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Tuesday, April 30, 2002

My adventures for this morning!

I was sick last night but I woke up at about 6 in the morning this morning and couldn't get back to sleep, so what did I do? I went to play neopets and the site was down. So I went to the GOM blogring and started reading everyone's blogs, and I saw Cyndrefae's pretty new blog template and went ooooooh! I had to re-do my blog and try to make something like that myself! So I started making graphics for it and then started making the template from scratch... I get confused interpreting other people's source codes unless I'm looking for a specific spot to see how something specific works.

After about 4 1/2 hours of fiddling and tweaking and graphics work I finally put my new template up right before I was supposed to be ready to leave the house when Outland got back from running an errand. We went to the jewlers shop that's in the same center as his work and we got my wedding band cut off my finger. It was pretty traumatic for me. It was a tight squeeze getting it on 2 years ago and I couldn't get it back over my knuckle to get it off then. His parents bought us the rings without getting us sized because everything was so busy. Now my finger STILL has a big dent in it and swelling from the ring being too tight. It's like I still have an invisible ring on. They said give it a few days for the swelling to go down before coming in to get it fit. When they cut it off and pried it open to get my finger out, it cracked in another place so they have to fix that too when they resize it. I'm still a little freaked out by the whole deal. I'm hurt and mad and sad that my bad health has made me gain so much weight my rings don't fit. And I'm sad that I didn't get to keep my ring on for the rest of my life like I wanted to. My grandmother wore her wedding ring for over 60 years after her husband killed himself.

After getting the ring cut off we went to eat out for lunch, and we went to a Chinese buffet and got to talk a little, which was nice. Now I'm home again changed back into my sleep shirt and keeping myself busy so I don't get depressed.

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Here are some things from adventures last night that I hadn't posted yet.

Saw this and had to take it. I miss playing....

Find your Role-Playing

my blackdaisies character

You are Innocence. You are sweet and probably shy, and has a penchant to wear whatever is trendy in the Asian scene at that point in time. You like anime and manga and probably would watch Hentai if it appealed to you enough. You act innocent and virginal yet there is a mystical lolita-esque sexuality about your nature that's vastly intruiging. You like dolls and little girl toys that take you back to an age of innocence you wish you had now.

Take the Which Black Daisies Character Are you Quiz?

I made a lego me at this website

Took a quiz but it doesn't look like the code worked right... my results were I'm angelic...

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Well, as you can SEE (looky looky!) my blog has a new look. I got industrious and to cheer myself up I tried making my own blog template and graphics from scratch. Unfortunately, no matter what I do, I can't seem to get the two tables for the sidebar and this blog entry area so they are lined up neatly under the top table... it insists on making them line up with the CENTER of the page, as calculated from TOP to BOTTOM. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!! If anyone knows how to fix this, PLEASE take a look at my source for this page and let me know how to get it to work!! Comment in the comments or post it to my tagborard! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!! (beg beg whimper whimper!)

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Monday, April 29, 2002

I'm all icky sick/depressed right now. Really bad. Had one of my VERY RARE fights with Juan. I wanted to get out of the car and walk home. Later I wanted to lock the chain latch on the house while he was gone out, so he couldn't get in when he got home. Now I have headache and stomachache and slept all day. The depression heaviness and pain/pressure in chest is a little better. This has been the most severe attack of this for a long while. I'm sad we had a fight. This is only about our 4th or 5th fight after being a couple for 6 years....

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Sunday, April 28, 2002

Just thought I'd share what happened the early morning hours of the 27th after being up all night... this is a sampling of my delerium and puns. This is a mild case. It CAN get worse.... ^-^

[07:02] feeling better fae
[07:02] yep :-)
[07:02] except now I actually have something in my EYE here in real life...
[07:02] let´s talk about something that´s makes us all happy
[07:02] brb contact time...
[07:02] <||R||> how about hatred?
[07:03] lol ravager
[07:03] hatred
[07:03] maybe ww2
[07:04] lol
[07:04] let's predict the next terror
[07:04] I like whiskers on roses and raindrops on kittens... I thought we were going to talk about happy things??

[07:05] the fangs on the werewolves
[07:05] the bloodshot eyeas of the vampire
[07:05] :P
[07:05] oooh I LIKE the fangs on werewolves.....
[07:05] and intense eyes....
[07:05] and pointy ears....
[07:06] the next terror for me will be visiting my dad Sunday....
[07:06] claws
[07:06] the bloodthirsty tongue
[07:06] i like claws
[07:06] LOL
[07:06] oooh claws.... I like claws... I HAVE claws...
[07:06] terror for me..
[07:06] come no sooner than monday
[07:07] <||R||> well..i got no school on monday..
[07:08] lucky you
[07:08] cool :-)
[07:08] ... I've got no LIFE on monday... heh
[07:08] you see R S got a medtest on monday
[07:09] that reminds me of a dream I had...
[07:09] yeah..:/
[07:09] I studied like mad for a biology test and dreamed I was taking it...
[07:09] on testicles
[07:09] :P
[07:09] heehee....
[07:09] a testes test, don't get testy over it!!
[07:10] lol
[07:10] i feel so tested
[07:10] :)
[07:10] sorry... pun attack!!

someone had to go....

[07:11] * FaeLuna waves hyperly
[07:11] bye R
[07:11] which is like a physical hyperbole....

[07:12] ...if you exxagerate your bowling style is that a hyper-bowlee??
[07:12] the puns are streaking through my head and I can't stop them....
[07:12] maybe so fae
[07:12] lol
[07:12] :)
[07:12] I know it's time for bed soon when it gets THIS bad... heh
[07:13] hahahaha
[07:13] u r good, faeluna
[07:13] I'm hyper, silly, punny, and I have the munchies... yep this will be one of THOSE mornings...
[07:14] i m sexy..:P
[07:14] lol
[07:14] ...if you feed a pet monkey toy from the 80s your munchies... does that make it a munch-chi-chi??
[07:14] i m so stresssssseeeddd

[07:15] sorry.... that one just invented itself... because I said munchies... and munchies sounds like such a funny word right now...
[07:15] does anyone else remember monchichis?? little monkey dolls that sucked their thumbs...
[07:15] Fae...... are u doing drugs??
[07:15] nope
[07:16] just sleep deprivation...
[07:16] it's 7 am and I didn't sleep all night...
[07:16] my pain gets worse when I lie down sometimes, and this is one of those times, so I'm staying up beyond my mental capacity to do so...
[07:17] oh
[07:17] endrometriosis?
[07:17] yeah :-(
[07:17] damn
[07:17] :/
[07:17] I could probably USE some drugs... from a qualified DR...
[07:17] what´s that
[07:18] hehehe
[07:18] oooh..bad thing that is
[07:18] it's a very painful chronic illness. it's icky, you can look it up.
[07:18] well, why not opt for surgical ?
[07:18] We have no DR and no money and no insurance....
talk about my illness, and how I should move to sweden where they have free medical help.

[07:22] i´m just ablond stupid swede
[07:22] ha ha..blonde
[07:22] heehee...
[07:22] * W is texan?...j''m half italian half irish....probably a little more italian though if I think about the familytree
[07:22] what does the blonde says when the doctor told her she's pregnant?
[07:22] oh great, now my mind is thinking Silmara should be singing "how swede it is to be loved by you"....
[07:23] :)
[07:23] ooh the blonde says " is it mine?"
[07:23] lol @fae
[07:23] very good, fae
[07:23] hahahahahaa
[07:23] heehee
[07:23] hehe
[07:23] ....
[07:23] how swede it is to be love by you
[07:23] awwwwwwwwww
[07:23] she did it!!! whooohoooo
[07:23] hehe
[07:24] he sound be PINK and blonde now... heh
[07:24] swede dreams are make of cheese..~~
[07:24] "should" not sound...
[07:24] hehehehehhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[07:24] I LOVE that one Silmara!!!!!!!!!
[07:24] who m i to disagree?
[07:24] :P
[07:24] :)
[07:25] happy now
[07:25] ??
[07:25] lol
[07:25] I love cheese and I love that song...
[07:25] wordless
[07:25] breathless
[07:25] an I love you all
[07:25] :)
[07:25] awwwww
[07:26] *muah*
[07:26] and where are you now? now that i need you..
[07:27] tears on your pillow wherever you go??
[07:27] I love that song too...
[07:27] aww..
[07:27] toooooo
[07:28] sigh
[07:28] lsistening to it now
[07:28] oooh cool :-)
[07:28] when i m suppose to study
[07:28] * S` is a nerd

[07:28] I'm just singing it here to my cats now that I'm thinking of it...
[07:28] heh

[07:29] i know the night is fading, n i know the time's gonna fly..

[07:29] I have typos and stuff all over too when I'm up all night... heh
[07:29] making love, out of nothing at all...
[07:30] ooooooooh out of nothing at all....
[07:30] I love 80s songs....
[07:31] but i never make it without u wanna see me crawl..
[07:32] and I'm never gonna make it like you do... makin love... out of nothin at all...
[07:32] yeaaaaah yeahhh
[07:32] out of nothing at all....making love.....
[07:32] * FaeLuna starts playing the piano part...
[07:35] hmmmmmm
[07:35] :))))))
[07:35] fb joke
[07:35] 6*Pun Alert* Did you hear about the Buddhist who refused his dentist's novocaine during root canal work? He wanted to transcend dental medication.
[07:35] well that was fun. :-)
[07:35] oooh a punny joke!!
[07:35] * FaeLuna finds it HYSTERICALLY punny...
[07:36] fb joke
[07:36] 6Reason #14 Why Coffee Is Better Than Women: Coffee is good when it's cold too.
[07:36] hmmm
[07:36] fb joke
[07:36] Keep your words soft and sweet, just in case you have to eat them later.
[07:37] lol
[07:37] ooh like marshmallo peeps!!
[07:37] is better than women too
[07:37] is better than men too
[07:37] which, by the way... vibrate so the sugar tickles my mouth when I laugh.. making me laugh even more...
[07:37] it's always strong , n soft taste yucky
[07:38] ... I'm allergic to coffee.... sigh
[07:38] it's a very EXCITING allergy though....
[07:38] lol
[07:39] spontaneus orgasm?
[07:39] noo... mouth cramps!! like extreme lemon biting!!
[07:40] first time I had coffee was in a jamocha malt at the mall... my friend gave me a sip of his and my mouth and face froze!!

[07:40] second time KP didn't know I was allergic and gave me chocolate covered ESPRESSO beans since he knows I love chocolate!!
[07:40] I wish I had video of both....
[07:40] lol

[07:41] hi Q :-)
[07:42] helloo FaeLuna
[07:42] QZ :P
[07:42] :D
[07:42] hi QZ too :-)
[07:42] hi
[07:42] what's up?
[07:43] just babbling about a little of anything and everything :-)
[07:43] I'm all goofy on sleep deprivation...
[07:43] :D
[07:43] it's nearing 8 am for me and I didn't go to sleep yet...

[07:44] why haven't you slept yet?

[07:44] I haven't slept because I'm paranoid about triggering my chronic pain worse when I lie down. :-(

[07:44] fb fortune
[07:44] (Mis)fortune for FaeLuna - You can rent this space for only a week.

[07:45] * FaeLuna starts filling out a rental application for the space in her fortune...

[07:46] I could use some extra space while we're sorting out the closet....

[07:47] .... I think I'm developing some extra space in my tummy... could be time for breakfast soon...

got disconnected from netsplit
[08:02] I made it back!!!
[08:02] * FaeLuna kisses the ground
[08:02] hehe
[08:02] fae help me i´m left alone
[08:02] you're left alone?? what?? how??
[08:02] * H sits down n starts to cry again
[08:03] awww don't cry!!
[08:03] because S` left?
[08:03] yes fae
[08:04] but most of all i wan´t the sunhine of my life back
[08:05] * FaeLuna gives H a sun lamp....
[08:05] If you never have sunshine in yer life, you won't miss it
[08:05] :)
[08:05] that's what I say
[08:05] :P
[08:05] good one fae
[08:05] fb pizza

[08:05] * FantasyBot states "One a pizza, comin' up" then starts singing in italian while tossing the spinning dough into the air, then throws on some sauce, cheese, pepperoni, and sausage, heats for a few minutes then serves to FaeLuna

[08:06] yay now I have pizza to go with my real breakfast of pizza...

[08:06] * FaeLuna takes one bite of real pizza, and one bite of fantasy pizza... is it live or is it memorex?
snip snippity snip snip

[08:15] does anyone here play BG?
[08:15] me
[08:15] erm, excuse me for being ignorant..
[08:15] but what's that?
[08:15] sorry, I was distracted...
[08:15] I have no idea what BG is either???
[08:15] oh. goodie. there's something wrong with my game. I don't know what to do...
[08:15] big guns... backgrounds..
[08:15] im finished with bg1, bg2, and icewind dale
[08:16] hehe
[08:16] huh?
[08:16] battle something...
[08:16] battle guts... barbarian groundlings...
[08:16] where are you and what bg are you playing?
[08:16] lol
[08:16] :D
[08:17] ?
[08:17] what does BG stand for QuZiLLioN?
[08:17] baldur's bate
[08:17] gate
[08:17] Aha!

[08:18] I know that game

[08:19] oooh Baldur's Gate... I think I have a friend's copy of that around somewhere....

snippity snip snip...

[08:36] oh my... I just missed a lot didn't I?
[08:36] I fell into an anime website and vanished for a bit...

[08:37] hehe, Fae
[08:37] <--- the only true :)

[08:37] I am a dangerously distracted web-wanderer..

[08:39] same here FaeLuna

[08:48] It's nearing 9 am for me and I haven't slept yet...
[08:49] I just ate pizza for breakfast...
[08:50] ahh the fantasy pizza don't taste too much

[08:50] when you eat it along with REAL pizza it gives it a bit of flavor though...
[08:50] Fae, stop making me jealous :/
[08:50] sorry Q
[08:50] hehe
[08:51] I don't think I can transport a slice through my monitor though.... it's watching me too closely!!

snip snip Now for the REALLY bad pun attack...

[08:52] the next WoT book is released in November
[08:53] WoT you talking bout Willis?
[08:53] sorry......

[08:53] need sleep... :-P yeah, that's the excuse...
[08:54] that was an AAAAAAAH!-full pun....
[08:54] heeheheheheheee....
[08:54] it was wheely bad timing too.... heeheheh...
[08:54] sorry sorry sorry....
[08:54] hello??
[08:54] oh no I stunned them all!!
[08:54] er...
[08:55] * FaeLuna waves sheepishly to F...
[08:55] I was a baaaaad girl...
[08:55] ak!
[08:55] * F is confused
[08:55] I can't help it, they're flocking!
[08:56] ...and that one was a sheep shot....
[08:56] ahh refreshing
[08:56] *giggles*

[08:57] quick... change the subject so I can get off the pun!! stop the pun I wanna get off!
[08:57] arg :D
[08:58] uh oh my hubby just woke up for the day...
[08:58] arrrg matey!!
[08:58] see? arrgh, my matey just work up!!
[08:58] wokr even...
[08:58] wokE

[08:58] woke?

[08:58] hehe
[08:58] i have some nice birds singing right outside my window
[08:58] now I'm tired and wired and inspired...
[08:59] ooh singing birdies... birdies good!
[08:59] how tweet!
[08:59] :D
[08:59] now I hear the birdies here in real life... they say it's morning!
[08:59] mhmm
[08:59] but my hubby is bird-ly awake...
[09:00] some sing's wrong with me....
[09:00] lol
[09:00] too many suggestions running wild in my head!
[09:00] I think just about ANYTHING is liable to start a pun streak with me right now..
[09:00] hehe

OK, here, for it to make sense... I HAD to leave the name in....

[09:01] *** ^Doan^^ has joined #fantasy
[09:02] hi ^Doan^^
[09:02] *** ^Doan^^ has left #fantasy
[09:02] aaah nooo I must say it!! *Joey's voice from Friends...* "so... how YOU ^Doan^^"
[09:03] hehehe
[09:03] they left just in time to escape punishment...
[09:03] **

[09:03] that was terrible...
[09:03] * FaeLuna looks around to make sure everyone is still breathing and not glassy eyed or curled up in fetal position on the ground...
[09:04] * QZ is bored....i think
[09:05] still? You haven't got any imagination?

[09:05] no
[09:06] I have imagination... I'll share!!
[09:06] tnx
[09:06] you're running through a forest...

[09:06] * FaeLuna waves her hands quickly in around QZ's head...
[09:07] watch out for that tree!!!
[09:07] aaaaa
[09:07] lol
[09:07] * FaeLuna lightly bops QZ's forehead softly...

[09:07] * QZ bops back
[09:07] owwww I have a soft head!! :-P
[09:08] :D
[09:08] * FaeLuna rubs her head and that turns into rubbing her sleepy eyes...
[09:08] I may actually pass out soon...
[09:08] no...never......not you

[09:08] which would be good because if I lose consciousness I won't feel pain!! wheeeeeeeeeeee
[09:08] tell me when that happends
[09:08] heehee E

[09:09] probably when you see a ton of nonsense from my head hitting the keyboard...

talk about snoring and drooling and cuddling while sleeping and the merits of sleeping alone vs with someone...

babbling about my 3 cats and how one is the attack kitty...
someone gave me a rose....

[09:28] oooh I think I'm passing out now... lightheaded from all the rose sniffing. :-P
[09:28] :( noo
[09:29] * I` holds up his fingers
[09:29] How many do you see FaeLuna?
[09:29] yeah, I like lots of white roses together... the real ones from the garden kind that smell nice...not the white buds that never open from the florists...
[09:29] fin-gers??
[09:29] * FaeLuna squinches her eyes.
[09:29] I see a blurry blob... I think it's your hand....
[09:29] hands have fingers??
[09:30] I see.... about 8 on that hand...
[09:30] better go to sleep soon
[09:30] yep :-)
[09:30] I'm stalling now...
[09:30] how many did you hold up?
[09:30] stubborn kid wanna stay and play...
[09:30] you may borrow my waterbed ^^
[09:31] oooh me on a waterbed is FUNNY to watch!!! I freak and flatten out like a cat and panic and can't balance!!
[09:31] lol
[09:31] air mattresses are almost as bad...
[09:31] it's sooo good

[09:31] yup
[09:31] When I had some friends over last night everybody fought to get to lie in the bed
[09:32] hehe...
[09:32] I do best with something that doesn't move around under me...
[09:32] who won?
[09:32] oh wait that sounds bad!!
[09:32] what?
[09:32] what I just said... *blush*
[09:33] :D
[09:33] but it only sounds bad if you have a dirty mind... like me...
[09:33] hehe
[09:33] * FaeLuna adjusts her halo...
[09:33] which makes the dirt shine brighter...
[09:33] * I` pushes it over

[09:33] yeep!
[09:35] I think I go to bed now.. bye bye everybody!!
[09:35] ok..
[09:35] thanks for chatting with me!!
[09:35] bye

[09:35] bye FaeLuna
[09:35] and putting up with my puns and delerium! :-P
[09:35] sweet dream
[09:35] come back later
[09:36] i think ill go to...bye
[09:36] too
[09:36] okie I be Bach if you be Beetoven!! heehee
[09:36] :D
[09:36] * FaeLuna staggers off

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OK I'm supposed to be sleeping for another hour before getting up and getting ready for my big adventure with Celleigh going a few towns over to feed her father-in-law's dogs because her van is shaking and stuff and she and Kisty showed up last night about 10pm to see if I could help with the emergency. I don't know WHY I'm awake... I just have this thing sometimes where it's like the night before the first day of classes or the night before Christmas Morning... I am TOO full of anticipation of the upcoming adventure to sleep. I'm just too weird sometimes.... Celleigh kind of didn't want to ask me for help because it felt like imposing to her. But I'm in my "oh, we're going to Canada? I'll just put in my contacts and grab my things! Oh, you were going to tell me we're going to Canada for a REASON? I was ready to go anyway!" mode.... I think I just like anything that's an adventure... and have a thing for anything remotely resembling a road trip WITHOUT my family! I mean, we get to TALK to the driver and sing and have radio and not pass around canned beets!! Whoa!!! Let's put it this way... my brother and I made our first big trip without my parents and it didn't occur to us that we would be able to eat at restaraunts. We packed canned food and powdered milk in our suitcases to fly from Texas to San Diego. Have I mentioned my parents have warped us so we are undeniably WEIRD?

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I was just now sitting here reading bits of an online comic to my husband, and I got to one that I had to recap the last comic strip so the one I wanted to read him would make sense... and I started telling him "last strip the characters were both watching "Gone with the Wind..." and Outland freaked out and said, "wait, wait, I DREAMED this! I was sitting HERE reading like this, and you were sitting THERE leaned back like that and saying that about characters and Gone with the Wind!" I thought that was neat. ^-^ Especially since I JUST learned about this comic strip last night/this morning... and I NEVER talk about Gone with the Wind....

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Saturday, April 27, 2002

Well, slept and got up... and having more web adventures:

Must post this to check all the time!!!

Lupin III Ranma 1/2 scream scream scream!!
I'll try to remember to put this in my template so it's always handy....

This is interesting, maybe colds and flu can help cure cancer?

Took a few quizzes on my way...

I'm The Supporter!

% where do you LIVE?

you live in a cottage!
you enjoy your solitude,
and respect intelligence.
you're a bit of a nerd though, nature lover!

Take the What
animal best portrays your sexual appetite??

What a top lass! You treat boys as equals, worthy of respect, not playthings to be messed with. This'll particularly be true of the lad you love, 'cause you reserve the best treatment for him. After all, you picked him out of the lad line-up 'cause you liked him, not so you could string him along and torture the poor soul.

If I lived in Middle-Earth, it would be in:
Lothlorien or Rivendell

You prefer the tranquilty and peacefulness of nature and enjoy the milder seasons of the year. While you know it is necessary to keep in contact with other living beings, most of the time you enjoy the seclusion of an aesthetically pleasing, woodland environment.

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Well... it's the end of a long web-day... I stayed up all night again, afraid to sleep because of the pain. But now I'm crashing, so here's my day end review. Played Neopets. Stocked my shop. Posted in Guild. Played AMZ. Posted on Blog. Checked hotmail. Checked yahoo mail. Sent brother email. Visited on irc in Fantasy. Wandered all over the web. Found a new game. Checked the old work board for Magic Manor. Posted on the NEW work board. Also: watched sci-fi, watched movies, baked pizza, got to visit with KP, kissed Outland goodnight, and kissed him good morning. Bad side: severe cramps, stabbing pains, sudden crying out in pain, lots of wincing, swollen eyelid from cyst in eyelid, pains in chest, pains in wrist, burning icyness in wrist, pressure in chest and abdomen. Good side: got some sense of accomplishment and discovery from my web adventures of the day, got to make tons of bad puns on irc, got to visit lots of my internet friends. So I call it a happy day. Even though I didn't get much done. Hope my eye gets better so I can see to work on webpages and graphics tomorrow....

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Someone on irc told me I can go here and raise my own princess!! Gotta try it! ^-^

And now someone else sent me to this comic site...

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Why can't I find my archives?? I hope all my writing and babbling and STUFF isn't lost!! Waaahhh!

On that note... maybe I should try going to bed... it's past 6 am. My dad stalked me on the phone all day today... it got so bad I took the cordless phone off the base and put it in the hall closet to muffle the ringing. He called 10 times in 2 hours and didn't leave a message. I hate it when he does stuff like this. This is the kind of thing he was doing when he was calling me and leaving messages all the time and I realized that if he was just some guy calling me I could show the police the taped recordings and get a restraining order.... sigh.

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OK suddenly my template mutated and the main table won't cooperate and remain the correct width... instead it's spread out to cover the page and not have the neat bordered look... grrr... I didn't even mess with the template as far as changing table sizes... now I tried to define them on purpose and it still won't work... grrrrrr....

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1. What are your hobbies?
Collecting comic books, collecting anime, collecting Jackie Chan movies, reading, writing poetry, philosophy, making graphics, making webpages, working on my own little online community fantasy game site which is forcing me to learn more and more html... among other things.

2. Do you collect anything?
See above. I collect comic books, anime, sci-fi and fantasy movies, and Jackie Chan movies. I once went away to visit my friend out of town and came home with about 8 dvds I purchased on credit card due to a Jackie Chan emergency.

3. Is there a hobby you're interested in, but just don't have the time/money to do? I don't have the money to do my CURRENT hobbies! I want to own a comic book store... and at this rate I also need my own server for my online stuff.... I'm out of SPACE for comic books... we have a special frame under the bed to be able to store comic boxes under the bed.....

4. Have you ever turned a hobby into a moneymaking opportunity?
If you count the brief time when I wove and crocheted potholders and sold them around the neighborhood with my friend when I was 6.... and again with another friend in another state when I was 8.

5. Besides web-related stuff (burbs, rings, etc.), what clubs do you belong to?
I used to belong to an APA that was published every other month. My blog title is the same as my zine title there. I was a member of that apa about EIGHT years before it died out. I've been invited to join into a family in the SCA but I don't really have the health to get into that. I technically still belong to the Honors Societies I joined in college.

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And that, dear readers, is what happens when I am turned loose on the net wandering around when blogger won't let me post my little notepad of writing yet...

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Well, spent most of the day in pain and on amz and neopets. KP came over tonight to visit and stayed online the whole time, but we were pretty much intending that since he needs to catch up on his internet life. Outland brought home rising crust frozen pizzas and I had the over pre-heated already when he got home. We added extra chese and toppings. ^-^ I was hoping my pain week was over now but I still have tons of sudden stabbing pains. At least I'm not in much pain BETWEEN stabbings though....

I learned that the guy from Alice in Chains and Left Eye from TLC died. I'm sad about that.

I'm getting to watch Tank Girl to cheer up. We watched sci-fi most of the night, missed Stargate but caught Jeremiah and then Firstwave, watched Lexx mostly because KP was here but it was pretty good episode, then Brimstone was on and I wanted to watch that. Someday I want to try to find Due South and Probe because those were shows I loved but aren't on anywhere anymore that I can find.

Found this funny article, on Squirrls invading Stanford University!

Wow, THIS looks cool! I'll have to tell my brother about this!!

Hmmm a museum of museums....

Don't kill the baby. Ever.
posted by guest_author April 25, 2002
Raising Hell is proud to announce its first article by a guest contributor, Jim McCormick of

Jim's Ten Rules of Parenting
I'm a registered nurse. And I was the first among my friends to have children. As such I'm often asked for advice on raising and caring for children; and when I'm not asked I'm usually tossing something out there anyway.

So over the years I've developed my Rules of Parenting.

Read them. Commit them to memory. And don't leave the nursery without them.

Jim's First Rule of Parenting
Prior to the baby's birth I'll usually tell the mom-to-be (and the dad, if he's not distracted by the Ranger game) to read everything she can get her hands on regarding babies and childcare. Subscribe to every magazine. Grab every brochure and flyer at the obstetrician's office. Absorb everything. Study tirelessly.

And when the child is born, throw all the books and magazines away. Forget everything you read. They don't know what they're talking about. None of them.

· · ·
Jim's Second Rule of Parenting
Don't kill the baby. Ever.

Most people think I'm kidding with this one. I'm not.

There will be a time-I can't predict when that time will be, perhaps the child hasn't slept in 36 hours, perhaps she hasn't stopped crying for 12 hours, I don't know-but there will be a time when the sleep deprivation kicks in full force and you haven't showered for days where it almost sounds sane to do the unthinkable.

Resist the urge. Don't kill the baby. Ever.

I've been thanked for this one. A lot.

Jim's Third Rule of Parenting
Don't ever tease or kid a social worker from the Division of Youth and Family Services. They don't have particularly well developed senses of humor. And they take their jobs very seriously.

Trust me on this one.

Jim's Fourth Rule of Parenting
Trust the Mom. If you are the Mom, trust yourself.

Mom's instincts are keen. If Mom thinks something is wrong with the baby, then something is wrong. If Mom thinks she knows what it is, follow her to the end.

If Mom thinks the baby is ready for solid food, then solid food it is. If Mom thinks … well … you know what I mean.

Jim's Fifth Rule of Parenting
Never. Ever. Disturb. A. Quiet. Safe. Child. Ever.

Not even to ask how they're doing. Not even to praise them. Not to tell them it's lunchtime. Don't say anything. Just peek. Acknowledge to yourself that the child is safe. And go about your business.

If you disturb the child you run the very real risk of upsetting the Cosmic Equilibrium and altering God's Unknowable Plan. All hell will break loose. Your morning/day/evening (yes, all three) will be ruined. And you'll probably lose sleep and argue with your spouse.

It's not worth it. Leave the kid alone.

Jim's Sixth Rule of Parenting
Wing it. That's right, wing it. Make it up as you go along. That's what your parents did. And that's what their parents did. And that's what their parents did before them.

It seems to work. Why change now?

Jim's Seventh Rule of Parenting
The most important rule of all: Love them.

That's it, just love them.


Yeh, I know I told you there'd be Ten Rules of Parenting. I'm certain there are Ten Rules. But my children haven't taught me the other three yet.

About 45-minutes ago, my five-year-old son hinted that one the remaining rules has something to do with money. And then he asked for some.

Jim McCormick IV lives in New Jersey. He is 37, still married to his first wife and has two children, a daughter (almost 11) and a son, 5. He also runs a fine website, For more information about Jim, check out his "about page".

This was interesting and sad. A dad sharing drugs with his kids, I think he might have really needed help and treatment for depression and tried to do it himself the best he could.


Oh my goodness! I'm SICK!!!! I LOVE this!!!!!
Who'd have thunk???

Interesting blog... check back maybe??

Hey a Spanish blog!! Looks interesting... I think she likes Russel Crowe and Madonna... I'll go back and learn mas Espanol!

Here is a World Trade Center tribute that has the music from the Angel tv show.

Interesting quote... I wish it said where it CAME from though... I'm going to have to look this up somehow...

'into a soul absolutely free from thoughts and emotions even the tiger finds no room to insert its fierce claws. no thinking, no reflecting perfect emptiness yet therein something moves following its own course. victory is for the one even before the combat who has no thought of himself abiding in the no-mind-ness of Great Origin.''

This looks like a fun thing to do, I need to add it to my template and remember to check it every week or so... or when I remember...

This guy likes 80s music... have to check back on this one...

I didn't know you could add your own site to google!!

Ooooh a little online manga comic!

Oh wow... here's a can of worms to open...

Gotta remember to go here!! Add this to template, I have an account i haven't visited in over a year... I forgot about it!!

I KNEW I recognized the name Kakistos... taquitos... heeheehee...
This person seems to have taken tons of screen shots from episodes!

I like this person's meanderings. ^-^

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Friday, April 26, 2002

Had web adventures tonight.... after a TON of quizzes I'll post later...

Started here because of google search for Pedro Infante because of song on radio on way home from getting cat food! I got to read ALL the film titles and try to translate them to English.

Some people thought Pedro Infante was Santo, so Juan looked him up too!
I got to try translating all HIS film titles too! TONS of bad B movies we MUST see/own someday!

So now I had to follow the link to the FRENCH fan site and brush up on my French too! Wheeeeeee!

There's this guy in one of the movie posters where I said, hey, that guy's cuter! So we have to look him up too!
I misspelled it horrible and look what I got!

His name is Jorge Negrete
I read all the movie titles on this one too!

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Thursday, April 25, 2002

For some reason I can't see my blog... or my friend cassandra's either..... I'm wondering what's up with that???!!! I can see it here in the editing page though.....

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Found another comic related quiz to take! I may have to go looking for more on purpose someday...

Jean Grey
I'm Jean Grey
What X-Men Character are You?

Goodness Gracious, you're everyone's favourite do-gooder Jean Grey, also known as Phoenix. You look after your teammates, get along with everyone, have a wonderful man who loves you and have pretty much achieved perfection. But look out when you're PMSing and you become Dark Phoenix: a raging homicidal bitch with a knack for causing trouble.

I don't seem to "pms" much though..... lucky world!!! ^-^

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Wednesday, April 24, 2002

I fixed more of the webpages for the Magic Manor site, started a blog for site updates, and learned how to change the time stamp on my blog to MY time!! Yay! I don't think it's retroactive though, all the old posts will still be hours off. Now I'm lightheaded so I think it's time for bed. At almost 7 in the morning! Now everyone will know how late I'm up all night with the time showing correctly... heehee!

Outland and I watched Cirque de Soleil (spelling?) earlier and I loved Dralion! They are having a sort of marathon all week on Bravo. I loved the juggler. He was sexy. Outland had fun laughing at me! And the clowns were incredible, not like most Americans concept of clowns, more like court jesters I think. For about 1/2 the show one clown pretended to just be some poor guy picked out of the audience! After watching that we watched the History channel show about the real Scorpion King. I thought it was really good. It was showing written language may have started in Egypt instead of Mesopotamia, and I had to laugh when they told about how the different kinds of scorpions made good pets or not. One they said was good to get if you didn't like your roomate!!

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Tuesday, April 23, 2002

Oh my.... I stumbled into a Gerbil based religion whose version of History is verrrrry interesting..... I advise caution, as I wandered around in a hampster/gerbil tangle of sprawling insidious links.... My fault for using google. And being insatiably curious.

That reminds me, perhaps I should look up the church of mentos and see how they're doing....

This web journey is all the fault of THIS site, if you want to see how I ended up spending my day.... And I got there in the first place following the url for an image. ^-^

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I thought this was cool. Europeans are descended from 7 women! I need to get back into my anthropology studies on my own since I can't attend classes. ^-^ This new discovery reinforces the Eve theory, that shows all humans are descendants from ONE female ancestor. We can be traced to through mitochondrial DNA.

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I saw there was a comic related quiz so I had to take it!

Which Star-Crossed Marvel Lover Are You?

I'm sweet. Awww! I guess that makes my hubby MJ though! heeheeheee!!

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Well since I couldn't try going back to bed because of the pain, I managed to do a lot more work on Magic Manor. I think I finally have it so all the links from the main pages work, and the room templates and designers work and ALMOST all the links in pages that exist are fixed, and pages have been re-worked to have the new backgrounds and changed information from our relocation of the boards. whew.
I'm happy that I finally got frames figured out so the boards can work while still AT the site, and people can get from one board to another through a navigation sidebar. Now I just need to figure out how to pre-load the images for the mouseover effects. And figure out how to make the top frame change at the same time as the main frame.... And see if there is SOME way to do the drag and drop rooms so people don't have to drag stuff across 18 screens to get it to the room, once more items are added. I tried to see if I could drag across frames... but doesn't look like it.
I plan to make the castle into an image map so the windows take people to their respective realm's pages, and the door takes them to the main courtyard.

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Feeling better. Afraid to sleep though. I finally got around to posting in my friend's club and I answered his quiz so I thought I'd post it here too.

Tell me you most 5 hated tv shows (current or past)
Not sure I really HATE tv shows, but I don't seem to like trivia shows much, or "reality tv" either. I don't know all the names to the popular shows... I don't watch them.

What is in your 5 disc cd changer? (if you don't have one, just pretend)
Umm... we have a 5 disk dvd changer... It's got Pump Up the Volume, Gladiator (both disks), Flash Gordon, and Ghost Dog.

Tell me 5 actors or actresses you find sexy.... enough to fatasize about them.
Val Kilmer, Patrick Stewart, Harrison Ford, Kevin Smith, Vin Desil (spelling??). I tend to fantasize about characters and not actors though.....

What is an embarrasing thing that happened on a date?
My date dropped a table on me and the food went flying and hit me in the head.

If you read do you prefer comics or books, if so name your fave five (titles)
I love books AND comic books. ElfQuest, Daredevil, Strangers in Paradise, New Mutants, Excalubur... (Gen 13! had to slip one extra in!)

Speaking of comics... if you could have super powers what you want... if
you can't think of one, what super hero (or villian) would you like to be.
I always wanted to be a telepath, but sort of reversed, to let others inside MY mind instead of reading theirs. I'd want to show them my memories and dreams.

OK last one:
Have you done the deed yet? (you know what I mean)AND was it what you thoughted,
was it a let down, was it exciteing? Tell us.
Yes. My first time was bad. I'm glad others have made up for it. :-)

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ok after much screaming and crying and praying and crying the pain is better now, I'm just afraid to lie down since that aggravates it. I think it was another rupture.

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Pain pain lots of pain. :-(
I got to see Andi and her baby today, but now lots and lots of pain.

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Friday, April 19, 2002

oooOOOOoooh look what I stumbled into NOW! A site with Espanglish chat!! Learn Spanish it says.... I should check back here!!

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uh oh found a new game site... this one is about sheep... I stumbled into a shop at amz that had the mini free sheep game in it... I'm TERRIBLY susceptable right now...tons of typos too.... check out the sheep game!

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I noticed this site through an ad at amz, I actually follow the ads now and then!! It's about teaching kids and helping kids cope with grief and fear and learning tolerance and learning about terrorism. I thought I'd put it here to share and to remember to look into it further. I found the site too, following a link.

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Thursday, April 18, 2002

Last night I made my husband cry!!! I told Outland I'd be making us a nice dinner at home last night se we could unwind and sort of re-bond with each other after all the adventures and stress of this past month or so. I made chicken terriyaki/pineapple chicken with honey ham, over herb rice, with baby carrots and peas, and even tossed some bisquits in the oven which I rmembered JUST in time as they were nicely bronzing.... I also cleaned the living room, cleared out an entire shelf in the bookcase and filled it with our wedding stuff, our yin/yang engraved chalice from the wedding, our cake topper, little teeny round bride and groom teddy plushies, and the nice lined cases behind the chalice and topper. And some candles of course.... I'm still looking for the little candle holders I want to put the two taper candles from our candle lighting ceremony in so they can be standing up instead of lying down in the entertainment center. I kept the unity candle in there behind the glass to defend it from kitties. ^-^
Anyway, I got the cooking done, and changed into a dress (with no undies!! whooo! o_O!) and lots of my perfume I made, he loves it. And I cleared off the computer desk, put candles there, cleaned off the coffee table, put candle there, put the cats in the bathroom, dragged out the tiny computer desk from the depths of the closet, and set up a little dining area in the middle of the living room with it! I decorated it with a white sheet for the tablecloth, and the glass globe of flowers that were our wedding reception decorations I had made, and my cat and mouse candlesticks with burned down tapers, because he got me those candleholders on a visit to Austin. I brought out the blue vase we got in Mexico and put it up on the top of the shelves, and put the blue marblized dolphin next to the wedding stuff since he got me that when we went to a Mexican flea market with his family. I found the enya music I had hiding on the computer and I set the playlist for dinner music and turned the screen off. I called him at work to bring home a bottle of wine. ^-^ I washed out the new lead crystal glasses we got at the dollar store and used the new white plates we got at the same time and set the table. He came in and I went "tah-dah!" and he looked and started crying!! I hugged him welcome home like I do every day and he kept hugging me and crying! He said he had a wonderful wife and wouldn't trade me for ANYTHING! ^-^ So we had our little dinner and I had him say a little prayer, which made him cry again, and then I made a toast. We are TOO cute sometimes.... We got full and split a dove chocolate egg for dessert and he put the leftovers away. I blew out the candles and put the breakables up and let the kitties out of the bathroom. Then I had to clean off the bed... I kind of put everything from the living room and closet there while I was setting everything up!! We wanted to be all romantic... but we passed out. :-P It was a really nice end to the day though.

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And another quiz... I'm reading through my friend's blogs and it's all their fault!! ^-^

Also known widely as the Fire Bird, the phoenix is a profound symbol of the circle of life. It has a life cycle of 500 to 600 ears and after that amount of time, it sets itself on fire and dies in the flames. Then after three days, it rises again from the ashes. It is a completely benign creature who lives in dew. It is said that the phoenix has a beautiful melidous song which grows ever more mournful as its life comes to an end. It is a symbol of the sun and immortality. The phoenix is a very worthwhile beast.

What mythical beast best represents you?Take the quiz!

I picked that I lived in a forest and could be killed by an elven arrow... I'm not sure how that factors into this.

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Took another silly quiz, this was especially funny for me to fill out, as it was geared toward Male High School Students!! I had to pick what kind of girlfriend I have.... And I wasn't sure I'd be "R" or not considering I DON'T swear... but I couldn't answer the question that way because the no swearing answer has Slang in it and I can't say that either!!! Heeheeheeee!


You are restricted. Well done, you're now
practically adult in nature, and plus, you
get to see nudity - have fun.

"Which Movie Classification Are You?"
Test created by Jamie - take it here.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2002

Man, what a day... Kisty was robbed, and KP either lost his bus pass or had it stolen!! Kisty called to tell us after they got the phones back, the guy who robbed her cut the phone wires! And KP had to call collect from a payphone because he's broke. :( I hope this week gets better!!

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Had to redo the links for images in my template... I forgot some were still hosted at my old site...
I've had tons of adventures, got to help Kisty move into her new place, now I'm recovering so probably not much here for the next few days!!

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Saturday, April 13, 2002

Yay! I see that my site is back up!! Woohoo!! ^-^

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Well I've had some adventures between last blog-in here. ^-^ I had weird dreams involving a schoolbus with human students and robot students segregated robots on left, humans on right. I wrote it down a bit in a notepad to blog it but now I can't find the notepad.
I started making animated chibi versions of the AMZ pets, and I have 3 made so far. I stayed up till 8 am working on them Thursday night. Then yesterday I found my SITE went down!! All my graphics were broken... so I started an asianavenue site so I could get the chibis back up! I started work on 2 more chibis yesterday, but first I had to find my little 3.5in disks that I NEVER use so I could work on Kisty's computer in Photoshop while she was online on mine. We got her computer set up by the couch, and it's kind of neat having 2 computers working over here! I also had to make dinner. ^-^
KP called with an emergency yesterday afternoon, I saw it was a payphone so I figured it was him and picked up. He was doing his taxes and it kept coming out weird so he wanted Outland to help him. He also wanted us to all go to Denny's together but WE have no money right now. I called Outland at work to tell him and he just wanted to take KP someplace with light that they wouldn't have to pay money, since we're currently broke. KP called back and I told him. He seemed upset we weren't taking him to Denny's. He was also upset I didn't want to go too. He also asked AGAIN about wanting us to let him come over Saturday night so he can watch Buffy. I just can't deal with this right now. First thing once I was talking to him again and he asked for a haircut, which I gave him, and to come over to watch Buffy. It makes me feel frustrated and used. I want to just hang out and NOT be used!! I'd like to just get together and visit, and not have him ask for money, not ask for comic books, not ask for a haircut, not ask for pepsi, not ask to come watch his shows on our tv, not ask for us to TAPE his shows on our tv, not ask me to come help him clean his place, not ask us to take him out to eat. It bothers that he asked for things RIGHT AWAY once we were on speaking terms. It bothers me he gets huffy when I don't want to do things for him. I just want to hang out and get to be friends again. Talking, socializing, getting reaquainted.
Anyway, I'm having fun making the chibi pets. Here are the ones so far:

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Tuesday, April 09, 2002 My newest pet addiction... thanks to Celleigh!
I finally finished clearing our my hotmail without it shutting down and freezing my computer, I wrote back to friends who emailed me early February!! I kind of fell of the face of my hotmail....
Last night I had weird dreams where my oldest nephew was smoking, had a silver hoop earring in one ear, and was swearing all the time while he was fiddling with a chair making it tilt back and talking loudly with his friend while I was trying to listen to his mother teach me and about 50 other women how to make some kind of special food involving tortilla chips and limes.... I kept trying to tell him to just try to be quiet enough for me to learn how to make the food, and he ATE his cigarette! I pulled him aside away from the tables then and started talking to him, asked him how old he was, he said 10. I said then you're old enough to be responsible for behaving, I'm not telling you not to smoke or swear, just be quiet enough for me to hear and do what I'm trying to do! I also explained the smoking thing was up to him but *I* am allergic to smoke so now I'll have to be careful of where I'm standing near him while he's smoking, and to please let me know when he's smoking near me! I kept trying to tell him I wasn't telling him what to do with his life but to be respectful of others. It was a weird dream. He is only 7 in real life. And 10 IS alarmingly young to smoke and have an earring, I thought I was trying HARD to be overly reasonable in the dream!!

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Monday, April 08, 2002

Did more of my wanderings and found THIS, a site about a kid who has cancer and his family started an organization to sell his art to help raise money for his cancer treatment. He is a really cute kid and it scares me a little he and his little brother remind me so much of our two oldest nephews, as they are age 4 and 7 now. If I had the money I think I would buy his picture called "Habaneros". I thought it was kind of neat how he did his stars in "A Starry Night" and it made me wonder if he'd ever seen Van Gough's painting.

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I wandered around the web a bit and ended up reading THIS today, an article about the development of information implants the size of a grain of rice that have been approved for use in humans. Looks like people are worried about the use of this implanted information technology now that it's a reality. Personally, I think that implanted mis-information or outdated information that is for medical purposes COULD be dangerous, but I guess it has about the same chances of being right or wrong as an ID bracelet or anything else where we have information stored in a database that is referenced with a number and not corraborated with the person the information is supposed to be about. They talk about how implanting it in kids could be a used to scare kids by knowing close tabs can be kept on them. I really hate that idea but I know there are people out there who would use it like that. Then there are the people saying it might be good to help find missing kids, like it's helpful finding missing animals now. I'm thinking THAT may be helpful, but I would want a LOT of clear and strict laws about WHO can be allowed to scan people's information chips, and WHO has the Authority to request the scan. I think chips in criminals CURRENTLY serving sentences would be good to find them if they escape. They have given up certain societal rights by commiting crimes, this is like a right to freedom and privacy issue to me and criminals do not have freedom and privacy. Kids are another issue though because they are citizens, NOT criminals, NOT without rights... but on the other hand they are Dependants, Legally not of age to exercise all the rights of an Adult Citizen. So parents would be the ones making decisions about the welfare of their own kids. And this is another thing where parents could use it to try to protect their children, or they could abuse their kids with it, using it to threaten and try to control them. I think for the purposes of a tracking device it should come out when you reach legal Adulthood, and only be used in adults who have forfieted their rights and freedom through criminal acts. I think using it for business and advertizing, like an implanted cookie, should be made illegal. If there are any uses for free adult citizens I think it should be VERY carefully legally protected so ONLY the uses the Individual Citizen allows are legal. All the trickery of the internet spamming and loopholes that allow sharing information should be illegal to do with the implanted information chips. Technology itself isn't good or bad... but now that this exists everyone will have different ideas and motivations as to how to use it, just like with everything else. I see this as a freedom and privacy issue, we want to be safe, we want security, but we don't want to be invaded, hampered, controlled. Everyone is throwing around the reference to "Big Brother" but I get the impression that most of these people have never read the book 1984. I read 1984 IN 1984, which was pretty interesting. I was glad reality was NOT like that for me, but the book was a "what if" I never want to happen, I don't think anyone wants it to happen, but there is the potential.

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Sunday, April 07, 2002

We're watching Happy Texas and recovering from our day. Outland took KP (kisty's ex-roomate) to work this morning, and we dropped Kisty off to sort out the rest of her stuff from the boxes and bags of stuff that was packed all together from when they had been both going to move out together. Outland and I went grocery shopping and got some canned food for KP since he won't have electricity again till he gets the utilities all paid up that were in his name a couple of years ago. We picked up hot food from Sonic and picked up KP from work and came back to his place and Kisty had finished the sorting already and had her stuff all together. KP talked a while. I tried hard not to say much. Then he switched from talking to Kisty and talked to me a bit and apologized to me for things he'd said about no one had to know he and I hadn't had sex. I cried. I'm still not happy about lots of things he's doing and how he's acting but I was glad he apologized to me for that and I was able to hug him. Then he unfortunately went on and was frustrating again, he wants to be recompensated for spending money on one particular item by having Kisty buy him a new mouse. He doesn't seem to see that all the mis-managed bills and money weighs heavy on his side.... Then he suddenly wanted me to cut his hair right away. So I gave him sort of a stop gap emergency trim around the sides and back so it's not all poofy and huge wings above his ears. I feel frustrated the minute I was on speaking terms with him again he was asking me to do something for him.... Anyway, then I was all itchy because I cut his hair outside so the wind blew it around all over me. Outland was really tired so we came home and I showered and he finally got to watch basketball. I'm relieved to be done with getting Kisty's stuff out of there. I hope next time we see KP he just hangs out and visits and doesn't ask for stuff or bring up financial stuff about him and Kisty.

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Had a busy day, not sure I'll write much tonight. Went to family chat and my mother wanted everyone to see this.

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I also read a bit more in the book I've been reading, Paradox Alley, and it's gotten better. I started reading it a few months ago and then got bogged down, as it is part of a series and I haven't read the first books that came before it. Yesterday I read a bit more in the Charles de Lint book I've been "nibbling" at one short story at a time.
I've been meaning to blog some urls so I can find them and work on stuff, here are a few of them. Some of my friends at amz sent me to to look up scripts to see if the place I'm hosted at supports .php pages. I want to go back and try to find chat and postcard scripts and learn about php if I can use it where I'm at now. I found Will Wheaton had a blog... he reminds me of my cousin, and when my brother used to dress in STTNG shirt my mother made he got picked on for looking like the character Will used to play, Wesley Crusher. Here are a couple of other php sites to refer back to, I bookmarked them earlier but thought maybe I should add them here so I can find them all at once... I need to re-organize my bookmarks! and

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Today was a sleepy sick day for me. Had lots of weird dreams and nightmares last night/today while sleeping. Lots of fighting with my dad in the dreams, at one point I was hauling into him with an oversized red baseball bat while he laughed as I smashed him to pulp.... At one point I was in the shower in the house we lived in when I was 12 and it was our old blue shower curtain but there were feces on it and my mother was helping me clean it up so I could shower. Then I was showering and through the tiny window I saw the character Spike from the tv show Buffy. I said something to the effect of "you can't reach through there and get me, can you" and that was worded so it was the "invitation" he needed to stick his arm through and try to grab at me. For some reason the window was the small size it was in real life, but it had 2 levered glass panels like the windows in Hawaii had, but instead of being blue like real life, they were pink. That was one of the points where I woke up fighting the covers.
Last night Outland came home from work early and we went out to dinner at 3 Amigos, and I really enjoyed it, and we picked up a few groceries on the way home, but then I CRASHED hard. Today I was up for a few hours before Kisty was awake, but I crashed and napped, then woke up again in the afternoon when Kisty was leaving to go do laundry with her friend. I spent a couple of hours at neopets and aftermath zone and was trying to stay awake for Buffy... but at 5 I realized it was Saturday so it wasn't on... and I gave up and went back to bed. Finally got up after 7pm and am just now getting into my "day" at almost midnight. Outland brought home 2 bake to rise pizzas and I had the oven pre-heated when he got here. We're watching Flash Gordon which Kisty hadn't seen yet. Outland LOVES that movie, I got it for him for his birthday last year. Unfortunately this seems to be the month of TRAINS going by at a fantastic frequency, and it's driving us all NUTS!! We're 1 hour and 20 minutes through the movie and have had 9-10 trains go by!!! We are a bit unsure whether to count the train that came right before we started the movie.

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Wednesday, April 03, 2002

Found what looks like an interesting site... need to go back and see what all it actually is, it looks like a HUGE web project!

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I was curious about this test since I saw it on a friend's blog... sure enough, my suspicions were correct, I am a Fantasy Geek!

I found myself torn between picking writing fan fiction, SCA, and LARP; and the egg cartons covered in tin foil to make a spaceship... I've been involved with both! ^-^ I made my dad a hovercar for his birthday when I was 12... out of a cereal box....
I was also torn between Buffy/Xena and Star Trek! I used to have a crush on pretty much EVERYONE in the original crew... EXCEPT for Kirk! I think I have my ear nibbling fetish because of Spock... I found I could NOT go out on a date with a guy whose ears were not "nibbleable" to me!
They didn't offer "name your firstborn after Darth Vader" on the your next kid will be named options. We ARE actually considering it! See, eat your veggies and Don't turn to the Dark Side!
Friday used to be THE stay home and watch TV night for me because of the lineup on Sci-Fi channel... Farscape and Invisible Man.
I can't live without my books, they came before the computer and sustained me while we moved 14 times before I was 14. We also didn't have TV then either. There are TONS of books on my "I need to own list. I use my computer to sustain life. ^-^ It keeps be going now while I'm having chronic pain and focus problems, it even inspires me to art, learning new things, and cleaning the house! But my hovercraft is full of eels. Because that reminds me of a dream I had!

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Wow! My friend cass in the Guild was quoted in the Boston Globe newspaper! Here is the online article! GoSee It! Now I'm just trying to remember who it was who originally said the thing about men being like grapes... they quoted that from some other lady's blog but I know it's actually a famous quote I've heard before! "You have to stomp on them and crush them and keep them down in the dark until they finally turn into something you would like to have at dinner." I wonder how to look up the source of a famous quote.... This is how people who were once credited become "Unknown" because you KNOW it was SOMONE, and not originally done anonymously. "Unknown" is sad because someone once knew, and now all we know is that an entire person is Lost.

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I've been meaning to post the Egg I decorated that won the GOM Easter Contest! Here it is!

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Yay, I just got the little graphic I made to go with my posts to work! I wasn't sure it worked like I thought it did. Still watching Macross Plus on tv. Outland is saying "need it! must own it!" ^-^

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Well it's been a while since my last Blog entry! I just added the comments capacity to my blog and it seems to be working, yay! Eventually I'll change the colors etc. to go with my blog but for now I'm just glad it works!
Today I did better than I was yesterday or the day before, my sinuses have been KILLING me! Today I played a bit on neopets but not my "usual" neopian day, didn't do stock market game and other "daily" things I usually do there, but I checked the guild boards and fellow guild member's blogs. I actually went OUTSIDE today! Kisty and I went out and just sat outside in the sun in the field of clover and talked. I noticed the bees and kisty had to move under the oak tree away from them but I stayed sitting there surrounded by busy bees in the clover flowers. ^-^ We came inside and had ice cream. We already had "real food" in the form of big sandwiches for breakfast/lunch... Outland brought home big long bread his friend gave him for FREE at work. Kisty and I watched the last half of The Hobbit animated movie she had on cd, the first half wouldn't play. Then we watched Buffy on my computer from her cds, and also on TV when the show was on... I actually did some stretching exercises and 100 tri-curls (left..right..both) with the little 3 lb weights my mom let me borrow, I'm still working my way up and using them more for added aerobic weights than for strength training... trying to recover from 3 years mostly stuck in bed with pain is kind of aggravating... I'm WAY too weak. I only did 25 extended arm lifts....
Kisty and I made Shepherds Pie casserole for dinner and I scared off phone solicitors. My friend Andi called again but I missed the call and found the message later. She called in the morning and I got to talk to her and her baby boy for about an hour then though. He is ALMOST One Year Old! He kept trying to eat the phone when I tried to talk to him. Neither of us can figure out where the time went over this past year. ^-^ My dad called and tried to talk me into his business website project AGAIN, but I said NO... AGAIN. The guy who called from the Chamber of Commerce wanted me to buy a book of coupons and was trying to tell me all about it but he kept telling about stuff we don't really use or do that much. "Do you eat out much" "No." "Do you like Mexican food?" "Only at home..." "There are lots of entertainment coupons, like theme parks and water parks and golf, does anyone there golf?" "no, we don't get out much...." ^-^ Especially now that we won't be getting much of ANYTHING extra since we are trying to save up money to help us qualify for getting a house.
We're watching Anime now, Outland keeps telling me what I'm missing. We were watching What Women Want before we changed the channel since it got to the part of the movie we had seen before. Sometime I want to see it from the beginning, but we JUST watched the end of it a few weeks ago.

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