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Friday, June 28, 2002

OK I'm BA-AAAACK!!! I just got my computer back safe and sound and wrapped in a TON of bubble wrap and packing foam yesterday!! It looked like it had been carefully packed by the people who won those contests where you build stuff around an egg and drop it 10 stories and see if you can keep it from breaking. Unfortunately my UNwrapping skills are a bit iffy, it took me TWO HOURS to unpack my tower and monitor from their 2 boxes! ^-^
Outland came home and helped me get the rest of the wires all hooked up in the back, there were too many wires and cords for stuff we're NOT using right now, like the printer and scanner, and I got them all tangled up and confused. With the help of the cats, of course. LunaCorn is staying over for the weekend so we're having adventures with my computer now. I finally got to go hang out in #fantasy again, I'd missed everyone terribly, so pathetic. And I got caught up on the posts in the Guild, and I finally joined the new BOS board, with a little help from Jamie and Cass. *wave wave!* I had fun making a user account for LunaCorn on my computer since that's how it's set up with win XP, and now she has her own desktop theme and shortcuts and stuff. I set her up with photoshop and UnFREEz and she started learning to make animated gifs and she made a really COOL eye for her first real animation! All from scratch! I'm so proud!! I'll upload it and show it off if she gives me permission. ^-^
We had to reinstall EVERY one of the Sims games I have and then added the new Sims Vacation so I'm FINALLY getting to play with it after all my waiting!! Whooo-hooo! I may vanish into it for a while....
I started my diet right after we got back from vacation, and so far it's been almost a month and I've lost about 15 pounds now, feeling happy about that! I think a bit is water weight but some is actually slimming down, I can tell because of the change in how my tighter tops (size L) fit in the arms. ^-^ I'll work on my blog soon... really.... but now for the SIMS Maaaaad-ness!! And later, corrupting LunaCorn to make a blog too! heeheeheeheeeeeeee....

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Monday, June 17, 2002

I got to come over to my parents house again today and sorted through some of the stuff I have stored in the closet in my old room here. Last night when Outland and I got home we had a message from Branch and he said he fixed my computer and has it working and would be sending it off by UPS Monday, today, so I'm hoping to have my computer home again soon!! Yay! I got to play with our nephews yesterday and they have a new inflated plastic pool in the yard at Juan's parents house and I changed into t-shirt and shorts to play with the kids but they stayed out since by the time we got back with my change of clothes, they had gotten out and changed to dry clothes. They had fun pushing the two beach balls across the pool to me playing catch.
I only got a little sorting done today but I found a bunch of stuff that was my dad's mixed in with mine, and some trash, and a lot of scratch papers I guess should be put wherever they keep scratch papers now. My mother said they want to use my old room for the master bedroom, and change their room to a library study since it has the good light coming from windows on two walls. I got to look at the old throne chair they want to make usable again and I gave suggestions and ideas for how to make the cushion for it so it's comfortable. I've been watching a lot of programs on TV like Changing Rooms on the Learning Channel and I see them reulpholster furniture and make new chairs and benches with cushions so I saw how they did it. I would LOVE to make some furniture myself someday.... Oh yeah, we got a new couch!! I am VERY excited about it but I keep forgetting to mention it with the neighbor bombing and Father's day and everything. We picked a good color to go with the 3 cats shedding light colored fur. ^-^
I made a "parent safe" blog to show my parents, I had to take a ton of stuff out of the sidbar area like links and stuff. heehee.

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Sunday, June 16, 2002

OK it's father's day and I'm here at my parents house deleting spam like mad from my email! ^-^ Still don't have my poor computer back, my friend Branch is either still working on it (poor guy) or it's somewhere in the Fed-Ex system. Aside from computer withdrawl, I'm going nuts trying to delete spam regularly from SOMEONE'S online connection before it starts automaticaly deleting messages I DO want to keep! In other news, Outland got me Sims Vacation!! Whoooo-hooooo! And I have no way to play it!! Booo-hooo!
Out neighbor showed up knocking at our door last night and announced that he would be bug bombing at 9-10am today... ugh! AGAIN!!! We just barely have it so the smell isn't so bad anymore and he's doing it again... I want Outland to call the landlord again and explain that we can't LIVE in our apartment for at least a week when he does this, and to PLEASE request that the neighbor not bomb anymore, Outland told the neighbor that using roach traps worked better, we hope we never have to go through this again. Last time we were both sick and throwing up and having pains in the chest. We went to Wally world last night and got those air filter machines that have the commercial with the guy with the huge nose, we put one in the bathroom and we wanted to put one in the kitchen but it wouldn't fit because of the trim on the wall so we put it in the dining room right NEXT to the kitchen.

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Sunday, June 02, 2002

Whooohoo! Here I am at skylles and branch's house posting in my blog really quickly so I can show skylles!

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