graduation party but they remembered the tv we were trying to give them so Moonwolf came to pick it up before we set out to pick up Craig. So we went and I danced like mad with Juan, and even got Craig go dance with me, and I got to meet the girl who works in the center and always asked Juan when she would ever meet me, and I got to hang out with Juan's co-workers (and laugh at them trying to pick up girls!) And I had 7 cosmopolitans. They were good. ^-^ The live band was fun too, I just had to remember not to stand near the drums or speakers. The cymbals caught me off guard a couple of times.... We went to Denny's after the party and had great conversations about comic books. ^-^

Sunday was the big adventure of the road trip out of town. We had to put oil in the car on the way to pick Craig up and he had all his stuff ready to go when we got there. We were about half way through our trip when I realized we didn't have the radio on and we'd been talking the whole trip! We got there and got to see Craig's room in the boarding house, and then we went to eat at the Chinese buffet he likes around there and it was VERY good! I was BRAVE and tried one of the little sauteed Squids... it was about the size of the palm of my hand. I was terrified but fascinated and decided to try it, and it was pretty good.

Monday I couldn't get over the fact that Juan had the day off! He's NEVER had the day off for a holiday like that before! I was a little wiped out in the morning so I didn't wake up to go with him to his parents house to start getting ready for the barbeque... but when I DID wake up I was groggy and fighting to wake up and felt sick! O-o Turns out the neighbors outside the bedroom window had spilled a LOT of lighter fluid and the fumes were making me sick! :-( I'm glad I woke up and moved to the living room, but the fumes followed me! I called Juan at his parents and when he came to pick me up the fumes were still bad but they weren't outside anymore so we opened up all the windows to air the house out while we were gone. We went to the store to pick up stuff before heading back to his parents and we ran into Rebecca!!! We've only seen her a couple of times since her bad car accident and coma, she's doing really well and has plans for working girl scout camp this Summer and then going to the college that she was wanting to get into in the Fall. Hopefully we'll get to get together a couple of times before she leaves town!

When we got to Juan's parents house our Nephews were there and Ruben RAN to meet me and hug me and then he CLIMBED me so I was holding him! He's never done that before! It was fun! ^-^ I had Juan take a picture of me holding the new chihuahua puppy Juan's mother got for Mother's Day. They wash her almost every day so she smells really good. And she's not yappy all the time... so I'm kind of hoping Juan warms up to her despite the fact he really REALLY doesn't like "small yappy dogs." We ended up sitting at the table sketching and drawing with Juan's brother and both older nephews. Ruben gave me his drawing and said I could hang it on my wall! So I put it in my purse, and then the other day when I remembered it I took it out and I DID hang it on my wall! ^-^ We also played Mexican Bingo, and when Ruben was getting frustrated at not ever winning they started rigging the cards for him to win once in a while. After the nephews left Lunacorn packed her bags to come stay with us for 2 nights since she didn't have to go to work till Wednesday evening, yay! She came with us and we went shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond for the fiber-fill baffle box I've been wanting so badly, since the magnetic matress my parents gave us is HARD and the feather baffle box keeps poking (and even CUTTING me) with the feathers coming out. I also found a linens spray and scented candle I loved and Juan let me get those too. Then we went grocery shopping and wal-mart and I got the pantry cabinet I wanted, I used the money I've been saving up every week now that Juan's giving me spending money regularly. We had adventures getting the pantry HOME though.. it was LONGER than I thought and the box wouldn't fit in the trunk, so it ended up in the back seat with Lunacorn holding part of it in her lap as the end stuck out the window! O-o

We were so tired when we got home we just foraged for snacks instead of making dinner. Juan went to bed and I started putting the Pantry together, and got it to a good stopping place with everything prepared for putting the shelves and sides together, and I dragged it all over out of the way so we wouldn't come down the hall and break our necks in the morning! The cats were very interested, of course, and rubbed on the box and played in it, crawling on their tummies from one end of the long flat box to the other. They also inspected the shelves and all the components for the pantry to approve of them.

Tuesday I slept in a bit and when I woke up Celleigh had called and left messages... I thought we'd set it up for certain that they were invited over Tuesday night but wires were crossed or we hadn't called them like I thought so she was still left wondering what the plan was and had been trying to get ahold of us all weekend! Ooops! After clearing that up we talked about Sims stuff and then I set to work with the Pantry construction again. At one point I was frustrated and lost because the instructions were TERRIBLE and suddenly talked about hinges that didn't seem to exist... till I figured out they were part of the hinges already attached to the walls of the pantry and were supposed to come apart to get the other half of the hinge out and attach THAT to the doors! I went on a rant about magically reproducing hinges and how there weren't enough "pretty little pictures" in the instructions, and how the instructions must have originally been written by Russian Carpenters who assumed you knew EVERYTHING there was to know about carpentry, and then those instructions had been translated into Japanese, and the Japanese must have been stuck trying to translate THAT into English, Spanish, and French, which was what the instructions were in, and being able to read it in all 3 languages was STILL not helping! I claimed that if the instructions had been written in pig-latin 1337 at least some attempt at COMMUNICATION would have been made! Lunacorn found all this VERY amusing and she tried to write it all down and share it in chat with her friends. Now there are people out there who KNOW I'm silly... :-P

Lunacorn helped me finish off construction on the pantry while Celleigh called again to let us know SHE might not make it that night because she hadn't been to sleep yet! Neither of us were sure whether Moonwolf might come over on his own or not, but he did, so that was nice! After the pantry was set up where it belongs I put things back into it and it's MUCH better than the 2 open cabinets we had on top of each other before. Now the kitties can't get into things and it looks MUCH neater to look across the room at closed doors than at chaos crammed into the fronts of the shelves in an attempt to blockade the kitties out. The other really cool thing is Jerry next door got promoted in his job and has an office now and needs a drafting table, so we get to give him OUR drafting table I've been wanting to get rid of for the past year since we never use it like I thought we would when we got it! ^-^ The only sad part is he's moving out at the end of this month... which pretty much means right NOW he's moving out. :-( But he should be coming to get the drafting table tonight or tomorrow I think and I'll finally have a Dining Room back! ^-^

Tuesday night I made chicken breasts in a basil lemon cream sauce with sauteed mushrooms and onions and cheese melted in to thicken it... but the cheese didn't melt in like last time, turns out we used a different cheese blend last time and I forgot! wooops! But it was good anyway. Moonwolf showed up and joined us for dinner and we watched a movie and then Juan turned on the music channels and we visited and talked, and Lunacorn got me into the chat with her friends so I got to meet them, which was a ton of fun. Especially since Lunacorn and I were drinking rum and cokes. ^-^

Wednesday I woke up kind of late again, and Lunacorn and I watched a ton more Inuyasha anime episodes I had burned, right up till her parents came to pick her up for a ride home since she rode with us instead of bringing her car when we set out on that adventure.

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Friday, May 23, 2003

Monday was our 3rd Anniversary and we had a nice little celebration. Juan had to work all day, but when he got home we cooked dinner together and I set up the coffee table in the living room with a sheet for a tablecloth, and put a candle and the centerpiece I saved from our reception on the table, and I put our Unity Candles set up on the little computer desk with our cake topper in front of them, and one of the bouquets from the wedding I managed to balance on top of the back of the computer monitor. ^-^ Then after dinner I surprised him with all the work I did clearing off the bookcase and other surfaces of the dressers and stuff to have candles set up everywhere all around the room! Tah-dah! ^-^ We emailed each other postcards earlier too, which reminded me of how he PROPOSED by email postcard in the first place!

Tuesday Celleigh and Moonwolf came over and Celleigh and I set up to do sims stuff so Juan took Moonwolf to the video store and they brought back a couple of movies to entertain themselves while we were off in our own little sims obsessed world. Celleigh and I ended up watching the movies more than I thought we would though. ^-^

Wednesday Juan came home from work early and we got to spend more time together, which was nice. I just wish I wasn't so tired so often, but that's getting better. We cooked together again and mostly watched tv shows and movies and the music channels and talked.

Today I actually had energy so I bounced on the trampoline for half an hour, I haven't done that in a LONG time! I felt like I could go longer but thought I'd better not overdo it. I may be pretty sore tomorrow. Then after I showered I suddenly got VERY sleepy and I was napping when Juan got home from work early again today! I got up when he got home and we went to Ryans for dinner, and then shopping at Target and Wal-Mart afterwards. Juan had a bad negative reaction slump from the shopping but we got through it ok. I'm still feeling it out sometimes when I'm not sure if he needs some space to himself to get over his reactions, or if it's ok to be near and touching and talking.

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Thursday, May 15, 2003

Sitting here watching Buffy ep 21 (yay bittorrent!) and suddenly, I smell this funny smell, like an overheated car, or hair dryer, in other words that funny burning wires kind of smell, and it seems to be coming from the a/c! :-( I stood on the trampoline under the main living room vent to make sure... it seemed like there may have been some warmer air coming out of the vent mixed with the cold air coming out... so I got overly cautious and turned the a/c off entirely! Now I'm hoping the living room ceiling fan keeps me cool enough for the rest of the day till Juan comes home, I wanted him to see if he can smell it too before we report it to the landlord, and since the landlord can't do anything about it this late in the afternoon anyway it would have to wait till tomorrow whether he came and looked at it or not.

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I just did my new thing I've started doing where I go outside on the front porch/balcony for a few minutes for absolutely no reason whatsoever... just to see the sunshine and get a breath of fresh air. I did that yesterday just out of the blue when I had a headache and thought it might help, and now today I thought I'd do it again... I NEED to get more fresh air and sunshine... well I got a nice reward for it today, I saw a bird land and sit and hop around in the tree about 3 feet from where I was, as the tree's branches are even with our porch, and then a damselfly surprised me and almost landed on my hand! Cool! ^-^

I've been having fun playing my new Sims Superstar game, but I've also not been feeling well with headaches and feeling too hot all the time, even with the a/c cranked up to WAAAY cooler than I usually can stand it. Last night I had a bad dizzy spell and started blacking out and my ears plugged up so I could hardly hear, all happening VERY quickly and all I was doing was standing up listening to the messages on the answering machine right before bed! :-(

For some reason I was kind of antsy all day yesterday, even with my new game to keep me mostly glued to the computer as usual, I kept feeling like expending energy... so I got out the mini-trampoline and bounced a little now and then. It's been a LONG time since I've had the urge to rush around or bounce or go out and DO something, instead of just going out to do stuff we were supposed to and then having to recover from it for a couple of days.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Last night I turned my couch into a Puppy Photo Shoot! ^-^ Celleigh and Moonwolf came over with a freshly washed Emmett, and I got to help groom him here before we took the pictures. I'm glad I held up as well as I did as I was suddenly not feeling well, felt too hot, kept wondering if it was like a heat flash or running a fever, but every time we checked for fever my head was cooler than Juan's hand. Had to spend a long time in the bathroom too... not fun. :-( But the rest was fun!

Those are the cleaned up cropped and shrunk versions of a few of my favorites from the "shoot" ^-^. Celleigh asked if I thought about doing pet photography professionally... heehee! *beam!*

Today is the day the Sims Superstar is released in stores!! Whooohoo!! Problem is we don't know yet when or if Juan can be let off work early today so we can go get it! Oh well.. another couple of days won't kill me if I have to wait till Sunday when he's off for sure....

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Monday, May 12, 2003

Mothers Day went pretty well, the car surprised us by working and not giving any hint at battery trouble at all, so we didn't go buy a new car battery after all! I managed to squeeze into the size 18 jeans that Juan's mother had given me a few months back, and I was all excited to be able to get into them at all, but I decided I didn't want to try to wear them to dinner after all, as I didn't want to get there and not be able to eat my meal! ^-^ I changed but I went digging through my clothes I haven't worn in a while to find a nice shirt I haven't been wearing all the time lately, and I found the top that went with my blue outfit we bought me for Easter about 4 years ago, it now fits better than it did when we bought it! Yay! We went to go buy flowers and cards for our mothers first and we got lucky that there were still flowers and cards to be bought! O-o The flowers we bought reminded me of little tiger lillies, they were named something like Alstomeria... I've probably got that spelled wrong, I want to remember the name though because I really liked them!

We got to hang out at Juan's parents house for a while before we left for the restaraunt, because the nephews weren't dressed yet when we got there... their clothes were still in the dryer!! The restaraunt was ok but expensive, but Juan said I could have anything and not worry about the price, so I had the steak and shrimp dinner, but I have him my salad and fries as I couldn't eat that part. My steak came all wrong the first time, the tags said medium rare, but it was VERY well done and not pink at ALL inside and all dried out! :-( Juan said if it was that wrong it was ok to send it back! I'd never done that before but we did and then the one they came back with was perfect. ^-^ So I was happy.

We got to hang out again at Juan's parents house after the dinner, which was actually lunch, and I got to go in the backyard and watch Juan play catch with the football with the nephews, and then I got to try playing catch with it too! I took lots of pictures and the boys kept wanting to take pictures too, and see the review of the pictures already taken, so I let them but I kept a close eye on them while they were holding the camera! Then we went to go visit at my parents house, but I was crashing so hard we stopped on the way for an energy drink for me. Unfortunately, they were out... so I stretched my diet some and had a diet cherry coke Juan surprised me with... it had no carbs, but I have to be really careful and limit my caffiene intake too so I just hadn't been having any at all.

The visit with my parents went well! My mother really liked the flowers, and read her card out loud, and set up her flowers in her violin vase on the table. I told her about how the store clerk said you could keep cutting about an inch off the stems of the flowers every 3 days and they could last up to 2 weeks that way! My dad told a lot of stories about when he was younger, and we talked some about cars, it turns out my mother thinks the PT Cruisers are cute. ^-^ My dad is still trying to track down what happened to this guy he knew who was working on a hydrogen powered car. They talked about my exercise some but that didn't get too bad, as I told them about working out a little tiny bit with the light weights I borrowed from my mother. My dad was disappointed I didn't feel it was safe yet to workout with the bodyblade again yet. But it's so much rapid agitation in my arms and chest area I'm not sure my breast is really mended enough for that! So I don't feel comfortable trying that yet. I told them about playing catch with the football and about getting my new bat and softball and rubber covered baseball to try to play with out in the field by our apartments, and my mother was happy and excited that I had something fun to do that would make use of that nice field.

We finished up our visit and stopped by the store to buy stuff for dinner on the way home and we got 2 different brands of knockwurst to try and compare, and we got the TGIFridays spinach dip from the frozen foods section so that was dinner. We also got some low carb strawberry shakes for me to try out as I was fading really fast and wanted to have something in the car on the way home as I was lightheaded. As we were leaving the store I saw one of those little trinket machines that had little cheap metal dragon necklaces and Juan laughed and actually gave me the 50 cents to get one, which I did! And I was so excited! I loved it and had him help me put it on right away! And Juan said it looked better than he thought it would once it was on me. ^-^ Am I a cheap date or what?! 50 cent jewelry and I'm thrilled! :-P

This morning was odd because I woke up before Juan as has been usual lately, and at about 8:30 in the morning his boss called while he was asleep! O-o So Juan wasn't having his normal morning routine... and then Skywise threw up a hairball all over the hallway... and Juan cleaned that up... but it wasn't till he'd been gone to work for about an hour that I suddenly realized something... the drip drip drip of the water leaking in the a/c as it fell into the empty bucket wasn't there!! Yeeeek! He hadn't emptied the bucket before work! So I went and opened the vent with the butter knife that's taken up residence in the bathroom for that purpose, and sure enough, we had a full bucket! But I was happily surprised that it wasn't an OVERFLOWING bucket, and I managed to get it emptied out... and had to yell at the kitties to stay out of the intriguing cavern that the open air vent presented them... I didn't need kitties tracking mold mud through the house! It's ICKY in there because of the leak!

The cats have sneaked into the bedroom TWICE so far this morning... one time darting in with me, and the other was a big surprise because I heard the click and creak of a door being pawed open and I thought it was the hall closet as they usually try to play in there... but when I went to investigate it turned out it had been the bedroom door not latched when it closed, so they managed to get in all by themselves! I snagged on out of the bedroom closet, and the other was harder to get as he was up in the window and kept backing up as I struggled with the window blinds trying to reach him! Silly cat!

Tomorrow Sims Superstar is supposed to be out in stores! Juan is going to look over bills with me tonight to see if we can afford it or if I wait longer. ^-^ Tonight Celleigh is supposed to come over with Emmett so we can do his photo shoot, that should be fun! I might have to take a nap this afternoon to be sure I'm awake tonight!

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Saturday, May 10, 2003

Well! Tonight Juan came home without the car AGAIN!! O-o But this time he was still wearing his SHIRT! Yay!! And he wasn't drunk!! Yay!! ^-^ Since that night he came home so messed up, our joke when he's leaving has been "ok, be careful, I love you, come home with your shirt and the car!" as we're saying goodbye in the mornings, or whenever he's leaving the house... He stopped by the deli on the way home from work, because when he called about dinner I decided sandwiches (hooray for Atkins low carb bread!) and the car DIED at the deli! He had to walk all the way home from there with the corned beef! Our neighbor, Jerry, is giving him a ride back to the car to jumpstart it, and it looks like we'll be going battery-shopping in the morning! I hope I can still get my mother the flowers I wanted to get her, we wanted to get them tonight in case they're all sold out in the morning. Now I'm not sure we want to risk the car dying again if we leave the house tonight....

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Boy, am I out of it! O-o I continued my cleaning kick thing, reading the flylady emails and then running around cleaning stuff... I unloaded the clean dishes from the dishwasher, which for some reason is the hardest part of dealing with the dishes for me, whether it's putting them away from a dishwasher, or putting them away from the drainboard, it seems it's the putting them all away at once that gets to me for some reason. Then I actually swept and MOPPED the floor! After having Celleigh's neat mop borrowed over here since around the time I got home from my surgery, I finally USED it!! ^-^ So now my kitchen floor is much cleaner, though I couldn't scrub all the cat hair out of the corners... now I feel better about trying to get the landlord over here to see what he wants to do about the two tiles that have come up because of the HUGE crack through the foundation there! My clean kitchen floor includes about a 1 by 2 foot patch of NO floor, just the concrete with the big crack.. but that's swept clean at least... Then I was on a roll so I cleaned the bathroom too... but didn't sweep and mop there...

After all this cleaning I went to the bedroom to clean some there... but I ended up falling asleep on the bed with my CONTACTS in!! O-o I had a hazy impression that Celleigh came over and was talking through the door, trying to get me to wake up, and then, in the dream, she started banging something hard and ceramic sounding, I was guessing a flowerpot, to make noise for me to hear and wake up. I finally really DID wake up, staggered out to the living room, and found... dun dun dun... that Celleigh had called and left a message... and the KITTIES had RAMPAGED and knocked over my water bottle, the trash can, and my ceramic faerie incense burner was knocked all the way off the top of the desk hutch!! O-o That was the sound that turned into the flowerpot banging in my dream!!

Anyway, now the plan is for Celleigh to bring Emmett over Monday for a Sheltie Photo Shoot as she's entering him into a Virtual Sheltie thing... I don't know much about it but I think the photo shoot will be fun. ^-^ I wrote it down on our "big board" in the hallway and I tried to draw a little Emmett pic but mine did NOT turn out as cute as the ones Celleigh draws!

I've been watching a ton of anime again, I go around with bits of the songs stuck in my head now. "Raspberry Heaven" etc. is the one I woke up to currently stuck in my head. It's the ending song from Azumanga Daioh. I want to find out what anime the green goddess quiz picture below comes from so I can see if I can find and watch that. It reminds me of my mother in the image because of the violin. Her idea of heaven would be to play the violin forever. ^-^ As a small child I learned this wonderful distraction.. and tried to use it to my advantage! When I was about 2 years old they said I went up to her and told her "Mommy, go, go play your violin!" because I wanted to DO something or get INTO something I knew I wasn't supposed to, and I knew she'd never notice if she was playing the violin!! O-o Will my kids someday say "go, go play on the computer!" with that diabolical gleam in their eye?! O-o

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Friday, May 09, 2003

Green Goddess
Goddess of green. You probably prefer to be outside
where you can get some fresh air!

What element would you rein over? (For Girls)
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I just had more really really weird dreams, this time there was a big bird outside a window I was looking out of, but by the time I got outside to see it it turned out to be a winged cat with kittens! Somehow I ended up in a vehicle with the winged cat, her kittens, and other people, and the cat's name was Amigo. She meowed but also chirped like a bird. The kittens didn't seem to have any wings yet. I was petting her and someone brought out a camera so I thought that was a good idea and got mine out of my purse, but then every angle I could get for pictures she would shift so I couldn't get her wings to show up in the picture. She was mostly greys in her fur but the wings were white. This was after a long series of weird dreams involving plants in bathrooms, and me being some sort of alien creature running around dealing with other alien creatures and at one point I was confronting and yelling at the one creature who was snobby with me because I was female. At one point earlier in that dream they were teaching me to do some sort of elaborate bow and I was topless and they were laughing at my breasts wobbling ungracefully.... Another dream I was running around in my underwear trying to get more clothes and hide that I was sneaking food from some storage place... and for some reason I found another pair of my panties at that food storage place!

Yesterday I had something pretty neat happen, I got in one of my moods and actually read my flylady email with all the little testimonials and reminders to clean your house... I straightened out the living room and then decided to spend my 15 minutes of cleaning in the kitchen, so I ended up cleaning the counters and stovetop! Then I went to the website and found out after the fact that the kitchen was the "zone" that was scheduled in her cleaning strategy, so THAT made me feel good... but the funny/good part came when I was sitting here in my sleep panties and t-shirt playing Sims... and I heard knocking at the door and RAN to get my pants on...but I heard keys rattling at the door... I ALMOST assumed it was Juan coming home in the middle of the day for something but I'm glad I DIDN'T go with that thought because when I got my pants and got to the door it was the EXTERMINATOR guy and he was holding a note someone taped on the door AFTER Juan had left for work, saying the exterminators would be there at 5pm! Eeeep! The guy had a whole box of KEYS and was trying to let himself IN! Eeeep! If I hadn't run fast enough he would have come in on me in my sleepy-undies!! Anyway, this gets us to the good part that I'm so surprised by! He looked around my living room and said "Oh good, you CLEANED! It's clean over here!" ^-^ I never had a stranger come over and say I had a clean house before! ^-^ I still see stuff like the cluttered pantry with everything showing, and the bags of aluminum cans for recycling that are out in plain sight, stuff like that... but I guess maybe that's not so bad after all. ^-^ I still want to get a pantry cupboard we can close to keep the cats out of though! :-P

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Thursday, May 08, 2003

Well it looks like no more smoke coming through the walls from the neighbors for a while now, Jerry threw the smoking guy out! Unfortunately, then he locked his keys in his truck and that meant he was locked out of his apartment too, so he broke his living room window to get back into his apartment! O-o I was half asleep when it happened and the sound of breaking glass made it into my dreams and confused me awake. Now he's got a board in his window but it's not fixed yet, and he told Juan he would be moving out at the end of this month as he's been having problems with the landlord. :-( So now I'll be hoping for someone who DOESN'T smoke a ton and DOESN'T compulsively bug bomb weekly!! Then maybe I can finally get WELL on the days when I'm not having my chronic pain! This has been slowly driving me nuts....

I'm looking forward to the new Sims expansion pack, it comes out on the 13th! The countdown is running! Only FIVE more days! (twitch twitch.. ~-^ ) I've been having some problems with my Sims game lately though, it keeps unexpectedly crashing while I've got my sims Downtown... but it might just be I've been keeping them there too long... last time it froze it didn't crash to the desktop as usual so I did control alt delete and it showed the Sims was using ALL the CPU and a HUGE amount of memory... I think I need to burn more stuff I'm not currently using, and maybe having more space on the hard drive will help... maybe. I've also been having problems with Windows Explorer crashing all the time, "this has performed an illegal operation, do you want to send an error report?" and so forth.

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Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Been tired again all week, Juan turned out ok the next morning, which was a relief.

I've been having pain explosions again, not too severe but still it wears me out so I'm tired all the time. Sometimes I feel guilty when I start feeling better, but I don't want to finally do all the STUFF that's piled up while I've been in pain, I want to run away from stuff I feel are obligations, like visiting with my family. I get a different kind of tired then, from emotional causes, my depression kicks in. I'll feel good enough I want to go out and leave the house, but I don't want to have to face ANYONE, not even my friends. And that makes me feel guilty for wanting some of my "good" time for myself instead of taking my opportunity to see people when I don't know if I'll be up to it even the next day or not.

I felt kind of better this past Sunday and instead of trying to force myself to make it to my mother's Piano Concert, which only happens once a year, I found myself having that heavy tired depressed crawl back into bed and hide feeling every time I thought of getting ready and making it there on time. I made the choice to STOP trying to get ready to go, to not go at all, to do other things I wanted to do that didn't make me feel overwhelmed and exhausted just thinking about them. I still feel sad and guilty about not going, but I think it was good for me. My dad started sending me emails and postcards saying how much he misses me though. That's started up a series of nightmares about him this past week. I miss him too, but what I miss is the stories, and sharing memories about the past, and talking about our latest adventures... but I hate it when he starts trying to control everything I do with my body, trying to fix me and make me healthy by doing EVERYTHING his way, trying to test me and experiment on me to prove his latest theories work. I hate it when he corners me into the exercise equipment and forces me to work out, and when he measures my waist to see how fat I am now. I hate it when he goes off on one of his rants about how terrible sugar is, or he goes into one of his advertizing speeches about whatever his latest product is. I don't want him to be my trainer or doctor or salesman. I miss the guy I could TALK with about philosophy and religion and science and ideas, and remember my childhood together, and hear about his life stories, just hanging out visiting stuff, not these invasive ordeals I go into trying not to show any weakness or illness.

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