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Wednesday, October 30, 2002

what's your inner flower?

[c] s u g a r d
e w

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How Emotional Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

Balanced. You accept your emotions as normal and are not overly happy nor depressed. You are emotionally balanced and should find peace in the way you deal with life situations. Your emotions are normal and well understood. You see the light in the dark.

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OK, looks like it's going to be one of THOSE days... got a phone call with a really weird name on the Caller ID, "Queens NY"... we'd gotten that name there before and wondered if that was supposed to be a NAME of a place, like a shop or something, or if it was the LOCATION someone was calling from, so I picked up. sigh. It was one of my credit cards trying to offer me the "just let us send you this information in the mail to charge you money in case you get sick and lose your job and then you won't have to pay your bill for a year" deals. Love those. Never got them BEFORE I got sick and couldn't work.... :-P I explained to the lady I am ALREADY unemployed due to health reasons so I wouldn't qualify for their plan. She got flustered and wanted to know who was making the payments, she kept repeating about 20 times how I was a member in good standing with my payments, I think that's what she blurted out on automatic whenever she didn't know what to say! I explained my husband made the payments. She jumped on that about authorized users were ALL covered so it would help him. I explained my husband is NOT an authorized user on my credit card!! We went in circles for about 20 minutes, every time she would talk about mailing me stuff I said "I do NOT want anything in the mail" and "Please take me off your mailing list for offers" and she would go on about how it was no risk to me. I even said "I don't WANT any mail, I would just throw it away and I don't want to waste that paper!" This was the LONGEST call like this I've ever had!! She just kept going and I was getting frustrated and wanted to hang up on her, except I didn't want her calling back!! Finally she got to the part again about mailing me and wanted me to confirm my mailing address, and I said no, I wouldn't confirm it, I didn't want any mail, THEN she got nice again and said she couldn't do anything about it if I didn't want it, and she got to do her little wrapping up spiel and she sounded happier, I think she was required to say a bunch of stuff she kept not getting to before when I was getting upset. At the end I said Thank You before she could hang up, I TRIED to make it not such a bad call... I hate it that companies do this to people, they're doing it to the poor employees forced to make those stupid calls, and to their poor customers they're inflicting the calls on!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....

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Saturday, October 26, 2002

I'm Green, a-zaba-zee-daba-dieee.... sorry, wrong song.... Well, after much plotting and planning and trepidation and excitement, I finally bought green hair dye and dyed green streaks in my hair to be braided into "vines." ^-^ I tried to use plastic shopping bags to protect my hands, but it didn't work so well. I got lucky and all the green on my skin and hands and forehead washed off when I rinsed and washed my hair. I didn't fully appreciate where the instructions said "rinse thoroughly with COLD water" till I got to that step and was yeeping and eeeking while my cats wondered what I was DOING in there!!

The cable just went completely out, or the tv died... while I was watching Aliens just now. Too bad, since I was planning to watch that and then Alien 3 that came on right after, a nice sci-fi scary movie thing going there. I cheated like mad on the paleo diet I'm supposed to be on, I had chinese food and Starbucks ice cream... but it tastes so GOOD to be bad.... ~-^

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Friday, October 25, 2002

I'm about to watch the movie "The Dark Half"! I read the book, thanks to LunaCorn. I'm wondering how they'll handle things for the movie. Outland was supposed to get off work at 11pm so it's midnight and he's not home yet, this was more like what I expected though, the way things go when he has to work the fair or stuff like that. sigh.

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Saturday, October 19, 2002

I *FINALLY* went and uploaded my sims photo album pics of my waterfall shower and a few skins so I could post them in the sims forum I've joined, I've only been meaning to do this for about a MONTH or so now!! :-P My pains haven't been too bad today and I'm hoping to actually get out of the house tomorrow, maybe go out for coffee with Ken and Andi... I would much rather do that and get to VISIT with Andi than come over and clean her house... I've gotten just too tired of that. :-( I'm hoping Celleigh and Moonwolf can come too.

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Friday, October 18, 2002

I think my kitties wanted to watch The Crow last night, they've pulled the video half out of the entetainment center shelves. ^-^ Had pain again yesterday, I'm hoping pain weeks end soon, looks like it's 2 weeks this month instead of one. :-( I played sims unleashed a little more, but it's looking like I REALLY need the minimum mhz for it to run right, it loads MUCH faster than vacation, but gameplay is TOO SLOOOOOW! I keep thinking I should try the Theme Hospital game again and see if it remembers me... or if I can figure out how to properly exit it. I can't find my little notebook I try to write my to do list stuff in... I keep forgetting all the stuff I'm working on or meaning to work on. I really liked the book Skylles let me read while I was visiting, so I've started going through my books and picking stuff out to read again, I hadn't been doing much reading for a long while partly because I didn't have a comfortable reading place with enough lighting... now the bedroom is pretty well lit with the lightbulbs changed out, turned out there was a place for a second lightbulb in the fixture and it makes a huge difference. If only the bed didn't have the bedsprings poking me, it's gotten bad even with the blanket we've got folded up under the fitted sheet. We want to save up for a new matteress... but that'll have to wait till the car is completely fixed. It's running ok... still needs work though, and I STILL can't drive it because the speedometer still isn't fixed and it's been so long since I've been driving on a regular basis that I don't have a feel for what speed I'm going without it.... it needs to be fixed in time to pass inspection anyway. We may not have much of a Christmas at this rate.... Anyway, I've started reading Simon Hawke books, I read The Wizard of Sunset Strip yesterday, and I found a book that comes before it, The Wizard of Whitechapel, so I'm reading that one today. I've found about 3 more, I'm not sure if that's all we have or not because things got so scrambled in the move.

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Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Congratulations, you're a Dryad, a playful tree spirit.
What kind of female faerie are you?
Take the female faerie quizby Paradox

Dryads Also known as Tree Spirits, Tree Ladies, and Hamadryads; Dryads are tree spirits from whom the female order of Druids is said to have taken it's name. They are playful creatures who prefer willow trees as homes, but will live in any of the thirteen sacred trees. Dryads may have been native to Greece where they were called Drayades, the most famous of whom was Daphne. Some dryads move from tree to tree, while Hamadryads were bound to one tree, and sometimes considered the spirit of that tree. If the tree was cut down, the Hamadryad would die.

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Well I'm having fun trying my shift into the Paleo diet, I'm going nuts with the fruit... ^-^ having a GRAPE time.... oh dear, that one just snuck up on me!! uh oh.. now I feel a BUNCH coming on.... I should have SEED that coming.... aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh help!! Anyway, I'm plotting ideas for soups and veggie dishes and wanting to get some more fish... but I'll have to make that just for me because Outland can't eat fish right now with his allergy, which is no fun. :-(

Outland found a cd I didn't realize we had, it's called Theme Hospital and I installed and tried it today, it seems to be a game from 97, it talks about how to play it in Windows 95. I had some fun trying to play... I somehow made it past the first level but I still didn't know what I was doing... I tried to find a way to save and exit the game but I couldn't find a way, so I just alt tabbed out and closed out the program... I don't know what it will do when I start it up again, whether my user name will show up or not. I'm wondering HOW you were SUPPOSED to exit the game though??!!

I think I finally got caught up on reading and posting in the sims forum I've been hanging out in. It took a while though, right when I thought I was caught up I found other threads popping up I hadn't read yet, some with comments to ME I needed to reply to! :-P

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Monday, October 14, 2002

There, I found what I originally tried to post Oct 2:

Looks like we will be evacuating tonight because of the hurricane about to hit the gulf coast area tomorrow! I'm worried about making the road trip with all three of the cats, Outland is supposed to try to pick up a 3rd cat carrier tonight after work, right before we leave. Boy, it's been a while since I made it here to post.... I got Sims Unleashed and found a sims community board to hang out in and kind of didn't manage to get back to write stuff!!

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I tried to post right before we left fleeing the hurricane... but it looks like it didn't go through. :-( I'm back home again now after many adventures with branch, skylles, and their amazing baby Marcus. ^-^ I think I'll make this short and see if it works when I try to post it....

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