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Saturday, August 31, 2002

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Got up in the night again with the pain. Couldn't sleep, cramps were really bad, I took some sinus medicine because my nose was all icky and drippy and stuffy at the same time. I tried to find the Gargoyles book I have in Spanish but I couldn't find it, I think it's in the bedroom and I didn't want to wake Outland up. I DID find a Stephen King book we have in Spanish though, El Ciclo Del Hombre Lobo, and I read the WHOLE thing! ^-^ I still don't understand a ton of words, but I DID understand and enjoy the story! So I know I'm better now than I was the first time I tried to read that book, I couldn't get through the first couple of parts, I didn't understand enough of what was going on. Outland woke up and I asked him if he know if the library here has books in Spanish so I can check out books and read more... we'll have to call and see. I hope they do. I REALLY hope they have sci-fi and fantasy books in Spanish... because even though it would help my reading/volcabulary, I don't really want to read books in Spanish JUST because they're in Spanish, I want to read something I would be reading anyway!

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Friday, August 30, 2002

Finally got up. I meant to get up earlier and clean the house and make a lilac tree for my sims game... I've been wanting one for a while... we used to have lilac trees at two of the houses we lived in when we were in Utah and I miss them. So if I can't have it in real life, I want it for my sims! :-P The cats sneaked into the hall closet again and they knocked a box down and dragged stuff out of the closet. I'm having pains so I can't really bend over to pick it all up, it's SO annoying to just step through it every time I go down the hall though! :-( I'm about to have "breakfast" and put in my eyes to watch Shiri again, this time with Spanish settings so I can learn more. I think this watching the movies and then watching them with either Spanish subtitles or language track is REALLY helping me with my Spanish... maybe we can keep doing that a lot and I'll finally start becoming fluent. It will PROBABLY cost less than taking a course...

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Another one....
Your distinct personality, The Dreamer-Minstrel might be found in most of the thriving kingdoms of the time. You can always see the "Silver Lining" to every dark and dreary cloud. Look at the bright side is your motto and understanding why everything happens for the best is your goal. You are the positive optimist of the world who provides the hope for all humankind. There is nothing so terrible that you can not find some good within it. On the positive side, you are spontaneous, charismatic, idealistic and empathic. On the negative side, you may be a sentimental dreamer who is emotionally impractical. Interestingly, your preference is just as applicable in today's corporate kingdoms.

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Found a more serious personality test when I did a google search...

E, your answers to the questions indicate that you tend toward being a Relater. Characteristics of a Relater:

Strengths: Servicing, listening

Weaknesses: Oversensitivity, indecision

Irritation: Insensitivity

Goals: Acceptance, stability

Fear: Sudden change

Motivator: Involvement

Relaters are open and indirect. They are warm, supportive, and nurturing individuals. Relaters are excellent listeners, devoted friends, and loyal employees. Their relaxed disposition makes them approachable and warm. They develop strong networks of people who are willing to be mutually supportive and reliable. Relaters are excellent team players. However, Relaters avoid risk. In fact, a Relater may tolerate an unpleasant environment rather than risk a change. They like the status quo and become distressed when disruptions are severe enough. When Relaters are faced with change, they need to think it through, plan it, and accept it into their world. Relaters are also slow decision-makers for several reasons: 1) their need for security; 2) their need to avoid risk; 3) their desire to include others in the decision-making process. Relaters strive to maintain tranquility and security in their lives. They need personal composure, stability, and balance.

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You are a muse.

The muses of greek mythology were goddesses who ruled over the arts and sciences and inspired people who were best at them. Their numbers vary from legend to legend, but most agree that there were nine of them who each presided over their own realm.

What legend are you?. Take the Legendary Being Quiz by Paradox

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My inner Goddess is Rainbow-colored!

The RAINBOW Goddess represents all aspects of the color spectrum.
Those who are Rainbowed have the deepest
significance to people throughout all the phases of their life.
They have more influence on those around them then one can possibly imagine.
They often help others by strengthening, soothing and inspiring them.

© What's your Inner Goddess Color?? © Jen

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Boogiepop Phantom (find out more)

Find out What Anime Best Suits You by taking the quiz yourself!

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Thursday, August 29, 2002

I made a waterfall shower for my sims game, it needs help in one view where the shower door graphic makes the waterfall DOUBLE... and I need to fix the transparencies so you can't see the sim inside it from the back views, but other than that I think it's pretty cool. ^-^ I haven't messed with the transmogrifier in SOOOO long, over a year!! Actually, I think it's over TWO years! In the meantime I've gotten better with photoshop. ^-^ I still can't get my old rosebushes to work which makes me sad, I really liked them. Maybe I'll just try making them over again.
Country and teddy bears aren't REALLY my style, but I LOVED these little bears with the computer sayings that were SOOO me I HAD to have them!! It's all Erika's fault... hehe! I saw one on her site! where did I put that backup disk....

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Found a site that looks like it might be fun and help me... Spanish Unlimited Trouble is I can't get my profile to work, every time I submit it I get a page not found error... guess I'll have to go back and try again later. It had pen pals though, when my profile works I'll try finding one! ^-^ I'm kind of excited about that....

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Got up and couldn't sleep, having pains and cramps again. Ugh. I've been up since about 2:30ish maybe? I finally sat down and finished reading the Harry Potter book in Spanish I've been working on for FOREVER, I think it's been over a year since I started reading it... I just kept doing other things and misplacing the book all the time, at least I kept finding it. I'm feeling really disjointed, I took a sinus pill because my nose started running and my throat was draining and my head stuffed up... I don't want to be sick AGAIN.... sigh. I think maybe I'll try to find that other book we got in Spanish a few years ago and I'll probably understand a lot more of it now. I'd really like to learn faster, but I'm not focused on it enough of the time. Maybe I should go looking for Spanish websites?

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Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Well I MEANT to take a break from the computer today... but I ended up surfing to japanese lyrics sites, and, and now I'm REALLY going to take a break and vacuum and watch Antitrust on tv... really.

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Got tired of my mermaid desktop finally and actually went looking for new themes to download. I found a few anime themes I liked and then when I went to install one I found out I needed an installation program, so I had adventures looking up the company and I'm glad I did because you can CREATE themes with their program too!! Yippieee!!! ... like I need MORE projects to get into... but I've always wanted to make my own themes.... I really like the Lain theme I found that started this all, I made my desktop icons invisible so I can just admire the desktop for a while. Since I put all my main shortcuts in the toolbar anyway it works for me. ^-^

Our attack kitty has gotten a LOT more affectionate/demonstrative lately, I'm not sure WHAT her deal is, she's coming into the bathroom and winding around my feet when I'm there, and she's been tackling and nibbling at our feet when we're just walking around a lot more too. She's even started sitting on the arm of the couch and staying there when I sit next to her, when she used to just hop off, and sometimes she's letting the other cats play with her or be near her instead of chasing them off hissing. Maybe she's mellowing out, in her own way.... ^-^
We ran into friends at Ryan's Steakhouse last night and we joined their table and got to visit, they were with relatives, mom and sister's family, and we got to visit with them too. Then they followed us back to our apartment for a bit for us to pick up one of the dvds we rented, and I wanted to show them the new couch and bookcases since they hadn't been over in forever so hadn't gotten to see the "new living room!" yet. Their little girl wanted to pet ALL the kitties, especially the attack kitty!! The cats kind of ran and hid... of the little kids they've met before, one of the babies BIT the one cat's TAIL! ^-^ Then we planned to meet back at their place after we dropped off tickets at Outland's parents house, for his dad's birthday present, and we ended up staying and visiting there even though it was after 10pm, his mom told us all sorts of stories about when he was little, he was ADORABLE!!! I'm catching on to more Spanish but I still can't come up with the words when I'm trying to construct what I want to say. We met back at our friend's place and saw where the BIG FIRE destroyed the WHOLE set of apartments next to theirs. I got to visit with Kari and do the much needed girl talk thing, while Outland and John sat around watching the dvd and doing that guy bonding thing. I had a great time, we probably stayed a BIT later than we should... but with me being sick whenever and Kari being sick whenever too we kind of took the chance while we had it. I was hungry again when we got home but Outland wasn't, so he helped me make the waffle pizzas again, but there were no eggs and we already started mixing the waffle mix anyway, so we experimented and made eggless waffles which were... interesting. I think if we did it in a skillet it would work better, and we could make good crunchy tostadas. Outland tried part of one and for a second he said it tasted kind of like pan bolio, where his mom fries flour tortillas so they're all crunchy and puffy and then sprinkles then with sugar and cinnamon... they are GOOOOOOD. Now I want to try making the eggless waffles into that with the sugar substitute... it wont' be AS good... but it'll be something different.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Tired.. feel like crashing and sleeping again. Rough night last night, lots of weird dreams. I dreamed that I was dealing with my old landlady again, fixing up a house that was falling apart, moving in there with my parents and brother (!) because they had been living in another house of that landlady and it was being condemmned so she was having us move.... things like lots of holes and vents in the ceiling and tiles loose all over the floor. It was another one of those dreams I have a lot where I'm having trouble with light switches and trying to get the lighting to work in rooms and I'm getting spooked by the dark and the lights not cooperating. There were people being evicted WHILE we were fixing stuff and trying to move all our stuff in, one guy was really loud and angry and yelling, he scared me, at one point I was picking up trash and I showed him it was just trash in my hand because I was afraid he would think I was messing with what was left of his stuff, I couldn't tell what they were still intending to take and what they were just abandoning, they seemed to be leaving a lot of stuff and TONS of just junk and mess and filth. At one point when the other people were supposed to have left the landlady sent me into one of the back rooms to make sure they were gone, and one guy was still there with a puppy he had penned in an area by a bed and a closet. The puppy was tangled in a net bag but seemed ok with that like it had been playing, but it also looked like he was using that to keep the puppy leashed. He wasn't scary and loud like the other guy so I started talking to him, letting him know the landlady thought they were all gone and he and the puppy couldn't stay there because we were having an emergency immediate move in... but I told him about my friend in animal rescue and said maybe we could find a place for the puppy because it wasn't right for him to suffer just because of all the humans getting things mixed up. I asked him how old the puppy was and he said 4 months, I asked if it was the kind of dog like one of the BIG dogs in the Lady and the Tramp movie and he was happy and excited I was vaguely aware of that kind of dog.... I let him know maybe he should just kind of hide in that room till the landlady left and we could sort something out but he couldn't live there anymore, but I wasn't going to snitch on him to the landlady either.

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Monday, August 26, 2002

Had TONS of weird dreams last night but by now I've mostly forgotten them... I had an icky surprise today for lunch... I went to get a boiled egg from the bowl of eggs sitting in the bottom of the fridge, and when I started cracking it in the sink (good think I choose to do that over the sink!) it turned out to be RAW!!! Aaaaarrrgh!!! Ick!!! Ak!!! So it ended up going in the garbage, and I tried spinning all the other eggs in the bowl on the counter to check them, and sure enough, they were ALL raw!! I have NO idea why my hubby put them in a bowl in the bottom of the fridge after he'd boiled eggs for dinner!! I REALLY set me up for confusion there!! So my lunch was about an hour later than I'd started it... had to rezap sausages in the microwave since I'd put them in when I started peeling the first egg... that was RAW!!
It's rainy now and I think it's making me sleepy, suddenly I'm in "crash mode" and feel like taking a nap, but it's only a couple of hours till Outland gets home from work so I'd like to be awake then! We rented movies last night and signed up for a month membership deal where we rent one get one free, maybe we'll catch up on some of the movies we really wanted to see in the theater but stuff came up and we didn't get to. That list has gotten awfully long though....

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Saturday, August 24, 2002

I had weird dreams last night, I was running around with a couple of other people, one kept turning into my brother and the other was another girl... we were going down a river and I was avoiding all the stuff growing on the riverbed, then at one point the girl and I found shopping carts in the river, and we were racing each other BACKWARDS up the river with them, I was winning... then we got out on the riverbank and we'd done this before and I remembered it from another dream and sure enough there was the bridge and the BIG river and a boat to take us where we were going next, and I remembered that from another dream. I suddenly asked my brother if we had left my watch on the bank way back, but he pulled another of my watches out of his wallet. Then we were talking about when we planned to get where we were going and the other girl was saying she didn't want to go there yet, she wanted to enjoy vacation and do stuff first, and I was worried because people were expecting us that night, but I said we should just call so they would know not to expect us yet. Then she was saying one of our friends (someone I know in real life but haven't seen in years!) was performing IN Paris in a musical of Rugrats in Paris, and we should go to that. I saw movie posters... they moved. It was kind of scary, I experienced a musical number while watching it... and I've never seen any of the rugrats movies in real life.... They were singing mostly in French and I was picking up some of it. Then suddenly I was in a car with my mom and we were passing a bar, and we were going to some convention at a hotel, and we got there and I was messing with my hair, and looking for my shirt in my luggage in the backseat because when I started to get out of the car to go in the hotel I was suddenly topless and NOT comfortable with that. I got my hair up on top of my head in this weird hairdo but it kept falling down. We got into the hotel and I was supposed to sing in something. Then I was at my parents house and someone had brought us a kitten they found somewhere and they wanted me to take care of her and find her a home. I was holding the kitty and my parents were acting like this happened all the time and they were ok with it. I think that's about when I woke up.

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Well my throat seems like it's staying better, but my tongue is still icky. :-( I feel all crampy, I had some pain a couple of days ago but I'm not sure if I'm due for my "pain week" yet, being sick throws everything off. I keep wanting to sit down and re-read all my ElfQuest stuff now that I have them HERE with me again, but I don't want to try sitting on the couch reading them because the kitties have a habit of trying to sit on my book and drool on me and demand cuddles when I'm on the couch, and I don't want my books ruined... :-P Also I've been kind of "scattered," I forget what I'm trying to do... I'm trying to make graphics and check email and stuff like that but I keep forgetting.... I'm in a weird mood where I'm tempted to pick up the phone on the "unavailable" telemarketer calls and scare them.... I did that once to a guy calling from JC Penney's. ^-^

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Friday, August 23, 2002

In just one more hour the 2 day liquid diet will be over and I get to have PIZZA!!!! Well... sort of. I came up with a scheme of making the low carb waffles, and topping them with pizza toppings! Outland got home and my first words were "pizza! pizza!" He was going to order a pizza and dutifully eat the crust while I had the toppings... awwww!! Once I explained, he went out and got different cheeses, and pepperoni, and canadian bacon, and beef sausage so we can try this little experiment.
I met some cool new people on mirc last night, I found the channel #TheSims and there weren't many people on at once, but I had fun and want to go back. I didn't find anyone who knows how to unfreeze my frozen sims on vacation though. They are stuck sitting on a while bearskin rug after kissing and toasting.. they are sort of leaning towards each other like they're still making out, but they won't move. I tried saving the game, exiting, and restarting... still stuck. I tried using the cheat move_objects on... but I can't move stuff in the vacation mode. So I tried exiting and then going back to edit the vacation lot... but it wouldn't let me edit it while a family was on vacation there! Then I got another family and tried to go on vacation to the same spot, hoping that they could click on them and interact... but it wouldn't let me take a second family to the same spot, it said a family was there already, pick another lot. sigh. I was going to try taking the files for the two characters out of the game, saving them to another folder, then seeing if the house was empty and the vacation lot was empty, and then putting the characters back into the game... BUT when I went to the character files I had NO idea how to guess WHICH sims were my two troublemakers!! waaaaah!!! That's all my ideas for now... I hope I can find some way to solve this, because in the meantime I can't use that vacation lot for other families! Anyone know any good sims troubleshooting sites? ^-^

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Tuesday, August 20, 2002

I ended up crashing and sleeping yesterday because of the antibiotic. Did more work on trying to get the sims to work, I got it so it worked when I took ALL the downloads and objects out, but the walls, floors, roofs, and skins were in. Outland came home and we watched a little of the new Ranma dvds and I got tired so we went to bed... actually I crashed and Outland stayed up. Today I didn't nap but I was still kind of out of it. I got my sims game to work with SOME of the objects put back in, but first I kept taking things out and putting things in... now it takes about 8 minutes to tell if the game is loading or if it's freezing up, but at least it's working! I really think we need a faster computer.... sigh.
Today Outland called to tell me he would get off work early and come pick me up and go out for dinner... I was so out of it that later I was trying to remember what was going on.. I went to play back the message to see what he said, but I had talked to him in person!! ak!! So I got ready, with no clue when he would get home, and no memory of what we were doing... but I was getting dressed up and getting out of the house! I thought... maybe... I was so unsure I thought of calling him back and asking him what the plan was again, but I didn't and he came home to find me ready to go, wearing my NEW PANTS! ^-^ These are the most exciting pants I've ever owned.... I was grinning like an idiot because I was about to wear them to go out for the first time. First we had to take stuff to his boss at home, and stuff to the other store, and his co-workers there commented on my pants. ^-^ We went to Outback Steakhouse and didn't have steak. hehe. I missed the blooming onion, but I had fish with crawfish and shrimp and veggies and it was really good. Outland wanted to treat me and celebrate how I'm doing with exercise and stuff even though I'm not down by 30 quite yet for the sashimi. He said he's using the money he used to use eating out for lunch since we've been cooking and then packing him lunch. Before dinner we stopped my Celleigh's place since it was by the store, and she got to see my PANTS! I got to see the little tiny kitten she's taking care of and feeding till it's big enough to eat solid food and stay at the shelter again. They couldn't leave it at the shelter while no one was there all the time to feed it every few hours like it needs. She showed me the necklace she made and I want to learn how to make them too! It looks like a kind of macrame with beads in it. After dinner we went shopping for a digital scale since the old one is driving me nuts because I get a different reading each time and have to bend my head over to one side or the other to line up the little red line straight. Then we somehow forgot we were trying to go to wally world after that... we got home and parked and I suddenly said, "aren't we going to wal-mart?" right when Outland was taking stuff out of the backseat... so back we went to the store! Good thing too because we were almost out of toilet paper and we can live without a lot of stuff but that one's a BIT inconvienient to do without!!!

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Monday, August 19, 2002

Well today I start antibiotics for my throat again, these are STRONGER and I only take them for 3 days, so wish me luck! I'm still messing with my sims game, got all the STUFF in it backed up on cd now, so next step is taking out stuff and seeing if the game starts then... and adding stuff back till I find the culprit... arrgh. I hope it's not any of the REALLY neat stuff... like the pretty japanese stuff or transparent glass walls.... or the cool faerie house stuff where they turned the hedges into stuff. I had plans for making something like that, now I get to see what someone else did. And I hope all the nice downtown stuff works too, I had plans for shopping malls, heh.
We watched more Ranma last night, but I started konking out in the middle of an episode, so Outland tucked me in bed. He had a nap earlier so I have NO idea how late he stayed up. At some point he took back the Shallow Hal dvd that was due at the video store, I told him I think I want to own that movie... I watched it in Spanish with English subtitles the next morning after we'd watched it together, I need more stuff like that to help me with my Spanish. When we're shopping for dvds I always look on the back for what languages it comes in. If only Ranma came in Spanish! ^-^
Today I hope to get more graphics work done, my mother sent me more ideas on what she thinks would be neat for her homepage. Now that I have all my new fonts installed I wanted to add text to a lot of graphics I was working on earlier. I got a bit backlogged there while I didn't know where to put the fonts to get them to show up in photoshop but it turns out just putting them in the fonts folder in windows worked.
My hurt finger where I bruised the nailbed and broke the nail so far down into the side is still bothering me, I chopped the nail off SO short it aches all the time, but it's better than tearing the tip of my finger off with the nail if it continues to break straight across like it is! I can't figure out how I did this either, I just woke up with my finger hurting and there my nail was bruised and broken. I guess I clawed something in my sleep... I try to be careful about that but it happens sometimes anyway. Outland thinks it's cute I sleep with my hands curled up like little paws... well it's self defense, I'm trying no to clutch at anything and bend my nails backwards, which is how they end up bruised and broken like this... sigh. Now i need to chop the rest of my nails much shorter than usual so there won't be so much difference in length because that throws me off when I'm doing stuff, like typing.

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Sunday, August 18, 2002

Just posted this to the blog I let my parents see! ^-^
I made it to the family chat tonight, yay! I've lost 25 pounds on the Atkins diet, I've got more energy and I actually bounced on the trampoline a little this week. Hopefully I'll feel up to exercising again this week. I got to go see my cousin's Mary Kay site and play with the virtual makeovers there. I've been playing with blues in my clothes and makeup lately. Outland and I went clothes shopping today because all our pants were either worn out with huge holes, or not fitting right. I lost enough weight that my favorite shorts are REALLY loose again when they were getting tight before. I got my most daring exciting pair of pants ever, they are jeans with ragged edges at the top and bottom and very dark with the bleached spots on the fronts and back of the legs, and golden thread stitching criss crossing the fronts of the legs like lacing. REALLY different for me, I'm usually VERY neutral in my clothes. :-) It seems to take me about 5 years to ease into the "current" styles of the day.

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Trying this out... it didn't seem to be working on LunaCorn's page so I'm testing it here...

Please comment and tell me if this counter is counting anything for you!!!

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Aarrrrrrrrrrrrggghh!!!!!!!!! I woke up this morning and my THROAT is swollen on the right side again!! waaaaaaaaaaaahhh! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... I've had about enough of this!! Seems like I've been sick with this throat thing FOREVER now!! Now to top that off, windows just had one of it's errors and shut down windows explorer that I was using to get ready to burn all my sims bakup stuff to cd... and I'd been copying stuff and getting it set up for a couple of days now!!!! Again.. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!
I was feeling good enough yesterday we thought the throat thing was over, and we called up Kisty and went out to steak dinner. Then Outland went to the pool hall while Kisty and I got to visit, and I cut her hair! I didn't want to risk the smoke in the pool hall making my throat worse, because when I'm already sick my allergy gets much worse, it's like my immune system runs off somewhere and won't be coaxed back without a LOT of work.
I tried to play sims FINALLY the other day after planning to and then not getting around to it... and lo and behold it wouldn't load! I ran Sim Cop that's supposed to scan all the files for ones that would mess up the game, and it didn't find any... but it still won't load the game, it gets stuck while the little vacation screen and music is playing and it's saying what it's loading on the bottom of the screen, silly things like reticulating splines... it froze up every time it got to exporting intertainment, or something like that. sigh. Maybe I need to go take all the readme files out... I hope it works if I do that! I'm all excited about the new sims expansion coming but I won't be happy if I can't get what I already HAVE to work... I wonder if there's a limit of skins, or objects etc. you can have in the game....???

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Thursday, August 15, 2002

Yay!!!! Outland got home early and wanted to go to the movies... but I wasn't sure I could be out of the house that long in my.. condition. #^-^# So he suggested we go did shopping with the movie money, or go rent movies, and I suddenly knew what I wanted... so I asked how much we had and we had enough and so we went shopping and got Ranma 1/2 the second season on DVD!! Whooo-hoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! It blew $100 of the movie jar money but I'm SOOOOO happy!!! It will take a while to save up for movies again, the movie money jar is where Outland puts all his change. We started it when we were feeling kind of deprived of entertainment, now I'm REALLY happy we started it! I already had the first season of Ranma 1/2 on vhs from when Outland and I were dating and went shopping at an anime store on an out of town trip. We're such a funny couple sometimes. ^-^ I figured I want to see the second season episodes again, it was 1995 when I saw Ranma in the first place! Eventually we'll save up and go back for the first and third season, which were there in the store beconing me....

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Well I finally made a ujournal so I could post comments in my friends' journals there, I was getting frustrated with wanting to comment and not being able to. I don't think I'll use the journal itself much though. I DO like the little mood things, but I could do that myself if I wanted to. ^-^ I feel lost on their site, and frustrated I can't seem to change much about the layout. I guess it's a lot more fun for paying customers but that'll never be me! v_v*
I hung out for a while in the Guild of Magick boards and did my neopets stuff, I guess I should restock my shop someday... I want to get the living room cleaned and under control again, stuff is still everywhere from bringing all those books from my parents house. I'm having SCARY adventures with this new diet in a diet I'm doing... I'm getting STUFFED just taking all my vitamins and water and drink in the morning... the scary part is I think there should be a WARNING on the label saying DO NOT take this stuff if you're going to be more than 2-3 minutes away from a bathroom at ALL times!!!! Yikes!!!!!!!! Are people with jobs and lives supposed to just do this part of the diet the 2 days they have OFF and stay home doing nothing but running to the bathroom???!!! Be suspicious of ALL "system cleansing" programs!!! :-P Hopefully I'll play some sims finally, that should keep me distracted and cheer me up. ^-^

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Wednesday, August 14, 2002

This is terrible!! Read this and then go sign the petition!

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Well I started the little diet in a diet thing I'm trying... so far the liquid mix stuff tastes vaguely ok... I'm figuring I'll try spacing the "4 times a day" times out evenly. It's an adjustment keeping my water bottle in the fridge to keep it cold, and then running to the fridge every time I'm thirsty. I think it's a bit silly, but this little diet program says drinking very cold water burns more calories because your body has to burn calories to heat it up to body temperature... I think to myself... well.. yeah... but is it even a notable AMOUNT of calories? ^-^ I mean, really... how do I know burning those extra 5-20 calories or so is worth the bother? Maybe I'll burn more walking to the fridge every time I'm thirsty. ~-^
I've spent the morning so far extracting my tons of downloaded fonts and installing them, I was REALLY delighted to check and see they are showing up in Photoshop without me even having to restart the program, so my sims skins I'm working on are still all open and ready to finish after I deal with the fonts. Next I can work on all the stuff I started but wanted unusual fonts to finish up. I'm working on my anime website but I wanted fonts to go with it so I kind of hit a standstill there for a while. I guess I should do the graphics for my mom first, that should be fun, we found a bunch of violin and piano graphics for me to work with, she is making her personal page about her interests, so it's going to have sections on violin, piano, and her art. Unfortunately their scanner is still hooked up to the Macintosh so she can't scan her paintings. We're still looking for the drivers for our scanner... the cd is somewhere, we tried looking at the makers website but couldn't find it. sigh.
Hopefully I'll get to do all this computer stuff and still get all the books in the bookcases... Outland feels like we're moving again, with all the boxes of books packed in the car and then carrying them up the stairs and the living room is FILLED with them. I told him well... we ARE moving, we're finally moving my stuff out of my parents house we had no place for before! Maybe within the NEXT two years of marriage well get me ALL moved out of my parents house! ~-^

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I'm starting to be really glad Outland has one day of work between his two days off, so I can RECOVER on Monday before we run around all day again on Tuesday! Hopefully after this next week or so he will have ALL day Tuesdays off again, like he's supposed to. Last week and this week he had to go in for part of the day even though he was off. Monday I was watching home improvement shows all day, Christopher Lowell and Trading Spaces and Changing Rooms and Surprise by Design, and between that and finishing up all the Sims installations, plus the new bookcases... I got inspired.. (or derranged!) and rearranged the bedroom, moving the dressers with the drawers full still in them, and moving the two little bookcases to the hall and the bedroom, and moving the whole cd rack to the top of another bookcase in the living room, and transferring the books from there to the bookcase now in the hall and... yeah. I decorated and made it all pretty too! And managed to get most of Outland's clothes into his dresser and hung up in the closet, they were all just in a big pile by the bed. I couldn't get the bed moved over about an inch so I could get into the lower drawers in his dresser, so he'll have to do that someday when he wants to put stuff in them. ^-^ I'm really happy to be able to put more of my nice decorations out, I was unhappy we had no places to put them out because we needed HIGH surfaces to defend them from cats.
We were heading out for grocery shopping but this guy did a stupic thing in traffic so we went an alternate route and Outland started to pull in through a parking lot and I mentioned I'd like to eat at the restaraunt there again sometime, I'd been there when I was about 16-17 and never got to go back... he suddenly parked and said want to go now? So we went there for lunch and it was VERY YUMMY! But VERY EXPENSIVE! ^-^ The owner saw us come in and he knows Outland from work so he said hi to us and was nice. After lunch we did shopping at the dollar store and got some toys for the nephews birthday coming up, it's a combination party for the two youngest this year. I was looking for new stove top covers since Outland accidentally turned the burners on under mine and burned the pretty design so it's scorched black or peeling off. I wanted to look for that and a new trivet... but they didn't have the burner covers and the trivets weren't any design I liked and could work with color-wise. Some were in fact UGLY! We managed to get out without too much damage to the wallet... Outland is always scared to take me to dollar stores since we shopped there for wedding decorations, and Christmas decorations and both times spent nearl $100... I think he's convinced we'll go in and buy that much EVERY time. Then we had to cram in the grocery shopping before running to my parents to pack up all my books there and bring them home, FINALLY, now that I've got bookcases for them. We found some low carb tortillas I'm excited about, and got provolone cheese and terriyaki sauce so I can try to make the same meal I had for lunch at the restaraunt. When we got the groceries put up and all the empty boxes we could find were in the car we went to my parents house and Outland got STUCK in the car for about 5-10 minutes because the doorlock jammed! So I was bringing boxes from the backseat and greeting my parents and he was still sitting in the car clicking the lock back and forth trying to get out!
We realized we didn't have enough time to put all the boxes in the car, take me home, and get Outland to work on time so I ended up staying at my parents, they decided they had some sardines they could feed me.... So I stayed and he left and next thing I know my mother has me in the bathroom in my underwear standing on a bioelectric body fat measuring scale that's zapping me through the soles of my bare feet to calculate my body fat composition! Then of course they had me drink their magnitized pH balanced mineral enhanced OXYGENATED water... scary thing is I can tell the difference, the magnitized water tastes smoother somehow, and when they run it through their little machine to oxygenate it it kind of has a prickly/sparkly feeling on my tongue. My dad insisted I try their new Tony Little Gazelle exercise machine... I had fun trying to get into and out of it, I felt REALLY insecure and unbalanced, but I have trouble coordinating those things where you swing you arms AND legs, apparantly I want to swing my arms and legs TOGETHER instead of OPPOSITE so I do it like a bear or racoon walks... and my dad notices and teases and corrects me of course. I managed to make it work and he got all excited and started telling my mom I loved it, I said NO, I'm feeling unbalanced, it's not bad but I DON'T love it! I'm afraid he will want to run out and get one for me, or worse, run over here every day to pick me up and bring me back to exercise on all his stuff. He's got the bowflex and nordicflex gold, the nordictrack broke, he's got the ab-doer... he's kind of an exercise freak! I played with the ab-doer for a while, I kind of like the part that rolls up and down your spine while you do it, it's like a little massage so I like that part. After all that exercising and water and weighing, we finally ate, and I had two tins of sardines and the magnetic water, AND the oxygenated magnetic water... I got to talking with my mom and she said she started a little website about her and we got into me helping her design it and I'm going to be making the graphics and layout for her and showing her stuff. I showed her how to do an image search on google and ALWAYS check for copyright on the bottom of the page. ^-^ I liked that part of the visit the best, getting to show her stuff and be creative and just hang out and talk instead of being poked and prodded and examined and run through my paces.

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Monday, August 12, 2002

Well yesterday was another busy day, I was tired all day but STUBBORN! I got up on only about 4-5 hours sleep, which wouldn't have been so bad if I wasn't more fatigued by the cold or whatever the cause of my swollen throat was. I went to the laundromat with Outland and FINALLY met his high-school friend who works there, he was cool. ^-^ While we were there his friend's boss came in to deal with stuff going wrong, and she was looking for the paper because she wanted a coupon for a craft store her friend told her was in it. Outland said earlier he would get the paper so we could do the crossword together, since he's been doing them at work to get his poor understimulated brain working so he doesn't come home to me brain dead. SO I said why not run out and get it now, and then your friend's boss can have the coupon, and we can start the crossword. ^-^ See, I'm a little meddling problem solver.... So he ran off to get it and when the boss realized we were giving her the coupon she was all happy and excited and gave Outland a free coke from her vending machine. Wow we got a reward! hehe! Then came the fun of searching the WHOLE paper for the coupon... it turned out NOT to be one of the inserts, it was well hidden at the bottom of a page in black and white. Luckily, it was NOT on the back of the crossword! That would have been the only conflict if it had been. Outland and I had fun doing the puzzle, I took the Down section and told him to go for the Across ones. I got MOST of mine filled in... but I knew a few of them were wrong... hehe poor Outland got confused because he kept trying to make my wrong answers fit with HIS answers, I had to keep telling him, "oh that was one I guessed, I think it's wrong" or "I KNOW that one is right..." I think my funniest answer was the clue was Metal and I put Heavy. ^-^
After the laundromat I wanted to go shopping, because of stuff we saw in the insert ads. I found BOOKSHELVES on sale for $59!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So we conferred and calculated, and they were the nice 5 shelf tall ones, and came in the pretty cherry finish that would go well with the entertainment center and... you get the idea. I had to mention I still have FIVE bookcases of books at my parents' house we haven't moved in with us yet! And I MISS them! With these new bookcases we will have 7 bookcases in the apartment. ^-^ We went to the store and they only had ONE left on the shelves, and it was pine finish... awww... so I had Outland go ask someone if they had any in the back in cherry. And the DID! Unfortunately we got our wires crossed and he only asked for ONE and the guy wheeled it out to the checkout on the big platform cart and I asked if they had another one like that or if it was the last one... and the guy went back to get me the other one. Yay!! I was glad he didn't seem put out by it, he seemed really tired and busy.
After the shopping and the FUN of folding down the backseats so the boxes would fit through from the trunk, we were starving, so we went to Outland's parents' house to see what they were doing but they were gone so we went out to a Mexican restaraunt instead. Then we came back to the house to check movie times for Triple X because Outland REALLY wanted to see it soon... but I got on my family's weekly chat and it actually had people talking, and we both realized I was worse off than we thought. I started getting a huge headache and feeling queasy so I left the chat and crashed and Outland had to help me to bed. On the plus side, he got some computer time... heh.
Today I'll probably keep plugging away at installing my thousands of sims files into the game... I've GOT to back them up all UNZIPPED when I'm finished so I'll NEVER have to do all this unzipping and copying and pasting one at a time again! It's taking HOURS and DAYS! ...wish me luck with my obsession. It doesn't take much thinking so it's good to do while I'm sick. ~-^

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Sunday, August 11, 2002

Just watched a REALLY WEIRD but IN-teresting movie called "Vacuming Completely Nude in Paradise." I think I need to watch it again sometime. It had some surreal camera work and situations.
I'm still unzipping files and putting them into the sims game... I think I'm halfway finished going through what I have saved on THIS cd.... I took a long nap most of the day once all the noise outside died down, it sounded like it was groundskeeping day, lots of lawn mowers and trimmers and stuff like that going so I knew I had NO chance for sleep till they stopped. Outland wants to visit family and go to the movie Triple X tomorrow, but we need to do laundry and stuff too, and I'm still a bit uneasy about my throat, not knowing for sure if it's contageous or not, and not wanting to have a relapse. I JUST finished the 5 days of antibiotics.
oooh I just found a Christopher Walken movie to watch, something called "New Rose Hotel"... guess I'll watch it while I obsessively keep working on getting all my sims stuff into the game folders.... ^-^

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Saturday, August 10, 2002

...I think my contacts are going to pop out on their own soon. I've been working on unzipping and copying TONS of sims files... all one at a time... it's taking me forever, I saved all the folders of the zip files I downloaded but in most cases where there weren't necessary instructions, I think I'd rather have them backed up as UNZIPPED files instead of zipped folders!! I want all my STUFF back in the game, along with a ton of new stuff I downloaded for the Hot Date and Vacation expansions... but I ALSO would like to PLAY the game again and not just spend DAYS reloading it all into the game!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! ^-^
My 4am steak cooking went pretty well and I ended up finishing the cooking and had my steak for breakfast... and cleaned the skillet afterwards... and the stove... and the kitchen counters! Playing sims and watching the home improvement channels bring out an actual DESIRE to clean!! It's amazing! I'd really like to get the living room and bedroom un-cluttered and then DECORATED... sigh. Looks like I'm crashing soon now, I hope I nap and then wake up to do stuff with Outland when he gets home... but I also don't want to keep him up all night again and then get nothing done Sunday on his day off....

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Oh yeah... the weird dreams!! Well in one dream I had a baby girl, but she was growing up really fast, she was an infant and then suddenly wanting to crawl around but still TINY and then wanting to walk when I stood her up, and then reaching for the pencils and wanting to color so I took the paper off a purple crayon and gave it to her to color with. There was some other kid, teenager, there too, a boy, and I turned around to do something and when I turned back he was a 4 year old kid lying on the floor with the baby crawling around when she had been unable to roll over an instant before, and I asked like it was a normal question, "did you just get younger or did the baby get older?" and he said"oh I got younger, it's easier to play with her on the floor this way." All perfectly normal.... The other thing that got me was my friend came over and wanted to hold the baby. In real life she has a little boy a little over a year old. So I'm carefully handing my baby girl over and my friend just reaches over and grabs her with one hand, kind of across the chest and under the arms with the fingers, and then she's holding her just at whatever angle she's waving he hand around in!! I got upset and alarmed and she got mad saying she knew more about babies than I did, she HAD a baby already! I VERY much didn't like her holding my baby like that! But I knew she would be really mad and hard to deal with so I tried to say hey, yeah, you have a kid already but I'm NEW to it and getting used to it so I'm all paranoid and trying to be more careful when I pick her up, I still have nails too so I can't just grab her.... Later in the dream she grabbed my baby again and again I protested and she got mad at me. In real life she has a bad temper and a LONG grudge, being nasty to people she's mad at for YEARS over little things. :-(
After that dream I was living in an apartment that was being merged with the apartment next door and I was at the next door place using the bathroom and shower when the landlord or some guy who thought he was supposed to be there, came barging in and I wrapped up in a towel and was upset and he took ALL my keys to take my keys to the place away from me, and then later I was at my main apartment and woke up at night realizing that Outland's keys were on the table in the kitchen area and HE still had his keys to the next door apartment and I wanted to go over there because I BELONGED there and I was MAD at being kicked out and him taking not just the apartment keys but my car keys, main apartment keys, ALL my keys! SO I was going to look for my keys there and see if he left them after throwing me out. Suddenly I was in a bathroom getting all made up in goth style eye makeup, putting on a sort of cream black eyeliner I was mixing water into and applying with an actual artist's paintbrush, the GOOD kind like my brother uses for inking doing his professional work. I had red lipstick and caught myself lining the outside edge of my lip with the eyeliner and I wiped it off because I decided it didn't look good. I had dark purple eyeshadows I was putting on with makeup brushes and not the art brush. Then I was talking to my friend Blackrose who was suddenly there, and she was going to come with me to go look for my keys, and we were talking about a club or something to go to too. I think that's about where I woke up and got up, I never did get into the other apartment and find my keys. I thought it was interesting in the makeup part of the dream I was WAY up close to the mirror, like I get when I dont' have my glasses or contacts in, but I seemed to be able to see further than I really do but still nearsighted.

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Well... yesterday lots of sleeping again, today got up early about 7am because the landlord came over to fix the light... but he suddenly left while we were in the bedroom and when we came out, the light was dangling from a wire but working, and the landlord had left a big pile of KEYS lying outside the door. Then I realized the phone was beeping, which meant it was disconnected from the power source so not working. We brought the keys inside because it just didn't seem like a good idea to have keys to our apartment and possibly the neighbor's place just lying outside the door like that! I stayed up even thought I was still a bit tired, because we kept thinking the landlord would come back soon. I didn't want to get TOO involved with online stuff so I ended up playing around in photoshop making skins for the Sims game. I made a bunch of swimsuits the day before and made some formalwear and casualwear today. The swimsuits are fun for me now because they can buy and wear them while they swim, before you could make swimsuit skins but they would change to the default suit to swim so it was just kind of goofy. After making stuff I finally started loading my saved sims stuff off the cds I burned to get it all off the computer and sorted out so I can use the stuff I want and just take stuff in and out of the game as I'm actually using it. I took a few of the original sims skins I never use out of the game too, but there were a lot of them I didn't have access too, they are there, but don't show up in the files so I can't find them to open or delete... sigh.
I stayed up till 7pm and then gave up on the landlord and went to bed. Outland came home and didn't wake me up, so I woke up about 10pm and just ate some chicken soup he de-boned for me. I'll never get over the idea that he thinks of soup as being soup a sick person can deal with when it has the chicken still on the BONE and you have to pick it apart, and deal with the mess, and to me you just DO NOT eat SOUP with your FINGERS! It's not SOUP if you have to fight it!! That's why I just couldn't deal with it to eat it earlier and finished the pastrami and swiss cheese for breakfast, and had sour cream with raspberry syrup for lunch... this diet has me resorting to some WEIRD stuff to make up for the foods I'm craving! I can't have yogurt or ice cream so I'm doing strange stuff to sour cream.
After dinner I crashed and went back to bed, but Outland stayed up.. then I woke up after tons of weird dreams, as usual, and I'm AWAKE again after getting only 5 hours sleep, split up at that! I'm defrosting steaks to cook, and watching Tokyo Raiders, which I wanted to watch the FIRST showing of tonight, but I was asleep when it started. Whew... what is my life coming to??!!

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Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Ugh. Slept again all afternoon/evening. The light is out in the kitchen, when I was up earlier I thought maybe a breaker was messed up and I kept trying to check to see if the fridge was working. By the time Outland got home I was still asleep, more or less, with Skywise curled up next to me in the forbidden kitty room. He said ONE light in the kitchen actually came on for him, but it hadn't done that for me earlier. He climbed up on the ladder to change out both bulbs but one bulb broke, and then while he was trying to get the metal base of the bulb out of the socket, the old plastic around that crumbled and broke. So the whole light fixture needs to be replaced and we've got a dark kitchen to try to cook in... FUN! I'm hoping the landlord actually WILL work on the kitchen light, as he hasn't worked on the LIVING ROOM light since we've moved in and it broke within weeks and now we've been living here over a year and a half with no living room light!! :-( sigh. ALL the fixtures except the bathroom and bedroom actually need to be replaced, they seem to date about the 60s-70s and are deteriorated to the point where we're changing light bulbs in a matter of weeks instead of a matter of months.

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Sigh... well, after my big day yesterday I am WIPED OUT. My throat got worse again last night, I took another pain pill so the swelling and pain would go down enough for me to sleep. I finally woke up and GOT up because I HAVE to take my 2 doses of antibiotics with food... and one of my poor cats was crying and pawing at the bedroom door begging for me to come out!

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Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Last night Outland did the cutest sweetest thing!! He was half asleep and he rolled over and told me he was just drifting to sleep and he was thinking how he loved me and wanted to be with me and he suddenly thought he should ask me to marry him!!! And he thought this TWICE before he remembered I DID marry him!!! heheheheeeeeee. He asked me if I would marry him again and I said yes. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ^-^ Apparantly it still hasn't really sunk in that we're married and he gets to KEEP living with me. And it's been TWO YEARS now and was the big church wedding with the dress and family flying in and the big reception WE decorated ourselves and... heh.
Today was pretty good, after a rough start. I woke up with a hugely swollen right side of my throat, with the lymph nodes hard and sore, and my jaw and ear ached. I was apparantly also twitching and "drumming" my hands, according to my hubby! That's how I woke him up.... Then we got ready for the day and had the fun of trading off with the sink while brushing teeth. I don't know WHY that makes me feel so domestically happy! Then we went to his mom's house to visit and pick up some antibiotics for my throat. We were going to Denny's for breakfast next and it turned out we got to take Outland's mom and LunaCorn with us!! Wheeeeeeeee! ^-^ Then we went our separate ways because it turned out we had to go to the store so Outland could work for a bit on an emergency delevery because someone messed up when they placed their order and got the day they asked for it wrong.... Then we got to go grocery shopping and we got treats, I got to get the 3 carb chocolate bars, and he got the strawberry banana nectar. I had to talk him into getting the juice, he REALLY wanted it but he didn't want to get it when I couldn't have any! awwwwww. ^-^ THEN since I was wanting to play at playing tennis for SO long and I was apparantly "twitchy" today, we changed and went to play at bapping the tennis ball around against the practice wall. I took a pain pill in the morning for my throat, and then the antibiotic when I ate, so I didn't have the jarring pain from the impact of walking like I was yesterday. Sooo we bapped the ball around for about 15 minutes, and then I had a dizzy spell and slight blackout and we took a water break. I played a LITTLE more and then had to go sit down in the shade and rest. I think I could have played more if the court had been in the shade.... Now we're back home and showered and I'm going to take some more vitamin C before we go out to the Steak House and I take my next antibiotic. I'm paranoid about whatever it is I've got, I DON'T want another ear infection and jaw swelling like I did when I was sick and had my wisdom tooth try coming out some more. I'm also paranoid and wouldn't hug LunaCorn and Outland's mom like I usually do, it was sort of arms length paranoid hugs. After dinner we're taking the money from the movie jar where we save up all the change, and we're wanting to see Eight Legged Freaks or Minority Report. This has been the most ACTIVE day I've had in MONTHS!! I hope with the weight loss and getting better with the chronic pain that I'll be more active like this EVERY week on Outland's day off... a good build up to someday going outside the house EVERY day and getting a LIFE again. ^-^

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Monday, August 05, 2002

I'm watching a really cool stylized live action movie called "The Stormriders" and it's VERY like anime. ^-^ Even has a guy with blue hair! I've sort of half-watched it before but was busy dealing with pain or sickness or whatever. It's a good movie and I think I might need to own it someday....

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Well I FINALLY slept most of the night, sort of. ^-^ I kept waking up every 2-3 hours to go to the bathroom, it was really restless sleep, but maybe I'll be AWAKE today and SLEEP tonight and get to see Outland more. I'm happy right now because I just weighed myself and I'm only FOUR pounds away from my target Reward goal, we decided when I lost 30 pounds we would go out for Sashimi to celebrate!! So I just danced with a cat singing about 4 pounds till sashimi... maybe I DO need more sleep... but I don't think I can lie in bed anymore right now. Outland and I were talking the other day wondering if there would be any way to sort of get some sushi rolls and either beg them to make them without rice, just the veggies and fish and seaweed wrap, or if I could pick them apart and take the rice out. I'll really miss the rice. The sad part is if I pick them apart Outland can't even have the rice because it's had contact with fish and with his allergy being so violent right now we're afraid to risk ANY contact with fish with his food. Last time he had a reaction it was to his CHICKEN that was only grilled in the same grill with fish!

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Sunday, August 04, 2002

Slept all day again. Had lots of disorienting hallucinations while trying to sleep, kept feeling like I was falling into or off of the bed, and when I opened my eyes I kept seeing some flames of fire by the bed, just a small patch of fire, maybe 4 inches? But it was scaring me and I kept trying to call out to Outland but I couldn't. So I just prayed a lot and rolled over, which was really hard to do, like struggling with my body to do it.
Made it to the very end of my family chat and got to see my grandma (the one still living) on her webcam, that was fun. I noticed my mother is starting to look more like her, and I'm starting to look a bit more like my mother sometimes. ^-^ Not feeling too well so I drank warm stuff trying to help my throat and tummy, we scraped together leftovers to make a sort of chicken soup, just the pre-cooked chicken breast meat and zapped some celery and onions in the microwave and dumped it into the water and boullion with herbs. Dumped the end of the fresh cilantro in and now it smells really good. I hope my tummy likes it!

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Went to set my imood and found links there to go with the mood!! I like this woman's site/journal ^-^

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Well I TRIED to go to sleep... I think I actually napped for almost an hour.... Now I've been up a while and made some new graphics and a new blog template since I was tired of the old one not working and not showing up. I signed up for an ivillage page so my graphics SHOULD work better. ^-^ That's theoretically though.

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We should be asleep... but it's Outland's only SURE day off tomorrow, so it's our night to stay up late TOGETHER. ^-^ We're watching something on the independent film channel called "Tie me up, Tie me down" and it's in Spanish with subtitles and has Antonio Banderas in it playing a guy who kidnaps a porn star because he's insane.... It's actually pretty interesting and I'm picking up more Spanish than I thought I would! ^-^ Educational!!

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I had WAFFLES tonight for dinner!!!! And they were WAFFLY GOOD!!!! heheheheeeeeheheeeeeeeeeeeheheeeeeee!!! ^-^ (Outland just read over my shoulder and said "Oh God, save us all!!" ^-^ I'm all excited because they are the first bready-type food I've had in 60 days. They were from the Atkins waffle mix stuff that's made with soy and doesn't have many carbs. It was... interesting. I'll go back to eating NORMAL waffles someday, but for while I'm on my diet I'm THRILLED that this exists!! He says they have chocolate muffin mix too... of course I want to get THAT next time we have money!! I'm also excited because my pain week is over, and I'm back to losing weight again after I hit a plateau and gained 2-3 back while I was sick and miscalculating carbs. Turns out onion was TWICE what I was counting it as.... oops!! And us eating onion with almost EVERYTHING..... sigh.

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Saturday, August 03, 2002

I'm making graphics and fiddling with webpage layouts and watching Company Man for the first time... I wonder if I'll be able to diagram a sentance at the end of this movie??!!!

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Friday, August 02, 2002

Scary I'm still up, Cher is blonde and wearing clothes... when did THIS happen? Outland just woke up and has declared me delerious and in need of sleep. I REALLY want ice cream... sigh. I've been SO good on my diet, today is day 60 of it!!

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This is one of those survey type questionaires ^-^


In some sort of atmospheric containment bubble with controlled climate so I could build the house without regard for weather or climates, and have different climate zones so different kinds of plants could grow near each other yet in their respective climates. Whew.... That's what I get for growing up moving all over and wanting my quaking aspens growing next to my crepe myrtles....


maybe my leopard print undie-wears!


Ears, gotta have nibbleable ears. and nice eyes.. and I have a thing for cheekebones and sharp teeth....


I'm not sure... do game cds count? Sims Vacation....


Wherever I'm SAFE to be myself.


With my dad when he's invading.


Neck and shoulders, up.. up a little more... to the left... ooooh yeah yeah!!! oooooOOOOOOOOOooooooo (prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr).. uh, oh... you're still there...??? *blush!*


Strong in mind... but a functional body would be nice!!!


Morning? when is that? oohh I'm awake now and there's sun... must be time to sleep soon....

Due South! Other than that too many to list....


Microwave! And I WON'T hide on the other side of the house like my dad want's me to!! so there!! oooh my arm is glowy....


The morning the ocean was FLAT and we could wade WAAAY out into it and saw lots of Spanish Dancers in it. That's just one of them... hard to choose.


My father, and the guy who raped me.


all kinds of flutes... I have trouble blowing sideways... on flutes that is.....


Cheddars and anyplace with good SUSHI!!!!!!!!!


The moments before I went under for surgery, truly believing I was saying my last prayer and NOT going to survive and wake up from it.


I have no idea... someone once said Meg Ryan when they were casting me in a movie of someone else's life....


Chronicles of Narnia


Spring or Fall?


cleaning out the kitty litter box. phew! I'm allergic to ammonia. :-(


Telepathy, not the traditional kind where you see inside other's minds, but so I could bring someone else inside MY mind to show them... everything.




First CRUSH I remember was on the neighbor boy who was a hoodlum and spray painted the neighbors car and basement... I was 5-6. First LOVE where he loved back was an actor at the church music camp and I was 18, had my FIRST kiss and it was a peck on the cheek! ^-^


I DO write the songs I wish I had written....


Cats. I'm a kitty person. I purr and have claws... and love sushi....


Probably all the junk I don't know my hubby put in it....


Not Applicable.


Again Not Applicable


the day I have NO PAIN and we can go DO stuff!!!!


Me. ^-^


Finding the love of my life. Glad I did. ^-^ Can't exactly persue a career now anyway with the pain....


Not Applicable... but I swiped it from my friend cyndre's livejournal and she's COOL!!! ^-^


I'm really clueless.... no idea


Sci-fi channel on Fridays... mix of Action channel, various home and garden type channels, cartoon network, fox....


My Lifemate!!!


Losing weight back to my normal body weight, and becoming well with no chronic pain!!


African or European? Laden or Unladen? Are the coconuts husked??


...the girls??



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This stong idealist values friendship highly, and will never give up on those
she loves.

What Obernewtyn Character
are you?

Now I'll have to look this up and read it someday....

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Farseekers posses the ability to communicate over great distances via telepathy. They are great friends who know when they're needed, and seem to be able to detect others thoughts.



Empaths posess the ability to feel the emotions of others. They are gentle people, who encourage and nurture others. They percieve the world with their hearts and not with their minds. Empaths make great friends because they understand people.
is your Misfit Talent?
Is THAT what's going on? ^-^

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Well these were fun! ^-^

Which flock do you follow?

this quiz was made by alanna

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You don't define yourself by a subculture, or at least you try not. You combine the creativity and uniqueness of the underground with the trends of today giving you more of an edge. You are probably not an outcast and nowhere near a conformist. You have achieved balance.

Click here to take the GOTH test

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What Pattern Are You?

It didn't really have my car... and I had to fib a little because there WAS no option for NOT even using slang words!! hehe! I should look lovely lounging on my chenille throw pillows and I have NO concept of what time it is, listening to the Clash and wearing my necklace.... hrrrmmmmm....

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31.25 %

My weblog owns 31.25 % of me.
Does your weblog own you?

At what percentage should I start to worry??!!!

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Awwwww I found my inner feline!!
I'm a Serval!

Because you're one of the smaller cats, you are often thought of

as an outsider. This doesn't mean you aren't a great person, though -

your big ears serve as a means of gaining greater perception,

and you're an active, fun individual to be around.

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All the sore throat cures I know have tons of carbs... REALLY wanting to take the one with vodka in it right about now!! I'm watching HAMSTER SNOT for crying out loud!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!

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oooh noooo she LOST Hamtaro!!!! nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo... who needs sleep or orange juice when you've got Hampster Drama!!! I need..... something.... help???

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Hamtaro Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok now I'm pathetic... oooh my poor throat... I want orange juice but I can't have it on my diet waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh.... aaawaaaaahhhhh... oooh cutie hamster-thingies!! We should all be afraid when the word "thingy/thingies" disappears from my volcabulary....

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Sick and awake again. :-( sigh. My neck is all swollen up on one side, hurts even when I don't swallow. I didn't get to visit my friend in the hospital because I'm sick. The GOOD news is she's now conscious and they MIGHT move her from the ICU tomorrow, which is her Birthday!! She can't talk yet but she is flipping people off. ^-^ I love my friend!!!
I wish my throat would go back to normal, and I wish I could sleep... I'm feeling antsy, been in pain a while and it's getting better but now I get sick. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I think I'm too hot but I'm paranoid about making it cooler in here, afraid it'll make my throat worse. Tried playing neopets, too antsy. Tried playing Zeus... too antsy. Trying to watch tv... too antsy. I feel like bouncing on my mini trampoline except with the pain THAT'S out... sigh.

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