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Sunday, April 27, 2003

Juan came home VERY drunk last night! I had a pain explosion again that afternoon/evening so I couldn't go with him to the charity party he had to make an appearance at for his work... it seemed like he was only gone about an hour, and I didn't expect him home so early, but I heard scrabbling outside the door. I called out saying who is it... but he didn't answer so I wasn't sure it was him, but it sounded like someone was trying to get a key in the lock. I latched the chain and peeked out and there he was, missing his shirt and with vomit all in his beard!! aaah!! :-( I got him inside and I was really scared by how drunk he was, I helped him to the bathroom and got him undressed and in the shower. He stayed in the shower throwing up the whole time for over an hour. I called LunaCorn but her cell phone took a message, so I called Celleigh and she headed right over, and I tried to call Kisty but I was so stressed I was getting the numbers from the caller ID and I called her landlady's house instead!! Oops! But she was nice and tried to help me get Kisty on the 3 way calling but the phone was busy. He wouldn't let me get in the shower with him to help any so I went and posted on a forum for help... mostly to feel like I was DOING something, and to calm down... and it was likely SOMEONE would be on there at 11:30pm my time...

Celleigh got here and called Poison Control, and we induced vomiting more... and they said to not let him pass out, and keep making sure he was conscious and to ask him questions to see if he was coherent and not having confused thoughts that happen with brain damage. They said if he passed out he might go into a coma. They also said to keep making sure he was breathing. By the time he was ready to get out of the shower all he wanted was to go to bed but we had to hep him get his contacts out, and I've never dealt with SOFT contacts, always a fear I will tear them with my nails, and my eyesight is too bad to have them anyway. I wrapped him up in a towel and held him up while he managed to put his fingers in his eyes and take out the contacts while Celleigh dealt with the lens fluid and contact case and getting them safely put away. Then I held his towel on while we got him into the bedroom, and Celleigh waited outside while I got him INTO the bed and tucked in.

Celleigh got me calmed down a lot, and Kisty called and I got to talk with her some, and then the next couple of hours was mostly keeping distacted while he rested and I went in to check on him every 5 or 10 minutes. After about 3 hours Celleigh thought it seemed like I could handle things ok and we probably wouldn't have to call an ambulance, so she said goodnight and I stayed up ALL NIGHT checking him and making sure he's breathing about every 20-30 minutes. This is one time I'm GLAD to hear his snore!

I had to take pain pills because my pain kicked in about halfway through the night, I feel pretty bad right now but I'm hoping I can get away with not taking them again just yet. It's getting close to 9am so it's now about 10 hours since he got home and about 8 1/2 hours since he first went to bed... I'm not sure how much sleep he's gotten, I'm not sure I feel it's safe for ME to go to sleep till he wakes up and I see how he is though.

Oh yeah, I found his shirt outside covered in vomit. :-(

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Thursday, April 24, 2003

Last night at about 6am... so I guess it was really this morning, I had another of my pain explosions. :-( Probably a rupture this time. :-( The good thing is it got better after only an hour or two and I was able to sleep most of the day today. And I'm only a little sore from it now, but I'm worn out and not feeling up to much. Good thing Juan and I had our "date" yesterday then, going out to eat at Ryans and then we went grocery and household supply shopping. We ended up just getting the household stuff because we were both too tired to make it though the groceries too... but we HAD to get stuff like toilet paper! O-O I was sad they still didn't have the shampoo I like, so now I'm thinking it's discontinued or something so I'm trying out new ones. I saw new metallic nail polish I actually liked, it seems to be a new trend or something as several brands have come out with it. I've been too tired or busy to do my nails for a long time now though.

I keep hoping to feel up to doing some graphics work and starting to learn to make stuff using Flash, but I never feel up to it... or I never think of it when I'm doing well. I did finally try to do a graphic attempting to show how my eyesight is without correction.. I took the same picture side by side and while I had only one contact in I kept trying to adjust and blur the picture on one side so it looked the way the original did with my contact out... if that makes any sense....

I've been watching the fansubbed Utena anime and I'm coming to the end of the block of episodes I have so far... so I'll have to wait to watch the rest when I get the missing episodes. I've noticed I'm picking up a few Japanese words here and there... this makes me think I should really be watching more stuff in Spanish with English subtitles.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Easter was EXHAUSTING! For us it started Saturday night, we went over to Juan's parents' house to help prepare the shish-kebabs and I had fun but wore my arms out kebabing! I also got distracted when Juan was talking and I gouged myself pretty well in the base of my left pointer finger, it bled, but stopped bleeding right away when I washed up. Then after that we went to the parking lot area around Krystal Burger to meet Celleigh and Kisty there since they were going to dye Easter Eggs but they were grabbing a bite to eat since they were hungry. Rosa was with them, and we ended up mostly having a long visit in the parking lot instead of quick eating and following them back to dye eggs, which was what I thought the plan was... so by the time they were heading back to Celleigh's to dye the eggs it was around 3am and we had to go home and miss the egg dying. :-( But I was glad I got to see Kisty for a while and talk and hang out and visit a little.

We actually got to bed about 4am and then my insomnia woke me up at about 7am and wouldn't let me get back to sleep! O-o We got ready and went to my parents around noon, and I got to teach my mom to make a spinach and cheese sauce, which they loved, and she got a late start making the chicken so we ate kind of later than we thought, but it was good, turned out to be an ok visit, not too much health and exercise and business talk. Around 2pm we looked out the windows and it was black like it was night! O-o We had a HUGE downpour that went by pretty fast, so we went ahead and headed out to the park where Juan's family was... turned out when the rain hit they picked up tables and barbeque pits and EVERYTHING and hauled it all under the basketball court pavillion as fast as they could! So we got there and they'd taken over the courts! ^-^ We got there before all the shish-kebabs were gone so I was very happy. ^-^ LunaCorn was there and we got to meet 2 of her friends from college and hang out with them most of the time we were at the barbeque, and then afterwards I went with them to Starbucks (my first time to be to the new one here in town!) while Juan went to help his dad move all the stuff back home, and he was supposed to meet us there... but he called LunaCorn on her cell phone and said he was taking a nap instead. Poor Juan! I had a great time with LunaCorn and her friends, and then we parted ways and LunaCorn and I went back to her house to meet up with Juan again, and we had a good visit there and got to see our Nephews and Juan got to see most of the movie Rat Race which he had been afraid to watch but I'd seen before and wanted him to watch it, and it wasn't as bad as he had feared. ^-^ By the time we were leaving I was crashing HARD already, fighting off being cold, and starting to get a sore throat and runny/sniffly nose from the air conditioning being set so cold inside. :-( I had fun trying to get myself into the car to go home... I couldn't balance right, and my arms were weak, and I had to put my foot back outside of the car to brace myself to pull in the car door with both hands, then get my leg back in the car, and pull it closed with both arms! We got home and I slept HARD!

Yesterday Juan got home from work early, not too long after I was waking up, and we went shoe shopping FINALLY after needing shoes for over a year now, and we went to Academy and got new shoes AND we got a baseball bat for me and one softball and one rubber covered baseball!! Juan says he'll play at playing baseball with me too now, so I can have fun trying to hit the ball like at the batting cages where I loved it so much! We got home and it was dark out, but with all the outside lights on at both apartment complexes I could see all the white clover blossoms in the field so I was SURE I could see the softball too! I convinced him to come out and throw the ball for me and it was GREAT! ^-^ I wore myself out. :-P Our neighbor laughed at us as I was squeaking and yeeping every time I hit the ball. ^-^

Then Celleigh and Moonwolf came over and we all watched Super Troopers, with much interruption, like me riding along with Celleigh to go to Krystal Burgers to pick up "lunch" for her and Moonwolf. With their night schedule 2 am is lunchtime! I was glad Moonwolf and Juan got some time for just guy talk and bonding, whatever they do/did while we're gone and it's just them being guys.

Today I slept really late, woke up with a HUGE headache at about 3pm, took pain pills, and went back to bed where I was asleep when Juan got off work early. I napped again, then woke up to take more pain pills and eat an energy bar at 7pm... then had to go back to bed while Juan left to help with a machine at work and I slept till about 8:30pm and I'm up now.. still feeling ooky but better than I was... I had nightmares and don't think I can sleep again right now. Juan was going to go eat cheesecake at his parents house so I'm missing that right now. :-( And LunaCorn is there as she's off work tonight too!! Waaah! :-( I hope I actually have a DAY tomorrow and feel better and get to DO things!

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Friday, April 11, 2003

It's pain week. :-(

I've been tired a lot still, Celleigh's come over a couple of times, once with Moonwolf, so I got to see them a little, but pretty much my last getting out and being social was when Kisty's dad was in town, we got to go to 2 different Mexican restaraunts while he was here to give him a little experience of the area.

I woke up the other morning with a new song attacking me, it's been a long while since that happened. I tried to record what I remembered from the dream before I forgot, and then worked on a little of the underlying music but that's as far as I got.

I've been having really bad insomnia and messed up sleep schedule with the pain and all, and disturbing dreams when I do sleep. Lots of dreams with stuff like fighting with my father, screaming at him for my privacy... sigh.

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