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Friday, November 29, 2002

yup yup I need SLEEP
Tried to fill my bottle in the bathroom SINK...
Tried to lock my hubby, out of the house...
Tried to feed the kitties the computer mouse! song for the day... semi-autobiographical... just now composed... catchy huh? :-P

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Ugh, headachy and sleep again today... might be partly having thanksgiving leftovers for breakfast.. :-P I survived another dosage of the living whey stuff this morning... I hope we get more guava juice soon to mix with it to make it better, we're almost OUT!

Spent most of my waking hours today playing neopets and fighting the war in the battledome. Sad, but it's fun... Now I'm thinking naptime to get rid of this headache.

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Thursday, November 28, 2002

romantic kisser

You Are A Romantic Kisser!

You'll only kiss if the mood is right and if you think you are falling in love.

Some may say you're old fashioned, but when you kiss, you see stars!

One kiss from you, and anyone will be hooked forever.

How Do *You* Kiss?

More Great Quizzes from Quiz Diva

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....TRYPTOPHAN...........tryptophan..... thud. :-P

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Wednesday, November 27, 2002

I'm David!
Which Character from Stangers in Paradise Are You?

I'm Francine!
Which Character from Stangers in Paradise Are You?

I was so torn on one of the answers I went back... :-P I love this book... I need to find out if any new issues came out I don't have yet!

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heeheee heh heh heh... I tricked the Ember kitty into going into the bedroom so I could shut her in there and enjoy my yogurt in PEACE!! She is always trying to get my yogurt before I'm ready to give her the container to lick out.... she'll get up on the computer desk and right up in my FACE! :-P

Last night I had a nice surprise, my friend Rusty called long distance to see how I was with the lump and everything. I had tried to email her but her email I knew didn't exist anymore. Two of our friends I DID manage to email told her about what's going on with me so she called to see how I was. We got kind of caught up on life, the universe, and everything. ~-^ Turns out she has a livejournal, but I couldn't add her as a friend in my ujournal... but I'd heard there were some things somehow that let you add stuff from one to the other, I think she found something that looked like that only works for paid accounts. Oh well. sigh. Anyway, talking with her made me realize how much time has gone by... I had a lot of "baggage" with her in the past but I found myself thinking of good times and happy moments and I'm glad now that that's what I think of instead of hurt. I guess I've grown a little and gone on some when I wasn't looking. Now how did THAT happen??!! :-P

Thinking about the adventures I had when I was younger reminded me that I'm getting older. But so are all the people around me... and somehow I seem to forget that at times. I told her I can't believe I'll be 30 in January... I'm worried about getting to have children and get started having a family, I feel like I've spent so much of my life waiting. I'm trying so hard to get well now... I hope I can go back on the atkins/paleo diet I have planned for after my birthday and hopefully lose about 80 more pounds... that would put me at TECHNICALLY 20 pounds "overweight" but would be close to where *I* was happy and comfy at.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Well I'm feeling better today. ^-^ Had a nap last night when it all just got to be too much for me, and I woke up to go to the bathroom and didn't realize it was THAT late when Juan came home! I was still very out of it. He ended up sweeping up his own hair from the haircut!! I felt glad but also bad that I didn't get it done like I planned to. He took over the soupmaking too, and it turned out a vary nice chicken soup. I wiped out the end of the banana pudding ice cream last night. :-P For some reason it's become one of my new favorite "comfort foods." I read some in my current Simon Hawke book and had fun playing Neopets most of the day, I finally joined in the "war" there and am starting to learn the battledome, it's fun! But my pets are pretty low level and weak. I learned my 14 hit point pet couldn't successfully take on the 39 hit point bad guy.... but he managed to squeak through against him at 38 hit points. I swept up and cleaned in the bathroom but I'm not sure it's noticable. sigh. I need to get some kind of mop to work on the stuck kitty litter. ugh. :-P

I managed to take the morning double dose of the "living whey" stuff my parents gave me... errgh. I wish it tasted more like whey I remember as a kid, I LIKED that whey! All this whey talk makes me think of yoohoo and how I'd prefer it in that too. :-P I'm trying to give the whey stuff a chance, just in case... the plan is to take it 3 scoops a day for 10 days. I guess I'll see how I feel from there... and what my parents try to do after that. I feel like I have to give it a try so they can be trying to help me somehow.

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Monday, November 25, 2002

I should be cleaning... there's hair all over the front tile from cutting Juan's hair last night... and Ember kitty got my yogurt container from this morning so it's on the floor... I should pick up some papers and straighten the desk and clean up my lunch dishes... but I'm all bleagh/iccccch/uuugh.... I should clean up the lovely hairball one of the kitties left on the carpet too. I guess I'm just having one of THOSE days... my microwave dinner stuff for lunch was thawed out in the fridge when it was meant to be kept frozen till heated... it did weird things in the microwave. I keep thinking of stuff I should do... but I stay half vegged with the computer... half-watching tv... maybe I should go back to the bedroom and read my current book. At least I made the bed when I got up this morning... and I have my "eyes" in. :-P

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My adventure for the day... we were out doing late grocery shopping at wal-mart, one of the open 24 hour stores around here, and we tried to get a vanilla coke from the coke machine outside... but it was all jammed up with change in the coin slot! My hubby got his keys out and managed to pop a dime out of the way, and then he managed to get most of the rest of the change to drop down, but it wouldn't register as money in the machine, and it wouldn't come out as change. So I went inside to report the broken machine so they could call the 800 number... and when I explained there was change inside blocking it and I couldn't get my coke, they had me sign a paper to show the company it was broken, but THEN they gave me 35 cents! So I went outside and my hubby had gone to the OTHER coke machine, and it was out of vanilla coke. He pushed the button for Sprite then... and out came a Vanilla Coke!! He tried again and it was a Sprite. I got my Vanilla Coke after all!! And for FREE!! ^-^

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Saturday, November 23, 2002

Yesterday was my dad's 69th Birthday. If he were a different kind of guy, I would have had fun giving him a "themed" party... ;-P As it was, visiting with my parents was interesting, was usual. I sent them an email last night about my lump in my breast... they called last night soon after I had sent out the email. I had been kind of hoping they wouldn't check it that late.... they have some sort of super whey powder they wanted me to take to fight cancer.... So yesterday my mom picked me up around 1:30 and I sent my dad a e-card, we got to my parents house and my dad just got the e-card but was waiting for us to get there to open it. He opened it, and liked it, and only needed a little guidance and prompting to find the text and read that too. He's got VERY bad eyesight, he has to read the screen with one eye at a time, about an inch from his nose. Then I helped my mother with some computer stuff with their business, then they called my brother in Florida so he could talk to me about my lump, but he didn't have anything to say so I had him sing Happy Birthday together on the phone for my dad, and after that was lunch. My parents are on a diet that balances the percentage of calories you get from protien, fat, and carbs... so my mom had everything measured out into portions, as usual. I got 3 ounces of cubed chicken breast she cooked in her no oil electric skillet, and a little whole wheat gravy she made with it, over 1/3 cup of shredded steamed golden potatoes, and 1/3 cup steamed green breans, and 1/3 cup raw red cabbage with mayonaise... with kelp powder and UN-iodized Sea Salt for seasoning. ...happy childhood memories... sigh. Oh, and they made me take a teaspoon of wheat germ oil too. This was a NEW kind of wheat germ oil, different from what they gave me growing up, it didn't have SOLVENTS in it, so it didn't burn my throat and stomach like the old one did, so that was an improvement I'm glad they've discovered. ^-^

After lunch, my dad had to take his nap for his "digestion" like always, so my mom and I worked on computer stuff again, I had fun teaching her stuff, and making a couple of webpages using notepad to show her how to make her form and redirect page she needed. I showed her how the website she was on had little question mark graphics next to all the links, and how clicking on THOSE would take her to help/information pages on everything! She was SO excited! She had no idea what the question marks there were for or that they were "clickable"!! ^-^ My dad woke up and got ready and we went to Best Buy to get him a "laser mouse" as he was calling it. First they called Best Buy on the phone to ask the poor guy on the speaker-phone if they had Laser Mice, and asked what they were called. I ended up explaining they had no trackball to get stuck... ^-^ So we got there and helped him pick out a new optical mouse, and my mom held his hand to guide him through the store, and at the checkout he had to sign for the credit card, but he couldn't see where to sign, even with his contacts in and glasses over them, and the clerk had to ask him to sign again and show him about 3 times where the signature area was, it was one of those electronic pads. The clerk tried to sell them a 2 year replacement warantee but they didn't want that and asked me about it, and I had the clerk take that off. Then we went back home to their house.

Once we were back, they had me make a paste out of their new super healing whey stuff and "annoint" my breast with it over the lump, it's still plastered there held on with 3 band-aids and BOY does it itch!! But I'm not supposed to wash it off till tonight... errgh. They had me mix up more water with it and drink it too, and I have a whole cannister of the stuff now I'm supposed to take 3 times each day, I'm behind so far today because I haven't had any, but I guess I'll have a double dose in a little while.... I was glad they didn't mess with me too much. They made me listen to a long horrible tape recording of a phone call with the Dr guy who invented the whey stuff, I HATE stuff like that!! I'll try the stuff but I don't want to hear hours of advertisement hype about it!! We had supper while they played the tape... I had 1/2 cup of not quite entirely cooked garbanzo beans, aka chickpeas, and 1/3 cup of steamed frozen mixed vegetables. Oh, and all day they had me drinking my ration of magnetized oxidized water, that wasn't bad, but awkward pouring out of the honey jars every time. Then FINALLY the CAKE! Made with half home ground whole wheat flour, and half home ground millet, which is the little yellow round seeds in birdseed. Sweetened with honey, and it was a carob cake, which is like a chocolate alternative, also knows a locust pods from the locust tree. I loved the cake. ^-^

After dinner we finally got around to watching Smallville taped episodes together, which is what my dad wanted to do all day, but so much happened we only got to watch one episode. It was the first episode, and Juan showed up after he got off work and stayed through the end of the episode, about 20 minutes left in it. Then I hugged my parents goodbye and we talked a little and Juan "rescued" me, asking in the car if I was hungry and what I'd had to eat that day. We went back home to call our friends John and Kari because John was having a birthday party at a restaraunt that night, and we figured they'd be at her mother's house by then, but her mom was just getting home and they were still at the restaraunt, so we went there and found them out in the parking lot. We made plans to meet them at her mom's house, and then we picked up FOOD at Jack in the Box. :-P I ate in the car and we had a nice visit with John and Kari and her mom, and then got home dead tired and crashed for sleep. BIG day for me! Thought I'd have to sleep ALL day today to recover!

Today I was watching Kisty's Buffy cds on the computer and waking up... and there was knocking at the door and I had to stash lo mein in the microwave so the cats wouldn't get it while I ran to get some shorts on, and it turned out to be the landlord and he had a plumber to fix the terrible leaking bathtub!! Turns out there were SEVERAL chronically leaking tubs like that in the complex. :-P He looked at the living room light again too, and I hope he fixes that... he said they'd be back later today to fix that too... but now it's getting towards evening and they're not back. I need to ask them about how to change out the lightbulb over the stove too, and see if he wants to fix the garbage disposal that was broken when we moved in and has never worked. Not sure what the plans are for stuff like that since he's a new landlord, I'm not sure if he knows about the disposal even.

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Thursday, November 21, 2002

Well we took Rosabelle to the vet and she doesn't have ringworm like we were afraid of, just a topical irritation making her scratch and bleed and all flakey and crusty, so he told us special shampoo to wash her with and my friend already had some of that. He found she had tapeworms and heartworms though, and gave her a heartworm pill, and gave her her vaccination shot while distracting her with a treat so she didn't even notice the shot! He gave us a tube of stuff for fleas and all sorts of other parasites to put on her after her bath. It came in a little packet with her name on it, with my last name as HER last name... and I burst into tears in the vet's office and cried because I can't keep her. He gave us his office services for free an only charged us for the medicines because we're rescuing her and can't keep her!! My hubby had given me a blank check and our friends were going to pay the vet cash later to get the check back.. but my hubby said we can go ahead and let the check clear! Yay! I got to bathe a puppy for the first time when we got home. The puppy is back with my friends now.

I posted that in my guild and thought I'd post it here too. ^-^

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Last night I got SOOOO sick! :-( I had a great time hanging out with Kisty and Celleigh and the puppy Rosabelle (Blackie) but as it got a little later I got to feeling REALLY bad, and then I went and threw up in the bathroom sink after I used the bathroom. :-( I had weighed myself after I used the bathroom because I've gotten into that habit on my diet and I kept that up... Which is how I know that, after I took some alka seltzer, sat on the couch a while, and then ran to throw up in the KITCHEN sink, I weighed myself after bathroom again and I weighed FOUR POUNDS less! :-O I had a LOT of icky stuff sitting in my tummy that was apparantly just STUCK there! :-( I took more alka-seltzer before going to bed, and that time it stayed down.
I feel MUCH better this morning, which is good because the exterminators woke up up banging on the door, and I threw on shorts to go get the door and they saw me looking startled comng out of the bedroom, as I found THEM looking startled coming through the front door! I had to round up all the kitties and throw them in the bedroom while they sprayed the kitchen and bathroom. They asked about the leaking tub, and said something about fixing that soon... YAAAAY!! And they even remembered to ask about the light in the living room that's been broken since we moved in almost two years ago!! Again, YAY!! I sat in the bedroom with the cats, reading, for the hour they recommended keeping the cats away from the sprayed areas, so the stuff could dry. Then I had to throw out all the cat food and old water and get them new food and water. Juan had put out TWO bowls of food this morning... I had no idea why he put out so much, when we'd gotten the letter saying they would come spray today... but he called and said the cats were STARVING this morning and there was NO food in the dish and all three ran in the kitchen with him TOGETHER, and they never do that... I guess maybe the puppy ate more of their food last night than I realized... I was preoccupied being sick... poor starving kitties!!

Now I'm waiting for Celleigh to pick me up and we're off to the vet with Rosabelle! This should be an adventure! ^-^

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Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Sigh. I can't get my blog to post!! Waaaah! :-P Well, Celleigh called and the puppy now has an appointment at the vet for TOMORROW, so it looks like Kisty and I get to do girl day stuff today, and then hopefully get to see the puppy again tonight! Yippie!! ^-^

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OK I'm awake and up doing stuff WAY earlier than I usually am when I'm up late. I'm nervous and waiting for the call from Celleigh about when we're taking the puppy, Rosabelle (Blackie) to the vet. Celleigh got here last night and could tell almost right away that the puppy was sick and running a fever and had parasites of some kind. I was right to be worried about her hot dry nose and crusty ears. Her little ears were burning up too. And in the car while I was petting her the whole car ride home I kept feeling a vibrating rumbly sound in her and I kept checking to see if she was scared and growling, but we think it was rasping in her chest, like a bad chest cold. :-( I hadn't checked to see if the puppy was a boy or girl yet because she'd been so huddled and quiet, warming up from the cold outside and resting, but I had kept calling her a he out loud, while suspecting it was a she. Funny how things like that happen. Plus, I'm not an expert puppy checker, I can't seem to read the small print on their rump... ~-^

The plan for the day WAS to get to hang out with Kisty watching her Buffy cds and kind of getting emotional support about the lump thing, and doing "girl stuff" and talking. With the two of us "girl stuff" tends to lean toward messing with computers too though. :-P The puppy threw everything off though, so I'm trying to IM her and hope that gets through because I don't want her stuck banging on my door trying to wake me up when I'm not here!!!

I'm very happy with Juan for turning back to pick up the puppy, and for spending about 10-15 minutes rumaging in the dumpster behind his work picking out a box for the puppy, and being willing to SPEND MONEY on food and a food dish for the puppy too! He even gave me a blank check to use at the vet, they will actually hold the check and Celleigh and Moonwolf will pay it off in cash to get the check back, but still I'm impressed he's being so great about this! He's kind of not a "pet person" in general. But he was ready to keep her here with us overnight before finding what shelter to go to! When we figured out she's sick though, and will probably need to be kept for a week or two on medicine, we realized we can't keep her here that long. :-( We have pet deposit for THREE cats, but not permission to have another animal here that long. :-( Plus, we don't know HOW to take care of a sick puppy or good stuff to clean up with if she's sick a lot with diahreah or vomit. I told the puppy last night that she could pee on me or poop on me or yak on me if she had to, and it was OK because I loved her. I'm germ-phobic, thanks to my parents, so for me that's pretty abnormal. I've never really gotten to hold and be around a puppy before, and she's really sweet and I DO love her already, and part of me wishes we could keep her... ... she will grow up to be a big doggie and needs a good place to run, and we can't keep her in this tiny apartment. I'm feeling all overprotective and wanting to make sure she gets a good family to adopt her.

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I'm rescuing a Puppy!! I'm so excited, I've never done anything like this before!! It was a TINY little black puppy that could barely walk, and it had been abandoned in Juan's parents' yard. I got worried about how SMALL it was out in this weather, even though at first we were going to leave it with the tires to cuddle in to stay warm... so Juan turned the car around and we went back and I found the puppy again and he let me pick him (her?) up in my coat and I cuddled him and got him in the car with us and I held him and petted him ALL the way back, and we stopped by Juan's work to get a box from the dumpster, which took like 10-15 minutes of him rummaging... :-P We got home and made him a little nest with a soft towel in the box, and put a tuperware of water with him, I was worried because his nose was very dry and he wouldn't drink the water at first, I even dipped my finger and held it near his nose and chin trying to get him to at least lick up some water. Then he rested a little and drank some water, so I'm glad of that. ^-^ Right now Celleigh and Moonwolf are on their way to see the puppy and help, she knows stuff about animal rescue, and she works in a shelter as a volunteer, she will know if he needs puppy food or what to eat, he is SO tiny, smaller than a grown chihuahua, his paws are smaller than my cats... but he has a build like a larger breed of dog, like retriever or something. I'm calling him/her Blackie and wanting to find a GOOD home for him! I'm excited to have a puppy stay the night at least too!! ^-^

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Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Well I finally started crying about things last night, after not letting the fear or worry get to me before. I asked Juan if he would still love me if I only had one breast, and he said yes. I asked him if he would kiss it goodbye if they had to cut it off, and that's when I burst into tears and bawled for a while. It's been a long time since I've had a hard cry, I felt better after I did. At least the crying was AFTER I got to have ice cream in bed, while we talked. Turns out ice cream in bed works out much nicer than crackers... Ember kitty was with us and she wanted my ice cream too, so I put a TEENY bit on the lid and let her have a little. Then she wanted MINE! She purrrred like MAD!

We finally got to sleep about 3 am.... after the crying and then the pain/sleeping pill because I'd had a huge Dr Pepper with caffiene earlier and was jittery with the anxiety, and then my "usual" pains. I woke up about 11am when Juan woke me up, I was like a zombie, I got up and was trying to make the bed as I got out of it and I was having trouble and frustrated and Juan helped. I got my contacts in, and showered, and dressed, but still not talking much. I don't think I really started talking or smiling till we were in the car. It was a relief to actually be GOING to the clinic for this, after so long waiting on the OTHER clinic. There wasn't much wait in the waiting room, which was good. They got confused because I'm married and never changed my maiden name. I didn't know how much our monthly income was. I was glad when they let Juan come in with me for the exam. There was TONS of paperwork! They had me change into a paper dressing gown and it was like wearing a giant paper towel, and Juan said I looked like something from Xena. ^-^ The Dr came and she felt all of my chest, and found the lump where I showed her, and she said we have to go waaaaay out of town to Galveston and get a mammogram, because once you FIND a lump, and it's really there, they have to figure out what it is.

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I'm kind of nervous about going to the dr. tomorrow to see what the lump in my breast is. It's gotten harder and I think bigger and a lot more tender around that area. I keep checking my other breast to see if it's got a corresponding hard spot, I kept hoping I would feel something in that same spot on the other side, that it was supposed to be there. We have to go to the clinic that is supposed to have a sliding scale and deal with family planning stuff. The other clinic I would be sent to still isn't taking new patients so I won't get any help for my endometriosis or polycystic ovaries, this clinic will just do an "annual" for me but they're supposed to set up help to deal with it if it tirns out to be anything.... I'm not looking forward to another pap smear (I just typoed it "sprear!" maybe for a reason...) the last one was painful and I've been having sudden stabbing pains already.

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Monday, November 18, 2002

Went to see Harry Potter movie with nephews and WolF. Then brought WolF back to car, and went to charity event at mall with Celleigh and Moonwolf. Had to leave in time to get home before Outland's friend showed up for the pay per view wrestling, we picked up fried chicken at the grocery store on the way home. Watched the event, had a couple of drinks. Tired, sore feet. Night!

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Sunday, November 17, 2002

My hubby helped me fill out the form to make this, HE picked all the words! ^-^


Once upon a time there has a young STAND UP COMIC named HUMBERTO. He was SLUGGISH SPITTING in the SHINY forest when he met PHAT NORDELL, a run-away VIRGIN GOAT MILKER from the GREEN Queen ELFRA.

HUMBERTO could see that PHAT NORDELL was hungry so he reached into his OIL TANKER and give him his GEEKY THAI. PHAT NORDELL was thankful for HUMBERTO's THAI, so he told HUMBERTO a very FLOWERED story about Queen ELFRA's daughter AISHA. How her mother, the GREEN Queen ELFRA, kept her locked away in a BAROQUE protected by a gigantic OCTOPUS, because AISHA was so GIRLY.

HUMBERTO WED. He vowed to PHAT NORDELL the VIRGIN GOAT MILKER that he would save the GIRLY AISHA. He would DRIVES the OCTOPUS, and take AISHA far away from her eveil mother, the GREEN Queen ELFRA, and RUNNING her.

Then, all of the sudden, there was a BOOKISH SEX and PHAT NORDELL the VIRGIN GOAT MILKER began to laugh. With a puff of smoke he turned into the gigantic OCTOPUS from his story. GREEN Queen ELFRA FAINTED out from behind a KEYRING and struck HUMBERTO dead. In the far off BAROQUE you could hear a BLEGAH.


Make your own Fairy Tale at

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Saturday, November 16, 2002

I had terrible nightmares last night that my husband wanted to get rid of me. He tried to lose me in a city so I would be homeless and die on the streets, and then I found where he worked and was yelling and mad and upset and said stuff about how we were MARRIED and that was till death do you part, then he grimaced and came at me like he was going to kill me, and for the first time ever I was SCARED of him! :-( I was so spooked by the nightmare I woke up needing more sleep but I was afraid to go back to sleep. I'm still pretty freaked out I had a dream like that.

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Thursday, November 14, 2002

Feeling kind of ooky today, got up early about 8am or so and I MEANT to go back to bed, but when I was up on the computer doing email still when my hubby got up, I just stayed up and went back to the bedroom to make the bed and grab my water bottle. I'm still SOOOO sore from playing at playing basketball Tuesday! Last night Outland tried to help massage my arms where they're killing me, right above the inside of the elbows. I was pathetic. I finally took pain pills after he kept suggesting and encouraging it about TWENTY times....

I got to hang out with WolF for a little while yesterday as it was his birthday and he wanted to do SOMETHING to celebrate his birthday! We mostly just hung out at his place watching Toonami and talking and having fried chicken and his Birthday Cookies for lunch. I think it's cool that his mom always baked him a cake or cookies for his birthday and since she COULDN'T this year, he did it himself to celebrate and keep the tradition! ^-^ So today he had off work too and he called about 10:30 ish and was SO surprised I was AWAKE! :-P He even asked if I was OK!! I got actually READY for the day then and he came over and brought sandwitch making supplies and bananas, that was so nice! He knew the potassium was good to counter the lactic acid that makes muscles sore. Well, anyway, *I* knew that, and he knew bananas were supposed to be good when you're sore! I helped him figure out how to update and upload his webpages for his site, he was really happy to find out it was so easy when he knew what to cut and paste and where to change it, and how to get set up for ftp uploading. It made me feel like I KNOW stuff to be able to help. ^-^ I felt pretty good while he was here, after he left I started feeling kind of vague and ooky again. I spent a lot of time on one of the online comics at a place that hosted 2 comics he loved and showed me. I don't know why, but that site seems to be down now... I hope it comes back, I just found it!! I even emailed the writer/artist of one of the comics asking for permission to post ONE of her strips here in my blog! I NEVER email people I don't know like that! :-P Help, I'm becoming a fan-girl! hahahaha.... errr.... uh oh.... Well, her strip got even funnier and better the more I read, which is why I got lost in it for like three HOURS! And she had really cool guides for dying hair and making a duct tape wallet.....

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Wednesday, November 13, 2002

I have passed test, and I am now deemed worthy to be known as a ... ... Sorceress. In the war between good and evil, Sorceresss take the side of the noble and good.I am gifted with the elemental plane of Water.

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Find out what kind of Wizard/Wizardess you are at

You are attuned to the elemental plane of water. You may find yourself often drawn to places where your given element can be found in abundance, such as lakes, rivers, oceans, or sometimes even swamps. As part of your powers, you may move through your element freely, being able to swim to the deepest depths, and breathe under the waves. Some mages of the plane of water have been known to build great fortresses under the waves. Ever heard of Atlantis? Yep, that was definitely built by a water mage. It is well within your powers, to cause a tsunami, a storm of ice shards, or to cause a person unprotected by magic to spontaneously drown.

Find out what kind of Wizard/Wizardess you are at

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Monday, November 11, 2002

I started hearing thumping and shuffling sounds in my hall closet, and somehow 2 of my cats had SHUT the other cat up inside the closet!!!!????? They like to pull the door open when it's not firmly latched... I guess one got in, and then the others played with the door and got it shut and it latched!! :P Poor kitty, trapped for who knows how long today!!

I've had no water all day today!! The water was shut off all day because a pipe broke INSIDE a wall somewhere here, and they had to shut the water off to fix it!! It was shut off all day from before 2pm till JUST NOW at almost 9pm!! I can tell it's back on because the bathtub started leaking and running again JUST NOW!! :-P

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Friday, November 08, 2002

I'm up now because I can't sleep. Sigh. :-( I was trying to, but Outland was snoring, and he's so tired, I didn't want to wake him, I think we're out of the breathe right nose strips anyway. I went and saved a bunch of my old hotmail emails from friends, since it was getting close to the limit. I saved stuff that started from dates around August last year. A lot of it was September 11th stuff and from my grandma dying and the farmhouse burning down and my brother moving away. I kind of had a little year in review here, it was a busy year.

I finally got to hang out with Outland's high school friend, Craig, Tuesday, when we ran around doing errands with him as his car was in the shop. First we had my mother pick us up and bring us to their house, where they let us borrow the car, and then we went and picked up Craig. We helped him return a dvd burner and unopened blank dvd's to two different stores, as he was having to take them back to get the money to repair his car. He was really sad because he JUST got it and never got to use it! Then we had the great voting adventure!! First we guessed at which one of two schools the voting for our apartment would be at... and it turned to be the mad rush right as school was letting out!! We parked in the back of the school and walked through... we found the voting area finally and it was the wrong place, so they sent us to the right school. We got there and Craig and Outland ran into people they knew from high school and started talking. Then we got inside and it turned out they had Outland on the records there... but not ME!! My change of address didn't go through like HIS did, so I was still on the lists at the OLD address!!! So he voted, and then we drove ALL the way across town for ME to vote!! I had to fill out paperwork first, and then voted, and now I have a change of address form we need to mail in. Whew!! And it only took us about 3 hours to vote!! :-P So as a reward, we went to the buffet that has SUSHI!!! All in all a big day. I've been mostly recovering since then. ^-^

Today Outland came home from work early and I got to go hang out with Kisty and we went to Jack in the Box for a burger and to get to talk and visit. I think I got overly excited... might have been partly the 2 little Twix bars she gave me from her Halloween candy when we picked her up!! She was supposed to go hang out with Celleigh later, so we took her home with us to visit more and Celleigh came and picked her up there, so I got to see Celleigh too! Maybe all that excitement is why I can't sleep....

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Saturday, November 02, 2002

Trying to get into good habits with the house, I'm happy I'm on my 4th day of making the bed as I'm getting up, and cleaning a little here and there, like doing SOMETHING to clean the bathroom almost every time I'm in it... I actually FOUND my duster the other day AFTER I gave up on looking for it and grabbed a rag and dusted everything! No more inner groan when I walk past the bookshelf in the hallway and look at all the dust, it's GONE!! Oh, and I cleaned out my desk ONE cubbyhole at a time, and found Valentines CHOCOLATES, and my long time missing CAMERA!! Joy!! Rapture!! CHOCOLATES!! ^-^

I'm defrosting chicken to make "fake" chicken and sausage gumbo tonight... it's not real gumbo since it won't have okra, my hubby doesn't like okra too much so we're trying substituting zuchinni... other than that I'm trying for the real thing though! Making it from scratch... going to start browning the flour soon... got my file for seasoning... I'm set!

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Friday, November 01, 2002

OK, all this quiz taking is DANGEROUS for me!! That last quiz said something about a FILK song... so I had to go look it up... and I found a whole catalog of filk songs and STUFF that I'll WANT!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh! :-P

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Which Aspect Are You?

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you are...
the strange lupine Aspect. when it comes down to it wolven concepts of lyalty and pack are your ideals.
you current fave filksong is; "Only Son" by Michael Longcor

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My friend Jamie made a second quiz!!

Which Charmed one are you? by Jamie

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Hahahahahaaaa... my hubby will love this but my "SIS" probably will groan and hiss!! ;-) ;-) I thought it was a quiz about sirens like in mythology, didn't realize it meant pop singers!

.which siren are you.

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.your short and sexy as hell shakira. you can never decide what color hair you want either.

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-~Which SUNSET are you? (v.2)~-

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You are the beautiful, dramatic sunset. Your energy dazzles those close to you. Your intensity is contageous, but when your sun finally sets, you know how to relax--not many people can boast of such a feat! You know how to have a reeeally good time. Try to not be narcisstic, but learn to love yourself. Don't be embarrased to be cheesy. You're creative and sometimes loud (even though you don't really think so). Remember to follow your heart, but always listen to those you trust for advice.

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Which Royo Goddess Are You?

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You are the Angel of Experience - You know how the game is played, and wish to show others the way. You know more than most and hope for the enlightenment of all.

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Which Moon Are You?

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Ocean's Lover: So beautiful you illuminate lovers, dance on ocean mirrors, sing with the wolves.

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I took my friend Jamie's first quiz!! I think I need to find out more about this show though, I don't know any of the characters!! Made the questions lots of fun to guess on though!! I loved the fact that one of the questions was about guys and I picked the PERFECT answer: What sort of guys do you dig? serious, dark-haired mystery men from exotic locations. See? It's perfect!! hahahaha... (my hubby was born in Mexico!)

Which Roswell girl are you? by Jamie

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