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Thursday, February 27, 2003

Yesterday I tried to catch up more on watching old episodes of Buffy from this season that I missed, and I also remembered to install the Zoo Tycoon expansion packs, so I was doing the tutorials getting adjusted to the new stuff when Celleigh called wanting to come over and make her first Sims skin!! Yay! I corrupted her with sims MAAAAAD-ness!!! ~-^ Earlier I was taking care of Worldsims stuff downloading and copying all the information from a site that's merging with us, and uploading all the object files and filling out all the information like who made it, description, what expansions it requiers, etc. It seemed to take a long time but was actually faster than it felt.

Celleigh came over and I was still downloading all the bonus stuff from the Zoo Tycoon site, so she found out there's an Atlantis theme to download now, and a Llama!! ^-^ Juan made liver and onions for dinner, and then we got down to business and I made a sort of starter photoshop file to show her tricks I use with layers, and she picked out a harem/belly dancer outfit to turn into a Mardi Gras costume. ^-^ Many hours later, her costume was pretty much done! Then we started on the Head skin to go with it, but we didn't get to finish that, it was late and I was starting to crash.

I want to write out a little tutorial and put up the base-starter file I made on my sims guild website so people can use that to get started skinning, I think it would be a fun idea! I just need to work around neopets not working to upload the logo... I decided to do it in my gallery account, simply_fae, and make that my sims obsession focused account. :-P Eventually I plan to make skins and stuff just for the guild members to download, and pages of member created downloads. ^-^

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Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Well Sunday was supposed to be the big wrestling pay per view party but it fell though. I hadn't been sure I was up for it anyway. It was Juan's mother's birthday but they went to Houston to shop and the flea market so I couldn't go do that, so we just stayed in town, I got out of the house to do grocery shopping with Juan, and we stopped by his parents house to give him mother her birthday gift after they were home again. We got her 3 garden decoration springy butterflies, I thought they were cool, and she seemed to like them so I was happy about that.

Yesterday Celleigh came over to work on her website, transferring her old ivillage site from her old account to her NEW account with ivillage, that took a long time, and her tooth was killing her, but we made it through the day and I was wiped out by nighttime, Juan went to pick up Moonwolf to bring him over to be able to pick up Celleigh and drive her and the van home because there was NO WAY she was going to be able to drive!! I was really glad she made it over ok in the first place! Juan left work to try to get us some clove oil for her tooth but he couldn't find any so he brought us clove powder instead. I crashed HARD last night, I think I'm still groggy today.

Rough day so far today, my depression is bad, so I need to make sure to take more of my medicine, I apparantly didn't get enough yesterday. Ember gave us a terrible surprise this morning when, for the first time we CAUGHT her anyway, she peed on the floor in the BEDROOM where she had never gone before!! :-( We went to PetSmart and got stuff to spray to discourage her, but we have to spray it all over the areas she pees in and THEN we have to catch her and rub her face in it making sure the stuff gets in her mouth!!! VERY traumatic for us all!!! :-( I hope this works though! We also switched to an open top litterbox today and will donate the old one either to Celleigh or to the no kill animal shelter she volunteers at, whichever she picks, because we're not sure if she needs an extra litter box herself or not. After we get Ember trained NOT to go in the now ELEVEN places she's been peeing on the carpet, which the bottle says will be about TWO weeks ... (yeek!) we have stuff to deep clean the urine out so the ammonia will stop making me sick. We've cleaned and cleaned before but with her still peeing there that was only helping SOME with my allergies. :-(

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Friday, February 21, 2003

Yay, I feel like I ACCOMPLISHED something today! I think I'm getting antsy in my recovery and want to DO stuff and CLEAN stuff and ORGANIZE stuff, but I'm still not allowed to lift 15 pounds yet... or carry my own purse... so I'm working around that. ^-^ I've been wanting to organize my books a little so they are at least sorted and "clumped" by author so I can sort of find them, and last night I was talking with Celleigh about it, and now today I read my flylady email and it was about procrastination... so I just got up and went and DID it!! I only did two of the bookcases in the bedroom, and I hauled out my laundry basket and suitcase of crafts by mostly using my RIGHT arm and legs... heh... see, got around my restrictions! Ember kitty watched and inspected and supervised, she walked all over the piles of books on the bed while I was sorting them so I had to RE-sort them, of course. They have now been thouroghly sniffed. I think she likes Alan Dean Foster... ~-^ I'm really happy to have a good block of the Darkover books sorted out now because I was wanting to re-read through as much of that as I have, if I could find it all. I now have a start! ^-^

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Thursday, February 20, 2003

Sleeeepy... Last night I got out of the house for the first time since my operation! Celleigh and Moonwolf picked me up to go with them to the burger place Celleigh's sister is working at, and I had a burger without the bun, so I stayed on my diet. Celleigh loaned me her winnie the pooh sweatshirt so no one would notice I couldn't wear a bra yet. I walked kind of slowly at times but I did pretty well. ^-^ Then we went to the bookstore for a little bit, and then back to Celleigh's place so Moonwolf could get ready for work, and while Celleigh was walking Rosabelle and Sydney she saw a dog get DUMPED and abandoned across the freeway underpass!!! :-( It was terrible!! Someone got out of the car with the dog, and then the person got back in and left the dog and drove off... Rosabelle barked her playful bark and Celleigh tried to get the dog to come, but the dog hesitated and then tried to follow the car that dumped them!!! :-( So that was pretty traumatic. We tried to go look for the dog when we were all in the van again but there wasn't enough time before Moonwolf had to be at work, so we dropped him off and went back to the bookstore to recover a little and look at the faerie fashions book Celleigh wanted to show me. It gave me all sorts of ideas for the sims... sigh. ^-^ Celleigh thought it would be cool to make sims clothes like that when she saw it and that's part of why she showed it to me!!! Then we got back to her house and walked Emmett and looked for the abandoned dog a little but we didn't see them, and we went inside and got the sims uninstalled, and made sure not to mix up MY cds with HER cds and then she installed it all with HER new cds! ^-^ Yay!

I got back home a lot later than we thought I would, but I think I held up pretty well. I might end up sleeping a TON today to make up for it though! I'm already kind of at that, "hmmmm, should I REALLY be up yet?" stage!

I had weird dreams last night where I had a baby and was upset I could only nurse using my right breast, because my left breast was still wounded with the incision and stitches like they are NOW. At one point in the dream I lost my baby who seemed to have crawled off somewhere, and while I was searching I found a cat I was looking for instead, unless maybe it was supposed to be my baby still but as a cat... it was kind of muddled for me at that point and my father was there and I was trying to get him to help or get out of my way but he was stalling around getting a drink of water and stuff like that and blocking me from doing what I needed to, so I was frustrated and he got indignant and took ever MORE time.... Then I found my baby and was trying to make it up this terribly narrow weird staircase turned sideways, and I could only get almost to the top carrying the baby, so I stretched and handed the baby UP to someone at the top of the stairs, it was a woman but I'm not sure who. It might have been one of my friends or my grandmother who died a couple of years ago. Then I was trying to haul MYSELF up over this GAP that was suddenly there at the top of the stairs so it was more like climbing up into an attic than going up stairs, and at that point a large jungle cat started attacking and clawing my legs and I was scrambling trying to brace myself and shift sideways to get one leg UP out of the pit, and whoever was there helping me out was having trouble helping me too, but I finally got out and was all sliced up on my legs really badly but I was happy to be away from my father and the attacking cat, and to have my baby. whew... another one of those dreams where I wake up worn out!!! O-o

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Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Yay yay yay! Celleigh got her my Deluxe and then her expansions, and then MY expansions ALL installed on her computer to test it... and it WORKED!!!! Now that she knows her computer CAN runs the sims, she's waiting for Moonwolf to wake up and for his paycheck to hit their bank account, and then she's off to buy her OWN copy so she can UNinstall my game and install hers, and then she's all set for SIM-MAAAADNESS!!! ^-^ I love infecting people with sims maaadness.... ~-^

Juan is off work today except for he had to go in to one of the other stores and work for "a couple" of hours there. We spent the morning mostly with me reading and helping a little, while Juan cleared out all the boxes and bags and STUFF stuffed into the bedroom closet, and we sort of have some of it sorted out, some stuff re-packed better, some stuff actually to THORW AWAY, and some to give to goodwill... whenever we get a truck borrowed to take the MATTRESS there too! The mattress is still leaning on the wall in the hallway... cats love it... it's driving me nuts. :-P I guess we'll see when they REALLY let Juan come home from work tonight before we know what we'll do for the rest of our day at home. We got some stuff sorted out between the 2 computers and Juan taking over the old one mostly, and getting it straight where some programs WERE etc.

I finished reading the book Celleigh loaned me, Changer. I loved it, now I wonder if there are any more novels set in that setting by the same author... I forgot her name already though, oops!

I want to work some on getting my ivillage website built and filled out, since they changed their policy about accounts and if it's not visited every month they'll DELETE it, and that's BAD because that's where I'm hosting the graphics for my blog here!! O-o

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Well I've been kind of laying low and recovering. My whole left breast is still a giant bruise, and now that I have the main bandages off its own weight is pulling on the wound, but that's getting better. I think my bandage was put on me by a MALE Dr. because they put the TAPE right on my nipple and it hurt like MAD pulling it off!! Someone was NOT thinking when they did that!!

We were supposed to go to the movies to see Daredevil Sunday, but after I got dressed and everything I just konked out, felt queasy and drained and had to take a nap. Then I was STILL hoping I could make it, but I didn't. :-( The good thing is Kisty and Celleigh and Moonwolf and even Emmett came over and we hung out and watched Lilo and Stitch, which Kisty, Juan, and I hadn't seen yet. Celleigh showed Moonwolf Unleashed, she has some families in one of my neighborhoods now. ^-^

My brother called from Florida on Sunday too, and I got to talk with him and his wife without my dad on the line, so that was really nice. ^-^ They have a new car now with the money he got paid working on his latest comic book commission.

This coming Sunday is Juan's mother's birthday but they want to do a trip to Houston and walk around shopping the flea markets there to celebrate... and I'm pretty sure I can't keep up with that kind of activity yet!! :-( So looks like we'll just have to give our gift early. I AM hoping I'll be up for leaving the house and going to Ken's wrestling party Sunday evening though... just across town so it's a MUCH shorter car ride, and then mostly sitting so the walking wouldn't be a big strain... I'm psyching myself up for it. Maybe I'll try to sleep all day this Saturday. :-P

I'm hoping I'll be awake and alert and feeling good this Thursday or Friday to get to hang out with Kisty and do girl stuff/computer stuff. Also hoping that Juan will have next Tuesday off and maybe we can go see Daredevil then.

I loaned Celleigh Sims Deluxe and Vacation and Unleashed last night so she could try installing them on her computer to see if that helps fix her problem with her sims game running too slow. She was going to try buying Deluxe and Unleashed to see if it worked, but then realized how upset she would be if it DIDN'T work and she'd spent all that money and still couldn't play!! So she's borrowing mine first... this means I can't play sims till she finishes this experiment though! :-P But it's only for a couple of days, because if it works, she's going to go out and buy the games, then UN-install my games, install HER games, and be able to play sims again!! yay!! I'm thinking if it's still too slow she might have to try getting more RAM. We don't know how much RAM her computer has, but we know the SPEED is faster than our old one, because she could play Black N White on hers and it wouldn't install on mine because I was 300mhz and it had a minimum requirement of 330mhz! Hmmm just had a brilliant idea... maybe... perhaps we can give Kisty one of the little RAM cards taken out when we upgraded the old computer, and give Celleigh the other one, and that might help them both out with their computer's a LITTLE.... yeah.... hmmmm..... *plot plot plan plan...*

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Thursday, February 13, 2003

OK on Feb 11th we went to Galveston for my mammogram, and instead they did an ultrasound and then rushed me through all the bloodwork and stuff for SURGERY the next day! So the 12th (yesterday) we went in again, did the whole long trip, and this time Celleigh came with us. I was going nuts from not being allowed to drink any water after midnight the night before. There was a LOT of waiting around trying NOT to be nervous. They finally did my surgery around 2:30-3:00. I was in the room waiting for the anesthesiologist along with prisoners who were there for treatment too. They had chains and handcuffs, that was kind of scary. Going under this time wasn't as bad as last time, I woke up sooner than expected, again, but that wasn't bad because there was actually someone THERE... she kept telling me to breathe deeply whenever an alarm would go off indicating I wasn't breathing enough. I hurt when I woke up and they gave me pain medicine through the IV but it made me ITCH like mad so they gave me benedryl then, and tried another pain medicine later. What was really scary was the pain from my breast being cut open and the lump cut out wasn't as MUCH pain as having my regular chronic pain explosions!! O-o

Today I slept most of the day, whenever I tried to drink water I got sick and threw up. I threw up twice and because I had weighed myself when I got up I saw that I lost FIVE pounds after throwing up!! No WONDER I felt bad with about five pounds of GREEN BILE and ACID in my tummy!! I had trouble sleeping since I had to be on my back and I normally sleep curled up on my tummy. I ache terribly all over, especially my abs and legs, and my throat is sore and swollen from having the tubes down my throat, but I actually haven't needed a pain pill for the surgery wound itself today. I guess that's good. ^-^

We tried to call everyone tonight that we didn't get to call last night, and Juan's parents came over to visit for a little bit. I was embarrassed the house was a wreck. :-( But I guess I've got a good excuse... I'm not allowed to lift or scrub anything for a while... no carrying my own purse... stuff like that. The follow-up is in two weeks. The icky thing right now is I'm not allowed to BATHE till MONDAY!! ICK!! Four days!! :-P

This is taking much longer than normal to type, and I might need more broth for supper, so I guess I'll try to type more about all the adventures tomorrow.

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Monday, February 10, 2003

Today was really different for a Sunday, I ended up staying home all day and not setting foot outside the house! ^-^ Celleigh called and I helped her a little with her bot, she made a bot too after seeing my bot and playing with it! Now my bot, SIMple-bot, and her bot, Phoenix the Bipolar Bot, are friends and we are teaching them about each other. ^-^ Scary huh? Anyway, I mostly coded the bot all afternoon while Juan did the laundry, it was cold out and I thought I might be fighting off another sore throat so I was paranoid... plus I was obsessed with coding the bot! :-P I added a lot of stuff about anime, and went over the log from Celleigh talking with the bot, and coded more stuff to go with her input, and then I went and chatted with HER bot so she could see what kinds of questions came up in conversations. The she called me again and told me about ANOTHER website where you can build a chatbot hosted there, so I signed up there too! I'll work on that bot when the site pages start co-operating and load for me...

Craig got to come over this evening to burn the cds that his burner was giving him trouble with. Juan went to get hot wings and we all watched the All Star game and had a fun visit. ^-^ I asked him about the game I played at Skylles' house last year or so, I didn't know the name of it and was trying to find out. I described how the game started out and it was 3D, and he figured out what I was talking about and told me it's called Morrow-wind, or something like that. ^-^ So now I know what I'm looking for!

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Sunday, February 09, 2003

Well Craig didn't come over tonight, but other stuff happened instead. ^-^ I got access to help program the AI chatbot for WorldSims forums and I'm having TONS of fun working on that! I can only do questions for people's input, and it has to be minimum 3 and maximum 7 words long questions! So that's a bit of a limitation, but kind of fun trying to work around.

The biggest surprise tonight was our friend Rebecca called!! Yay!!! We haven't heard from her in a while, and haven't really seen her much since she was in her car accident and moved back out of town with her parents. We saw her in the hospital but she was in a coma. We've talked on the phone after she got better with her speech and memory again and was having therapy for that, and now she's able to drive again! We're planning to try to get together Thursday for lunch and visiting, that should be good since my mamogram is Tuesday and it would be good to see her soon after that for support, however that turns out.

Celleigh and I talked a little about the whole Lump thing earlier, she says if I DO have cancer and I DO need chemo she will help me cut all my hair off and keep it in a braid. She says we can do a henna tattoo on my head. :-P I don't want to be worked up over nothing on this whole issue but I don't want to be emotionally unprepared either... I want to have kind of sorted out some feelings and contengency plans ahead of time to help prepare me for this and so it won't just all hit me after suppressing it.

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Saturday, February 08, 2003

This morning I woke up at about 10am to hear banging on my front door!! I grabbed my glasses and put pants on to open the door and it was Celleigh and Rosabelle AGAIN! ^-^ She says Rosabelle wouldn't let her leave the house without her, and the puppy must now think that the daily schedule must be to come see me EVERY morning now! She was having an emergency, Social Security LIED to her and told her she would be getting her full check, so they budgeted for that... and then they took out $55 so they come up short for the bills and have no grocery money!! O-o!! :-( :-( So I called Juan to ask if we could use one of the unexpected $55 checks I got that we were saving but hadn't made plans for, since it was unexpected. I also told him she hadn't eaten yet and neither had I, and that if we could, I'd like to get a woobie to keep here for Rosabelle to play with when she visits, because she chewed up the one ball we found for a toy for her! :-P I wasn't expecting him to offer so much but he gave me $80!! Yay!!! So we ate lunch at a Mexican restaraunt, the same one I had my birthday party at that she missed, so I was glad she got to eat there with me since she missed that. It was kind of like birthday party part deux for me! ~-^ Then we went to the dollar store and I found STOVE BURNER COVERS I've been looking for since sometime last year.. or longer! Then we took Rosabelle out of the van with us and went to PetSmart, and we all picked out her new woobie! She liked the canvas doggie with a little rope knot tail, perfect for tugging, and it squeaks too!! He has "canvas squeaky toy" printed on his sides, so I started calling him squeaky, and he has ears folded down like fortune cookies so I wanted something oriental for the middle name, and Celleigh came up with Jackie, after Jackie Chan, since I LOVE Jackie Chan movies!! So the new woobie is named Squeaky Jackie and we're teaching her his name, and that he stays at MY house for her to play with when she comes to visit me! ^-^

This brought up the subject of all the stuff I have around the house now that's NOT for members of my household, but I bought!! I have a pacifier in the freezer for someone else's baby, a little durable picture book for a toddler that's not mine so kids have something to play with besides my plushies, a bird toy for someone else's cockatiel, and now a woobie for someone else's dog!! I once bought someone else's kid an activity book after being on a long car trip with her and seeing she needed SOMETHING to entertain herself, and since then I've been wanting to get a little activity book that can fit in my purse that ~I~ can keep for something like that happening again! :-P Maybe I'm just nuts....

Anyway, after all that excitement Celleigh went home to rest and let Rosabelle take a nap too... or maybe I have that backwards. ~-^ Suddenly, Juan called from work saying he was having an allergy reaction to SOMETHING and he didn't know what triggered it and he needed some benadryl! I told him Celleigh just left, and he got to come home from work to take the medicine. He got here and his face was all puffy and his hands and lips were VERY swollen!! O-o We can't figure out what caused it! :-( He was still here when my parents called and wanted me to help them with their business by being on the phone with them on 3 way calling to translate one phone call to France and speak French for them, and one phone call to Mexico and speak Spanish for them!! Eeep! I've had 3 semesters of French in College, and all my Spanish is self-taught with the help of my hubby! And Juan had to go back to work right away and couldn't stay to translate. So they made the call to France and I translated the message on the answering machine they got. Then they were all unprepared for the call to Mexico and didn't have the entire set of prefix numbers to dial so I finally asked if they could call me back after they sorted it out... about 20 minutes later they agreed maybe that would be a good idea... and they haven't called back yet.

I got caught up at WorldSims Forums again and then FINALLY installed AND registered all my sims expansion packs!! Whooo-hooo! Juan got home from work early, about 6:30, and he was tired and sleepy from the medicine so he took a nap for a couple of hours while I explored ALL the new stuff I have in the sims game now that I've got Deluxe. I haven't looked at the program for making skins though. I need to find all my downloaded sims stuff and install all of THAT now!! Then I'll see how long it takes for the game to load..... ~-^

Craig called and needs to come over tonight to burn some cds he needs but his burner isn't working or doesn't work with the format he needs or something like that... we had dinner and that was tricky since I had my carb limit for the day already, so just chicken breast and cheese for me, while Juan finished off the Chinese food he bought when he was sent to pick up lunch for his boss, and it was Juan's first actual MEAL for the day!! :-( He got to drink his eggdrop soup WHILE he worked the register, but other than that he didn't get to eat all day till about 8:30 pm when we ate!! ak!!!

So, to recap... Social Security is mean so I got to give Celleigh about $55 (I think actually $54 because we had lunch with tip and woobie and stove burner covers...) of the happy surprise checks I got; Juan had a huge allergy reaction and emergency visit home all swollen up, plus he didn't get to eat, and oh yeah, he missed the party they are having at his work...; I got to buy my first woobie for a puppy; I finally installed all the sims games and got to check them out, oh yeah, and I downloaded and installed transmogrifier again and got my magic cookie for it!! ^-^; and now hopefully Craig is coming over to burn stuff using our working cd burner because his won't do it!! Yay!! Wow!!! What a day!

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Friday, February 07, 2003

OK tons has happened again... I feel like I'm still scrabbling to play catch up and get the computer all set up with everything and operating right again! The Digital camera suddenly won't transfer the pictures from it's memory to my computer now... the only thing we can tell we did is just MOVE the computer and everything, it SEEMS to be set up the exact same way it was before, when it was working! I got caught up at WorldSims this morning and I got my sims related programs all moved, and most of the ones I'll be using with the meshing installed again. Last night I was trying to stay up to chat with Kisty on yahoo but I wiped out instead! Ak! :-( She had to clean though, so she was asleep I guess by the time I messaged her at about 6am... I hate it when I say I'll be there for someone and something happens!

Kisty spent the night not last night but the night before, and we got TONS of work done getting my new computer set up with all the programs and stuff it needs, PLUS the games she's loaning me!! She forgot the Black and White game Celleigh tried to loan me before when my computer was TOO SLOW at 300mhz to run it! She teased me that she couldn't believe I would want to play the "dizzy game!" as she nicknamed it. ^-^ One of the highlights of the afternoon/evening was when we discovered that we hadn't installed ALL the stuff for the motherboard, and the computer thought my Graphics Card didn't EXIST!! O-o Another highlight was when we installed her Neverwinter Nights game and she was sort of playing me through the tutorial teaching me stuff she learned and hotkeys and stuff... I started making jokes and making up silly songs and stuff about the NPCs we encountered. Especially Bim... I nicknamed him Bimbo!! I mean, there's Jimbo for Jim, right? ~-^ Then she told me about the new American Pie movie coming out... American wedding... and I started singing about it to the tune of American Woman (Lenny Kravitz song) "American Wedding, better leave me be... Don't come knockin' round my door, tryin-a violate my pies no more... you've got pie crust on your thighs... and that twinkle in your eyes..."

ANyway... I still haven't PLAYED my sims Deluxe game, and I still haven't INSTALLED all the expansion packs, but I emailed the support services for the sims website and the activated my account there for me so I have ONE of the expansions registered now!! Whoo hoo!! Now I just have to figure out how to ADD all the others! :-P Other stuff on my "to do" list, I need to get transmogrifier installed on the new computer and get myself a magic cookie for it so I can finally make my sims objects safe for OTHER players to use! ^-^ They reminded me of the waterfall shower I was working on waay back when I first joined WorldSims....

I've been having fun chatting with the AI chatbot in the forums and I kept asking questions and he ended up suggesting I go download his program and read the "Don't Read Me!" file!! O-o So I went to the website and ended up getting myself a web bot, I created one that was completely empty to start with and everything in it is stuff I put it!! Except for the stuff Celleigh put in today when I was showing it to her! ^-^ So now it speaks a little German!! VERY little!

Celleigh surprised me this morning when she showed up with Rosabelle, and I got to visit with my rescue puppy and play with her and watch her eat all the food and water for the kitties while the cats freaked and hissed and FLUFFED out! >^.^< I get to be her Faerie Dog-Mother now!!! ~-^ We took her out in the field behind our apartments and tried to play fetch with the ball she found in our house, but she got more interested in drinking out of puddles, sniffing and investigating an empty flower pot, and running off like a BAD doggie to sniff a little "present" left by the neighbor dog! I took tons of pictures and filled up the digital camera... which is why I'm SOOO frustrated I can't get it to transfer to the computer!! Arrrgh! :-P Anyway, I rummaged through my purse and found MONEY so we went out to eat at the Sushi Buffet (also just regular Chinese and Japanese food too...) and I checked the carb count for rice before we left and I picked the fish part off the sushi and ate that with the ginger and soy sauce, and figured the amount of rice the sushi ROLLS had and I had just 3 of those. ^-^ That, plus the spinach and cheese and the sauces on the other stir fry totaled my ENTIRE carb ration for the day! We went to PetSmart before that and I got to hold Rosabelle's leash for parts of the time there. Kids came up and petted her and she licked and wagged like mad! The same kids were in the line ahead of us and had fun playing with her while we were all waiting in line. Celleigh got her a nice gnawing bone that was one of those big bones with the marrow out but soaked with juices and dried, and Rosa got to have it as soon as she was in the van again. She loved it! ^-^ I'm afraid I had fun in the woobie aisle squeaking the toys... I really liked the squeakey plushie bones... I think I scared Rosa with the funky sounding hedgehog plushie... it didn't exactly squeak... it was lower and more rumbly and wheezy....

OK I think that's it for now... What a day!

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Monday, February 03, 2003

Well... I was going to post about the GOOD thing that happened in my adventures for today... so I'll try to cheer up and post those now.

Today I got to go to my doggie friend Emmett's TENTH Whelp-Day Party! ^-^ I missed it last year, but I got to go to the one the year before, and that time Skylles came with me and it was when she was pregnant with Marcus!! Boy, time flies! :-P I had really bad pains the night before and was worried I wouldn't make it, Juan got up early and went to get me more pain pills as I was in pain and I only had one left. I slept some more but woke up before the alarm, and decided the pain was better and I could maybe get away without taking the pain pill, so I just put them in my purse. I realized I REALLY wanted to take my new digital camera to take pictures, so I installed the software for it and set up the recharging dock... turns out I had to replace the battery the camera came with with the battery compatable with the dock though, and turns out THAT battery wasn't charged yet and had to charge up!! Ak!! It only got to charge about an hour, so it wasn't fully charged when they picked me up! We got to Moonwolf's mother's house with 3 dogs and a bird in the van with us, and then Celleigh and the animals and I were dropped off while Moonwolf went to pick up Kisty and his dog Selkie who lives waaaaay out of town with his dad! Celleigh and Moonwolf's mom and I decorated the house, I got to meet Celleigh's new bird, Pierre, and I got to hold a bird for the first time in my life!! Very exciting!! He sat on my shoulder and gave me kisses!!! He even stayed on my shoulder while I walked around! I got ot hear him say "mama's baby" and "pretty boy." He said "whatcha doin'?" in the van but he was in the back and I was in the front so I didn't really hear him that time. He sang some snippets of bird-song too. They think he's picking up a lot of stuff from the mocking-birds around their house, because he picked up making a meowing sound from them!! He picked up Emmett's little yappy Sheltie bark though!! I hope I get to hear that sometime!

Celleigh blew up the balloons because I just CAN'T do that to save my life, though I've tried VERY hard throughout my childhood... I can't really tie them off either. I just helped put them up, but I was the one to climb up the stepstool to put up the crepe paper. Emmett had a cake with NO chocolate so he could eat it! Actually, it turned out to be a King Cake and I got the baby! Kisty says I need to hurry up and have the party next!! Yeep!! Not sure we can do that too soon! :-P

I got Celleigh to take a picture of me with the bird, and I managed to take a few pictures of most of the dogs in the backyard before Selkie got there, but my battery died before we got to the singing and candles part. :-( We sang Happy Birthday while they held Emmett up so he knew he was the center of attention, and they showed him the candles and blew them out for him. He got the first piece of cake. ^-^ And he LIKED it! They had Blues Clues paper plates and party hats and blowers, but they were the quiet blowers that didn't make noise. Maybe it's a good thing, I would have been jumping every time!! ~-^ I made a joke making sure we were singing with the regular words, and not "Yappy Birthday..." Everyone groaned....

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:-( Taking care of the guild wore jamie out and now she says she's having to shut it down! :-(

This is my post about it in the guild...:

About how many days do you think you'll leave the guild up so everyone has a chance to find out about it? :( I miss it already!!! :(

I guess it's time to say goodbye though. :(

OK... thank you jamie for giving the guild one last chance, and for taking us under your wing. You've been a good leader, and we appreciate all your hard work!! (Especially the gorgeous graphics and all the TIME you spent working on the guild!)
Thank you everyone who was on the councils, and who took care of guild shops. It was great being part of such a helpful and friendly group of people!

You've been a part of my life for so long now, through my pain and bad days, and let me babble when good things happened. Thanks for listening, and for being there. I'll miss you all, I hope to stay in touch with everyone by staying neofriends.

Anyone here can drop by and read my uj, I'm moonshadow76 there. My blog is I kind of post the same thing in both pretty much.



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Sunday, February 02, 2003

Operating system is up and working, I couldn't figure out how to go back and format the other (larger) partition though! I wanted to have most of it FAT 32 but I thought I had to have the part with the operating system NTFS... not sure if that's right or not but since that's how THIS computer is set up I thought I'd try to do it that way on the new one too.... First thing I'm doing now that the mouse software is installed for the optical mouse is install the sims!!! We watched Jurassic Park 3 together as we hadn't seen it yet, and we're about to watch Punisher as I install stuff... we need to reboot this computer as soon as I've got my current projects wrapped up, because it's STILL not letting me see my desktop or open system explorer!!

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Saturday, February 01, 2003

Juan came home, we got the new computer set up and started installing the operating system, turns out when I couldn't figure out why the tower wasn't turning on I'd forgotten the new one has a master switch in the back... for a while I thought the tower was broken, ak! Juan went to pick up food, we ate, and then we turned on the news to watch together... I had been afraid of watching while I was home alone, things like this hit me hard. We lost some of our Dreamers. They woke up and went Home.

I keep wondering how it felt. I keep hoping they weren't aware of the heat and pain for long, that it was quick. I keep imagining how that feels, heat and pain and blinking out....

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Juan just called a little while ago and told me about the shuttle breaking up on re-entry and all 7 astronauts died! :-( They are searching for debris all over the Texas and Louisiana area. Juan got mad at work when people were flippant about it, this is going to be a really rough day for him. I wish he could come home early but he can't. I'm afraid to tune in for the news, so I'm still watching Fallen instead... I haven't gotten over the morning we happened to be up and watching tv... and it happened to be Sept. 11th.... we saw it over and over, I don't think I want to go through that feeling watching it over and over with this too.

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Computer kept freaking out yesterday so I didn't get a lot of the things done that I wanted to. For a while it wouldn't let me open a browser window, and it wouldn't show me my desktop! O-o I wanted to work on the idea I have for the art contest, and finish up on the graphics for my blog set, but Photoshop was slow too and I had to shut that down and give up on that too.

The furnace-a/c repair man came over yesterday, he was supposed to show up between noon and 3pm so of course he got there past 2:30. I was sick and wanting SO badly to just go back to bed, I took pain pills even though I'm running out so I was trying to save them. That helped with the headache and the chronic pain, and then after the repairman left I went back to bed and slept till 6. The repairman said that the new thermostat the landlord bought and had put in was for a HEAT PUMP and we do NOT have a heat pump, we have an electric furnace!! No wonder if froze solid and had to defrost!! He also said that the water heater should NOT be right there in front of the furnace blocking access to the furnace!! I asked if it was a fire hazard and he assured me it wasn't, it just made it very hard to repair the furnace if anything major happened, and he said that the furnace was over 30 years old and would probably have to be replaced soon anyway! I figured the carpet was from the 70s... it's an ugly brown and I think it used to be ALMOST shag but is worn down.

After my afternoon nap Craig called sometime in the evening about the plans he and Juan have to go to the Rockets basketball game Sunday, and I found out Juan hadn't managed to actually get ahold of him to invite him to the barbeque at Juan's parents house last night, so I told him about that. ^-^ He asked about our new computer and I sheepishly explained the situation... how we couldn't find the cord for the monitor we knew we had SOMEWHERE... and we couldn't find the win xp disc!! :-( He rescued us and surprised me by having the cord and everything ready with him when we picked him up! Yay!! We went to the barbeque and there were LOTS more people than I expected for a weeknight! Friends of the family were over, the nephews were running around, it was a full house! The food was great, as usual. I had what's probably going to be the last rice before going back on my diet this Monday. LunaCorn finally came home after her after-performance party and brought a friend home with her, so we got to meet her and then Juan's dad brought out the old photo albums!!! heeheeheee!!! :-P I surprised (sort of, since I babbled what the surprise was the day before...) LunaCorn with cds I burned of Inu Yasha since she loves it but it comes on at the same time as her mom's favorite novela so she doesn't get to watch it as much as she would like to. Also, watching the subtitled version she gets to see stuff that for some reason they edited out of the run they're currently showing dubbed on Adult Swim!

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