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Monday, December 30, 2002

Ugh... still sick. I do a really great imitation of the "dying giraffe" according to the South Park movie though... unfortunately it's spontaneous and unintended....

Looks like I won't be making it anywhere to celebrate New Years tomorrow. :-( I got dizzy and feverish today and went to bed starving, woke up about 8:30 and felt too bad to get up yet so I crashed again, HARD. Juan came home and let me go back to sleep after medicine at 9, then he went and picked up pizza. *weak pathetic YAY followed by a horrific coughing fit..tapering off into the "dying giraffe."*

Upsetting today was going back to the free version of Wizard Mansion to find that some mean people were verbally attacking and abusing the main site representative Esmerelda, on a game review site that's SUPPOSED to help people find games they like on the web. :-( I didn't like how they handled the abrupt transition to pay-site last year, but I've been really impressed that they've worked to make a free version of the site too now, and this was just pushing buttons trying to hurt her. "ur site -------" is NOT an actual review! It was also upsetting that someone posted using a well known user name of one of the WM players, trying to appear to be that person attacking her! :-( That player saw it and posted using his established email to prove that it was him and the other posts were NOT.

I cheered up some by catching up on the WorldSims forums and Milkshape forums before I crashed and napped this afternoon.

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Friday, December 27, 2002

I am the Natural

Childhood is the golden paradise we are always consciously or unconsciously trying to re-create. The Natural embodies the longed-for qualities of childhood - spontaneity, sincerity, unpretentiousness. In the presence of Naturals, we feel at ease, caught up in their playful spirit, transported back to that golden age. Adopt the pose of the Natural to neutralize people's defensiveness and infect them with helpless delight.

Symbol: The Lamb. So soft and endearing. At two days old the lamb can gambol gracefully; within a week it is playing "Follow the Leader." Its weakness is part of its charm. The Lamb is pure innocence, so innocent we want to possess it, even devour it.

What Type of Seducer are You?
created by polite_society

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Let's see... yesterday was very long...we went to my parents house for lunch and presents with them, my brother sent gifts for us to my parents house with the gifts for my parents. My mother made ANOTHER turkey which was a huge surprise! We ate dinner and opened presents, they have a little christmas tree now with light filaments that change color, they had that on the sterio instead of setting up the actual christmas tree. Now I'm thinking about looking into getting one of those too. Maybe we can hang it from the ceiling so the cats can't reach it.... ~-^

After that, we went to visit our God-son out of town, and we got to finally see him again, and his baby sister who was an INFANT last time we saw them is now a cute little toddler! Our friend's brother was there and brought his girlfriend, who had 3 teenage kids. They all set off firecrackers in the driveway and we played with sparklers. Juan played with his God-son with the sock em boppers, I think that's what they were called, play-boxing and wrestling around screaming and laughing and tickling and stuff. Jake loved the transformer we got him, it's one of the sturdy ones with a good transformation as when it's a car you can't tell it's a transformer at all! We got his baby sister a care bear and we were happy she liked it, she held on to it and carried it around for a while. We had a good visit there. I got kind of cold when we were outside though. We got to talk a while with our freind's mom and she told us how to make "pretzel salad" which she let us try, and it was really good. She showed us phamplets for the trip they were planning to visit historical markers and interesting old homes and stuff like that in Louisiana nearby. I'd like to go see one of the places they had a phamplet for, I like seeing the old archetecture and stuff, and the indian mound. It's the anthropologist in me...

After that I was kind of wiped out, but we got back to town and started tracking down friends to give them their presents! We couldn't get ahold of Kisty, no one picked up even though we called twice, once when we got home, and again after being out a few hours. We got ahold of John and Kari at her mother's place so we went threre and brought them their presents. Destinie seems to like her activity book, and I'm really happy about that because after the long car trip with her it seemed like she could really use something like that to DO on car trips! ^-^ We went to dinner with John and Kari then, everyone was hungry except Juan. I think he ate more than I did at my parents and again when we were out of town. We ended up at Denny's with spectaculary horrible service again... as usual. We should probably just give up and never eat there again. :-( My hash browns were raw and we had to send them back to be cooked....

After dinner we came back home and Celleigh had called, her electricity was out! We had to go drop off presents for WolF and Dale so we said we'd call her back to see if she got ahold of Moonwolf at work or not, it was an old fuse box with round fuses and she needed his help to see what could be done. We had a good visit with WolF and Dale and they liked their gifts, I was glad Dale liked the "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" frogs. ^-^ I thought they were really cute and knew he collected frog stuff. We got home and called Celleigh back and made plans to pick her and her little dog Emmett up so they wouldn't get too cold with the heat out, so we went out to pick them up around midnight I guess, I forget, but it seemed pretty late... We stopped by Moonwolf's work so she could tell him what was happening, it turns out the phone there was messed up which was why no one would ever pick up when she was calling! We came back to our place and Juan was tired, but he wanted to watch the movie I got him, so we watched Bad Boys, and then Juan went to bed. I stayed up with Celleigh and Emmett, mostly just being quiet, watching a little tv, Celleigh reading, then I put in the live action Jungle Book movie because we'd been talking about it earlier, and Celleigh fell asleep on the couch almost immediately after the movie started. I kept trying to keep Emmett queit because he would bark when the trains came and stuff like that, I wasn't sure how much of his barking Juan or Celleigh could sleep through. After the movie it was almost 6am when Moonwolf was getting off of work, so I started cleaning the kitchen and he showed up and took Celleigh and Emmett home. Whew!

Today I slept most of the day. Big surprise there.... ~-^ My cold overall is better, I think, but my cough sounds TERRIBLE! And I make noises very very like the sound of a dying giraffe, according to the South Park movie.... We had hot dogs for dinner and watched some of the extras on the Spiderman dvd, then watched the vhs movie my brother sent Juan for Christmas, it's called Ghost World and is based on a comic book. I thought it was interesting. It reminded me I still don't have much of a clue about high school mentality. Maybe that's a good thing?? I think I went through that kind of life stage in a bubble instead of a melting pot... or something like that.... I guess that's a side effect of home schooling.

Now I cant' sleep, it's 4am, my wisdom tooth seems to be coming in more, AGAIN... I'm feeling kind of blah/grrrr antsy. I'm having impulses to quit a lot of groups/clubs I'm in with my "virtual life" but I think it may be a passing urge so I'm holding off.

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Thursday, December 26, 2002

Guess what?! I've been up for TWENTY-TWO HOURS ON FOUR HOURS OF SLEEP!!! Lot's of Christmas adventures jam packed into the day! There's just too much to type right now, but I thought I'd put something before crashing now. This should remind me to babble later.... ~-^

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Wednesday, December 25, 2002

Whoo-hoo! I'm up, I'm awake, Merry Christmas! I'm wearing my FUZZY CHRISTMAS PANTIES!!!!!!!!!!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! ^-^

Now Christmas is finally here, we can officially open/read/play with etc. the STUFF we got ourselves/each other as sort of joint Christmas gifts when we were out Christmas shopping! We got the Watchmen and The Crow graphic novels, and Bluntman and Chronic action figures!! ^-^ Juan had me close my eyes while he got the gift he bought me while I wasn't looking. It was the Chronicles of Narnia!! Published in one HUGE book, with a beautiful painting of Aslan on the cover! I had him close his eyes then, and ran and got my gift for him. It was Bad Boys on dvd, one of his favorite movies!! Yay!! We're getting ready to go to my parents house now, I still need to wrap my dad's gift. :-P We got presents for the kitties too, but we're running late so their stocking stuffers will have to wait... poor kitties! At least they don't know they're waiting. ~-^

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Merry Christmas everyone! I survived the day, sleeping and taking my cold medicine, and managed to get up, shower and wash my hair, and get it mostly dry with the hair dryer before Juan got home. I made it through dinner and presents at his parents house, but now we're wiped out, which is sad, because one of our friends from out of town is here and at the pool hall and we can't go hang out, too sick and tired. :-( I'm glad I made it through tonight though, the nephews liked their computer game we got them, and the baby liked his toy, and his mom liked the little shirt we got him. I got a watch, Juan got 2 shirts and 2 slacks, and we got a Spider Man DVD box set and a Calvin and Hobbes collection to share! ^-^ We also got a coffee maker that seems to be EXACTLY like the one we have! ^-^

I'm about to take the last of my cold medicine and hope I do ok through the night without medicine, since nothing is open till 9 am tomorrow.

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Tuesday, December 24, 2002

Sometimes I feel like I'll just never get sleep again... tonight is one of THOSE nights. Struggling with the sheet that keeps slipping so it's trying to wrap around my neck instead of covering me, the cat on my feet at the foot of the bed, and my poor exhausted hubby snoring ALL the time, even when I nudged him enough to roll over, which usually helps. One thing about me not really getting sleep tonight though, it's meant that I'm awake and taking my cold medicine every four hours. :-P

Tonight Celleigh and Moonwolf came over and brought Rosabelle, my little black puppy I rescued, so I could see how big she's getting and have a little visit while we exchanged gifts. They gave me a picture of Rosabelle sitting on Santa's lap!!! And a letter from her! ^-^ (Written with a little help from Celleigh....) Rosabelle found the kitty food in the kitchen and ate it all up, flipped over the food dish, spilled the water dish and tracked it all over the floor, and later she suddenly squatted and peed in the dining room. I was glad to get to see her again and have the doggie in the house experience though. She even nibbled at the christmas tree a little, but not really trying to eat it like the cats do. I got to play with her with her rope bone and the squeaky plushie toy "porkchop." Celleigh says they hope they've found a family to adopt her.

After I ate the dinner Juan brought home with him, which was my only food all day, I started not feeling too good and had to excuse myself from visiting and go lie down for a little bit. I guess it was longer than I thought because Juan came in later and told me Celleigh and Moonwolf and Rosabelle had left, and he had to help me get my contacts out and my jeans off and me UNDER the covers. That was about 11pm... I've been chasing sleep since then. I should be able to sleep better once the night sweats stop and my swallowing doesn't hurt and keep me awake. At least I can tell the cold is letting up and I'm getting a little better. Juan is trying to encourage me, letting me know we won't have to stay too late at his parents for Christmas Eve, and saying that the way my body cycles through a cold maybe I'll be all well by next week for the New Years Eve party.

I haven't really gotten to mess with the meshing these last couple of days. Yesterday, or maybe the day before, I got an email saying Wizard Mansion was having free access players allowed in again, sort of a trial thing they're attempting. We won't have the same stuff as paying members but there's the boards and getting to see people I haven't seen in over a year, it was surprising there were several people I remembered who remembered me, and we found each other in the boards right away. ^-^ The other distraction has been that the neopets war is ending, and I had wanted to make it to 100 points in the fighting, which I finally did, and was pushing my limits, so that was fun for me.

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Sunday, December 22, 2002

..I'm supposed to be asleep...

Well, it looks like the digital camera we finally decided on is VERY popular... our friend never showed up for use to take him with us and get his employee discount at Best Buy... but Juan got off work early so we went ourselves... and it was sold out. So was our second choice. So we went to Circut City... and THEY were sold out too!! We went to Office Max... yep, you guessed it... SOLD OUT! :-P We might try looking at the departments stores in the mall tomorrow if I'm up to it... I really wanted to be able to take pictures of all the family Christmas celebrations!!

After our attempts at shopping, Juan was starving, I was starving, I couldn't think of suggestions where to eat, he suggested Crazy Jose's for Tex-Mex food, so I said ok. Turned out he was confused and was talking about Casa Ole instead. I went with it. Then, we had one of the best things that happened tonight, I called it our very own little Christmas miracle... we were starting to turn to park in a parking space... but we saw that there were two beer bottles sitting right there blocking us from being able to safely park there... and this guy who was standing around outside smoking saw us hesitating and looking for another parking spot, and he walked over and moved the two bottles AND even a crushed can out of our way so we could park!! YAY!!!! We smiled and waved thank you and when we got out of the car we thanked him again! ^-^

Dinner itself was pretty rough... Juan ordered quesadillas for an appetizer while I was washing up in the restroom since I had gunk on my hands from the cameras where they had them tethered in the stores. He forgot to check what it came with, it came with lettuce and green peppers which I can't eat... but I was able to pick out the peppers and it was good. Then we both ordered chimichangas... but mine had tons of green bell peppers cooked into the shredded meat... so I couldn't manage to pick it all out, which was sad because the little bit I managed to pick all the peppers out of was really good! :-( Juan was so hungry he ate mine too. The tortilla soup was awful and had no tortillas in it. Juan put all the pico de gallo in his to try to "save" it. We called the waiter over for the menu again... I checked to make sure, and the chimichangas said NOTHING about having green bell peppers in it... so I asked about the wet burrito... he went back to the kitchen to check, and said there were NO bell peppers in the wet burrito. So I ordered that. He brought it.. and I looked at the end... there was a green bell pepper chunk, about an inch square... I ended up slicing it open lengthwise like I was dissecting it... sure enough, there were tons of green bell peppers in it, they were in the rice which was one of the things the menu listed as being in the burrito. ....sigh. With all that... I decided I'd better let the waiter know about the chunk of plastic we found in the quesadilla when I bit into it... looked like it melted or crumbled off a black plastic spatula or handle of some sort. The waiter was terrible and didn't come around... Juan ran out of water. I finally decided I should ask to see a manager... I've never done that before so I was nervous, but between the plastic in the food, and the frustration with the waiter saying there would be no green bell peppers in the burrito and then there WERE so I couldn't eat it... I was upset. When the waiter didn't ever come back, I went to the front and told the lady at the counter what was happening, she got the manager lady, I showed her the black chunk of plastic, and then tried to explain I was trying to order something without green bell peppers in it, but there were communication problems and I think she thought ALL green chiles and peppers were the same as the green bell peppers. She insisted there were green peppers in ALL the food, cooked with the meat and with the rice and with the queso sauce... so I couldn't have expected food with no green peppers... sigh. But she said she would bring me a to-go box since our waiter disappeared. I got left standing there in the front of the restaraunt for quite a while... another worker asked if I needed help and I told her I was waiting for the manager who was supposed to be bringing me a to-go box, so she disappeared and a while later the manager lady came back with the box, she said she had been looking for me... but I was standing RIGHT where she left me! She followed me to our table and asked what dish we found the plastic in, we told her it was in the quesadillas and she took our ticket and said she would subtract that from the ticket. We followed her back to the checkout and had to fill out a little form explaining what happened.

After all that... we went to Krispy Kreme doughnuts to make up for it all and because they had their grand opening and are open now! It was neat!! I loved the basic glazed doughnut!! They had a conveyor belt where they were making the doughnuts and the guy at the counter just reached back there to get us those instead of the cold ones in the tray out front! I tried a cake one too but they weren't as good, too much nutmeg for me. We got two coffees too, and a chocolate milk for me. I had a great adventure trying to learn how to drink the coffee through the sippy lid thing that went on the top of the cup!! I had NEVER tried drinking through one of those before! It was WEIRD for me!! I put enough cream/milk and then chocolate milk in my coffee that it was only warm, not hot, which was a good thing! I tilted the cup and was paranoid about the liquid escaping through the seal, but it didn't. Then I had it tilted and was kind of pouring it and half trying to treat it like a straw, and I didn't know how to STOP it!!! I wrenched my head around and down and squeaked and asked Juan "Help! How do I STOP it?!" heheheheeee....

We got home and the neighbor's cat was still freaking out on the stairs hissing at us, she had been freaked out hissing at us when we were leaving too, and we noticed she had no food or water out, so we left some food and water out for her before we left, and she'd eaten ALL the food by the time we got back, so we gave her some more. We're not sure where the neighbor is or when he'll be back.

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Saturday, December 21, 2002

I've been having pain lately... it's been giving me some really weird dreams... like the other night I dreamed I was at my parents' house and wanting to get away from there, but I had to be there to pack my suitcase to go visit Skylles and Branch... and I was waiting for my friend Richard to come pick me up... but I was hiding in the second closet/cupboard under the attic stairs in my parents room eating apple waffles. I was also packing a TON of different purple sweaters, so I wouldn't get cold. And my swimsuit so I could swim. That was the night before last night, and now LAST night, I dreamed I WAS visiting Skylles and Branch, and having weird problems with their couch that was filled with water under the cushions... and problems with their bathroom and the cordless phone that was sitting on the sink where I was trying to QUIETLY wash my hands so as not to disturb a phone call... At least these were fairly reality-based dreams... no aliens I'm feeding my arm to in these.

We're hopefully going to get our digital camera today! After me cutting back on taking any pictures for 2 years, I will finally be able to take tons of pictures! I was feeling upset and deprived because I stopped taking pictures, so we could save the money we HAD been spending on film and developing... but until the last few months we didn't get to save anything up. So I was feeling like the only way for me to get to use any of our money is to spend it, not save it, and that's not a good place for me to be at emotionally. I'm still frustrated we have no regular plan for saving. It seems the best way to save is to give me the money in cash, and I stash it away like I do. I'm good at NOT spending money we're saving! I'm good at not spending money I forget about too... we found $10 in a Christmas card from 1997 a couple of months ago... We got a card from my great aunt with a check for $50 in it and I was COMPLETELY surprised by that!! So we signed it and we're getting it cashed RIGHT AWAY since some of the wedding checks got lost and never cashed!

I'm trying hard to be up for leaving the house tonight to go buy the camera... I should probably take my pain pills before we leave. I'm also worried about whether I can handle the physical strain of going to see the second Lord of the Rings movie tomorrow! :-( If it looks like I just can't make it, I want Juan and Kisty to go without me, we're supposed to pick her up so she can go with us. I'm having apprehension that they wouldn't go without me though. My pain is just wearing me out. Especially emotionally. I'm taking my medicine for the depression but it's gotten pretty bad lately. I know I don't MEAN it...but lately I've wished I could just curl up and die for my birthday in January. I'm in "full retreat" mode at times lately, where I don't want to see friends, or talk to them on the phone, online contact is about all I can handle. And that comes and goes. It's been really rough when Juan comes home in a bad mood about work and I'm trying hard to be alert and awake and ready to do something together, but he's unresponsive which is actually how I FEEL, and then I want to just go sleep to get away from him and I'm mad he won't try to let it go so WE can take advantage of the little time we DO have together. But I fight off wanting to sleep, and just sit there frustrated and in pain and limbo waiting for him to show some initiative... or not. It's hard for me to not lash out at him at times like that. I know he's having a rough time and he's got his own depression he's fighting. He's hardly doing anything but dragging himself to work, he doesn't want to be there, he's only still there because if he gets fired we'll have no money. When he's like that, and I'm already in pain and depression, that's when it's really hard for me to hold in saying all sorts of stupid angry things, because I'm hurt, and trying hard to still BE there together, but it feels like he'll just spend the extra 3 hours we've been lucky enough to suddenly HAVE sulking and bringing us both down, instead of trying to enjoy them. I drop whatever I'm doing so we can DO something together, but instead I end up not getting to do anything with him, and not getting to do what I was planning to do without him, so my time is just wasted in pain and misery. I know this will happen sometimes. I just wish it was easier to deal with when I've got the pain and depression. It's much easier to let go and not get hurt by it when I'm not already fighting the pain and depression.

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Thursday, December 19, 2002 parents bought me a web portal thing for business from home on the net... I have NO idea what they're doing... I somehow suspect the HUGE increase in SPAM at my yahoo email is because they used my email on that and now all the spambots are harvesting it!! aaaaaahhh! :-( Had pain today but it's not too terrible... I accidentally cut my neck and was freaked out by that when Juan got home from work today. He wasn't happy he had to run right back out to drop off stuff for his OTHER boss at home... he helped me change out of the bloody shirt and get cleaned up. It wasn't bad, just I was getting incoherent from my pain which wore me out. And I was embarrassed I'd managed to cut myself and bleed on my shirt in the first place.

On to brighter things! I was zoning out after checking the forums at WorldSims and the new meshing forum I joined a few days ago, so I went to Neopets and finally got around to playing in the big War a little more before it ends. Got my poor little guy whomped good a few times. I found out, when I was taking things out of my shop intending to stash them in the safety deposit box... that it will let you take TONS of stuff out of your shop! I went to items and had 97 items!! But when I went to use the quickstock feature to stash them away it wouldn't let me use it with more than 70 items. Erk! So it took forever putting items one at a time into the deposit box. sigh. Why do I always make it hard for myself?

I need to catch up on the guild, but I caught up on email last night instead. I've kind of fallen into a meshing trance, I'm still learning how to use the tools to get things DONE when I know what I'm TRYING to do now. I'm working on a die to learn how to DO all this stuff... but it's been frustrating when I think I've done things right and for no apparant reason it's turning out weird. :-P

The depression is getting better lately, but it's still been rough lately. I know Juan wants to go out and do things but sometimes even when the pain is better I just want to curl up in a little ball and hide.

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Sunday, December 15, 2002

... well I TRIED to go to sleep! I really did!! But I keep thinking about meshing and stuff I think I've figured out... and songs keep playing in my head... and I'm picturing how I'll try to do stuff in milkshape and how I think stuff will work... and how I got started with one thing a while back and that led to another, and another... like how my friend got me started playing sims, and the she got me started doing wallpaper and floor sets, then skinning... then I took off and started making objects and learning about sprites... now I'm finally learning about meshes... and it looks like when I have THAT figured out I'm going to want to make some animated movies and stuff with the meshes... and that got me to thinking about how I tried to make that online game site... except I got bogged down when I wanted to learn .php and then I got sidetracked from that... but I taught myself a ton of html and some css and how to customize javascripts when I WAS working on that... and I suddenly thought how I could make a room set for that game now that I can make stuff in 3D, and then I was thinking how I could make the room more interactive.... I'm afraid the next step may be learning how to program games now!! :-P Or maybe in a few months anyway.... Anyway, looks like I NEED milkshape and I want to buy it when my 30 day trial expires!! Maybe we'll raid the movie money jar... I can make movies with it.. right? ~-^

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Thought I'd better blog SOMETHING about what's been going on before I either forget all my excitement, or I just lose steam and go a week or two without posting anything here!

I found and downloaded milkshape 3D last night around midnight or so, and I spent till 6am messing with it and made a few meshes to use in the Sims!! Yay!! My first try turned out pretty well, I think I can actually USE it for the baggy pant/shorts skin I was wanting to make! My gown attempts have had troubles though... my biggest glaring error is my sims gown hemline is WAY below her feet, and her feet stick out through the front! I tried to fix it... but when it LOOKED like my front hemline was SHORTER in milkshape, it showed up as LONGER in SimPose!! Aaaaaahhh :-P I joined the milkshape forum today and posted there hoping for someone to know what's going on with that and help me! I found a much more great tutorials and learned a lot more, I think I'm ready to make objects to attach to skins now! I want to make cat ears so I can make catwoman skins, and a bunny tail to put on the bunny dress I made for Nina for her birthday. ~-^

I downloaded some Neopets stuff to make holiday banners for the guild, and wrote out more ideas for those but I haven't started making them yet, I feel bad I didn't get that done today like I hoped I would. I MISSED the Advent freebies for the day too! :-(

I've been in pain again, as usual.... sigh. That, and not having a car I can ride in has been rough on us lately. I wanted to go to my friend's birthday party the other day, and was supposed to go out with friends today... but one of my friends, who was our ride, is sick too, so we didn't go. Even if she had been well I'm not sure I could have gone with my pain. :-( It's no fun walking around the house and suddenly screaming and falling over. :-(

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Thursday, December 12, 2002

The good news... I just made 5 more new gowns and uploaded them to worldsims... the bad news, my hubby was just violently ill in the bathroom, he woke up terribly sick!! :-( I rubbed his back while he threw up in the bathroom sink, and I got him water and an alka-seltzer... it was pretty bad.... :-( He wouldn't let me kiss him goodnight because of his breath, so I kissed him on the forehead and cheeks instead, and then on his heart. I hope he's better!!! And it's pathetic but I miss our goodnight kiss!!

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Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Wow ANOTHER surprise!! I got a knock at the door so I threw on my PANTS! since I had them out in the living room for reference for my sim self, and I was in my jammies... and it was Juan's DAD standing there with a foil covered plate!! He was here to surprise Juan with TACOS!! They went by Juan's work but they said he was off, so they came here but he's not HERE! Now I don't know WHERE my husband is!!! :-O I put the tacos in the fridge without peeking so I won't be tempted to nibble! :-P

I'm afraid I'm like the blonde drummer on Josie and the Pussycats... "honk if you love hugs!" heehee!

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Oh my goodness what a day!! I went to the GOM by the "teleport to your guild" feature on neopets, like I always do... and it gave an error message about there was no information on the guild!!! :-O Turns out Erika turned care of the guild over to Jamie, and now it's in the process of everyone going over to the guild under jamie's name now!! WoW!

Other stuff, one of my best friends called and she was having a rough time so I got to talk with her for a while. I hope she feels better soon, rough patches like this are really hard to ride out. I'm having a rough time myself right now with all the pain. :-( I wouldn't have picked up when she started leaving her message, but then I heard how her voice was and I thought I'd BETTER! Now I feel bad because I should call back my other friends who called while I was napping... but I'm bummed myself a bit and I don't want to drag her down, I think she said something about her birthday party.. I'm saving the message till Juan gets home because the way I am now if I play it, I won't remember what it said! :-(

On to HAPPY stuff: I'm still all blown away that people are downloading my sims skins at worldsims!!! Oh, and oh my goodness, I should have watched Josie and the Pussycats sooner!! It just started and it has actors in it I didn't even realize were in it!! And a band named DuJour!!! hahahahahahaaaaaa... as in Soup Du Jour, soup of the day!!! aaaaah hehehehahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa.... *snifff!* ok...

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Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Our neighbor was just ROBBED!!! His ex-girlfriend broke the screen out of his window and broke in and had a truck with her and she took most of the furniture, and all his dishes, and towels, and even most of his clothes and his nice SUITS, and she threw stuff around the living room and trashed it out, and threw the plants out of the pots!! She left the cat out of the house in the cold, but she DID put out food for him, poor kitty!! And she stole $800 he had in the apartment too!! And to make it worse, she knew he had an unpaid ticket so he can't call the police to report it till he pays the ticket first, or they will have to arrest HIM for the unpaid ticket BEFORE they can take his robbery report!!! And she just stole all his money!! I feel REALLY bad because I saw her moving stuff out, but I thought it was HER stuff because they just had a big fight and broke up!! She stole his phone so he couldn't call the police anyway... but we told him he could call from our place, which was when he told us he has to go find money somehow to pay the ticket first. He has no bed, not many clothes, no towels, no blankets, no dishes... I'm not even sure she left the food in the fridge and the cupboards are bare!! I'm terribly shocked by the whole thing!!!

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Heehee I made a sims version of Me and an outfit with my Pants!!!! ^-^

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Heehee I made a sims version of Me and an outfit with my Pants!!!! ^-^

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Whooo-hooo!!! My swimsuits are up at worldsims!!!

I learned how to use SimPose today and had fun making all the poses for the screenshots for the swimsuits!! ^-^ I'm all excited and happy about that, it's FUN!! Only trouble is I need dark and medium skin toned HANDS to be able to make poses in those skintones, the SimPose program only came with Light skin hands!! So it looks REALLY WRONG with the dark head and body and LIGHT hands!!!

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Saturday, December 07, 2002

I finally got back to Worldsims after not visiting in about TWO WEEKS or more!! I was feeling so bad about not going and getting caught up like I meant to, that I was sort of meaning to do it and never getting around to it, which happens sometimes when my depression or pain is bad. :-( But I had a really nice welcome back!!! I didn't know I would be MISSED so much!

The other REALLY COOL thing is that I had been checking the WRONG section for my added downloads on the main site this whole time, which was why I couldn't find my gowns there before, but I found the RIGHT section today, and my gowns are up!! They've BEEN up since Nov. 7th, and people are DOWNLOADING them!! They LIKE them!! whoo-hoo!!! So now that I have the skin bases I'll probably go nuts making more skins for a while! ^-^

See my gowns:

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I just woke up from a pain explosion. :-( Juan is still asleep and I managed not to cry out or wake him up when I got up. I HATE these pain explosions!! I'm not sure exactly what time it was when I took a pain pill before going to sleep, so I'm not sure whether I can have a pain pill again yet or not. sigh.

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Tuesday, December 03, 2002

I woke up this morning/afternoon to hearing someone checking the messages on the answering machine... I thought Juan was home from work in the middle of the day because he forgot something, that happens sometimes... but then I thought the machine was saying something about recording a new message!! I got up... came out of the bedroom... and found Cutter standing on the answering machine!!!!! I shooed him off, I'm not sure what messages we may have missed because he walked all over the machine... I thought for a while that he'd recorded us a new OUTGOING message, but the phone rang a while ago and it was unavailable, so I let the machine get it and I was so happy it's still our old outgoing message!

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Monday, December 02, 2002

Ugh, finally got to sleep and napped about 5-6 hours. Not the same as getting a full night's sleep... but hopefully this means I can sleep TONIGHT... maybe. Feeling bleagh, didn't drink any of the whey stuff last night or this morning like I was supposed to... I figured out I do NOT like Church's chicken much, this after eating like SIX pieces of it when you add up last night and this morning/noon. There's still 2 pieces left, I hope Juan rescues me from them.... I wiped out the end of the mashed potatoes but I don't think I really wanted to. I think I'm in depression eating hungry all the time craving SOMETHING mode, which is not good for me. I don't think I got enough of my anti-depressant medication over the last few days, as it's drops in water and I didn't have my water bottle around while we were out running around doing stuff for 2 days straight. I need my happy water!! That's my nickname for the medicated water... sigh.

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I need to sort through all my books now that they're all HERE and not scattered around my parents house too. I know of at least TWO series I love that I own, where I somehow have a GAP so I'm missing the book between the last book I READ, and the last book I OWN of the series... I was trying to buy the next book in the series and got the NEWEST book and missed one instead! :-P I am SOOO behind in the Xanth books... it's been kind of a joke that we've been avoiding the bookstores... but there's just too many books I NEED just to complete series I was in the middle of!! All this renewed book interest has me thinking more about adding a page to my website for all my interests... books, movies, anime, etc. Maybe after I take my nap to make up for loss of sleep tonight....

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Which Harry Potter Candy are you?

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I have a pickpocket purse pilfering kitty!!!!! Skywise just spent most of an hour pawing and snuffling around in my purse, and managed to pull out some papers that were in it!! I've seen him do that before, but never for so long!! He found the jingly zipper and rattling pill bottles most exciting..... ^-^

I should be asleep... I had TWO DAYS back to back running around DOING stuff, and it wiped me out!! I crashed hard and early last night, slept a few hours, but then woke up before Juan came to bed, and THEN when I tried to go back to bed I couldn't sleep!! sigh. It was amazing to get to spend TWO days with Juan like that. It's always a treat to see him in daylight hours when it's NOT a Sunday, that's so rare for us! Juan's sister stayed with us Friday night and we all stayed up kind of late. ^-^ Saturday we slept in a bit, which was a treat for him, he said he couldn't remember the last time he did that on a Saturday. Then we all went shopping, his sister, a.k.a. MY SIS!, had stuff to do too and we called her from the Mall to meet up there. I was pretty wiped out and we ended up getting a bite to eat at the food court, then split up to meet at our apartment later. Juan was worried about me making it to the party at that point, but I felt MUCH better after the food kicked in, and I took a nice hot shower. I think I put on too many conflicting scents of lotions at the Bath and Bodyworks store and it was giving me a headache and stomache ache!! I really liked their new Clover scent though. And I love the sparkly silky lotion stuff.... :-P Too bad it's so expensive!!

The birthday party for Fred and John and Craig turned out really fun. We didn't know it was around Craig's birthday too when we invited him to come with us. Our sis rode with us and we picked up Craig so they wouldn't have to drive. I had fun, I always like getting to visit with Fred's mother, and his dad collects Star Wars stuff and we had fun looking at the photo album of his collection. Theater people showed up after their productuon of Miracle on 34th Street let out, and the first guy who was brave enough to come outside to the keg was a guy named Danny, so we tried to introduce everyone but he couldn't remember, but we joked with him being brave to come out with us weirdos, and then it was the running joke for everyone to cheer him when he came out for a refill. One of the guys there, Cody, was quite smitten by our sis. ^-^ He loved hearing her talk and say anything rolling her rrrrs. We had fun teasing him and messing with him, poor guy!! He seems like a nice guy, but I told him he probably wasn't her type, she likes guys with long hair and his is really short right now. Plus, he seems like the type who can get a little TOO clingy fast... and she doesn't need that while she's got practically NO time for herself already with work and school! But I like him, and I think my sis liked him at least a little. ^-^ It's fun for a guy to pay attention.

Well I didn't mean for this to turn into a huge entry... I should go to sleep soon if I can, Juan's almost up soon! I've been reading Anne McCaffrey all night, Dragonseye. Shopping at the bookstores we've so studiosly avoided made me remember all the authors I love to read, and all the books I'd like to buy... so I'm re-reading favorites and getting re-aquainted. ~-^

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